h2. What is Diana?

"Diana" is the codename for IntelliJ IDEA 8.x.

h2. Download

IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.4 Release Candidate (build 9939), released on September 23, 2009:
|| Download || Description || MD5 ||
|[idea9939.exe|http://download.jetbrains.com/idea/idea9939.exe] | Windows installer (includes bundled JRE 1.6.0_12) | F6EE3422AFA5658EE023BFF8F276F929 |
|[idea9939.zip|http://download.jetbrains.com/idea/idea9939.zip] | Windows ZIP archive (no bundled JRE) | 6EF34AA02E658ADD616B96E33766ED8C |
|[idea9939.tar.gz|http://download.jetbrains.com/idea/idea9939.tar.gz] | Unix archive | 7695DBAC26D526CA7DF87207BBF1BC02 |
|[idea9939.dmg|http://download.jetbrains.com/idea/idea9939.dmg] | Mac installer | 7E0922C743A6E8FAF31A85A5E3976227 |
|[idea9939-dev.zip|http://download.jetbrains.com/idea/idea9939-dev.zip] | Plugin development package | 5DB40B4210AE94615BACBECA2B22A11F |
|[idea9939-jdk15.zip|http://download.jetbrains.com/idea/idea9939-jdk15.zip] | Windows/Unix version built with JDK 1.5 | 0A42AA5886BBBD7D9B953B010D323844 |

h2. License

This EAP build requires a valid IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 license. It does NOT auto-restart the 30-day evaluation period if you've already used your evaluation.

h2. Release Notes

[Detailed release notes (build 9939)|http://www.jetbrains.net/tracker/issues?q=fix+for%3A+{Diana+9939}]

h3. Release Notes Archive

[IDEA 8.0 Technology Roadmap]
[Diana First EAP Release Notes]
[Summary Release Notes (build 8975)|Diana 8975 Release Notes]
[Summary Release Notes (build 8823)|EAP 8823 Release Notes]
[Summary Release Notes (build 8280)|EAP 8280 Release Notes]
[Summary Release Notes (build 8375)|EAP 8375 Release Notes]
[Summary Release Notes (build 8733)|EAP 8733 Release Notes]
[Summary Release Notes (build 8769)|EAP 8769 Release Notes]
[Summary Release Notes (build 8810)|EAP 8810 Release Notes]
[Summary Release Notes (build 8858)|EAP 8858 Release Notes]

The GenerateToString plugin is now bundled with Diana. If you already have an installation of the plugin from the plugin manager, please remove it before installing the Diana EAP build.

Build 8650 and newer include a [New Packaging Configuration Editor].

Diana includes its own code coverage engine, which can be used as an alternative to EMMA. You can find more information on it in [IDEA Coverage Runner].

h2. Where to Send Feedback

[Issue Tracker|http://www.jetbrains.net/tracker] ([instructions for working with YouTrack|Working with issue tracker])
[EAP Newsgroup|news://news.jetbrains.com/jetbrains.intellij.eap]
[EAP Forum|http://intellij.net/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=22]