As a developer, how many times did you have to wait somebody to design / draw an image icon for the brand new feature of your software you are working on? Or maybe you have tried 5 different software products to draw the icon yourself.
Image Design Editor is developed to help IDEA users in designing the image icons by themselves. It is integrated as an IDEA plugin, so you only need to select the New Image Icon (see Image 1) menu item under the New menu and a dialog will be displayed, asking you to select the desired output file type (JPEG or PNG) and the new image file size (width and height with supported values between 12 and 64) (see Image 2). When the OK button is hit, a canvas will allow you to draw the image icon pixel by pixel. If several plugins for image handling are installed in your IDEA, then it is possible that several editors to be opened for the new image. The one we are talking about can be found under the Image Editor tab.

Image Design Editor is designed with a reduced set of features just for making the icon drawing easier for us, the developers. It is probably not a very good idea to be used by very skilled graphic designers.

Image 1

Image 2


I hope you will enjoy using it or modifying it as much as I enjoyed developing it.