PHPBug WI-59506 Replace unnecessary double quotes on paste is failing on a single double quote
Bug WI-57993 Smart keys setting "Replace unnecessary double quotes on paste" replaces necessary double quotes in Doctrine annotations
PHP InspectionsBug WI-58792 Inspection - Parameter always have same value - Incorrect for traits
Bug WI-59428 PHPDoc comment matches function/method signature: Parameter description on the next line is not considered as additional information
Bug WI-59495 Unnecessary double quotes: highlights double quotes in PHPDoc
Cosmetics WI-59261 Parameter always has the same value. Value isn't interpolated in inspection message
PHP IntentionsBug WI-59552 Wrong refactoring 'Invert 'if' statement'
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Usability WI-11988 Empty Root URL should not generate warnings
Code Analysis. InspectionUsability IDEA-259519 "No suspicious code found.. in <scope>" message is misleading
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-260478 Evaluate expression popup opens too small
Exception IDEA-264412 Cannot init component state (componentName=XDebuggerManager, componentClass=XDebuggerManagerImpl) [Plugin: com.intellij]
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-265753 Indexing diagnostics: file provider names may be too long because of batching several subsequent empty providers
Meta Issue IDEA-266391 Find in files not finding occurrences
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-259137 Indexing/Search sometimes prefers a bad match compared with an exact one
Core. Project SettingsFeature IDEA-265700 Provide a way to specify required minimum/maximum version of Kotlin plugin for a project
Bug IDEA-265610 New Trusted Host dialog is too small
Bug IDEA-265327 "Persistent ID already exists" exception on opening IDEA project
Bug IDEA-265194 Allow assertConsistency only in the EAP version of IDE
Bug IDEA-265821 Trusted location "~/work" is being ignored
Bug IDEA-265594 If version of a Maven library is changed after updating project configuration, references to classes from that library are shown as errors
Performance IDEA-265068 IDE freezes due to long RootsChangeWatcher$1.prepareChange(RootsChangeWatcher.kt:93)
Core. Run. ConfigurationsFeature IDEA-264181 Ability to start Remote JVM Debug configuration while indexing
Bug IDEA-264763 [new run config UI] Hotkeys intermittently don't work
Bug IDEA-264759 [new run config UI] Field hints render incorrectly when the fields are partially available after scrolling
Task IDEA-264761 [new run config UI] Add statistics for field hints
EditorBug IDEA-262336 Font Settings: font value missing in dropdown after updating
Editor. Code Completion. MLPerformance IDEA-266091 Freezes in "ML completion. VCS feature calculation" with CVS plug-in
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-265307 buildkit support for compose
Bug IDEA-265519 Docker-compose run config: Tags for `remove images on down` show only values without any hint
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-261716 HTTP Usage inspection should not be reported for the standard JSP taglibs
Bug IDEA-265092 "Incorrect HTTP header" inspection should not warn for lowercase http header names
Bug IDEA-261711 HTTP Usage inspection should ignore ""
Bug IDEA-265064 HTTP Client TLS: peer did not return a certificate
Bug IDEA-261713 HTTP Usage inspection should not be reported for ""
Bug IDEA-265850 SSLConfiguration appears in completion
Bug IDEA-263645 HTTP Client: Incorrect URL inserted from URL inlay action for JAX-RS Path on class
Bug IDEA-257379 HTTP Client Dynamic Variables Not Working
Bug IDEA-261937 HTTP Client Dynamic Variable $uuid Not Working
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-265342 Terminal Colors for custom commands should be configurable
Bug IDEA-265230 "Open in terminal" is always opening root instead of the project file directory
User InterfaceBug IDEA-266204 Increase "what's new" loading timeout
Bug IDEA-260001 empty marketo form submits from License Activation dialog
Bug IDEA-186369 Data sharing options screen unnecessary, appears repeatedly
Bug IDEA-255620 Modal alert boxes in Macos Big Sur are bright white even on a dark theme
Bug IDEA-264529 Native crash when opening Trusted Dialog (macOS BigSur) KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000110c86008
Usability IDEA-131137 Switcher - add settings to not show tool windows list
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-260589 Press-release-hold Alt doesn't show tool window tabs
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-243458 Find tool window: Pin search tab applies to what has focus, not what was clicked
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-247432 Switcher popup window shortcuts conflict with Emacs Up/Down key mapping
Bug IDEA-262375 Mouse Forward and Back buttons(side buttons) register as "Right Click" when setting a mouse shortcut to them.
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-211515 RecentFiles: displayed path is not correct for the first file selected on popup opening
Usability IDEA-197930 Recent Files mnemonic
User Interface. Project ViewUsability IDEA-95456 Project View tool window gets wider after each open/close cycle
User Interface. Services ViewCosmetics IDEA-265001 Services run configuration notification should have empty title
Version ControlBug IDEA-266367 i18n: Amend toolbar and Commit message section are not shown under non-modal commit interface under Chinese/Korean
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-264088 Cannot add files/directories to .git/info/exclude
Bug IDEA-248816 "Datasource local storage ignored files" path is generated glitched inside .gitignore
Bug IDEA-264683 Unshelve puts the file in the active changelist ignoring selected one in the unshelve dialog when file is open in the editor
Usability IDEA-262598 Commit message area in "Edit/Squashed commit message" dialogs is too small
Code GenerationBug DBE-12892 BigQuery: can't drop materialized view via UI
Bug DBE-12934 No SQL generated when using INOUT parameter in procedure
Code HighlightingBug DBE-12994 BigQuery dialect not up-to-date
Data Editor/ViewerBug DBE-12910 MongoDB: cannot type float value in integer cell
Bug DBE-12940 "Toggle Soft-Wrap" button in Value Editor gone if select another cell
Bug DBE-12817 MongoDB: cannot convert one numeric type to other numeric type
Bug DBE-12985 Date time dialog default day is today, not the date in the table
Bug DBE-11780 Greenplum. [42703] ERROR: column "ctid" does not exist
Bug DBE-12909 Cannot insert correct NumberLong value to MongoDB if a column is not NumberLong
Bug DBE-12594 Formatted mode for XML removes all spaces
Data Import/ExportBug DBE-12536 Exasol csv upload extremly slow
Performance DBE-11892 CSV Upload extremely slow
Database MigrationsBug DBE-12873 BigQuery: Invalid default data type `int` for new table creation
Full-Text SearchBug DBE-12967 "Full Text Search" for SQLite should use LIKE to search within LONGVARCHAR fields
IntrospectionFeature DBE-11818 Allow 'datistemplate=true' databases to show up
Navigation & SearchUsability DBE-5341 Database: Edit on Oracle synonym could open referred object editor
DebuggerBug WEB-50168 Can't debug react-native app with expo
Bug WEB-50166 Documentation missing for Debugging Javascript in Chrome for Rider
JavaScriptFeature WEB-50182 After the `import` keyword provide completion and auto import for named and default exports
Bug WEB-45339 "Unresolved type Promise" in a directory configured as es6
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-33480 Extract Angular component refactoring
Bug WEB-50392 Extract Angular component: error message disappears too fast
Usability WEB-50402 Extract Angular component: extraction of the whole html file doesn't work (using ctrl+a)
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-50340 Noinspection SpellCheckingInpection multiple times within file
Bug WEB-50319 "Void function return value is used" false positive when function returns never
TypeScriptBug WEB-47997 A *.ts file isn't removed from the Project Errors tab in the Problems view, after deleting it
Bug WEB-50087 unsupported typescript syntax; literal computed property names in enums
Bug WEB-50098 unsupported typescript syntax; property decorators on rest parameters
Bug WEB-50086 unsupported typescript syntax; nullish coalescing operator with anonymus function
Unit TestsBug WEB-49356 mocha-intellij-stringifier fails with BigInt values