Notifications Improvements

Freemarker templates are now used for notifier messages. This greatly improves and simplifies templates customization abilities. Email notifier now uses HTML for messages.

You can change the notification .ftl templates in .BuildServer\config_notifications directory. Please note that the default templates will be changing so you may need to merge your changes with updated templates upon next upgrades.

Your comments and suggestions about default notification templates and templates abilities are welcome!

UI improvements


Projects can now be collapsed on the overview page.

New Current problems tab is added for a project. This tab shows which tests are currently failing in this project and which configurations are red.

Agent statistics matrix now shows results grouped by project.

Added ability to search by project and build configuration name on the Administration tab.

Time Zone

Users working in timezone other than server timezone can now turn on date/time conversion on their profile. TeamCity will try to autodetect user timezone and convert date/time appropriately.

Remote run / pre-tested commit

For pre-tested commit changes TeamCity shows whether a commit should be done.

Build queue

It is easier now to remove multiple builds from the queue. Also if you need to stop build on agent but do not want to loose a build, there is an option in stop build dialog, to re-add build to the queue.


.NET Support

In this EAP we added support for .NET 4.0 and not yet released Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010.

IDE integration

IDEA plugin

Eclipse plugin

Visual Studio add-in


Added coverage support for Maven runner (based on IDEA coverage engine). See Code Coverage section on Maven runner. Once configured, you should be getting Coverage report tab for the build and Coverage statistics chart for the build configuration. For the feature to work please ensure your tests are run in fork=true mode.



TeamCity now is able to produce zip and tar.gz artifacts from a bunch of files. To enable this feature use syntax like:
**/*.html =>

in artifacts paths on General Settings page.


In TeamCity 5.0 it was impossible to add more VCS roots in build configuration derived from a template. Now this restriction is removed.

Installed Java detection on agents

New plugin for agent detects installed Java (JDK and JRE) and sets corresponding environment variables, which then can be used in requirements, or referenced in build configuration settings.