PHP InspectionsBug WI-62902 First-class callable: isn't checked for correct visibility of methods in declaration
PHP Lib StubsBug WI-63041 Incorrectly assuming that condition is always true when comparing variable with date() output
CoreUsability IDEA-280910 Do not show welcome screen on starting IDE with gateway url
Core. IDE SettingsCosmetics IDEA-280642 Inlay hints settings: remove right margin from preview
Bug IDEA-280814 Method chains settings are ignored when updating to 2021.3
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-279127 ComponentManagerImpl.unregisterComponent should remove the component from serviceInstanceHotCache
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-279700 Cannot cast class to itself after dynamically updating plugin through balloon popup
Bug IDEA-279479 Internal IDE error right after updating my plugin to latest version
Bug IDEA-279451 Dynamic plugin update issues
Bug IDEA-280107 Class cast exception caused by dynamic loading during plugin upgrade
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-279937 Markdown: the floating toolbar doesn't appear for the last line in file
Bug IDEA-280199 Floating toolbar is not hidden after closing tabs with keyboard shortcut
Bug IDEA-279665 Mermaid graphs not working
Bug IDEA-280728 Markdown Tables: Table borders are broken on column swap
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-280676 Docker. Container, "Show Processes" action displays wrong list with duplicated strings
Bug IDEA-280916 Docker. Registries. Images completion. Empty list if we call completion after or before "/"
Bug IDEA-277333 Docker. java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException at pointing not-existing context folder
Bug IDEA-280671 Docker Registry. Settings. Change the Address to empty or "space" example by choosing "JetBrains Space" registry
Bug IDEA-280913 Docker. Images completion: Two strings are combined into one instead of showing the completion list
Tools. HTTP ClientCosmetics IDEA-280591 HttpClient: Do not add # to request name in servicesView for requests with only ### or with empty name
Feature IDEA-237751 Show request names instead of index in Request field inside run configuration
Bug IDEA-278832 Cookie didn‘t send to server when I use Http file in Idea2021.2.2
Usability IDEA-239339 Order of contextual menu items for environments changing order in HTTP client
Bug IDEA-156476 REST Client Tool doesn't save cookies
User InterfaceBug IDEA-280319 Status bar no longer displays popup action's description
Cosmetics IDEA-231276 Hint in Search Everywhere is cut on macOS Catalina
User Interface. Alerts, NotificationsBug IDEA-279902 Arrow navigation works in the opposite direction for buttons in the UI
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-281015 On macOS, sometimes project window is not brought above other project windows when stopping on breakpoint
User Interface. Search EverywhereFeature IDEA-280849 Train the very first model for ranking files in Files tab of Search Everywhere
User Interface. TabsBug IDEA-280819 "More" button overlaps tab label in Code Style Settings
Bug IDEA-280795 Toolbar buttons are hidden under "Show Hidden Tabs" button in the terminal toolwindow header when tabs overflow the header
Bug IDEA-280831 "More" and three-dots buttons on editor tabs pane are overlapped if "Show pinned tabs in a separate row" is on and there are no pinned tabs
Bug IDEA-280792 Three dots button remains visible after closing all tabs
User Interface. TouchbarBug IDEA-277249 Debugger buttons on touchbar don't appear at all
Version Control. GitUsability IDEA-280478 Focus moves away from Git log when opening and closing diff
Bug IDEA-280471 Push Commits up to Here: push rejected after update if the branch was not up-to-date before calling Push Commits up to Here
Code GenerationBug DBE-14209 File -> New -> Shema Dialog has invalid layout
Code HighlightingFeature DBE-14280 Support "TOP" syntax for Snowflake
IntrospectionBug DBE-14276 Database plugin no longer supports queries with database name
Schema DiffBug DBE-9350 Compare routines source code via ctrl-d
CSSBug WEB-52720 Tailwind 2.2+: CSS classes completion doesn't work in *.php files (but works in *.blade.php)
Feature WEB-48542 Tailwind Plugin autocomplete for ERB / Rails helpers
Performance WEB-52607 Node process started by the Tailwind CSS plugin consumes much CPU
Feature WEB-53033 CSS, TailwindCSS Support in EJS Files
Feature WEB-53150 Tailwind autocomplete support for mustache .hbs files
Feature WEB-53186 Tailwind Autocomplete class names for Smarty (.tpl) with JIT enable
Bug WEB-53264 Build 213.5281.x: deadlock (infinite loop) with TailwindDocumentationProvider in thread dumps
File WatchersFeature WEB-38925 File Watchers: support programs running on WSL
JavaScriptBug WEB-52058 Click on path with alias, for opening js-file, is opening less-file instead (perhaps because name is same) (Webstorm)
Bug WEB-51842 Default modules re-exported as named are imported as default if "Use paths relative to the project, resource or sources roots" is enabled
JavaScript. FormatterFeature WEB-51952 Provide a code style option to add white spaces within JSX comments
LintersBug WEB-53256 ESlint: update the bundled `.eslintrc-schema.json`
Node.jsBug WEB-52837 Run Script with npm throws errors in WSL
Bug WEB-53230 Don't show 'Update package to the latest version' after performing the action
Bug WEB-48930 Yarn PnP: Webstorm doesn't find node dependencies on Windows with WSL
TypeScriptTask WEB-52568 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.4
Usability WEB-49388 Monorepo: prohibit auto-import from the same package using absolute paths
Task WEB-53042 TypeScript 4.5: ECMAScript Module Support in Node.js
Bug WEB-53183 'Use directory import when index.js is available' option doesn't work when re-export
Bug WEB-50464 TypeScript: Cannot use paths without baseUrl
Unit TestsBug WEB-52461 Jest: "Click to update snapshot" link fails with "Failed to prepare target. null" when using WSL node interpreter