GWT Studio

What is that, Current version and status

GWT Studio is plugin for IntelliJ targeted to simplify development of applications using Google Web Toolkit

GWT Studio provides useful

GWT Studio roadmap includes

Current version of GWT Studio is 0.1.1 It supports only EAP builds of IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 (Demetra) starting from build #5333

GWT Studio still to be on earlier research stage. It is not part of any JetBrains product but personal project of my own. Most probably it will be changed in the foreseen future but as of today JetBrains is absolutely not responsible for any problems or bugs related to GWT Studio. But JetBrains still to be responsible for great plugin API, which gave me possibility to develop it relatively fastly.

To obtains GWT Studio use built-in Plugin Manager or visit IntelliJ IDEA plugin repository

To obtain EAP builds of  IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 (Demetra) visit IntelliJ IDEA EAP

To report bug or request feture visit Demetra EAP Plugins forum 


Each action suggest to configure GWT support if necessary and add GWT libraries in to classpath of module

New GWT Module

Creates sceleton for GWT application

New GWT Entry Point

Creates sceleton for GWT entry point

New GWT RemoteService

Creates sceleton for GWT remote service

New GWT Serializable Class

Creates new class derived from IsSerializable with no-arg constructor

New GWT Sample Application

Creates sample application which send text message to server and display responce. Can be used as simple starting point.

 Inspections with quick-fixes

RemoteService-derived interface doesn' synchronized with his async version

Async version of RemoteService-derived interface doesn't synchronized with original

Parameter or return type of method in RemoteService-derived interface is not IsSerializable

Field of IsSerializable class isn't IsSerializable itself

Style name used as parameter of .addStyleName or .setStyleName isn't presented in CSS


Special Run/Debug configuration of GWT application

GWT compiler running during IntelliJ IDEA make