Please note that the following is only a preliminary plan. We cannot guarantee that all of the features listed below will be included in CLion 2020.3.

As IDE performance is our top priority, we’ll continue eliminating freezes and the issues around refactoring the code causing high CPU and memory usages. We are also planning to fix the UI freezes on Copy/Paste caused by autoformatting (CPP-17439). 

Apart from the regular bug fixing and tuning our Clangd-based engine even further, we are planning to start work on a few language specific features that might not be ready for the 2020.3 release. However, work on them will begin in this release cycle: 

    1.  Qt-specific features are being considered, like project templates (CPP-8321), CMake live templates (CPP-14724), and some specific handling for Qt code constructs (CPP-1897).

    2.  We have plans for an initial set of MISRA checks.

We’ll mostly focus on improving our recently released Makefile project support, fixing various issues and usability problems. We are also planning to make a few enhancements:

    1.  Add an action to automatically create Makefile Run/Debug configurations.

    2.  Improve our current make command output parsing analyzer by adding support for libtool and dolt (CPP-19549). This will help CLion load Makefile projects such as curl, bitcoin, lbrycrd, PHP, VLC, and many others.

    3. Support pre-configuration steps before loading Makefile projects in CLion (CPP-16924).

    1.  CTest support is planned (CPP-905).

A few useful improvements are planned. Some are even under development already, but we didn’t manage to get them done in time for the 2020.2 release:

    1.  Ability to debug as root (CPP-7224).

    2. Ability to disassemble on demand (CPP-9091).

While reloading remote project performance is our top priority here, we are also planning to start work on native Docker support in CLion (CPP-13751). We hope there will be some initial results to present in the 2020.3 EAP.

In regards to embedded development functionality, the next release cycle will be mostly about fixing issues and maintenance, so feel free to report any issues you come across to us!