No subsystemBug WI-61594 `reset` call is unnecessary: false negative - functions that reset the array pointer to 0
Task WI-61080 Proofread 'Merge PhpExpressionAlwaysConstantInspection into PhpConditionAlreadyCheckedInspection'
Bug WI-61889 Detect mixed, primitive types, null and self/static/parent in intersection types
Bug WI-61570 `reset` call is unnecessary: false negative - array creation as a result of function call
Injections in PHPBug WI-52566 allow duplicated named subpatterns when J modifier for preg expressions
Performance WI-61979 Performance degradation for inspections due to PhpInjectorBase.getEnclosingArrayLiteralForValue
Bug WI-46135 PCRE: Unclosed character class for \x{} UTF-8 character
Feature WI-62397 Inject language reference for values assigned to field references based on usage of resolved field
Bug WI-61960 UTF symbols are considered as duplicated by regexp engine
Feature WI-60350 Auto-inject regexp to array elements of pattern parameter in standard library functions
Feature WI-61920 Inject language reference in assigned array elements based on following assigned variable usages
Bug WI-51002 false-positive: RegExpDuplicateAlternationBranch
Feature WI-58402 Inject language reference for fields based on usage
Feature WI-62530 Inject regexp into function call arguments based on parameter usage in resolved function
Bug WI-62604 RegExp should be injected into PHPUnit assertRegexp* methods: missed methods from Assert class
Feature WI-62523 RegExp should be injected into PHPUnit assertRegexp* methods
PHARBug WI-57899 PHAR indexing hogs down windows pc and never finishes
PHPBug WI-63268 Polymorphic resolve doesn't find members in indirect super classes inferred from used traits
Bug WI-63267 Polymorphic resolve doesn't find members in indirect super classes on depth more than 1
Usability WI-63329 Readonly keyword is highlighted later than other keywords
Feature WI-61497 Generics template @implements should inherit annotations from interface
Bug WI-62131 Structure view: doesn't show intersection type and instead show the first type from intersection
Bug WI-62130 Intersection types: are generated always as FQN types
Feature WI-63471 Highlight parameter non-compile time default value type incompatibility on function call site
Exception WI-62749 Exception during indexing if two equal functions with the equal objects instantiation in one file
Bug WI-62138 Quick documentation for parameter declared with intersection type is shown as union type
Usability WI-35147 Don't show PHP stubs for projects without PHP related files
Cosmetics WI-64142 Update max supported php version in php plugin description
Feature WI-30277 Change "Kind" based on name in "Create New PHP Class" dialog
Bug WI-62829 Quick doc is producing scrambled result
Bug WI-62729 Format function highlighting: unpack spread operator arguments
Feature WI-61367 'never' return type support
Feature WI-59822 Make PhpStormStubsElementAvailable attribute available for parameters with Attribute::TARGET_PARAMETER
Bug WI-61180 LanguageLevelTypeAware types of property in base class are not taken into account in overridden property
Bug WI-63362 Argument passed must be of the type {interface name}, {derived class name} given
Usability WI-55111 Permissive parsing for default keyword in match condition
Performance WI-62385 Freeze when editing big PHP file
Feature WI-62004 Deprecations for PHP 8.1
Bug WI-62482 SSR: doesn't work for 'foreach' statement
Usability WI-62770 Wrong method signature is shown when PhpStormStubsElementAvailable is used with stubs
Exception WI-62990 NPE in PhpMaxLanguageLevelIndex
Feature WI-62224 Final class constants: provide icon
Usability WI-16412 Generate setter/getter: filter properties
Feature WI-61010 Add support for #[LanguageLevelTypeAware] attribute for class properties
Feature WI-60894 Support parameter wrapping
Usability WI-60529 Do not show internal use attributes in parameter type
Exception WI-59149 com.intellij.openapi.project.IndexNotReadyException in PhpStructureViewTreeElement
PHP CompletionBug WI-63332 Add enum as expected arguments for return statement in function which returns enum
Feature WI-62299 Readonly properties: Add completion for readonly attribute
Feature WI-62718 Infer array shapes from parameter usages inside function
Feature WI-58675 Provide completion for methods inside arrays
Feature WI-61923 Add to array index completion captured group names from injected regexp if array value is used as subject in preg_match/preg_match_all functions
Usability WI-62761 Filter out keywords not applicable to readonly properties after readonly keyword
Bug WI-62767 Readonly property: completion for overriding parent property drops readonly keyword
Bug WI-62730 Readonly keyword not suggested when typed without previous modifiers
Bug WI-62524 add completion for readonly attribute in constructor for promoted properties
Feature WI-63430 Provide completion for variable names inside string literals in 'compact' call with ternary operator
Feature WI-62488 Extract indices from the assigned arrays merge in array index completion
Bug WI-62934 Incorrect completion for enum cases in match expression
PHP DebugBug WI-62850 PhpStorm specific debug actions missed in new debug tool window
Bug WI-62882 Don't show additional actions (Show empty superglobals variables, Show user defined constants and Add method to skip list) for not PHP debug sessions
PHP FormatterBug WI-62727 "Around | in union type" does not work for catch parameters
Feature WI-57579 Wrap curly braces {} in one line if the body of method is empty
Feature WI-62398 Make 'readonly' keyword lowercase
Bug WI-62605 Nullsafe operator wrapping for chained methods produces invalid code
Feature WI-58449 PHP8 | Code style | Keep empty constructor curly braces in the same line for multiline parameters
PHP GenerateBug WI-63358 Don't insert not suited for current language level return types marked as tentative during code generation in php < 8.1
Bug WI-63419 Don't insert attribute from stubs method on method override if language level is < 8
Bug WI-63365 Don't insert LanguageLevelTypeAware attribute for method parameter when method is overridden in php < 8 and default type in attribute is empty
Usability WI-62768 Readonly property: disable generation of setter and fluent setter
Bug WI-55663 Add attributes from parent on override/implements
PHP InspectionsBug WI-62313 DFA: assignment to concatenation/cast should not be treated as not-nullable
Bug WI-61984 Quick-fix "Add 'bool' as the parameter's type" removes default value when set to `false` and type hint is bool
Feature WI-59939 New inspection: array index immediately overridden
Bug WI-61989 Add property type QF: changes intersection type from PHPDoc to union type
Bug WI-61988 Add return type QF: changes intersection type from PHPDoc to union type
Feature WI-61854 preg_match can be replaced with str_contains: support convertions to `str_starts_with`
Feature WI-60325 Support PHP_VERSION and PHP_VERSION_ID values for Language Level inspections
Bug WI-62074 Don't highlighted fopen t mode as deprecated for language level < 8.1
Bug WI-61458 `reset` call is unnecessary: false positive: if array is used in anonymous function via reference
Feature WI-61902 New inspection: Deprecated usage of Serializable interface
Feature WI-62498 DFA: weak comparison with function references that returning single non-mixed type should be treated like strict ones
Bug WI-61642 False positive hierarchy check error when importing method from trait as alias for overridden abstract method
Feature WI-62987 New inspection: property immediately overridden
Feature WI-61155 DFA: Array creation with keys should produce 'array_key_exists' state for such keys
Bug WI-62627 Expression result unused: doesn't take into account anonymous function that modifies the variable by reference
Bug WI-61512 False positive: for loop can be replaced with str_repeat
Bug WI-62582 New in initializers: forbid 'new' with dynamic class name
Feature WI-62519 New inspection: 'assertTrue' with incompatible argument type
Feature WI-63161 replace with str_* PHP8 functions: support 'strstr' function
Exception WI-62178 NPE when running ternary expression can be replaced with condition in batch mode
Bug WI-62989 New operator in initialiazers: don't highlight namespaced class reference
Bug WI-61068 Unhandled exception: don't highlight ReflectionEnum after enum_exists check
Feature WI-61851 New inspection: preg_match can be replaced with str_contains
Bug WI-61303 'switch' with single branch QF: preserve only the first and one statement inside case
Feature WI-61302 DFA: treat 'switch case' conditions as comparison ones
Feature WI-60988 Argument of 'instanceof' should be only objects or strings: support arrays
Feature WI-62108 The key() family of functions should be highlighted as deprecated on call with object parameter
Bug WI-60679 Undefined variable error in anonymous class function created using arrow function
Feature WI-60986 Condition already checked: highlight arguments of 'return' and function call arguments in case they have inferred boolean values
Feature WI-60987 Unhandled exception: Treat trait_exists and interface_exists like class_exists
Bug WI-62902 First-class callable: isn't checked for correct visibility of methods in declaration
Usability WI-60981 Merge PhpExpressionAlwaysConstantInspection into PhpConditionAlreadyCheckedInspection
Feature WI-62900 Highlight undefined first-class callable declaration
Feature WI-5734 New inspection: division by zero
Feature WI-63254 New inspection: Duplicate character in function call
Feature WI-62140 Condition can be replaced with '?->': support type cast + default value equal to result of `null` cast of this type
Feature WI-62145 New in initializers: support define method
Feature WI-63096 New inspection: nested 'min/max' calls
Feature WI-62148 New inspection: second write to readonly property
Bug WI-62387 Undefined variable: false negative: function call that always throws an exception makes undefined variable after 'try/catch' defined
Feature WI-63310 Array write access is not used: check keys in assignment to array
Feature WI-62064 New inspection: Element in class already covered
Feature WI-63462 Support first-class callables for 'Extension is missing in composer.json' inspection
Feature WI-59672 New inspection: idempotent operation in binary expression
Exception WI-61177 NPE PhpIdempotentOperationInspection.getType: on typing if left hand side is indempotent.
Bug WI-49567 @mixin shouldn't trigger hierarchy check inspection
Feature WI-62756 New inspection: Unnecessary spread operator for function call argument
Bug WI-63503 Closure can be converted to first-class callable syntax: false positive: in case "fromCallable" parameter is array with method call
Bug WI-61935 Condition always true/false: false positive: for range function with step argument and inverted argument
Bug WI-63505 Closure can be converted to first-class callable syntax: false positive: in case "fromCallable" parameter is array with static access
Bug WI-63504 Closure can be converted to first-class callable syntax: false positive: in case "fromCallable" parameter is array with property access
Feature WI-61930 Hierarchy checks inspection: support intersection types
Bug WI-63017 False-positive "Only variables can be passed by reference" for named arguments
Bug WI-63015 Property immediately overwritten: false positive for the property in array value that was passed to using method
Bug WI-61045 Condition always false: false positive: if arithmetic operations +/- 1 considers to be identical
Bug WI-59026 False positive error when overridden abstract method from trait is called using static binding
Bug WI-63158 Array type cast is unnecessary inspection doesn't highlight cast of variable with inferred type of typed array
Bug WI-61275 Undefined * inspections: don't consider elements after logical condition with `defined` as one of operands as reachability fence
Bug WI-61042 DFA: support 'isset' state over fields and array accesses
Bug WI-63155 Hierarchy checks for entities marked with TentativeType should not be highlighted for language level < 8
Feature WI-62309 DFA: assignment to type cast should produce same state as literal
Bug WI-62698 array to string conversion: false positive: for 'spread' operator in formatting functions(sprintf, printf)
Usability WI-61542 Convert loop to str_repeat QF: merge declaration with concatenation
Feature WI-60995 DFA: unwrap chain assignments
Bug WI-62853 "Redundant catch clause" for specific exception type on eval() or call_user_func().
Bug WI-60991 Undefined inspections: DFA reachability checks should halt execution in case of variable overwrite
Feature WI-61942 New inspection: regexp 'aa*' can be converted to 'a+'
Bug WI-62155 Don't resolve members from subclasses for member references with constants as class references
Bug WI-56873 Expression result unused: false positive for unary increment on field access via static variable
Bug WI-61276 Control flow for 'switch case' statements doesn't assume that previous branch will fallthrough to condition
Feature WI-62150 New inspection: readonly modifier is available only for typed properties
Bug WI-62170 New in initializers: doesn't check default+parameter subtype compatibility
Feature WI-63304 Array write access is not used: support any assigned values by value, not only parameters
Bug WI-62158 RegExp | Begin or end anchor in unexpected position: false positive: in case regexp will be inserted with concatenation
Feature WI-60980 DFA: Update weak boolean comparisons in case inferred constant value is boolean
Feature WI-62763 New inspection: readonly properties can be initialized only in private scope
Feature WI-62492 DFA: infer string length estimation from literal assignment for `strlen` comparison
Feature WI-61161 DFA: concatenation expression/concat assignment should produce `is_string` state
Feature WI-62764 New inspection: readonly property write in the public scope
Bug WI-62765 Readonly properties: Invalid code is being generated when convert readonly promoted property to regular one
Feature WI-61929 New inspection: redundant intersection type
Bug WI-63021 Property immediately rewritten: don't highlight property if some unresolved method is called between property assignments
Feature WI-61457 `reset` call is unnecessary: Provide QF to remove unused statement
Bug WI-62094 Final constant is marked as invalid inside interface
Bug WI-62095 New in initializers: restriction rules are not enforced int static $x variable declaration for anonymous classes
Bug WI-63385 Unused local variable. The value of the variable is not used anywhere. compact()
Feature WI-62097 First-class callable syntax: language level inspection
Cosmetics WI-60579 "Passed reference is not used inside body" is unclear
Bug WI-61286 array_push with one element: false positive: doesn't take into account spread operator
Bug WI-62257 Don't consider function that throws exception as inlined in case of multiresolve
Bug WI-62255 False positive error on implicit override of constant from interface (php 8.1)
Bug WI-42264 Parameter type: Parameter of nullable type should accept void type
Feature WI-63389 New inspection: Modulo operation with '1' as operand
Feature WI-12085 Unused local variable: detect foreach loop that will always be executed at least once
Bug WI-58251 False positive redundant break argument when argument is placed in parentheses
Feature WI-62798 Take into account function calls that never will throw an exception when building CF for inspections
Feature WI-61999 Highlight restricted accesses for $GLOBALS for PHP >= 8.1
Bug WI-61046 Condition always true/false: false positive for array comparison if there is array write
Feature WI-61203 DFA: support exclusions of primitive type checkers
Bug WI-60478 QF: changed baked type produce undefined method (requires reparse to be fixed)
Bug WI-61689 Condition always true/false: false positive: in case range is reversed
Bug WI-61040 DFA: write array access should invalidate states for function references
Exception WI-62049 NPE for PhpAccessingStaticMembersOnTraitInspection
Exception WI-61411 NPE PhpPreviousDfaAnalyzerProcessor.processCondition is thrown on code editing
Feature WI-60999 Undefined method: take into account method_exists(get_parent_class) for parent:: invocation
Exception WI-60998 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class
Feature WI-61101 Condition can be replaced with min/max call: merge reassignment if possible
Feature WI-62483 DFA: infer range states from min/max function calls
Exception WI-62679 NPE in PhpArrayKeyDoesNotMatchArrayShapeInspection when create function declaration for called function with array parameter
Feature WI-62484 DFA: support constant references as variables
Feature WI-62128 Condition can be replaced with '?->': highlight parameters overwrite
Feature WI-61016 New inspection: 'foreach' over array literal with single element
Feature WI-61886 New inspection: Forbid autovivification on false values
Bug WI-61612 False positive Only variables can be passed by reference
Bug WI-62324 IntlCalendar::roll() with false as $value isn't highlighted as deprecated with php 8.1
Feature WI-62325 DFA: excluded primitive state should be covered/excluded by appropriate type checks
Feature WI-61110 DFA: array access assignment should produce 'array_key_exists' state
Feature WI-62086 New inspection: ranges in class can be merged
Bug WI-61112 Condition can be replaced with max/min call: false positive if one variable is boolean
Bug WI-62084 PHP7.4 Convert define to const in try/catch
Feature WI-62244 Consider function calls that are always throw exception as inlined throw while processing CF in inspection
Bug WI-62246 Switch to match conversion: unsafe code when default is not the last case
Bug WI-61407 'never' typed function returning value: false negative: Return keyword is forbidden inside function with never return type (even if return causes exit)
Usability WI-61405 Don't suggest to add #[NoReturn] attribute to function that has declared return type "never"
Bug WI-61690 Condition always true/false: false positive: don't infer state from resolved types on `isset` access
Bug WI-62876 Write access to readonly property outside of declaration scope: false negative: unset in the outside of declaration scope is not highlighted
Feature WI-62601 PhpInvalidStringOffsetUsageInspection: highlight string offset assignments to string with length != 1
Bug WI-60990 Method '__toString' implementation: don't highlight class references that are checked by `method_exists` on `__toString`
Feature WI-61260 New inspection: 'switch' with single branch
Bug WI-62978 'assertTrue' with incompatible argument type: false negative: for any type object passed as a parameter
Bug WI-61674 Ignore "Cannot call abstract method" if the method comes from @mixin and there is __callStatic method
Feature WI-61811 New inspection: 'array_search' can be replaced with 'in_array' call
Bug WI-61104 Switch to match conversion: don't merge reassignment when branching on the modified variable
Bug WI-62136 Intersection type: null default value can be provided for parameter declared having intersection type
Bug WI-62134 Change return type QF: doesn't work with intersection type (produce &| or replaces one of intersection types)
Usability WI-63559 Add methods QF: doesn't add __serialize and __unserialize methods
Feature WI-61891 Unused local variable: highlight variables that are last argument of function and resolved to optional pass-by-ref parameters of std lib functions
Feature WI-62207 Unnecessary pass-by-ref: highlight cases when reference is removed before write access
Bug WI-60388 False positive: array is only updated, but never queried; but array is passed by ref in closure
Feature WI-63209 New Inspection: Closure can be converted to first-class callable syntax
Feature WI-62700 Readonly property can't have default value: add QF to initialize property in constructor
Feature WI-61413 New inspection: `reset` call is unnecessary
Feature WI-61100 Convert switch to match: merge declaration and redeclaration when default arm is present
Feature WI-62230 New QF: replace explicit octal notation with implicit if it is not supported in current language level
Bug WI-62543 object type hint mistaken as type cast -> False positive inspection
Feature WI-62439 New inspection: redundant 'array_values' call as 'foreach' iterated value
Bug WI-14529 Class that extends class that implement interface can override constant in the interface
Feature WI-61109 DFA: support array access on variables with dynamic expression index values
Usability WI-62941 Don't highlight attributes in hierarchy checks inspection
Bug WI-62432 '__toString' may throw an exception: check agains all resolved targets
Bug WI-61340 Condition always true/false: don't suggest to change case condition to false
Feature WI-61343 Condition always true: suggest to replace the latest case which is always true with "default"
Bug WI-63128 Redundant doc throws: don't report in case function contains eval/call_user_func/include/unresolved function call
Exception WI-61024 StackOverflowError for assignment of variable to the same variable in the loop
Feature WI-62866 First-class callable syntax: report usages of nullsafe operators together with first-class callable syntax
Bug WI-62780 `get_class` on primitive type isn't highlighted with PhpParamsInspection
Bug WI-62113 Highlight ctype_* calls with int parameter as deprecated (even if strict_types isn't used)
Usability WI-61978 Expressions is not allowed as default parameter value: don't show duplicate messages for promoted properties
Bug WI-61115 Condition can be replaced with max/min call: false positive if one variable is null
Feature WI-62022 New inspection: replace implicit octal literal with explicit octal literal
Feature WI-61394 Parts of ambiguous dfa states that are excluded by existing delegates for resulting composite state
Feature WI-62653 Add support for Tentative Types for LanguageLevelTypeAware attribute
Feature WI-62486 DFA: Merge of array creation expressions with keys should produce 'array_key_exists' state for such keys
Feature WI-61395 Produce ambiguous comparison states from values of literal iterated in `foreach` with the same value
Bug WI-62602 'assertTrue' with incompatible argument type: false negative: Only highlights cases where type contains 'false'
Feature WI-62657 Don't allow multiple readonly modifiers
Feature WI-62101 substr can be converted to ends_with: support offset as `strlen` multiplied by `-1`
Bug WI-62895 Pass parameter by reference: false positive: for first class callable which returns by reference
Exception WI-62553 PhpUnnecessaryLocalVariableInspection registers INFO level problem in batch mode
Feature WI-62557 Treat name node of $$a variables as cast to string
Feature WI-62109 Highlight mb_check_encoding call without arguments as deprecated since 8.1
Exception WI-63426 IllegalArgumentException in PhpArrayUsedOnlyForWriteInspection when array is written using variable variable
Feature WI-62420 New inspection: Local object is used only for writing properties
Bug WI-61134 Replace match with only default arm QF: deletes variable increment side-effect
Bug WI-63757 Missing property type inspection: QF should not suggest to add intersection types if language level < 8.1
Bug WI-61460 `reset` call is unnecessary: false positive: if array is assigned by reference to other variable on which "next" is invoked
Feature WI-61655 DFA: 'foreach' iteration over 'range' function should produce range check state
Performance WI-62427 Performance degradation in PhpArrayIndexImmediatelyRewrittenInspection
Feature WI-63299 Array write access is not used: highlight array write if different key was used
Usability WI-62428 Void function result used: don't report always throw functions inside default match arm
Feature WI-62346 DFA: Assignment to function call should produce type state
Bug WI-62228 RegExp Injection: method preg_replace_callback_array missed in list of functions to highlight the regexp variables
Bug WI-62536 Array index immediately overridden: QF doesn't move caret to a rewrite expression in case of array creation
Feature WI-62817 New inspection: replace inline comment before function call with named argument
Bug WI-61066 Variable always true/false: don't assume variable type based on method inferred type since it might be changed in hierarchy
Feature WI-60149 substr can be converted to ends_with: support negative offset and length
Bug WI-62096 New in initializers: is not applicable to class constants and should be marked as error
Feature WI-61065 Condition always true: take into account parameter type bool and assign variable "true" value inside if($param) condition
Bug WI-62796 Second write to unresolved/dynamic property is marked with false positive "Cannot modify readonly property "
Bug WI-61867 QF for "'array_search' can be replaced with 'in_array'" inspection incorrectly negates expression
Feature WI-62400 Switch can be converted to match: support 'always throw' functions
Bug WI-61103 Remove unused local variable declaration: warn about removing side effect with another variable modification
Feature WI-62297 New inspection: Readonly property can't have default value
Feature WI-62111 Highlighted IntlCalendar::roll() with bool as $value argument as deprecated since php 8.1
Feature WI-62110 get_class(), get_parent_class() and get_called_class() without argument should be highlighted as deprecated since php 8.1
Feature WI-62298 New inspection: readonly property can't be static
Feature WI-61162 Condition always true: take into account parameter type int/string and upgrade weak comparison to appropriate literal to strict versions
Bug WI-62114 Return by reference for anonymous function isn't highlighted as deprecated
Feature WI-61962 New inspection: type cast on scalar value
Bug WI-62644 PhpDuplicateMatchArmBodyInspection: take into account side effects in conditions
Feature WI-2416 Undefined variable: extract() and undefined variable handling
Bug WI-61726 PhpStorm wants to add `callback` as property type
Feature WI-62059 Condition always true/false: produce range state after modulo (%) operation
Bug WI-63349 Array is only updated but never queried: Don't highlight write access to ArrayAccess objects
Feature WI-58135 New inspection: match can be replaced with switch
Bug WI-62526 readonly modifier is available only for typed properties: highlight promoted properties
Feature WI-62881 Write access to readonly property outside of declaration scope: Warn if readonly field is return by reference
Feature WI-62191 New inspection: private final const is not allowed
Bug WI-62456 Local object is used only for writing properties: take into account when local objects assigned to by-ref arguments
Performance WI-62725 Performance degradation in PhpPreviousArrayDfaAnalyzerProcessor.processArrayAccessInstruction
Bug WI-62195 PhpMissingReturnTypeInspection: QF should not suggest to add intersection types if language level < 8.1
Feature WI-62452 Treat parameters mapped to '%s' in sprintf-like functions as cast to string
Bug WI-63740 IDE will hang in case of circular interface inheritance
Feature WI-62198 Condition can be replaced with '?->': support isset condition
Feature WI-62459 Array index immediately overridden: check array keys in array creation expression as well
Feature WI-61005 DFA: variable access inside `foreach` body should produce state like `!empty()`
Feature WI-61244 New inspection: array_push with one element
Feature WI-61321 substr can be replaced with str_ends_with if offset is equal to strlen()
Feature WI-12520 New inspection: array to string conversion
Feature WI-61992 New in initializers: move check from annotator to language level inspection
Exception WI-62082 NullPointerException in PhpAnnotatorVisitor.checkVoidFunctionReturnByRef
Bug WI-62281 Undefined variable: doesn't detected writes inside 'if' to logical binary expressions
Feature WI-62231 Final class constants: hierarchy checks
Bug WI-62283 PhpSwitchCanBeReplacedWithMatchExpressionInspection: don't convert in case `default` is absent
Bug WI-62380 'Expression result is not used anywhere: don't highlight function reference that may resolve to non-void functions
Bug WI-62167 Unused local variable: don't highlight function variables that pass-by-ref parameters of std lib functions in foreach loops where those variables defined in foreach as reference
Bug WI-62160 False negative "Only variable can be returned by reference" for short arrow function that returns value
Bug WI-62161 Unused local variable: don't highlight variables that are resolved to optional pass-by-ref parameters of std lib functions when they passed-by-ref in enclosing method
Bug WI-63271 Don't highlight fields references initialised in PhpUnit setUp/setUpBeforeClass methods as probably undefined
Bug WI-59921 Do not report missing property type in a child class
Bug WI-62043 Evaluate cast: doesn't convert scientific notation propertly
Bug WI-62192 QF to delete incorrect modifier is not available
Feature WI-61090 Expression result unused: highlight last part of unused logical binary expression even if previous parts are used
Feature WI-62539 Array index immediately overridden: support the case when array field is overwritten inside a single method
Feature WI-62538 Array index immediately overridden: support multidimensional arrays
Bug WI-60620 Unused parameter: false positive for the test which uses @dataProvider
Bug WI-62733 PhpParamsInspection should unpliralise type of argument in associative array
Bug WI-62048 Highlight restricted accesses: doesn't highlight self assignment
Feature WI-60432 New inspection: condition can be replaced with max/min call
Feature WI-61653 DFA: field reference previous states should be amended with states inferred from resolved field types
Bug WI-62632 Array used only with write access: highlight single write in case variable is already initialised
Bug WI-61650 Hierarchy checks: doesn't check multiple interfaces
Feature WI-62368 Duplicate array keys: support variable keys
Bug WI-61568 False positive error 'Declaration must be compatible' when method in interface and trait of trait both return self
Bug WI-60700 Invalid Hint to inline Parameter - Parameter's value is always '__FUNCTION__'
Bug WI-63173 Undefined variable: don't highlight variables after assignments to dynamic variables
Bug WI-63177 Hierarchy check should skip methods in hierarchy that don't suit current language level
Bug WI-61319 Can't use temporary expression in write context: unwrap parenthesized expressions
Usability WI-62102 Condition always true/false: don't report 'always true' for last 'switch' with 'default' case
Feature WI-60424 Backed enum's cases with equal values should be highlighted as duplicates
PHP Inspections: Data FlowBug WI-62396 DFA: Array returned from function is considered to be equal to array returned from builtin array_* function
Bug WI-62981 Change of field reference with another field as class reference won't invalidate DFA dependency
Bug WI-62395 DFA: Type state should be received based on function call only if there is no multiresolve candidates
Bug WI-63439 Implicit reassignment of array key in array_merge function doesn't reset state
Bug WI-63221 Nullsafe operator: is unnecessary because '$variable' is evaluated at this point
Bug WI-62682 Condition inside logical expression checked by subsequent condition: don't suggest to delete is_object before get_class since it's a guard and removal might lead to Fatal Error
Bug WI-63458 Condition is always 'false' for a magic @property
Bug WI-63011 Array index immediately overwritten: variables with the same name from different arrays are counted as equal in array keys
Performance WI-63552 Performance degradation for inspections up to 4x time
Bug WI-62623 Condition always true: false positive: highlights "true" if there is CONDITION(true, true) before in CF
Bug WI-63412 Variable is already equals to the assigned value: false positive: when the same value is assigned to global variable
Bug WI-63411 Variable is already equals to the assigned value: false positive: when arithmetic operation is performed on changing variable with casting
Bug WI-62949 iterable typehint should not exclude ArrayObject/Traversable from possible types of variable
Bug WI-63000 Condition always true: False positive instanceof check if type of arguments is inferred from function without declared return type but with overriden method that has such type
Bug WI-63415 Variable is already equals to the assigned value: false positive: when there is intermediate assignment to multi-dimensional array [][]
Bug WI-63120 Calling method on field reference won't invalidate DFA dependency
Bug WI-63418 Variable is already equals to the assigned value: false positive: when assignment happens in parameter and there is elvis (?:) operator with the same variable
Bug WI-62587 Array write access on field reference doesn't invalidate state result
Bug WI-62988 `parent` call should invalidate `$this`-based DFA states
Feature WI-62964 Make 'min/max' functions to be choosers as well
Bug WI-61247 False positive "Condition always false" for is_array(iterable) check
Bug WI-62685 Condition always true: False positive: get_class and ::class behave like instanceof although child with different class name can be passed
Feature WI-62963 Unwrap function calls that are returning one of the arguments
Feature WI-62697 New inspection: class before ::class has a wrong capitalization (Datetime::class vs DateTime::class)
Bug WI-62842 Variable is always true: false positive: in case constant which is equal to false assigned to variable
Bug WI-62841 Condition always false: not strict comparison of string with true is considered to be always false
Bug WI-63010 Property immediately overwritten: false positive warning despite property is being used in method call of other class in hierarchy
Bug WI-62628 Condition always true: doesn't take into account call to anonymous function to which variable is passed by reference
Feature WI-63179 Infer DFA states from assignments inside conditions
Bug WI-59590 Condition always true: take into account parameter value change inside logical expression
Bug WI-63374 Assignment to type cast is not invalidated by value change
Feature WI-63375 Condition already checked: highlight variables that are assigned to the same value
Bug WI-63357 Array write access is not used: treats keys in single and double quotes as different keys
Bug WI-63112 `self` and `static` calls should invalidate `$this`-based DFA states
Feature WI-62635 DFA: infer string length estimation from concatenation with literal for `strlen` comparison
Bug WI-63206 Strict comparison to not false for assignment inside condition makes variable strictly true
Bug WI-61063 Condition always true: false positive if variable of iteration is used as a variable of value
Bug WI-61132 Condition always true: false positive inside else if value comes from the constant but not possible because it's checked in if condition
Bug WI-63012 Property immediately overwritten: false positive for property call chain if intermittent property has interpolated string as a name
Feature WI-63406 Infer array key assignment from array hash elements in array creation expression assigned to variables
Bug WI-63159 Type should not be inferred strictly based on return type of method if return type is declared as Tentative
Feature WI-63408 Detect 'always false' conditions in 'for' conditional expressions ignoring instruction after repeated expressions
Bug WI-62401 DFA: Type of variable is inferred as not nullable after negated comparing with result of function call
Bug WI-63296 Access to any array index should invalidate state with dynamic array access argument
Bug WI-62951 Don't highlight "Condition checked by next expression" for guard calls
Bug WI-62405 DFA: State of type received from function call compared to some value should not cover is_<type> check
Bug WI-61423 Condition always true/false: false positive: for key/value iterations over object
Exception WI-62915 java.lang.ClassCastException: class com.jetbrains.php.lang.psi.elements.impl.BinaryExpressionImpl cannot be cast to class com.jetbrains.php.lang.psi.elements.Variable
Bug WI-63005 False positive "Condition always true" for min/max call result with if/elseif branches if number of arguments > 2
Feature WI-62812 DFA: assignment to ternary expression/coalesce should produce union of states over expression arguments
Bug WI-61056 Condition always true/false: Don't highlight variable in parameter of function call if function name is referenced to string variable
Bug WI-61047 Condition always true/false: don't suggest to remove variable if it's used in assignment and there are no other operators
Bug WI-61424 Condition always true/false: false positive: callable is assumed to be array although it can be string
Bug WI-62693 Condition always true/false: QF: don't suggest to change condition expression in match with true/false
PHP IntentionsBug WI-62291 Intention to modify constant visibility removes final modifier of constant
Bug WI-62300 Readonly property attribute is missed after convert of property to promoted one
Feature WI-63277 Extract condition into separate 'match' arm: support default match arm
Feature WI-61836 New intention: inline private function with only one usage
Bug WI-62272 Convert traditional closure to short arrow function: don't add variables to use list from inner closure parameters
Feature WI-61833 New intention: inline variable with only one usage
Usability WI-61069 Extract condition: doesn't trim the condition in popup so it can be extremely large
Bug WI-62506 Readonly modifier is removed after changing property visibility
Bug WI-48991 Intent "Convert the arrow function to a traditional closure" creates invalid code
Bug WI-61552 Extract 'if' intention: support extracting not-equals part as separate condition
Feature WI-61848 New intention: Convert `in_array` to `||` of binary comparisons
PHP Lib StubsFeature WI-62098 Make reflection setAccessible() no-op starting from PHP 8.1
Feature WI-58219 Mark is_file, is_dir and file_exists as impure
Bug WI-63041 Incorrectly assuming that condition is always true when comparing variable with date() output
Feature WI-61961 Add ReflectionIntersectionType to stubs
Bug WI-62183 Stubs for imap_delete and imap_undelete have wrong type for $message_num in PhpDoc
Bug WI-60724 Incorrect return type for Imagick::textureImage
Bug WI-61052 ReflectionParameter::getType() stub wrong for PHP8
Bug WI-59165 Invalid stub for get_headers function
PHP ParserBug WI-62284 No error reported on invalid usage of unpacking operator
Feature WI-62838 Highlight first-class callable syntax in new expressions
Bug WI-62144 Support classes in global constants
Bug WI-62282 Static field name inside method call with array access reference parsed as variable
Bug WI-60599 Multidimensional array in class property causes a syntax error in an empty() check.
Bug WI-63730 [PhpStorm EAP] Code fragment is too complex to parse and will be treated as plain text
Bug WI-28874 PHP 7: Reserved words are should be allowed in dereference
Bug WI-62805 Readonly promoted property should be allowed without visibility modifier
Usability WI-62470 Readonly properties: more permissive parsing if field name is missing
Bug WI-61336 Closure expression without semicolon doesn't produce parse error
PHP Quality ToolsUsability WI-62290 PHP-CS-Fixer config cannot be loaded when named `php-cs-fixer.php`
Performance WI-61737 PHPStan/Psalm in batch mode are invoked for each file
Bug WI-51037 Quality Tools don't work if the current inspection profile don't have them enabled
PHP RefactoringBug WI-61430 Introduce variable: don't allow to extract occurrences of a field if the field is changed inside anonymous/arrow functions
Bug WI-62153 Move constant: forbid moving constant with new initializer
Bug WI-61812 Inline refactoring: unused statement after inlining method without assignment its return value
Usability WI-61837 Inline functions: show a dialog with preview usages in case we don't suggest any other options
Bug WI-61834 Inline functions: show a warning for multiple return statements
Bug WI-62491 Inline function: wrong result in case variable names conflict
Bug WI-63773 D'n'D classes with the same name but different cases to the same folder leads to freeze
Bug WI-63651 Inline method: doesn't remove the phpdoc from the method
Bug WI-62666 Inline variable: don't allow to inline to unary operations (++, --)
Bug WI-61434 Introduce variable: don't allow to extract single element array push (ex. $a[] = 1)
Bug WI-63435 DnD of multiple classes from the same namespace that uses each other adds additional unused imports
Bug WI-63434 D'n'D classes with the same name to the same folder leads to freeze
Usability WI-63436 Dialog for DnD of folder is called "move selected classes" and contains not the final namespace but namespace inside a folder where classes are moved
Feature WI-61839 Inline functions: show a chooser in case multiple resolve
Usability WI-61646 Extract method: suggest comment-based name first
Bug WI-61647 Extract method: ignore special characters for name suggestions based on comments
Usability WI-61648 Extract method: Ignore comment which contains TODO for method suggestion
Bug WI-61431 Introduce variable:don't allow to extract occurrences of a field if the field is changed inside function call
Usability WI-22585 Change: PSR-0 Namespacing for file move/copy refactoring
Bug WI-61435 Introduce variable: don't allow to extract duplicates of method call if method call can return different results on each call
Bug WI-61744 Extract method: refactoring cut first char of the comment in case of hash started comment
Bug WI-61208 Introduce variable selector: duplicated anonymous function expression
Bug WI-60752 Inline method: doesn't work correctly with parent/self/static::f() calls
Bug WI-60755 Inline method: produce invalid syntax for arrow function/anonymous function as parameter
Bug WI-61433 Introduce variable: don't allow to extract array write into a variable
Usability WI-61200 Introduce variable selector: filter out assignment expressions
Bug WI-61206 Introduce variable: don't allow to extract occurrences with different dependencies (in case dependency is field)
Bug WI-61207 Introduce variable: don't allow to extract occurrences with different dependencies (in case dependency is method/function call)
Feature WI-39462 Add a Drag & Drop Namespace Refactoring Dialog
Usability WI-55838 Change signature: Don't insert FQN if short name is available in type field in dialog
Usability WI-52034 Intention 'Convert string literal to HEREDOC/NOWDOC' does not remember TAG name
Bug WI-37124 "Refactor - Change signature" causes mess with FQCN, and does not import.
Feature WI-61173 Introduce variable: allow to select extraction scope when extracting side-effect from closure
Exception WI-63778 NPE thrown when move empty directory
Bug WI-61171 Introduce variable: don't allow to extract occurrences with different dependencies
Bug WI-62899 Move function to class: doesn't change first-class callable declaration
Bug WI-61174 Expression selector: display short closure as "fn" instead of "function"
Usability WI-63444 DnD move namespace refactoring for folder fallback to move file if there is a non-PHP file inside
Performance WI-63445 Formatting of moved classes after DnD happens without ProgressDialog
Bug WI-60622 Inline method: support method chains
Usability WI-63442 After folder DnD the moved folders are not removed
Usability WI-61503 Inline: forbid for method which is overridden (invocations via parent can't be inlined)
Bug WI-61502 Inline: don't allow to remove a method if it's used in child to implement interface
Usability WI-61637 Extract method: reuse short line comment as a method name suggestion if its the first selected element
Bug WI-61198 Introduce variable selector: deduplicate expressions with single child
Performance WI-62815 Move class: slow find usages
Feature WI-61233 Introduce variable: transform short arrow function to closure when extracting expression with side effect
Bug WI-60180 Introduce variable: don't allow to introduce variable for short list assignment
Bug WI-60182 Extract method: duplicate is not found if input and output variable names are identical
Usability WI-60744 Inline: Don't allow to inline method which implements interface's/abstract class method
Bug WI-34547 Autogenerate docblock comment for void return type
Bug WI-61197 Introduce variable selector: duplicated short arrow function expression
PHP TemplatesException WI-62652 Twig: uncommenting code throws exception and break highlighting and editing
Bug WI-63186 Blade: no completion for the "class" HTML attribute, only @class suggested instead
Bug WI-46736 Support extended white space control operators in Twig templates
PHP TestFeature WI-62810 PHPUnit inspections: enable for abstract class that extends root test class
Feature WI-62809 Misordered assertEquals arguments: highlight all applicable assertion methods, not only 'assertEquals'
PHP Type InferenceFeature WI-62154 Infer dynamic classes for 'new $var' expression when '$var' is resolved to closure use-list
Bug WI-63305 SOE on resolving first-class callables
Bug WI-63249 Nullsafe member reference should have 'null' type as well
Bug WI-63202 Type of class' property isn't narrowed down under instanceof check
Bug WI-63203 Type of property inherited from parent class isn't inferred in child class if property is reassigned after read
Feature WI-62643 `::class` type inference support in a same way as `get_class` is implemented
Bug WI-62642 `get_class` type inference should unescape backslashes in case FQN string literal is double quoted
Feature WI-61601 Match expression on `get_class` or `::class` should infer like it does with `instanceof`
Bug WI-63208 Type of property is not inferred from constructor if it's defined in parent
Bug WI-62236 Templates with interfaces
Feature WI-63144 Generics: Support Laravel Collections
Bug WI-62581 Wrong inspection when using exception in closure
Bug WI-63129 static type in LanguageLevelTypeAware attribute isn't resolved to class properly
Bug WI-61537 incorrect weak warning "Type cast is redundant"
Bug WI-63497 Bitwise binary operands `&`, `|` and `^` should produce `int` if both operands are int
Usability WI-59840 Completion breaks if you chain 25+ fluent methods in case method body is not empty and there is a declared return type
Bug WI-23586 Parameter types are not inferred from parent in case of missing @inheritdoc
Bug WI-62388 Support psalm and phpstan templates declared simultaneously on a class
Feature WI-36636 New inspection: Invalid string offset usage
Bug WI-63351 type of iteration element is inferred as null if method Iterator::current has static return type
Feature WI-62678 Support substituted Generator type
Bug WI-62676 Generator type doesn't inferred for `yield` without the key
Bug WI-62487 Generics in PHPDoc return types do not work when used across multiple files.
Bug WI-61070 if(is_array) doesn't remove array type in else branch
Feature WI-60743 Improve list destructuring using ArrayShape
PHP Type Inference: GenericsFeature WI-61684 Generics: support by-passing template from @param to @return static<T>
PHPDocCosmetics WI-60530 Internal attributes are not fully removed from PHPDoc (` ]` remains)
Bug WI-59497 Generate PhpDoc action inserts 'false' for parameter with default value 'false'
PS InfrastructureFeature WI-62164 Add tests for Property::readOnly in stubs
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-63240 Download from sftp server using rsync doesn't work on windows
Usability WI-63246 Don't pollute Event Logs with messages that timestams and permissions can't be set
Feature WI-63244 Default Deployment Server widget should list only servers with Deployment Path
Exception WI-62268 Download files from remote server over ftp fails if amount of concurrent connections > 1
Task WI-63248 Remove "Concurrent connections limit" option
Feature WI-63188 Pass "Excluded Paths" directly to rsync execution command
Bug WI-63301 Exclude paths on windows are not properly passed to rsync command
Feature WI-34686 Add a refresh button to opened remote file tab
Bug WI-63108 Rsync: D'n'D to remote host doesn't update Remote Host tree
Usability WI-21644 Fuzzy-Search inside "Create New Project: Choose Remote Path"
Bug WI-63107 Rsync: uploading project root upload the folder itself instead of the content
Feature WI-473 Support Rsync
Usability WI-62649 Remove setting: Stop on the first error option
Usability WI-62648 Remove unused setting: Show warning dialog on moving on Remote Host
Usability WI-62702 Disable 'Retry' link after all files were re-uploaded successfully
Usability WI-23267 Showing html link, when listing error-loaded ftp files (which are failed to load)
Performance WI-63285 Downloading from deployment server using rsync verbose all downloaded files
Usability WI-63282 Selecting Default deployment is one-way operation
Bug WI-63388 Excluded remote items are downloaded if perform download on remote server project root node using rsync
Usability WI-62781 Remove "Ignore info message" option
Feature WI-62783 Support uploading/downloading via Rsync
Feature WI-62784 Rsync: support Exclude items by name
Bug WI-62286 Amount of uploaded files is wrong in log if number of connections > 1
Performance WI-63212 Displaying of all downloaded/uploaded file in File transfer tool window is slower then actual downloading when rsync is used
Usability WI-62289 Progress bar doesn't give useful information if amount of connection is > 1
Feature WI-6720 For Remote SSH External Tools, add a Macro that resolves to the path of the file on the remote server
Feature WI-4193 Quickly switch default server within one project
Usability WI-63237 Don't reopen File Transfer tool window on errors if it was explicitly closed during file transfer
Usability WI-11841 Create Project From Existing Files (e.g. FTP) = lockup PhpStorm project window entirely till done
Bug WI-63238 Deployment using rsync notifies about successful file stransfer even if rsync configured wrong and file transfer was not successful
Feature WI-11067 Possibility to retransmit files which failed to upload
Bug WI-63379 It's not possible to make default server as non-default via widget if server doesn't have deployment path
Bug WI-63071 Rsync: detect Rsync failures
Usability WI-709 Add ability to upload all opened files to ftp
Exception WI-63377 Exception on click on default deployment server widget when inplace deployment server is choosen
Bug WI-62186 Unnecessary "File Transfer is already registered" WARN messages in idea.log
Bug WI-63078 Rsync: exception is thrown in case root folder is mapped not to /
Bug WI-62816 Rsync: doesn't create parent folders and doesn't upload/download
Performance WI-5580 Speed up file transfer using multiple FTP/SFTP threads
Plugin: PHP ArchitectureCosmetics WI-62595 Line number in candidates preview dialog is redundant and looks unclear
Task WI-63532 Php architecture: extract method QF statistics: log duration data, cancel event, unable to find candidates event
Usability WI-62596 Parameters in extract method candidates are hardly readable due to bad formatting
Bug WI-62474 Inspection "PHP | Refactoring opportunities | Class has too many declared members" ignore class interfaces
Plugin: PsalmBug WI-62321 Psalm inspection should add --show-info=true instead of --show-info
Feature WI-61703 Generics: Support Generator<T> for foreach type inference
Feature WI-61702 Generics: support by-passing template to many levels (ArrayCollection in Doctrine Collection)
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBug IDEA-262587 Duplicate extraction is not suggested after Method extraction
Code Analysis. InspectionPerformance IDEA-179389 Investigate parallelizing com.intellij.codeInspection.reference.RefManagerImpl.ProjectIterator
Feature IDEA-207232 Java inspection "Serializable class without 'serialVersionUID'" doesn't work in Kotlin code
Cosmetics IDEA-272119 Cropped UI in inspection results
Cosmetics IDEA-280135 The "Analyze" menu item renamed to "Code" but still mentioned in other places
Cosmetics IDEA-188782 Strange layout in inspection results toolwindow
Bug IDEA-274908 Migrate inspection dialog to the new UI DSL
Feature IDEA-273072 Line Numbers not shown in code inspection code view
Bug IDEA-212026 General | Problematic whitespace: Two "uses tabs for indentation" bars
Feature IDEA-207545 Convert `TestFailedLineInspection` to Uast
Bug IDEA-248889 Problematic whitespace inspection quick-fix does nothing
Bug IDEA-266776 Java | Code style issues | Unnecessary parentheses inconsistent with Java | Code style issues | Unclear expression
Bug IDEA-271661 Hardcoded strings inspection "annotate with" fix doesn't work for Kotlin
Task IDEA-236997 inspection profiler
Bug IDEA-279997 Batch apply fix for 'Stream API call chain can be simplified' generates uncompilable code
Bug IDEA-272214 IDEA should not try to analyze IntelliJ API Decompiler stub sources
Exception IDEA-279660 NPE is thrown when change inspection settings from quick-fix in editor in master
Usability IDEA-234506 Inspection results preview is read-only
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-276146 Slow operations are prohibited on EDT when injecting JAVA Language
Bug IDEA-275416 Language Injection: YAML: on some indentation/formatting changing via the fragment editor the injected fragment is removed/corrupted
Bug IDEA-272707 Language Injection: can't add new line in the injected YAML fragment editor
Bug IDEA-275412 YAML: editing the injected XML fragment from the main editor breaks the injection
Bug IDEA-264710 Completion doesn't work for template language fragment(1) inside an injected language fragment (2) within a data language element (3)
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-273654 Match JS nested inside HTML attribute tags
Bug IDEA-273812 Slow commit due to structural search analysis
Bug IDEA-276277 NullPointerException when importing SSR template
Bug IDEA-273006 Structural Search is unable to match JSP tags nested inside HTML?
CoreBug IDEA-276334 PSI Viewer: Slow operations are prohibited on EDT
Usability IDEA-280910 Do not show welcome screen on starting IDE with gateway url
Feature IDEA-273444 Log info when running under Rosetta2 on apple M1 processors
Bug IDEA-269675 Run configuration JDK setting up: Calling invokeAndWait from read-action leads to possible deadlock
Support Request IDEA-281472 Recent regression in CodeStyleSettingsProvider requires getIndentOptionsProvider() to be overridden to include "Tabs and Indents" tab, but that's scheduled for removal soon...
Auto-reported Exception IDEA-274541 Any way to suppress "Do not request resource from classloader using path with leading slash" for requests from bundled third-party libraries?
Exception IDEA-276369 Cannot find entity for library with ID LibraryId
Core. DebuggerUsability IDEA-185136 Evaluate expression: history list is limited to 10 items
Bug IDEA-277177 Inline watches: Keymap hint stays visible when button is hidden in popup
Bug IDEA-274095 New debug UI: cannot set log level
Bug IDEA-271771 Inline debugger hints are not updated when switching between debug sessions
Bug IDEA-273902 Navigation from Frame view to Variable view with shortcut is broken
Bug IDEA-281842 Inline watches: "Set value" and "Add as inline watch" options disappear from the popup on Linux
Bug IDEA-271921 Short-cut doesn't work in debugger evaluator window
Bug IDEA-277598 'Evaluation history' drop-down isn't closed after pressing Enter
Bug IDEA-279921 Empty popup on navigation via "Navigate" link on StackTraceElement
Bug IDEA-274642 New Debugger UI: Sorting button doesn't have acessibleName
Bug IDEA-276911 Focus isn't moved to the 'Evaluate' filed after choosing one of the previous search
Bug IDEA-279755 Evaluated values aren't updated in New Run/Debug UI
Exception IDEA-278153 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: New run/debug tool window breaks ide layout
Bug IDEA-277779 ToolWindowImpl instances memleak because of debugger inlays
Core. File/Code TemplatesUsability IDEA-276581 Selection by pressing Enter is not working in 'Edit Template Variables'
Feature IDEA-274256 New Item Popup: default text for text filed
Core. IDE SettingsCosmetics IDEA-280120 Inlay hints settings: add space between border and text in preview
Usability IDEA-277380 Collecting Error logs fails
Bug IDEA-281327 Inlay hint settings don't open from context menu
Cosmetics IDEA-280642 Inlay hints settings: remove right margin from preview
Bug IDEA-280498 IDE antialiasing setting resets on restart
Bug IDEA-280125 Inlay hints settings: duplicated code vision node for java
Bug IDEA-280720 New inlay hints: these settings are not searchable
Bug IDEA-280490 Inlay hints settings: unexpected behaviour of checkboxes in tree settings
Bug IDEA-280814 Method chains settings are ignored when updating to 2021.3
Feature IDEA-279613 'Format code' option on the Actions on Save page could give a choice of file types to process.
Bug IDEA-280492 Inlay hints display is not immediately updated in editor when changing options from Code vision group
Feature IDEA-265113 Add action for resetting overridden file type
Bug IDEA-278864 IDEA does not start after opening VM options
Feature IDEA-280439 'Optimize imports' option on the Actions on Save page could give a choice of file types to process.
Bug IDEA-118248 Console background colour is not reflected in preview window
Bug IDEA-279861 vgo shouldn't be shown under reformat code save action
Feature IDEA-274230 'Use words instead of symbols in shortcuts for OSX' setting in Advanced Settings
Feature IDEA-275737 Add "Override File Type" to editor tab context menu
Bug IDEA-274827 NPE on first startup from MacKeymapUtil.get because of AdvancedSettings not initialized
Core. IndexingFeature IDEA-279705 Fast multi-threaded grep-like text search
Bug IDEA-280147 After IDEA restart the usages of JDK classes methods are shown unresolved
Bug IDEA-261754 JSDetectingProjectFileScanner makes the scanning executor starve
Bug IDEA-280177 Matches can't be found on "Replace in Files" window for new files/lines
Bug IDEA-278243 Indexing takes extremely long or is stalled
Performance IDEA-279537 seemingly endless indexing loop (PushedFilePropertiesUpdaterImpl restarts on each roots changed event)
Performance IDEA-277062 Freezes on typing that don't generate freeze reports
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-283217 "Data sharing" dialog has not rendered html tag
Bug IDEA-279373 Patches not applicable by Toolbox
Bug IDEA-277636 Fonts are blurry when moving a window from 4k display to lo-dpi
Usability IDEA-240526 vmoptions file is not updated properly during IntelliJ version upgrade if it was modified by the user
Bug IDEA-283631 phpstorm://open fails in 2021.3 RC
Bug IDEA-254793 Batch scripts used to start IntelliJ-based products couldn't be started from `C:\Program Files (x86)`
Bug IDEA-263358 Rider randomly fails to open
Core. LicensingUsability IDEA-281812 Hide "IDE authorization token" input field and "Check Token" bottom when the IDE fails to launch browser for Login/Trial
Bug IDEA-282717 IDEA 2021.3 RC NullPointerException from ClientAwareComponentManager
Bug IDEA-278590 Wrong buttons "Start trial' on the EAP build for plugins dotTrace and dotCover
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-277612 Infinite loop trying to resolve call to method with complex type parameters
Bug IDEA-265812 "Go to test" jumps to wrong class, unable to create test class using shortcut
Core. Platform APITask IDEA-272780 Test fixtures don't play well with editor inspection customizations
Bug IDEA-275197 Have to join intellij.platform.util.(strings, collections, diagnostic) into intellij.platform.util.base
Task IDEA-271555 Clean up deprecated API in 2021.3
Feature IDEA-203568 Common API point for external formatters
Feature IDEA-145990 Plugin advertiser improvements for multiple plugins supporting a single feature
Bug IDEA-279601 ToolWindow Colorful Icons plugin causes IDE hang on start now
Usability IDEA-276530 CompositePsiElement does not implement NavigatablePsiElement
Feature IDEA-279113 Provide a way to customize behavior of 'guessProjectDir'
Task IDEA-279319 Moving UpdateCheckerService.updateDefaultChannel's implementation to UpdateStrategyCustomization
Bug IDEA-279127 ComponentManagerImpl.unregisterComponent should remove the component from serviceInstanceHotCache
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-279700 Cannot cast class to itself after dynamically updating plugin through balloon popup
Bug IDEA-273254 Freeze after invoking "Update 3 plugins"
Bug IDEA-279171 Can't disable plugin via 'Find action' (nothing happens when I press 'OFF')
Usability IDEA-280140 JavaEE:ApplicationServers plugin should not require Coverage plugin probably
Bug IDEA-279479 Internal IDE error right after updating my plugin to latest version
Exception IDEA-275646 Attempt to crete new Spring Initializr project fails
Bug IDEA-277660 Gradle plugin: can't run tests against 2021.3 due to ClassLoaderConfigurator assertion
Bug IDEA-279451 Dynamic plugin update issues
Bug IDEA-279931 Do not suggest already ignored plugins
Feature IDEA-259912 Add a mechanism to install plugins into a proper locations according to current configuration and version of IJ
Bug IDEA-278616 Another plugin class loader problem.
Bug IDEA-280107 Class cast exception caused by dynamic loading during plugin upgrade
Bug IDEA-277873 'Features covered be IntelliJ IDEA' notification lacks plugin name
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-278129 Saving of module configuration doesn't work properly after chained module rename
Bug IDEA-276068 Kotlin not configured issue on restart
Bug IDEA-278052 IDEA fails to start if a project located at an unavailable drive root was opened recently
Usability IDEA-138196 On new project creating suggest the DefaultProject SDK instead of last-used one by default
Bug IDEA-276112 Exception during accessing children of the invalid artifact
Performance IDEA-265490 Initial project opening is slow, spend 30 seconds to load workspace model cache if antivirus checks access to JAR files
Bug IDEA-271172 The Maven-based project is not built when it has the local iml file and the ExternalStorageConfigurationManager enabled
Bug IDEA-274162 Repository libraries: excluded transitive dependencies may be still included into the library
Usability IDEA-240068 error: java: error: release version 15 not supported when compiling project with JDK_X language level in misc.xml
Core. Quick DocumentationUsability IDEA-280982 [Regression] Quick Documentation window steals focus during code editing. "Auto update from source" is gone.
Usability IDEA-278104 Doc highlighting is too bright
Exception IDEA-280813 CCE at com.intellij.lang.documentation.ide.impl.DocumentationTargetHoverInfoKt.injectedThenHost
Exception IDEA-282063 java.lang.NullPointerException: element.text must not be null
Usability IDEA-282246 Shortcut to opening quick doc keeps tool window tab with open documentation
Cosmetics IDEA-277411 Documentation popup: scroll bar problems
Bug IDEA-282593 IndexNotReadyException in DocumentationProvider
Cosmetics IDEA-282417 Rename title of documentation window
Bug IDEA-280750 Documentation tool window ignores new background color when changing theme to dark / light
Usability IDEA-280184 Documentation Component: "Adjust Font Size" should be dumb-aware
Bug IDEA-280509 Documentation popup is shown over autocompletion window
Bug IDEA-277579 Documentation: no module icon
Bug IDEA-280749 Documentation tool window: unable to switch to the previous doc page
Task IDEA-276596 Update Quick Documentation action behavior
Bug IDEA-274447 Annotation must be a part of description of class/method in quickview pop-up
Core. Run. ConfigurationsCosmetics IDEA-235579 Before launch shows incorrect count of tasks in run configuration
Bug IDEA-274245 Plugin.xml detected as "run configuration" file
Usability IDEA-279313 Inconsistent UI layout of `Run Configurations` dialogue elements
Bug IDEA-277722 Run Configurations: fragmented UI: the ModifyOptions menu popup height gets decreased unexpectedly while moving between its items
Bug IDEA-275117 In Edit run config dialog checkboxes in coverage tables are broken
Bug IDEA-272610 Apply is enabled on open Run/Debug dialog with Application run configuration
Cosmetics IDEA-261273 [new run config UI] Align the width of the fields along the longest visible label
Feature IDEA-130374 Ability to split tabs in Run Tool Window
Bug IDEA-282189 Run configuration templates are missing
Bug IDEA-197080 Select box of Run/Debug Configuration in Navigation Bar Toolbar is empty when deleting the last item of a specific template, "Add Configuration..." is shown in the dropdown instead of another configuration
Bug IDEA-280925 Regression: Configuration editor doesn't save folders
Feature IDEA-160167 Customizable classpath for run/debug
Exception IDEA-275294 java.lang.ClassCastException at going by options in the Fragmented UI of the docker-compose run configuration
Bug IDEA-280109 3min freeze in com.intellij.openapi.progress.impl.ProgressSuspender.freezeIfNeeded
Feature IDEA-274063 Add the dropdowns option to the tags component in the Edit RC dialog
Bug IDEA-277740 Spring Boot Run Configuration: fragmented UI: some controls don't remain shown after the RC dialog reopening
Bug IDEA-278976 VM options stripped from existing run configurations
Bug IDEA-273002 Run configurations: run target changing for the existing configuration doesn't make Apply button enabled
Bug IDEA-277736 Spring Boot Run configuration: Fragmented UI: incorrect focus for options that have submenus (actions on Update/FrameDeactivation)
Exception IDEA-277726 IOE at com.intellij.execution.ui.RunConfigurationFragmentedEditor.checkGotIt
Bug IDEA-277727 Spring Boot Run Configuration: fragmented UI: the additional parameters table should get keyboard focus after showing
Core. Run. TargetsBug IDEA-270793 Settings page for rsync (ex. Remote run target connection fails when using rsync+cygwin on Windows)
Bug IDEA-280935 Run Targets: Can't finish creating new ssh target with existed ssh connection
Bug IDEA-275499 Window `New target: Docker` freezes
Feature IDEA-268786 Container name of docker run target support
Feature IDEA-264278 Project wide default run target
Feature IDEA-265577 Allow configuring the Run Target in the Run Configuration templates
Exception IDEA-268565 Run target: The exception is raised when user users wrong IP in SSH target
Bug IDEA-280608 Docker: Cryptic "unable to resolve docker endpoint" error due to incorrectly detected path to certificates
Core. SSHFeature IDEA-278628 Read $SSH_AUTH_SOCK dynamically
Bug IDEA-277065 %-tokens substitution in HostName is broken
Bug IDEA-222673 Incorrect environment variables in ProxyCommand when IDE started from Toolbox
Bug IDEA-281956 Deployment based on SSH configuration utilizing OpenSSH agent and config complains about "host no found"
Feature IDEA-72040 Support proxy for SSH (implying SFTP for Deployment)
Feature IDEA-72040 Support proxy for SSH (implying SFTP for Deployment)
Feature IDEA-273522 Add the ability to specify custom path to SSH agent socket (IdentityAgent)
Bug IDEA-283804 Parse config file checkbox doesn't work for Deployment configurations
Bug IDEA-281116 Remote SSH server version is not shown in logs
Usability IDEA-239091 Allow OpenSSH config to be enabled or disabled in authentication types "key pair" and "password"
Feature IDEA-277305 Support Windows 10 ssh-agent
Bug IDEA-216138 SSH: support public keys with certificates (like
Bug IDEA-281819 SSH warning about an unknown host key is shown like the key has been changed
Bug IDEA-248772 SSH configuration doesn't consider empty password to be valid
Feature IDEA-276109 Support PuTTY-User-Key-File-3: ssh-rsa Encryption: aes256-cbc
Bug IDEA-281132 Set client identity in SSH
Bug IDEA-278865 X11Forwaring doesn't work on Linux and macOS: Could not load native library junixsocket-native for architecture amd64-Linux
Core. StatisticsBug IDEA-275375 Additional events in the startup collector
Bug IDEA-272380 Event watcher is broken
EditorException IDEA-278365 java.lang.AssertionError when opening file in project mode with opened Light Edit
Bug IDEA-278364 LightEdit frame is closed when closing project window
Bug IDEA-281047 Block caret allows no continuous selection after scrolling down
Bug IDEA-273087 Gutter part of rendered doc is highlighted with yellow
Cosmetics IDEA-278433 java.lang.Throwable: Service/component class com.intellij.ide.lightEdit.project.LightEditFileEditorManagerImpl should be derived from class com.jetbrains.rdserver.editors.BackendServerFileEditorManager in order to work with Live Share
Exception IDEA-265873 java.lang.IllegalStateException: InSmartMode can't be used in LightEdit mode, check that LightEdit.owns(project)==false before calling
Task IDEA-279380 Expand the behaviour to disable inlay hints to all lenses
Bug IDEA-279158 Rendered Doc Comments clipped to half a line in height
Performance IDEA-270985 Compare with clipboard freeze
Bug IDEA-274000 "Reader Mode" widget is shown for all files
Bug IDEA-281339 Block caret random text selection and "new line" selection at line end
Usability IDEA-276588 InlayModel interface doesn't expose hasAfterLineEndElements
Usability IDEA-273110 Rendered doc can be deleted using backspace by placing caret at the doc comment
Usability IDEA-262272 Disable inlay hints for parameters that have comment inlay (and match the parameter name)
Bug IDEA-244480 Editorconfig: `ij_html_new_line_after_last_attribute` and `ij_html_new_line_before_first_attribute` values not exported correctly
Exception IDEA-275403 Throwable: Light files should have PSI only in one project
Bug IDEA-273340 Cursor disappears when modal window is shown
Bug IDEA-278982 Font ligature fails when followed by special characters
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-274076 Provide a way to change default keys used to navigate code completion list
Bug IDEA-280095 IDEA sometimes complete hangs indefinitely when opening autocomplete modal
Bug IDEA-278867 Identifier completion does not work in permits clause of sealed class
Editor. CopyrightBug IDEA-276284 Avoid 2021-2021 date ranges by default
Feature IDEA-265711 Copyright should auto-update if I edit it in a new year
Editor. Diff and MergeUsability IDEA-273704 Unable to open multiple diff windows
Bug IDEA-269841 Empty diff frame after IDE restart
Bug IDEA-269958 Diff tab title doesn't update on invocation "Compare next file" action when diff was opened without file selection
Bug IDEA-282202 Empty github pull request/space code review diff window after IDE restart
Task IDEA-279174 Add a registry to enable Show Combined Diff action
Task IDEA-280268 Aligned Diff: Add paddings below the modified line
Usability IDEA-274070 Finish "Support keyboard actions in merge tool". Shortcut for changing focus in merge tool.
Bug IDEA-275502 Can't compare selected with clipboard. Wrong line separators.
Cosmetics IDEA-273578 Show diff in a New Window: tab name of shelved file diff shows absolute path instead of filename
Task IDEA-273117 Go to Changed File popup should show the entire tree of all modified files
Cosmetics IDEA-273580 Show Diff in a New Window: space review diff tab title displays absolute path instead of filename
Feature IDEA-182364 Add action "Compare something"
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-276047 Soft wrap: Use the original line's indent: enable by default
Usability IDEA-229623 Parameters info popup does not recognize current method
Usability IDEA-277802 The last character is not selected during block-caret selection
Bug IDEA-278938 Following text gets erased when press-and-hold input method is used on macOS
Usability IDEA-273139 Smart enter should work for host language in single-line injections
Feature IDEA-166360 Caret placement after selection
Usability IDEA-158642 Add resize font by scroll for all tabs.
Bug IDEA-261036 ZWNJ not displayed when ZWS is appended when encoded as utf-8
Bug IDEA-270970 Text caret positioning not working as expected with block caret
Bug IDEA-271315 Editor is scrolled unexpectedly while typing words
Feature IDEA-280256 Improve Shift+Click behaviour in column selection mode
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-278360 Annotator results aren't updated in the visible range of a large PSI element
Editor. FormatterUsability IDEA-157808 'only VCS changed files' option in optimize imports is disabled when acting on the entire project
Bug IDEA-280816 internal code analysis of Rider parses .editorconfig incorrectly
Task IDEA-244624 EditorConfig doesn't support "Packages to Use Import with *" for Groovy
Editor. Intention ActionsException IDEA-280339 TraceableDisposable$DisposalException: Double release of editor
Usability IDEA-280017 Positioning/size problems with intention preview
Task IDEA-277091 Introduce platform API for split / join simple comma-separated lists (parameter list, argument list, etc)
Feature IDEA-279227 Allow intention actions and fixes to perform custom logic on intention preview
Feature IDEA-279814 Intention preview: highlight changer or removed content in one-line diff
Feature IDEA-279588 Make intention preview persistent
Task IDEA-279083 please remove 'new IntentionWrapper(action, file)' calls deprecated after commit 5febffd3490cb79f3689bba02597c6066d50140c
Task IDEA-282911 Deprecate IntentionAction.invokeForPreview and LocalQuickFix.applyFixForPreview
Feature IDEA-279164 Display intention documentation if preview is not available
Editor. SpellcheckBug IDEA-277845 Spell checker tries to recognise typos in unsupported languages when adding huspell dictionary
Lang. JSONBug IDEA-262981 JsonSchemaProviderFactory doesn't find JSON Schema resource packaged for plugin - Part 2
Feature IDEA-281703 JSONPath: provide keys and functions completion for expression head
Bug IDEA-281681 JSONPath: repeated asterisks are reported as error
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-273060 Export button is enabled when export Markdown to disabled format
Bug IDEA-266227 Pandoc detector for Windows
Bug IDEA-281673 TraceableDisposable$DisposalException: Editor is already disposed
Bug IDEA-281650 Table of improper size is generated
Bug IDEA-270050 Export Markdown: do not set disabled format as default
Bug IDEA-280199 Floating toolbar is not hidden after closing tabs with keyboard shortcut
Bug IDEA-271420 It is not clear what increase/decrease header level actions actually do
Bug IDEA-271643 Export Markdown to HTML: "Save images to" does not actually saves images
Bug IDEA-272700 Keyboard shortcut to insert comment in Markdown produces the wrong syntax
Bug IDEA-277335 NPE at org.intellij.plugins.markdown.ui.projectTree.MarkdownFileNode.getName
Bug IDEA-276886 Markdown settings: "Save images from Microsoft Word to" doesn't work
Usability IDEA-279676 Tab in the last cell of the table should navigate the cursor out of this table
Feature IDEA-279677 Extend 'create new table' popup twice when the last biggest size is selected (hovered)
Bug IDEA-280844 Markdown Tables: table grid is not extended smoothly
Bug IDEA-273698 Converting md images to html keeps related file paths in the attribute
Bug IDEA-280804 Floating toolbar appears collapsed
Bug IDEA-277843 MD tabs are not always displayed when several tabs are opened simultaneously (on project start).
Task IDEA-276293 Default path for saved images when exporting a document: [path to document]/[document name]/...
Feature IDEA-276292 Documents with the same name, but different extensions (.md, .html, .docx, .pdf), show as a tree (as, for example, in forms)
Feature IDEA-278353 Rename Generate action in the context menu to Insert and make it action group.
Cosmetics IDEA-272267 Rename Markdown - Import from Docx and Export to docx
Feature IDEA-257243 Run commands from the Markdown file
Usability IDEA-273049 Ability to turn off all smart lists editing
Bug IDEA-279665 Mermaid graphs not working
Exception IDEA-278900 "InvalidPathException: UNC path is missing sharename" on opening markdown file on windows
Bug IDEA-280724 Markdown Tables: top-right column control not getting active on hover when created
Cosmetics IDEA-273068 Markdown import: Decapitalize prepositions in menu items
Usability IDEA-280722 Markdown Tables: table size can't be selected with keyboard arrows
Bug IDEA-280583 Injected code gutter Run line markers can't be executed
Exception IDEA-280812 Markdown Tables: IndexOutOfBoundsException at com.intellij.util.text.ImmutableText.outOfRange
Bug IDEA-276975 Disable formatting toolbar in irrelevant places
Bug IDEA-280728 Markdown Tables: Table borders are broken on column swap
Bug IDEA-279937 Markdown: the floating toolbar doesn't appear for the last line in file
Cosmetics IDEA-281241 Change color of "Insert Table" action in Darcula
Bug IDEA-282221 Markdown Mini-toolbar is distracting when using keyboard navigation
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-277669 Can't edit nor run Shell Script run configuration when indexes are built
Bug IDEA-276514 Can't download shfmt formatter on Apple M1 Chip
Bug IDEA-235302 Running a shell script ignores shebang
Lang. YAMLException IDEA-272730 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.createRangeMarker
Bug IDEA-273913 Yaml: incorrect caret position after enter pressing enter in the beginning of injected block
Bug IDEA-275850 YAML: the pair quote is not inserted if any quoted value exists after the edited one
Bug IDEA-272668 Yaml: Indent of different injected languages is different
Feature IDEA-270019 YAML: implement "Insert pair quote" functionality
Bug IDEA-273406 Formatting a YAML file breaks anchor references used as keys
Bug IDEA-265059 Yaml: indents are broken for injected YAML
Cosmetics IDEA-273403 Yaml: Formatting injected empty lines removes the indent
Bug IDEA-279862 Can't specify some JSON schema to yaml file
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-279267 The selected option "Use Compose V2" is not remembered after restarting the IDE
Bug IDEA-275849 Docker. com.intellij.remoteServer.util.ServerRuntimeException at attempt to add the already added container into a network
Feature IDEA-199206 Add support for ":Z" flag in Bind mounts for docker
Feature IDEA-270554 Docker: Allow to call docker-compose via `docker compose` v2 dash-less CLI
Bug IDEA-280682 Docker. Push image dialog. Don't display it with scrollbars
Bug IDEA-276118 Docker. Windows containers: com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.InternalServerErrorException at attempt to Save as a new image
Bug IDEA-276440 Docker: Collapse All does not work in Layers FS view
Usability IDEA-275292 Docker. Networks. Connect Network dialog: add state icons into the containers list if we call it by expanding the list without typing
Bug IDEA-280913 Docker. Images completion: Two strings are combined into one instead of showing the completion list
Bug IDEA-276116 Docker. Windows containers: com.intellij.remoteServer.util.ServerRuntimeException at deleting default networks
Bug IDEA-215742 Connecting Docker Integration causes dockerd to spike to 100% cpu
Cosmetics IDEA-275725 Docker. Networks/Volumes. Add a tooltip for a "Create network"/"Create volume" button
Bug IDEA-277333 Docker. java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException at pointing not-existing context folder
Bug IDEA-276206 Docker. The buttons are wrong enabled in Connecting and Failed cases in the Services view
Exception IDEA-272618 java.lang.Throwable: Blocking SSH method called from the dispatch or write thread at calling Terminal for the first time
Feature IDEA-275767 Support "docker system prune"
Bug IDEA-277286 Docker. FileChooser. java.nio.file.InvalidPathException at refresh after creating new folders
Bug IDEA-275176 Docker. Edit port dialog looks like "Add" dialog - without the existing port data.
Bug IDEA-280676 Docker. Container, "Show Processes" action displays wrong list with duplicated strings
Bug IDEA-281025 Docker. WinOS. Connection to Minikube doesn't work
Bug IDEA-280671 Docker Registry. Settings. Change the Address to empty or "space" example by choosing "JetBrains Space" registry
Task IDEA-208529 Dockerfile inspection could identify missing continuation character
Bug IDEA-281844 Minikube setting does not apply in GoLand
Bug IDEA-273815 DockerCompose. Debug. Temp override files are wrong added into the docker-compose run configuration
Bug IDEA-279801 Red code for `--platform` option for FROM command in Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-276863 Docker. Save container as a new image: sometimes it creates images with sha name instead of the pointed name
Feature IDEA-159760 Docker: Provide possibility to save a container as a new image
Feature IDEA-166981 Support docker prune command
Bug IDEA-280128 Provide possibility to add/edit docker registry from the Services view
Feature IDEA-274165 Docker. Improve port binding dialog
Bug IDEA-281172 DockerCompose file. Resolve/ find usages doesn't work for services from the complex `depends_on` section
Feature IDEA-255987 Docker: provide UI tool for exploring a docker image and its layer contents
Bug IDEA-264715 Custom docker TCP socket setting is not persisted
Bug IDEA-248584 Support --ssh build option for Docker
Feature IDEA-257439 Add ability to import docker configuration automatically from minikube
Feature IDEA-178126 Mark file as Dockerfile if it is used as Dockerfile in run config
Usability IDEA-269994 Docker: Service view node does not handle Enter shortcut to Connect
Feature IDEA-269719 Secrets argument not supported while build docker image
Usability IDEA-245206 Docker: Unclear exception message in case of stopped Docker service
Bug IDEA-275190 Docker. Port binding dialog. Validation: some of the validation messages are not clear, some disappear for the same port after changes
Bug IDEA-276437 Docker: Layers tab is shown by default instead of Properties
Bug IDEA-278537 Pressing 'Delete' when focus in replace-in-text editor causes dialog from Docker DeleteConnectionAction
Bug IDEA-275180 DockerCompose: Provide keyboard-actions for "Delete" of an invalid compose app
Bug IDEA-278320 Parsing of "host_ip" in docker-compose.yaml fails
Bug IDEA-282686 Docker. Smart delete volumes with dependencies doesn't work.
Usability IDEA-276439 Docker: Too short status message for Layers analysis
Usability IDEA-276438 Docker: show Digest prefix for layers
Bug IDEA-275196 `docker-compose.yml` complex `depends_on` from compose-spec is not being recognized
Usability IDEA-277264 Docker. Edit port dialog: add tooltips for host/container port fields
Bug IDEA-274670 Completion for build context in Docker Compose files
Bug IDEA-280916 Docker. Registries. Images completion. Empty list if we call completion after or before "/"
Usability IDEA-281940 Docker. Settings: don't check/show red error for Minikube till this option is chosen
Bug IDEA-212068 Docker. File Chooser. Files tab is empty for images based on alpine, photon, busybox images
Bug IDEA-282389 "Cannot run program "minikube": error=2, No such file or directory" red exclamation error on default Docker settings
Usability IDEA-282141 Docker Registry. Connection to my space registry fails
Bug IDEA-276862 Docker. Save as a new image: impossible to save something after entering manually /
Bug IDEA-276023 Inspection "Unknown docker-compose YAML keys" doesn't recognize valid 'pull_policy' key
Bug IDEA-276872 Docker. Build image hangs forever with Layers tab instead of Build Log
Bug IDEA-207193 Docker Integration can't connect to npipe on Windows
Bug IDEA-282654 Dockerfile run configuration error with context path specified
Bug IDEA-275214 Docker. Don't show the remained Dockerfile item if the container was deleted
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-277952 Open log button stays underlined after activation
Feature IDEA-280527 Provide Search Everywhere elements for named elements
Feature IDEA-267602 Custom "labels" for http request results in "services"
Usability IDEA-261325 Individual HTTP Requests Should Be Named After Text In Request Separator
Feature IDEA-280528 Highlighting for names of HTTP Requests
Feature IDEA-278507 HTTP Client: add common non-standard HTTP headers to completion
Usability IDEA-278601 HTTP Client: no Jump To Source action for service view nodes
Bug IDEA-241576 HTTP response handler script javascript syntax level
Feature IDEA-273544 HTTP Client: indicate request time in Service view item
Feature IDEA-279459 Upgrade version of Javascript for response handler
Cosmetics IDEA-280591 HttpClient: Do not add # to request name in servicesView for requests with only ### or with empty name
Bug IDEA-280657 2021.3 EAP with very high CPU for .http files
Feature IDEA-239328 HTTP Client: support "text/event-stream"
Bug IDEA-275232 HTTP Client: there are no intentions to create/edit/use environment files on running request with unsubstituted variable
Feature IDEA-277935 Provide What's New example to promote new features in HTTP Client
Feature IDEA-153587 REST Client: provide binary response view for 'Content-Type' = 'application/octet-stream'
Usability IDEA-273608 HTTP client: Show some spinner for long-running request
Feature IDEA-237751 Show request names instead of index in Request field inside run configuration
Feature IDEA-235341 HTTP Client: Add possibility to name requests (to quickly run them trhough Run anything)
Bug IDEA-274390 HttpClient: Can't run single request
Bug IDEA-281434 HTTP Client: gRPC examples do not executed, because gRPC cannot find proto file
Bug IDEA-156476 REST Client Tool doesn't save cookies
Bug IDEA-278832 Cookie didn‘t send to server when I use Http file in Idea2021.2.2
Bug IDEA-281242 HttpClient: Run request options doubled on gutter click
Feature IDEA-239333 Allow Http Client to Write to File / redirect output to custom file or directory
Bug IDEA-274216 HttpClient: Can't run all requests from example file
Usability IDEA-239339 Order of contextual menu items for environments changing order in HTTP client
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-276990 Smart Command Execution doesn't work with a custom zsh theme
Bug IDEA-278400 [2021.2.1] Cygwin fails to split in the terminal panel
Bug IDEA-271438 API for optional persistent terminal tabs
Feature IDEA-272940 Select in should contain the Terminal option
Bug IDEA-277515 "Clear Terminal" is executed by Ctrl+L even after removing the shortcut
Bug IDEA-278285 Terminal caret blinks even though caret blinking is disabled in settings
Usability IDEA-280405 Specific Terminal buttons should stay just after tabs
Bug IDEA-242656 Terminal "smart command handling" does not always work
Bug IDEA-270784 Alt+C not sent to terminal (fzf related)
Bug IDEA-274373 Support bracketed paste mode
Bug IDEA-278881 No background color for ANSI color index #5
Bug IDEA-278614 Terminal: smart command highlighting requires one extra key press
Feature IDEA-205836 Add support for character column number file hyperlinks from terminal output
User InterfaceBug IDEA-272905 It's hard to select several module nodes in Project Structure dialog if one of them dominates over others
Bug IDEA-257383 External tools cannot be added to Quick List in 2020.3
Exception IDEA-272846 ADE at com.intellij.ide.navigationToolbar.NavBarListener.subscribeTo
Bug IDEA-280134 Notification message shows internal ID !watcher.non.watchable.project! instead of proper text
Cosmetics IDEA-272482 Make Help button in new wizard consistent with common design
Bug IDEA-274105 Align checkbox to the text
Bug IDEA-279201 Git checkout: checkout dialog missing underscore char in the branch name in the title
Bug IDEA-276372 Project opened from another fullscreen project appears in the wrong Mac OS workspace
Cosmetics IDEA-231276 Hint in Search Everywhere is cut on macOS Catalina
Usability IDEA-255328 "Open declaration source in the same tab" option behaviour is confusing when opening files from Project View and Search Everywhere
Bug IDEA-277355 What's new tab is opened after second start of a fresh installed IDE
Bug IDEA-277064 Toggle Distraction-free mode lag and flashing system menu bar
Task IDEA-176014 Bookmarks and Favorites: merge functionality and leave only one entity & UI control
Bug IDEA-274452 frequent refetch WSL distributions when timed out causing file chooser dialog super slow for listing files
Bug IDEA-252559 "Error: library isn't specified" dark text color on dark background
Usability IDEA-278080 Make Run Line Markers mergeable
Bug IDEA-264220 Initial path under \\wsl$\ is not selected in file tree on opening file chooser dialog
Feature IDEA-280300 Search by File Extension in "New Scratch File Dialog"
Usability IDEA-272106 Balloon notification in the IDE main frame disappears when switching between frames with Win+Tab
Bug IDEA-280319 Status bar no longer displays popup action's description
Bug IDEA-250047 Attempt to invoke actions from the bulb context menu using mouse fails in case of preview showing
Usability IDEA-278069 Run Line Markers: Don't show popup if there is only one option
Task IDEA-273168 Rewrite Settings | Editor | General | Code Completion using UI DSL
Cosmetics IDEA-271212 File Name Detected popup has incorrect icon
Bug IDEA-260315 "Find Shortcut" is stuck when changing keymap
Bug IDEA-271929 Alerts: Focus is on the checkbox instead of button
Bug IDEA-274588 [Mac] Double-clicking on the IDE window title bar doesn't honor system setting
Bug IDEA-274712 IDEA UI freezes when browsing in the File Chooser dialog
Bug IDEA-274814 macOS system accent color no longer used as selection color in list views, etc.
Cosmetics IDEA-275208 Display Registry and Non-Bundled Plugins values in Help | About | Copy in a column instead of comma-separated list
Bug IDEA-268169 Copy reference hint is displayed empty in the Copy popup, though the action works properly
Bug IDEA-272995 Group Tabs for the Problems tool window paints unexpected vertical separator
Bug IDEA-272559 "Recent Find Usages" shortcut does not invoke "Recent Find Usages" popup
Performance IDEA-273689 File | Settings | Editor | Inspections lagging when scrolled
Bug IDEA-164009 "Find by shortcut" field in keymap settings is not reset on second open
Task IDEA-273802 Reduce the margin in the Label field component
Bug IDEA-235523 Typing backtick replaces the previously typed backtick when "Insert pair quote" is enabed
Bug IDEA-274687 JBTable.getPreferredScrollableViewportSize is ignored
Bug IDEA-268221 Change signature UI size issues
Cosmetics IDEA-274312 Moving caret around in plain text editor causes jumps of the text
Bug IDEA-277709 Main menu is slow to build and it can lead to a crash
Bug IDEA-235900 Cannot set Caret blinking to a value greater than 1500
User Interface. AccessibilityTask IDEA-275288 Set accessible name for tree in build tool window
Usability IDEA-278151 Disable Toolwindow widget popup in Screen Reader mode
Bug IDEA-272536 "Go to Declaration or Usages" popup doesn't work well with the screenreader
Bug IDEA-274143 In screen reader mode, a Quick Documentation popup pops up when the screen reader moves the mouse pointer
Bug IDEA-280426 add vm option for JBR-3765 [mac] a11y hangs on extremely long tables
User Interface. Action SystemCosmetics IDEA-278619 Update analysis dialogs
Bug IDEA-277758 Slow operations are not reported in dialogs
Bug IDEA-273148 Can't get to "Actions on Save" via Search Everywhere
Bug IDEA-278253 PreCachedDataContext and background action update prevent plugin unloading
User Interface. Alerts, NotificationsBug IDEA-279902 Arrow navigation works in the opposite direction for buttons in the UI
User Interface. ControlsException IDEA-263222 NPE at com.intellij.ui.popup.AbstractPopup.wrapToSize
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-280634 implement FPS meter for JCEF OSR browser
Bug IDEA-276906 untie JCEF "Show DevTools" option from the internal mode
User Interface. Favorites/BookmarksUsability IDEA-280568 Bookmarks window: go to source shortcut not supported
Bug IDEA-279167 Navigation with Mnemonics in the Bookmarks dialog doesn't work
Bug IDEA-282250 Next/Previous line bookmark action shortcut does not navigate in Editor if Bookmarks tool window is closed
Bug IDEA-279168 Unable to delete a bookmark in the Bookmarks dialog
Bug IDEA-279773 Selection in Bookmarks popup disappears after deleting a bookmark
Bug IDEA-270270 Next Bookmark doesn't work across different files.
User Interface. Find UsagesBug IDEA-276558 Find usages doesn't work for injected languages anymore with 2021.2 upgrade
Usability IDEA-277589 Progress bar for "Find Usages" action advances too slowly and shows incorrect number of files
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-273574 Show Usages: showing filtered usages enables usage preview
Bug IDEA-281183 Editor actions don't work in console's 'find' panel
Bug IDEA-280620 Regex search does not match
Performance IDEA-272976 UsageViewImpl.getData
Bug IDEA-173894 Show read/write access tool window buttons work across project windows
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-217756 Welcome screen isn't focused when a project is closed and when IDE is started
Bug IDEA-274911 Missing focus when creating files view templates dialog
Bug IDEA-281015 On macOS, sometimes project window is not brought above other project windows when stopping on breakpoint
Bug IDEA-278521 "Split and move right" does not carry focus with it.
Bug IDEA-128672 "Save on frame deactivation" fails if completion is showing
Bug IDEA-275657 Focus is not switched to IDEA space when quitting from IDEA dock icon
Bug IDEA-273119 Window not draggable after Color theme change on Welcome screen
Bug IDEA-235831 Quit confirmation dialog is shown on a wrong desktop on macOS
User Interface. GraphicsBug IDEA-271807 icons in gutter get pixelated when slightly scaled
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-277796 When typing in IDEA, some keys are ignored
User Interface. Keymap, ShortcutsBug IDEA-273719 View text shortcut on variables / inspect in the watch popup in Editor does not work
Bug IDEA-280119 Keymap editor shows actions with `use-shortcut-of` under "Other" group
Task IDEA-278564 Shortcuts for plugin actions, assigned via 'use-shortcut-of=""' are not configurable in settings
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-272186 Controls have a different backgroud in "run inspection by name"
User Interface. MacrosBug IDEA-265011 Custom icons for macros reset to default in the toolbar
User Interface. MenusBug IDEA-277090 Too small text in menu about hotkeys
Bug IDEA-277144 Shortcut text in context menu is not aligned
User Interface. NavbarBug IDEA-278664 Navigation bar does not stay disabled
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-273742 Open In Inactive Split Pane Does Not Work
Bug IDEA-273191 Navigation bar
Usability IDEA-259571 Ability to disable deleting files from Recent Files with backspace
User Interface. New Project WizardTask IDEA-270273 New Project Wizard: New web project generator
Bug IDEA-282058 HTML Wizard prompts for folder/project name twice.
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-278361 Incorrect color of separators in Plugins
Bug IDEA-258390 "Choose plugins to install" should provide more info about the plugin
Bug IDEA-278567 Buy plugin link from detail page can opens multiple links
User Interface. Problems ViewUsability IDEA-276097 'Next Occurrence' shortcut expands the collapsed node instead of positioning on the next occurrence
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-278237 Select In doesn't work from Project View as it is replaced with Views menu
Bug IDEA-270719 Quick search in project tree doesn't work properly
Exception IDEA-274388 Throwable: Array with null provided by com.intellij.ide.projectView.impl.AbstractProjectViewPane
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-271954 Project View is not hidden on invoking "Hide All Tool windows" via Find Action
Feature IDEA-280618 Train new ML model to sort actions in Find Action
Bug IDEA-270921 "Navigate -> go to file" matching is sub-optimal and frustrating
Feature IDEA-274473 Add more features to ML-based actions sorting
Bug IDEA-272140 Empty line in "Find Action" results on entering 'sp'
Feature IDEA-280849 Train the very first model for ranking files in Files tab of Search Everywhere
Feature IDEA-278608 Support multiple experiment groups for Search Everywhere
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-269655 Output window is only using half the space available
Bug IDEA-279534 The new debug panel actions don't hold focus and flicker
User Interface. SettingsBug IDEA-274084 'Copy setting path' gives Mac path on Windows
Usability IDEA-279048 Reformat on Save: Can't be found by 'reformat on save' or 'cleanup on save' in Settings
Bug IDEA-274915 Section for `Editor -> General -> Code Complection` in DataGrip is broken
Cosmetics IDEA-280396 Empty space in auto import settings
Bug IDEA-273725 Layout issues in Advanced Settings
User Interface. TabsUsability IDEA-280818 Add tooltip for three-dots button on the tab bar
Bug IDEA-280819 "More" button overlaps tab label in Code Style Settings
Bug IDEA-280795 Toolbar buttons are hidden under "Show Hidden Tabs" button in the terminal toolwindow header when tabs overflow the header
Bug IDEA-280831 "More" and three-dots buttons on editor tabs pane are overlapped if "Show pinned tabs in a separate row" is on and there are no pinned tabs
Bug IDEA-280792 Three dots button remains visible after closing all tabs
Bug IDEA-280802 Grey line appears after first line in the Editor when opening tabs from second row
Bug IDEA-215364 Cannot see last open tab in vertical tab bar when there are too many tabs to fit on screen
Bug IDEA-278335 Split and move right does not remember the pinned tab status
Bug IDEA-274154 Currently active result tab gets removed when attempting to remove others
User Interface. Tool WindowsBug IDEA-275946 Windows Hotkey to resize the Debug panel does not work when the Console tab is active
Bug IDEA-276301 Popup on tool window header shows 2 times
User Interface. TouchbarBug IDEA-277249 Debugger buttons on touchbar don't appear at all
Bug IDEA-275627 Touchbar icons not showing in git diff
Version ControlBug IDEA-277832 Copy action is not dumb-aware in VCS diff view
Bug IDEA-233913 Switching themes does not affect annotation panel
Bug IDEA-273810 Strange Create Patch popup with error on patch creation
Task IDEA-281701 Disable Code Author inlay hints in 2021.3
Usability IDEA-276402 No navigation between files when watching diff of shelved changelist
Task IDEA-272352 Convert Paths affected In dialogs into toolwindow tabs
Usability IDEA-277340 Add ability to turn off author inlay hints from Editor
Bug IDEA-280058 Do not show GitHub URL for files which do not belong to the remote repository
Feature IDEA-202946 Show History for selection should work for the caret position
Cosmetics IDEA-279762 Changes: Commit message area is not changing color scheme properly
Bug IDEA-279896 Configure link from VCS root configuration problems notification should open Directory Mappings settings
Task IDEA-278680 Add stats collector for Code Vision
Bug IDEA-274547 Use more compact texts for "Amend Commit Anyway" and "Amend Commit Anyway and Push..." actions
Bug IDEA-278959 Freezes in R4UE when project is open via uproject and we add some file into project via File Explorer
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-241429 Add annotation based info to Code Vision
Bug IDEA-79335 Cherry-pick should display progress when cherry-picking multiple commits
Task IDEA-279095 VCS Settigns: make the main node empty
Usability IDEA-279493 Don't show (1/1) when cherry picking one commit
Bug IDEA-276444 Incorrect notification when failing to unstash changes after a conflict in index
Usability IDEA-273351 GPG not found when searching IDE settings
Bug IDEA-275458 File is marked as changed even though no contents were changed
Cosmetics IDEA-277394 VCS settings: display radio buttons instead of drop-down selector for Update method
Usability IDEA-277433 VCS settings: there is no vertical scroll in Confirmation settings
Feature IDEA-154596 Add 'Push' action to context menu of VCS log that will allow pushing everything up to some commit
Usability IDEA-277299 Git Cherry-pick: show progress of cherry-picking commits in numbers
Task IDEA-280472 Push Commits up to Here: add ellipsis to the action name
Bug IDEA-280471 Push Commits up to Here: push rejected after update if the branch was not up-to-date before calling Push Commits up to Here
Exception IDEA-280477 Push Commits up to Here: NPE when calling "Push Commits up to Here" for a commit that is not present locally
Bug IDEA-279044 freeze in GitExecutableDetector.checkWslDistribution
Usability IDEA-280478 Focus moves away from Git log when opening and closing diff
Bug IDEA-277226 Restoring a Diff moved to a separate Window could produce an empty frame.
Usability IDEA-197236 Cannot view history of deleted but not yet committed file
Exception IDEA-276855 Exception on opening project in the same window while indexing
Bug IDEA-280239 Cannot un-shelve changes if path contains spaces
Bug IDEA-277601 Wrong behavior of "Externally added files can be added to Git" "Don't ask again" option
Usability IDEA-277443 VCS settings: can't find gutter settings in the Version Control Confirmation settings via Settings search box or Find action
Version Control. GitHubFeature IDEA-91608 Right-click on a file, editor tab or symbol, "Copy github URL to clipboard"
Feature IDEA-242846 PullRequests: Mark already checked files in the commit diff
Feature IDEA-245904 Add GitHub URLs to the Edit | Copy menu
Bug IDEA-276487 GitHub Action Flow: Cannot deserialize value of type
Bug IDEA-276105 Comment code, wrong pointer
Usability IDEA-275353 GitHub plugin requires Markdown plugin to work
Version Control. PerforceUsability IDEA-274331 Perforce shelve: Unshelve and Delete button is disabled in Perforce Shelved Changes dialog
No subsystemBug DBE-13974 "Please call toolbar.setTargetComponent() explicitly" in DB.RunChooser toolbar
Code GenerationBug DBE-14339 sqlite3 syntax near EXPRESSION requires (EXPRESSION)
Bug DBE-3636 SQLite - AUTOINCREMENT is only allowed on INTEGER PRIMARY KEY
Bug DBE-14209 File -> New -> Shema Dialog has invalid layout
Code HighlightingBug DBE-14152 Compiler option '#print_strict_params on' is not supported
Bug DBE-14349 Invalid inspection: "Expression is always null"
Bug DBE-14195 SQL Server 2019 Scalar UDF Inlining option not recognized
Bug DBE-12694 Exasol HASHTYPE
Bug DBE-14206 Invalid SQL inspection: condition xxx is always 'true'
Feature DBE-14311 Add support for UDFs in ClickHouse
Bug DBE-7547 Incorrect “always false” inspection in SQL
Bug DBE-10929 False warning when inserting column with same name as table
Feature DBE-8677 Inlay hints for join cardinality
Feature DBE-14291 Support defining user table functions in BigQuery
Feature DBE-14280 Support "TOP" syntax for Snowflake
Coding AssistanceBug DBE-14356 Subquery shortcut
ConnectivityUsability DBE-3255 Need to know if there is no driver while dragndropping SQLite
Feature DBE-13947 Add the Google User Account authentication type for BigQuery
Usability DBE-12965 Better UI for connection to BigQuery
Usability DBE-14089 Database connection fails when host has trailing space
Feature DBE-9010 Snowflake: add additional field for the Role parameter
Bug DBE-6732 Kerberos DB authentication fails with Oracle thin JDBC driver
Bug DBE-13645 JDBC connection to local MariaDB socket, verified @ shell/command-line, FAILs from within Idea/IDE: "FAILED connect: The address can't be null."
Data Editor/ViewerFeature DBE-5278 Aggregate functions on result-set
Feature DBE-841 Add multivalue foreign key navigation
Feature DBE-2481 Multiple Data Editor for same Table
Feature DBE-1913 Show 16-byte column as string UUID
Usability DBE-14233 Database dropdown won't open unless mouse click is under data columns
Bug DBE-14112 Error: invalid input value for enum with underscore (_) preceded/escaped by pound (#)
Usability DBE-13905 Show more lines in in-editor results
Bug DBE-13153 BigQuery driver doesn't specify project when querying tables in non-default project
Feature DBE-3735 DB // Natural sort of numeric columns (CSV)
Bug DBE-14278 PostgreSQL bit string display issue
Performance DBE-13727 Database Prefetch limits max value to 1000
Bug DBE-14283 Can not paste integer values into 'UNSIGNED INT' columns
Feature DBE-188 Allow different font to be set for data editor
Data Import/ExportFeature DBE-11304 First row is header auto-detection
Bug DBE-13895 DataGrip does not release file handle when uploading file to database field
Bug DBE-7358 Copying mysql table to another schema generates wrong column types
Usability DBE-4587 SQL files generated by "Dump Data to File(s)" should include trailing newline
Bug DBE-10788 Copy table inside one database converts types
Database ExplorerUsability DBE-14168 Remove "database" and "schema" from 'Filter' in Database Explorer
Database MigrationsBug DBE-14011 Attempt to add new schema fails with NPE
Bug DBE-3406 [IntelliJ IDEA][DB] Cannot create ForeignKey to itself
Bug DBE-14383 indexes are missing from parent table in Postgres partitioned tables
Bug DBE-14131 DROP/CREATE instead of ALTER when editing stored procedure
Bug DBE-11156 Submit changes alter procedure
Bug DBE-3343 PostgreSQL function based indexes are not displayed correctly
Cosmetics DBE-14265 Text selection with mouse in Modify DB table fields broken
Bug DBE-12790 Modify Table > drop column > generates create index on deleted column
Bug DBE-14296 Cannot modify or add new columns to tables using Modify Table dialog
Bug DBE-13937 grant permission does not work
DiagramsBug DBE-13750 Diagrams: IDE doesn't show all foreign keys with the same label
Files Tool WindowFeature DBE-14298 Add option to exclude project directories from being indexed
GeneralBug DBE-13548 Make global db not working
Feature DBE-13853 Hide actions for selection (e.g. Copy, Cut) in editor context menu that was invoked outside of selection
IntrospectionFeature DBE-3822 Add support for database links
Bug DBE-14416 Introspection fails if no access to pg_user table
Bug DBE-2687 Copy DDL and DDL tab in Table Editor omits UNLOGGED parameter - PostgreSQL
Bug DBE-14199 Not being able to introspect schema on Cockroach database
Bug DBE-13932 Postgres introspection slow modification check
Feature DBE-13220 Check Constraints Support
Bug DBE-14287 Option 'no inherit' does not present in DDL for table
Bug DBE-14286 Can't see "base for" / "based on" in table definition when tables in different schemas
Bug DBE-14276 Database plugin no longer supports queries with database name
Feature DBE-14297 Snowflake database integration: add support for streams
Bug DBE-14068 Introspection is too slow
Feature DBE-3934 Support Linked Servers in MS SQL
Query ConsoleUsability DBE-7070 MS SQL Can I suppress showing date and time for each string while using PRINT
Bug DBE-14215 Quoted user parameters do not work in BigQuery
Bug DBE-14200 I'm getting an error when I try to rename a Postgres table: [08006] An I/O error occurred while sending to the backend.
Bug DBE-14084 In-editor results not separating by queries
Bug DBE-11720 [BigQuery] Allow to change Project ID for a console
Feature DBE-4632 Console output tab: possibility to disable date time output
RefactoringUsability DBE-13931 Undistinguishable text color in Database - Modify Object dialog
Feature DBE-12311 Auto udf-generator in Postgresql
SQL GeneralUsability DBE-3811 "Change SQL dialect" quick fix gives no hint what dialect is current
Schema DiffFeature DBE-13545 Schema migration window
Bug DBE-9350 Compare routines source code via ctrl-d
Services Tool WindowUsability DBE-12538 Annoying: automatic focus on Services when query is finished
Feature DBE-12265 Option to control Services tool window behavior
No subsystemBug WEB-34371 Package imports are changed to relative imports when a file is moved
Bug WEB-31260 Copyright - Formatting: merge JavaScript language levels into one configuration
Bug WEB-52627 Live templates with the JavaScript Statement context should not be suggested right inside classes and interfaces
Bug WEB-52811 ESLint with WSL seems to not working anymore on Webstorm 2021.3 EAP
Bug WEB-52877 JSP plugin requires plugin com.intellij.javaee.el to be installed
Bug WEB-51918 Caret blinking in the debugger window
Task WEB-43624 Deprecation of the npm package management UI from the IDE settings
Bug WEB-52614 UTF16+BOM page is shown as garbage when previewing on the built-in web server
Performance WEB-52612 WebSymbolElementDescriptorsProvider causes noticeable slowdown when Find Usages is invoked in big project
Exception WEB-53070 Throwable: Slow operations are prohibited on EDT. See SlowOperations.assertSlowOperationsAreAllowed javadoc.
Bug WEB-53358 Can't specify path to Deno or Deno cache via browse action
CSSBug WEB-52720 Tailwind 2.2+: CSS classes completion doesn't work in *.php files (but works in *.blade.php)
Feature WEB-48542 Tailwind Plugin autocomplete for ERB / Rails helpers
Bug WEB-53225 Stylelint Plugin is Incompatible with Stylelint v14 + SCSS
Performance WEB-52607 Node process started by the Tailwind CSS plugin consumes much CPU
Feature WEB-53033 CSS, TailwindCSS Support in EJS Files
Feature WEB-53150 Tailwind autocomplete support for mustache .hbs files
Feature WEB-53186 Tailwind Autocomplete class names for Smarty (.tpl) with JIT enable
Bug WEB-53264 Build 213.5281.x: deadlock (infinite loop) with TailwindDocumentationProvider in thread dumps
Feature WEB-25289 CSS/SCSS/SASS/LESS: add option "Add a space at comment start"
DebuggerBug WEB-52007 Show inline watches for JavaScript debug
Bug WEB-39219 Object spread not supported in Evaluate or Debugger Console
Bug WEB-51861 Node.js debug, stop on breakpoint: "Slow operations are prohibited on EDT"
Performance WEB-52653 High Memory Usage Debugging Node.JS Application
Bug WEB-52761 Stopping debugger in nodejs run configuration does not clean up child processes
Bug WEB-52656 'Restart frame' button isn't available in new debugger UI (213.X branch)
File WatchersFeature WEB-38925 File Watchers: support programs running on WSL
HTMLException WEB-53086 Exception while editing injected HTML fragment
Feature WEB-52513 Intention action for putting XML/HTML attributes on separate lines
Bug WEB-51610 "Comment with Block Comment" comments the entire line in Vue file
JavaScriptBug WEB-24703 js postfix completion not working in arrow function
Bug WEB-51053 Completion for object literal properties with "this." behaves incorrectly for "*" field
Exception WEB-53083 NPE while invoking code completion
Feature WEB-51282 Support "imports" field of package.json
Bug WEB-52019 Incorrect conversion from VAR to LET in .tpl files
Bug WEB-51956 JSDoc: Initializer type string is not assignable to variable type CharacterEncoding / BinaryToTextEncoding
Bug WEB-53235 Structure pane for JS exports in ES6 modules
Bug WEB-52873 Non-identifier property names in documentation popup
Exception WEB-53197 Failed to build stub tree: IndexNotReadyException: exception on indexing JS files
Bug WEB-28630 NodeJS Modules imports going relative outside of package scope
Bug WEB-52058 Click on path with alias, for opening js-file, is opening less-file instead (perhaps because name is same) (Webstorm)
Task WEB-53276 Enable completion for top-level await in JS and TS files
Feature WEB-53257 Add advanced configuration for using file extensions in module imports
Usability WEB-51859 Method chaining not working - unrecognised fluent methods, even when they return this.
Bug WEB-53258 Add an asterisk when pasting code snippet into a selected comment
Task WEB-52707 Limit Angular Live templates context
Bug WEB-52626 Parameter info highlights incorrect parameter in function call when template literals are present
Feature WEB-53015 Suggest import from non-identifier named modules
Bug WEB-53133 false positive (Javascript) on octal object keys
Bug WEB-53031 Wrong type mismatch errors are reported for React "useContext()"
Feature WEB-52337 Support class static initialization blocks
Exception WEB-52887 IndexNotReadyException after project opening
Bug WEB-52100 False type mismatch errors when using JSDoc typedef in .php files
Bug WEB-52655 first word of @returns jsdoc incorrectly treated as a type
Feature WEB-42983 Support URLs in import statements
Bug WEB-52182 Object destructure not realizing null check was made beforehand - javascript
Task WEB-50609 Allow navigating from the type definition file (d.ts) to the source code
Task WEB-50608 Allow navigating from the source code to the type definition file (d.ts)
Feature WEB-1364 Add intentions to expand and collapse the object literals and arrays
Bug WEB-52677 Postfix completion doesn't work for 'this' as expression
Feature WEB-31650 Provide an easy way to paste code snippets into existing JSDoc
Feature WEB-52791 Show inferred return type for a function that returns a constructor in quick documentation/inlay hints/ctrl+hover popup
Usability WEB-53220 In JSX context, existing variables/parameters should have higher priority in completion than HTML live templates with matching names
Bug WEB-51717 Mark safe access operator in assignment LHS as error
Feature WEB-49116 Private identifiers as single token
Bug WEB-52515 Symbol.description in JavaScript is not hinted
Bug WEB-52845 Link in quick documentation doesn't work
Bug WEB-52538 Using `yield` as identifier should cause syntax error
Performance WEB-52693 high CPU and memory usage causing low memory notification
Bug WEB-53266 Generate getter/setter for Javascript fails with private class fields
Bug WEB-52512 Irrelevant 'class' completion items in extends clause
Bug WEB-51842 Default modules re-exported as named are imported as default if "Use paths relative to the project, resource or sources roots" is enabled
Feature WEB-52552 Support import assertions proposal
Feature WEB-46948 Convert comment to the JSDoc style
Bug WEB-52199 instanceof not suggested in function call parentheses
Usability WEB-47153 Better mapping between *.js and *.d.ts files
Bug WEB-38203 Wrong JS resolve when variable shadowed
Bug WEB-53436 WebStorm 2021.3 Beta copies wrong value
Task WEB-52771 Make JavaScript file paths in UI relative
Bug WEB-52084 Show error if the rest element is not the last in destructuring assignment
Bug WEB-52159 Value pattern setting doesn't work for custom language injections
Feature WEB-53065 Add default import from index file
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-52638 Prettier plugin doesn't take into account prettierrc when detecting if a file can be formatted
Bug WEB-52005 No indent on Enter after nested if() block
Feature WEB-46949 Provide options to insert leading/trailing space within block comment (after '/*' and before '*/')
Feature WEB-43326 provide code style options for Typescript enum
Feature WEB-25338 Indent binary expressions inside JSX / TSX
Feature WEB-51952 Provide a code style option to add white spaces within JSX comments
Feature WEB-41949 Apply Prettier code style automatically if prettier is listed in project dependencies
Bug WEB-38094 Single named import isn't wrapped if long
Bug WEB-53385 Apply 'ES6 import/export braces' option to import assertion
Feature WEB-52752 Add "block comment at first column" option for JavaScript
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-35706 Provide only exact completion items inside template section
Bug WEB-29900 Angular: provide completion of CSS properties in style property binding
Feature WEB-40125 JSX: type checking is not implemented for react attributes
Bug WEB-52834 Vue: `ref` attribute value in script setup should refer to local variable if one is defined
Feature WEB-41983 Warn about unresolved symbols in Vue templates
Feature WEB-52130 Missing type checking for props
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-49761 Method bindings are considered duplicates
Bug WEB-52450 Use file extension in imports if type: "module" is used in package.json
Cosmetics WEB-53208 Typos in Inspection Descriptions for "JavaScript and TypeScript"
Bug WEB-53439 Invalid JavaScript warning: Condition is always false since types 'String' and 'StringConstructor' have no overlap
Feature WEB-52598 'Unfiltered loop' inspection should recognize a hasOwn() check
Bug WEB-43077 Multiple constant declarations are marked as duplicates
LintersBug WEB-53256 ESlint: update the bundled `.eslintrc-schema.json`
Node.jsBug WEB-23547 git pre-commit hook node module fails executing
Task WEB-51592 Can't run or debug node.js add via interpreter from Docker container
Bug WEB-53454 Windows: hidden command line when running Node.js run configuration
Bug WEB-48930 Yarn PnP: Webstorm doesn't find node dependencies on Windows with WSL
Bug WEB-53121 Windows: debugging Node.js apps in Docker fails - host address cannot be detected for npipe
Bug WEB-53041 Can't debug javascript code via node.js interpreter
Bug WEB-52837 Run Script with npm throws errors in WSL
Bug WEB-52584 Run anything: yarn and npm doesn't accept arguments
Bug WEB-53230 Don't show 'Update package to the latest version' after performing the action
Bug WEB-52958 Can't run Jest TypeScript tests when using remote interpreter
Bug WEB-53378 Can't install dependencies if package.json file isn't in the root folder and use Node.js interpreter via docker-compose
Bug WEB-52918 Support Docker Compose for Node.js Run Targets, e.g. npm, Mocha, Jest
Feature WEB-40509 Support "exports" field of package.json
Bug WEB-51821 When select text in Node.js debugger Process Console, it doesn't be copied into X clipboard
Feature WEB-52993 Rename 'Node.js and npm' to 'Node.js'
Feature WEB-52942 Support Vagrant interpreter via Node.js Run Targets, e.g. Mocha, Jest, npm
Bug WEB-53381 Can't run tests with node via docker-compose without setting up File sharing
Exception WEB-52941 "ExecutionException: Unsupported remote interpreter" in logs for Vagrant
ProfilingBug WEB-41449 NullPointerException when attempting to load heap snapshot
TypeScriptUsability WEB-49388 Monorepo: prohibit auto-import from the same package using absolute paths
Bug WEB-48937 Typescript Find Usages should report assignment in object literal as Write access, not Read
Bug WEB-53336 deno: "configuration.applicationArguments must not be null" error when running run configuration
Bug WEB-52986 Show anonymous properties in the structure panel
Usability WEB-50724 "Application parameter" is missing in Run dialog for Deno
Task WEB-52315 Typescript 4.4: static blocks in classes
Bug WEB-50464 TypeScript: Cannot use paths without baseUrl
Task WEB-52568 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.4
Bug WEB-47039 Deno: file names autocomplete doesn't insert file extension
Task WEB-53042 TypeScript 4.5: ECMAScript Module Support in Node.js
Bug WEB-46827 Explicitly function-typed variables should be color-highlighted as functions
Bug WEB-51447 "Use .js extension for module names" setting is not used for Javascript or Typescript
Bug WEB-51635 TypeScript 4.4: Symbol and Template String Pattern Index Signatures
Bug WEB-46265 Relative imports are created by auto import in monorepo
Task WEB-53053 TypeScript 4.5: type Modifiers on Import Names
Bug WEB-53157 'importsNotUsedAsValues' option is ignored when import through copy-paste
Bug WEB-53183 'Use directory import when index.js is available' option doesn't work when re-export
Unit TestsBug WEB-48664 Test runner with WSL does not highlight failed assertions etc.
Bug WEB-47606 WSL 2: Jest Coverage tool window not showing any stats
Bug WEB-52461 Jest: "Click to update snapshot" link fails with "Failed to prepare target. null" when using WSL node interpreter