CodeforcesBugEDU-3713It's impossible to start Codeforces contest in a different language
BugEDU-3857Invalid Codeforces test folder should not appear in test set
BugEDU-3759Unable to check task if other file is opened in the editor
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-3905Unable to create Codeforces course
BugEDU-3845Course groups in My Courses are collapsable but their visual appearance doesn't indicate that
BugEDU-3849Add hover for More Actions on Welcome screen
BugEDU-3863Update courses on welcome screen if new course was added
BugEDU-3617Do not show "Learn and Teach" action on new welcome screen
UsabilityEDU-3860Double name for the same action
CosmeticsEDU-3842Codeforces contest are listed in Completed category even if they are not actually complted
CourseraBugEDU-3882Coursera doesn't respect proxy settings
JB Academy (Hyperskill)BugEDU-3292"Stopping - Checking solution"process for Code problems works strange
BugEDU-3826Edit tooltip text to make it more clear for user
Learner ExperienceBugEDU-3846Two "Compare with Answer" actions are available via Find Actions, only one of them works
UsabilityEDU-3787Get rid of two editors in Android Studio
Project GenerationBugEDU-3836Import Local Course: old version of the same course should be overwritten by the newer one
Task DescriptionFeatureEDU-2673Support cross-references in task descriptions
FeatureEDU-3862Provide completion of edu-specific uri schemas in task description links
BugEDU-3806Task description: strange formatting in Swing
BugEDU-3861Incorrect choice options background color in Swing
CosmeticsEDU-3805Square frame around selected radio-button for Multiple-Choice tasks in Course Preview