Project Configuration

  • Smarter project setup
    • Detection of existing libraries
    • Detection of JavaEE aspects
    • Selectable default project layout (Maven etc)
  • Rework of Project Settings UI
  • Directory-based project settings storage
    • No project reload for most settings changes

Deployment configuration

  • Configurable packaging of project output (generalization of Web module deployment options)

Dependency management

  • Dependency structure matrix
  • Suggestions on what dependencies to get rid off with maximum effect

TestNG integration

  • Adaptation of existing plugin

Maven integration

  • Project structure synchronization
  • Execution

Version controls

  • Generic support for offline VCS operations
  • Incoming changes toolwindow (up-to-date list of changes recently committed by other users)
  • ClearCase UCM support
  • Directory Diff


  • Extract constructor (from another constructor)
  • Move class into other class
  • Inline (inner) class as anonymous
  • Replace method with method object (aka builder pattern)
  • Extract method to look for method call duplicates across the project
  • Extract class
    • Extract bunch of fields into separate class with bean access autogenerated
    • Extract independent part of functionality with delegation from original class
  • Change type
    • Select bunch of type occurrences and replace them all at once building transitive closure based on type flow.
    • Replace array with generic collection (list). Should be aware of toArray() pattern and avoid collection->array->collection conversion

Code Generation

  • Generate visitor support for class hierarchy

Peformance improvements

  • Faster startup and project opening
    • Local History rewrite
    • VFS rewrite

Update management

  • Enterprise plugin repository
  • IDEA Auto update
  • Silent install
  • Plugin auto update, plugin configuration export/import (for large teams)
  • Plugin enable/disable
  • "Safe startup mode"
  • Search in Plugin Manager dialog

Java EE

  • Migration of Web and Java EE modules to facets
  • Database/mapping structure diff for JPA & Hibernate
  • Spring patterns
  • Spring AOP
  • Making J2EE an optional plugin
  • Web module configuration streamlining/making it more flexible


  • Refactorings: extract/inline method
  • ECMAScript level 4 support


  • External annotations
    • Annotate library classes (e.g. JDK) with Nullable/NotNull/NonNls (for use by IDEA inspections, no code instrumentation intended).
  • Global data flow navigation

Version controls

  • ClearCase integration
  • Create/Apply Patch
  • Shelve Changes (temporarily remove from code and save as patch, then later restore)
  • Store per-project mapping of VCS roots to project directories instead of module-based VCS config
  • Autodetect VCS configuration for project


  • DnD for move/copy in Project View
  • Create inner class from usage

Find Usages

  • List of recent "Find" results
  • Background mode
  • Display of code context for selected usage

Find in Path

  • Support for scopes
  • Find in zipped sources
  • Find in library sources


  • Frame/Watches simultaneous view
  • Smart step
  • Show function return value (JDK 1.6)
  • Automatic watches view

Eclipse Integration

  • Import from Eclipse projects
  • Direct reading/writing of Eclipse project files mapped to IDEA modules.

Peformance improvements

  • JSP editing
  • More operations performed in background (Find Usages, VCS update etc.)


  • Ant script generation
  • Resource bundles?

TeamCity Integration

  • Download full inspection report for browsing in IDEA
  • Apply quickfixes from server
  • Instant highlight of duplicates in editor

Java EE

  • Spring support
  • Hibernate support
  • Facets (sub-module project structure) for Spring, JSF, Hibernate, GWT


  • JavaScript documentation support