RubyBugRUBY-26897"group by file structure" creates file nodes under function nodes
Core. File SystemBugIDEA-247036v2020.1 Won't Save To Disk
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-245438Endless "Can't get shell environment" warnings in the log
Core. Navigation and SearchUsabilityIDEA-194817Show enum constant usages on mouse middle-click
UsabilityIDEA-248865Unable to navigate to enum constructor since 2020.2
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-247329IntelliJ Stuck Analyzing
Core. Project SettingsBugIDEA-244277AddModuleWizard class allows null to be passed to a NotNull method parameter.
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBugIDEA-248090Do not store relative path to bundled JDK in settings.
EditorBugIDEA-246368Weird behavior when cursor is inside rendered Doc
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-247963Unable to toggle "Quick Documentation" and "Quick Definition" in the suggestion list
Tools. TerminalBugIDEA-247892"Run IDE features from the Terminal" not working on Windows when git-bash is used as terminal shell
Version Control. GitUsabilityIDEA-247178Merge git branch alphabetical order
UsabilityIDEA-243725New git merge dialogs - needs additional clicks to modify options
Version Control. GitHubFeatureIDEA-247904GitHub Pull Request: shortcut for leaving comment while reviewing changes
BugIDEA-248658For remotes with GitHub account is not used, regular Git login is requested
BugIDEA-246079GitHub Pull Requests: "add review comment" icon is shifted when soft wrapping is enabled
CSSBugWEB-46982Mismatched property value for CSS stroke-dasharray
DartBugWEB-47147Images disappeared from the Dart doc preview
UsabilityWEB-44323Dart comment indent level
TaskWEB-47145Dart plugin: stop auto-excluding 'packages' folders.
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-46785Support WeakRefs and FinalizationRegistry
BugWEB-46905putting parentheses inside jsx breaks syntax
BugWEB-46761No JavaScript suggestions anymore
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-46752Prettier "On code reformat" breaks live templates expanding
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-28294template with angular ng-options reports errors for valid syntax for (angular 1.6.X)
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-45803Expression marked as "can be simplified" has its semantics changed by simplification
JavaScript. TemplatesBugWEB-47068StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on analyzing Handlebars template
LintersBugWEB-46371ESlint: Timeout on starting language service process
SASSBugWEB-42904File Watcher Not Running Properly for Sass @Use/@Forward
BugWEB-47270Sass attribute selectors give fatal code errors when combined with placeholders
BugWEB-46651Sass: @use is not resolving index files
BugWEB-47139SASS plugin doesn't recognize min(), max(), or clamp()
BugWEB-47149Multiline-style comment in a Vue Single File Component in the <style> section (SASS) causes glitch
DB ConnectivityBugDBE-11340Database connect: Username and password fields have vanished
DB RefactoringBugDBE-11440Submit changes to database (SQL Server) no longer working for PROC