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Hiding and Reordering Build Configurations on the Overview Page

Now you can specify the configurations to be shown on the Overview page and their order - on per project and per user basis. Reordering will affect Overview My Changes pages and hiding is effective for Overview page only.

Starting personal build with custom properties/environment variables from IntelliJ IDEA

It is possible to specify build system properties and environment variables when starting personal build from IntelliJ IDEA and RubyMine. This feature is planned to be implemented in Visual Studio and Eclipse plugins as well.

Diff View Improvements

When you are watching diff for some jpeg/png/gif files, TeamCity's diff view displays the image itself.

Next/previous links are added to the diff view for more convenient way of viewing diffs for files in changelist.

Storing Database Drivers under .BuildServer Folder

Since this EAP, you can store JDBC jars in the <TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH>/lib/jdbc directory, TeamCity will load the drivers from this folder on startup. Thus you won't need to keep in mind the need in copying JDBC jars into the WEB-INF/lib directory after the TeamCity upgrade.

Artifact Dependencies Improvements

At the same time, artifact dependency:

source path

destination dir



Will preserve directories structure:


In general, we consider this behavior to be more natural and convenient.

Other Improvements