What's New in ReSharper 5.0

Will be announced when EAP is started

ReSharper 5.0 Nightly Builds

Download ReSharper 5.0 EAP

This website is the source for ReSharper 5.0 early builds. If you prefer using release software, go download ReSharper 4.5. You can also download nightly builds for ReSharper 4.5 bugfix updates

ReSharper 5.0 pre-release is published automatically on the nightly builds page. You can see ratings from other users to decide whether you should download a build and rate builds yourself. We stopped selecting special "EAP" builds ourselves as different users have different stability criteria.

Got Problems or Other Feedback?

Discussion forums

Discuss topics related to ReSharper, with us and other community members, in our web forum.

Bug tracker

If you find a bug or have a feature suggestion, you are kindly welcome to submit it into our JIRA-based tracker.

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