No subsystemFeature WI-51764 Twig: formatting for comment blocks consider the space setting option
Bug WI-31941 Ability to turn off smart quoting when pasting
DocumentationTask WI-38951 Review texts for Inspections | PHP, Joomla!, Blade files, Ini files, Phing
OpenAPIBug WI-52951 Two or more PhpReferenceResolver2 leads to multiresolve
PHPFeature WI-51712 Provide Type Info action
Feature WI-51900 Primitive type checkers should exclude null from types: support is_countable, is_iterable
Feature WI-49588 Union types: parser support and integration with type inference.
Feature WI-36166 Static analysis for trivial conditions "while(true)".
Feature WI-51777 Undefined field: support of 'property_exists' function on MyClass::class
Bug WI-52798 global functions from stubs used in project are being resolved to global functions in vendor folder silently
Bug WI-51608 Method reference resolved to aliased trait use rule even when method with same name exists in the class
Bug WI-51643 @var type declaration changes the variable type only on the next line inside foreach cycle
Bug WI-51584 Array write doesn't change the variable false/true to array
Bug WI-53089 Member references is not filtered by PhpReferenceResolver2
Bug WI-51937 PCRE: Positive lookbehind is marked as error
Bug WI-51674 "Group name or number expected" for regex If Clause
Bug WI-51316 anonymous class parent constant not recognised/available when it actually is
Bug WI-21244 "Unused local variable" where in fact a variable is used
Bug WI-51938 PCRE: if clause with group match condition is marked as error (missing lookahead assertion)
Bug WI-48209 "Unclosed options group" error for regex branch reset /(?|)/
Bug WI-52958 Multiple class definition if definition exists in composer.phar and vendor folder
Bug WI-49765 Regex named recursion group breaks parser
Bug WI-52023 Variable declaration inside if with continue statement inside foreach loop leads to undefined variable instead of might be undefined
Usability WI-51116 Lower priority of definitions coming from vendor and from PHAR files located in vendor
Usability WI-12203 Add an option to change an order of generated getter/setter
Usability WI-51958 Find cause for missing @throws tag popup is too small
PHP CompletionFeature WI-51042 Suggest all used in project phpdoc tags in completion
Bug WI-51747 Insert space after field type declarations
Usability WI-50532 Type properties completion: automatically insert `?` for type hint on field with `null` default value
PHP ComposerFeature WI-51823 Composer package documentation should provide a link to homepage/sources
Feature WI-51597 Support custom Satis/Packagist packages versions in composer.json completion
Feature WI-49217 Composer intention: open settings of tools mentioned in composer.json
Feature WI-51868 composer.json: support ~|^ in composer package version completion
Feature WI-50854 Create new project: provide package and version completion instead of package list
Feature WI-51819 composer.json: support completion multiple versions after space or comma (“1.0.0 1.0.1” or “1.0.0,1.0.1”)
Feature WI-50675 Support custom Satis/Packagist packages in composer.json completion
Bug WI-52742 Impossible to disable in case there are no other repositories
Bug WI-42839 Composer path repository duplicate class definitions
Bug WI-52741 Repositories can't be refreshed in case of incorrect require
Bug WI-52877 composer.json: don't spellcheck packages names
Bug WI-43227 New Composer project UI doesn't fit into Welcome screen window
Usability WI-51069 Remove duplicated items from event names completion list
Usability WI-33965 Multiple projects open in same window resulting in classes reporting multiple implementations
Usability WI-51067 Recalculate packages cache for completion if "repositories" section is changed
Usability WI-52582 Composer update --dry-run is executed on each project openning
Usability WI-52451 composer.json: notify about status of custom repositories cache
Usability WI-51927 Provide a setting icon in the gutter to open the settings
Usability WI-51748 Manage dependencies doesn't cancel current selection and invokes completion in the wrong place
Usability WI-51749 Manage dependencies requires double CTRL+Z to revert the change
Cosmetics WI-51660 Create New Project: Incorrect size of input fields in case of long version
Task WI-50855 Remove "Manage dependencies" dialog
PHP DebugBug WI-43921 Debugger console should respect error reporting level
PHP FormatterFeature WI-51553 Add "Simple classes in one line" setting
Feature WI-52626 Set snake_case for Wordpress coding style
Bug WI-51828 Simple class in one line: example is not changed
PHP InspectionsFeature WI-51079 Support ? for nullable type hints in "PHPDoc comment matches function/signature inspection"
Feature WI-39838 New quick fix: Correct namespace for PSR-0/PSR-4 project
Feature WI-52288 New local Inspection: typed property might be unassigned
Feature WI-51534 New inspection: variable always true/false
Feature WI-52140 Detect function calls that are re-throwing exception thrown from callable parameter
Feature WI-51541 New quick-fix: move to corresponding directory
Feature WI-51944 New quickfix: "find cause" for "Missing @throws tag"
Feature WI-43121 PHP CS Fixer and PHPCBF: support a reformat quick-fix in the case of remote interpreters
Feature WI-52054 Always true/false: should work for language constructions that produce boolean types
Feature WI-33088 Support Code Sniffer and Mess Detector batch run in Docker container
Feature WI-52584 New inspection: Argument of 'instanceof' always in hierarchy of checked variable
Feature WI-52056 Always true/false: should work for global functions that return boolean
Feature WI-49590 New inspection: null and false cannot be used as standalone types
Feature WI-51762 Always true/false: take into account DFA result if there is multiple assignments
Feature WI-53029 Hierarchy checks inspection: update to support union types
Feature WI-36122 Docker Compose: support PHP_CodeSniffer, PHP CS Fixer, and PHP Mess Detector
Feature WI-51797 Undefined variable: take into account variables state during variable write
Feature WI-16319 Feature request: ability to change naming style for Getters and Setters
Feature WI-51801 Undefined variable: take into account variables state during variable write, consider complex conditions
Feature WI-52168 New inspection: unnecessary 'return' statement
Feature WI-12085 Unused local variable: detect foreach loop that will always be executed at least once
Feature WI-52150 Exception analysis: re-thrown exceptions initialized via `new` should be inferred in a same way as common re-thrown variables
Feature WI-53052 New inspection: Argument of 'instanceof' should be only objects or strings
Feature WI-11389 Undefined field: support of 'property_exists' function
Feature WI-52057 Always true/false: should work for functions that return only 'real' booleans
Feature WI-53090 Expression always null: enable inspection for more cases
Feature WI-51929 Strict types inspection: suggest to make type nullable
Feature WI-51821 New inspection: Array used only with write access
Feature WI-23201 Analyse conditional paths
Feature WI-52431 Consider dfa states based on primitive type checkers to be equal if corresponding function names equals
Feature WI-46401 Avoid displaying \ReflectionClass::getMethod exception if method existence is checked
Bug WI-52027 PHPCS: Validate check path of phpcbf using the local file system for remote interpreters
Bug WI-51804 False positive undefined variable when variable in unreachable statement
Bug WI-52067 Undefined variable is highlighted as probably undefined if it's cast inside the loop
Bug WI-51600 PSR0/4 structure: Replace namespace quick fix doesn't update references
Bug WI-52279 Wrong string concatenation quickfix changes the string
Bug WI-51924 Consider all branches in `||` condition as false when whole condition is false for reachability analysis
Bug WI-53140 Incorrect inspection warning: "Pass by ref is not effectively used inside body"
Bug WI-52116 Always true/false: doesn't work for function if return type declared by type hint
Bug WI-51810 False positive undefined variable warning in case variable is read under complex condition with OR operand
Bug WI-32551 Strict type: Incorrect "error" type warning for int return types
Bug WI-52614 Don't show possible polymorphic call inspection in scope of 'object instanceof class' check
Bug WI-52085 Variable is marked as undefined in case it's defined in the same expression earlier
Bug WI-53088 Control Flow inspections group is duplicated in settings
Bug WI-51284 Undefined variable inspection is flaky for the cases when global variable is taken from other file
Bug WI-51835 False positive undefined variable if there is while loop inside if condition and write access to variables's field
Bug WI-51965 Quality tools create new docker container even if interpreter configured to connect to existing container
Bug WI-52440 false positive undefined variable in case of complex if/elseif branches
Bug WI-51831 False positive undefined variable in else branch when there is complex if/elseif condition
Bug WI-52097 Strict types inspection quick-fix: don't suggest to make nullable when PHP version < 7.1
Bug WI-51744 Inspection "Exception is never thrown" shown if catching and re-throwing exception.
Bug WI-51961 PHP CS Fixer validation doesn't work with docker-compose remote interpreter
Bug WI-52064 Completely undefined variable is highlighted as probably undefined in the loop with break
Bug WI-52068 Second read access forses variable to be potentially defined although it's undefined in the loop
Bug WI-52063 Undefined variable isn't highlighted with error in case there is infinite loop
Bug WI-51863 Invoking PhpChangeParameterTypeQuickFix on nullable parameter creates invalid code
Bug WI-51869 PhpChangeParameterTypeQuickFix inserts just null instead of nullable type
Bug WI-39500 Unhandled exception warning if custom exception is thrown in a closure
Bug WI-52438 false positive undefined variable error in case variable is used in a conditional while loop with continue statement
Bug WI-52174 Code sniffer standard set for inspection isn't applied for quick-fix
Bug WI-42769 False positive for "Redundant @throws tag" inspection when Exceptions is created in method returning static
Bug WI-25588 Variable might have not been defined after finally
Bug WI-51325 False positive annotation error if variable used in closure taken from use statement as reference
Bug WI-52509 type `self` of class property is being displayed as signature in annotator message preview
Bug WI-52049 Method/property is marked as undefined if there is method_exists as second argument of ||
Bug WI-52247 Arguments of std type checkers should not be considered as potential read ref access
Bug WI-33720 Try-finally with if-else reports "Missing return statement"
Bug WI-52118 Code sniffer quick fix doesn't work
Bug WI-52002 PHPCS: Provide a setting to specify phpcbf on remote interpreter
Bug WI-52066 Docblock inside while condition breaks variable type
Bug WI-51642 Null comparision doesn't enforce null or not null
Bug WI-52249 ` !== false` exclude types from all arguments, not from only checked one
Bug WI-52868 Inspection - Missing PHPDoc comment - Invalid warning on __construct() & __clone() (conflicts with Redundant PHPDoc comment Inspection)
Bug WI-51983 Rethrown exception is considered as function call
Bug WI-52103 Always true/false: should work for ternary expression
Bug WI-52105 Always true/false: doesn't work if expression is wrapped in extra parentheses
Bug WI-52698 'Generators may only declare a return type of Generator, Iterator or Traversable, or iterable, int is not permitted' showed multiple times for multiple 'yield'
Bug WI-46317 PHP_CodeSniffer Inspection results are duplicated
Bug WI-52668 instanceof always true inspection in closure should take into account closure rebinding
Bug WI-52183 Exception is considered to be thrown from the callback
Bug WI-53067 PHP Quality Tools ignored files not stored
Bug WI-52225 Change property type to match default value: adds false instead of bool
Bug WI-53095 Mixing of union types and nullable notation isn't marked as error if nullable type is first
Bug WI-52530 Change field type quick fix delete `self` in attempt to make it nullable
Bug WI-52166 Detect method calls that are re-throwing exception thrown from callable parameter
Bug WI-52474 False positive "Possibly undefined variable" in case of complex if inside loop
Bug WI-52548 Private field can be local: resolve all targets of used field references
Bug WI-53080 null is highlighted as undefined class in union types
Bug WI-40818 Make Unhandled exception work for standard functions accepting closures
Bug WI-52099 Always true/false: should work for isset and empty functions
Bug WI-12678 Undefined variable: Wrong "undefined variable" inspection in empty for object properties
Bug WI-53001 Pre-incremented numeric string passed to function as string parameter isn't highlighted as warning
Bug WI-51319 False positive inspection warning for assertContains string in array of strings
Bug WI-38032 Redundant @throws tag: is shown in case of dynamic exception
Bug WI-52808 php 7.4 arrow function: Declaring a variable inside another closure marks it as undefined
Bug WI-51977 Consider that unresolved function throws catched clause
Performance WI-51556 Freeze in DeadCode inspection during batch inspection run
Usability WI-51936 Undefined property/method: change wording and relax severity to WEAK_WARNING if member _might_ be defined
Usability WI-51963 Increase tool process timeout for quality tool in case tool is added for remote interpreter
Usability WI-17740 CodeSniffer gets temporary filename instead of real
Usability WI-52672 Move "Result of instanceof is always true" to Control flow inspection group
Usability WI-51773 Always true/false: Highlight only if there is multiple write accesses accessible from variable or boolean check condition is applied on variable
Usability WI-52189 Don't consider possible read-ref access to passed callback as mutation operation
Usability WI-52084 Redundant catch clause: don't highlight "catch" if "try" contains unresolved calls
Usability WI-3962 Undefined variable: Inspection allows referencing global vars defined in other files even if they aren't included
Cosmetics WI-51502 Class path doesn't match project structure: inconsistent quick fix naming
Cosmetics WI-51501 Rename class to file name: confusing "class" wording in case of interface and trait
Cosmetics WI-53077 Error message confusing in case 'static' is used as parameter typehint
Exception WI-51998 Deep rethrown exception cause NPE
PHP IntentionsBug WI-44179 Intention: Import Class places import above declare(strict_types=1);
PHP InterpretersBug WI-51408 Cannot connect to Docker daemon warning message although docker isn't used for interpreter configuration
Bug WI-52769 IDEA: missing PHP Docker and PHP Remote interpreters plugins destroy remote interpreters config
Exception WI-52137 Docker: NPE when changing docker volume bindings
Exception WI-33557 Docker: NPE is thrown on attempt to change docker mappings
PHP RefactoringBug WI-52206 Extract method: shouldn't add false as return type
Bug WI-52659 Move function to class: doesn't replace function references with method references inside moved functions
Bug WI-52563 Extract class: doesn't import elements from the function body
Bug WI-52561 Extract class: doesn't update callback references and doesn't warn about the broken code
Bug WI-51625 Move namespace: changing to global namespace leads to broken functions and cache problem
Bug WI-51663 Rename refactoring on function redefinition usage doesn't work
Bug WI-52764 Extract class: throws exception on each invocation
Usability WI-52557 Extract class: place the focus on the class name
Usability WI-52555 Extract class: open the resulting class
Usability WI-52692 Inplace introduce variable: do refactoring in one step
Usability WI-20849 Move Static: warning message about late static binding contains a lot of unnecessary information in case static is used as parameter typ
Usability WI-52559 Extract class: exception on attempt to extract into the existing class
Usability WI-52762 Extract class: requires double Undo to fully revert the refactoring
Exception WI-51008 IAE in function inlining with unreferenced variadic parameter
Exception WI-51007 EA-214449 AIOOBE on function inlining with different arguments and parameters count
Exception WI-34901 Rename file: exception is thrown in case of file name that can't be used for class name
PHP TemplatesFeature WI-29254 Blade: allow custom injection inside Blade section
Bug WI-48036 "$" should be a valid char for lexer inside Twig Blocks
Usability WI-50607 Twig: Insert additional space on typing doc block start
Cosmetics WI-51799 Blade: rename built-in injections
PHP TestBug WI-51670 PHPUnit for Docker Compose is using local path to Bootstrap instead of remote
Bug WI-51370 PhpStorm substitutes deprecated expectExceptionMessageRegExp instead of expectExceptionMessageMatches
Bug WI-52048 Codeception 4.1.? (phar) and "/tmp/ide-codeception.php" = Fatal Error
Usability WI-51327 Create new PHP Test action doesn't bring focus in editor
Exception WI-52826 Exception when enable phpspec plugin
Exception WI-52827 Exception when enable behat plugin
PHP Type InferenceFeature WI-19864 In trait function redefinition are not references
Feature WI-51664 Infer assigned string literals and known types for `new $var();` construct
Feature WI-51884 Primitive type checkers should exclude null from types
Feature WI-51530 Support get_class($entry) == Foo::class
Feature WI-53038 'instanceof' should remove 'null' from types
Feature WI-20407 Type inference: add inference on get_class($entry)
Feature WI-51491 Type not inferred for !== negative check
Feature WI-52216 Condition checks should exclude `false`
Bug WI-52795 Inferred type of array element is narrowed down too strict based on previous comparison of element
Bug WI-52709 Type of array element received by variable as index is inferred wrong in case of try/catch
Bug WI-52712 Type of array element received by variable as key is inferred wrong if element was assigned under some conditional branch
Bug WI-51492 Type not inferred for flipped === and !== checks
Bug WI-53104 If variable assign by ref, infer type of referenced variable
Bug WI-53151 Add type of variable to created object if object is created via 'new $var' expression where $var resolved to parameter
Bug WI-52237 Type of variable is inferred as array although it can't be array according to control flow
Bug WI-53087 Add MIXED to type of ternary expression where one part is unresolved and other is resolved
Bug WI-52689 Ambiguous CF should add MIXED to type inferred from DFA
Bug WI-46914 Post and pre increment operators applied to string-containing variables report errors incorrectly when passed to functions
Bug WI-53103 If variable is used as ref inside local closure, corresponding inferred type should be added
Bug WI-53105 If variable explicitly passed by ref, add MIXED to the return type
Bug WI-25489 function_exists() should work the same as is_closure() for determining if a function is callable
Bug WI-52777 Don't stop TI traversal for field reference if DFA produced non-primitive result
Bug WI-45903 Type inference for class field of type using instanceof not working
Bug WI-51613 is_object should extract primitive types
Bug WI-50355 PHP 7.4 property type array is not overridden by infered specific array
Bug WI-48327 Instanceof not considered in short-circuit evaluations for `$this`
Bug WI-51601 Nullability: don't treat || conditions as always executed
Bug WI-52640 Don't add mixed type if exact array index was found during DFA traversal
Bug WI-37013 Return type must be of the type "...", "null" returned (coalesce operator)
Bug WI-53021 Ambiguous CF should add MIXED to type inferred from DFA for 'switch' statements
Bug WI-52853 redundant "array" added when types inferred are already more precise
Bug WI-52911 Add MIXED if same array access key was found but in ambiguous CF
Bug WI-52810 Ambiguous CF should not add MIXED to type inferred from DFA if parameter has typehint
Bug WI-53007 Post-increment operations should update only values afterwards, they themselves should return original value type
Exception WI-53118 AssertionError during type resolve in PhpArrayUsedOnlyForWriteInspection
Exception WI-53045 TypeProvider contract violation? exception during indexing
PHPDocFeature WI-52507 Support union of nullable types in PhpDoc
Feature WI-45148 Automatically generated phpdoc can be made more precise
Bug WI-52506 Type reference isn't resolved for nullable type in PhpDoc if name of variable isn't set
Bug WI-52222 Update signature from PHPDoc: Return type mismatch suggests signature update when no return type is specified in PHPDoc
Usability WI-31615 Update PHPDoc comment removes @throws from interfaces and abstract methods
Plugin: Command lineFeature WI-48046 Run Anything: provide the execution time
Plugin: DQLBug WI-51489 DQL: "user in (:users)" is marked as invalid
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-239390 Inspection to detect mixed characters in strings (strings containing both ASCII and non-ASCII)
Feature IDEA-236487 Support preview for inspection quick-fixes
Bug IDEA-186991 ProblemsHolder.registerProblem treats escaped html in template as an unescaped, so it drops arrows from view
Bug IDEA-237104 Navigation through errors opens Problem View at first usage
Bug IDEA-236959 Problems view displays nothing for Markdown files
Bug IDEA-235616 UnusedDeclarationInspection keeps references to EntryPoint instances after plugin has been unloaded
Bug IDEA-235093 Inspection Results: HTML/Pug: Simplify description misses open angular bracket
Bug IDEA-238496 IntentionsUIImpl > IntentionHintComponent leaks PsiFile on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-237250 Buttons for 'Next/Previous Error' should always be enabled
Bug IDEA-237251 Rename 'Show Toolbar' to 'Compact View'
Bug IDEA-195784 'Inspect code' uses default severity for inspections instead of current
Bug IDEA-236824 Close popup when user clicks 'Open Problems View' link
Usability IDEA-236818 Cursor loses position and disappears when focus leaves Problem view
Usability IDEA-237249 Add icons to traffic light widget
Usability IDEA-237248 Do not show analysis completed
Usability IDEA-236819 Sync problems view cursor when navigate through problems in the editor
Task IDEA-217579 Inspections widget
Task IDEA-238581 Make refGraphAnnotator EP dynamic
Exception IDEA-240898 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index -1 out of bounds for length 2 at com.intellij.codeInspection.i18n.NlsInfo.fromMethodParameter
Exception IDEA-240846 Inspection exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No reference type for class com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PsiParameterImpl
Exception IDEA-237137 Setting Highlighting to None causes exception
Code Analysis. Language InjectionTask IDEA-235294 Make <patterns.patternClass> EP dynamic
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-236671 Cannot create new SSR inspection
Bug IDEA-239967 Structural search doesn't work with inner typescript React
Bug IDEA-236685 Description for SSR inspection is not displayed
Bug IDEA-239687 Retrieving pattern from history sometimes loses match variable
Bug IDEA-235951 "with search hierarchy" checkbox has no effect in `implements` clause
Bug IDEA-240463 StructuralSearchUtil.cache keeps references to languages from unloaded plugins
Task IDEA-238267 Make EPs related to structural search dynamic
Code Analysis. Syntax (PSI)Bug IDEA-207979 Java PsiIdentifier should not produce `USimpleNameReferenceExpression`
Bug IDEA-234749 UAST: Catch Clause does not visit its parameters
CoreFeature IDEA-238725 Log the values of _JAVA_OPTIONS/JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS and JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variables on startup
Bug IDEA-238409 PsiCopyPasteManager leaks PsiFile on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-240456 DaemonListeners.myActiveEditors sometimes keeps reference to released editor
Bug IDEA-239100 Angular2ReferenceExpressionResolver leaks through Disposer backtrace on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-239033 Thread pool thread leaks reference to plugin classloader via inheritedAccessControlContext
Bug IDEA-240825 Seeing lots of "fish: Could not set up terminal." / "fish: TERM environment variable not set" on Mac on Startup
Bug IDEA-239021 FileTypeManagerImpl.DETECTED_FROM_CONTENT_FILE_TYPE_KEY leaks FileType reference on plugin unload
Task IDEA-235291 Make EPs related to module types dynamic
Task IDEA-238257 Make pathMacroFilter EP dynamic
Task IDEA-238818 Clear range highlighters with plugin class used as custom renderer when plugin is unloaded
Task IDEA-238580 Make pathMacroExpandableProtocol dynamic
Core. DebuggerTask IDEA-238226 Make com.jetbrains.fileUrlMapper extension point dynamic
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-235873 Unnecessarily thick separator line in class diagrams
Task IDEA-235593 UML plugin requires restart on enabling and disabling because of non-dynamic EP <diagram.changesProvider>
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-236854 Completion does not work in File Chooser
Bug IDEA-240983 VfsImplUtil.ourHandlers leaks reference to ArchiveFileSystem instance after plugin unload
Bug IDEA-207169 Files cut (Ctrl+X) from one project fail to be pasted in another
Usability IDEA-238396 Show a progress during file system synchronization processing
Exception IDEA-235071 "Already disposed" exception during VFS refresh
Exception IDEA-236946 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.TransactionGuardImpl.assertWriteSafeContext
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-175757 Support File Type mapping based on shebang
Feature IDEA-235494 Add a command line parameter to start IDEA without opening any projects
Bug IDEA-209241 Rider does not recognise '.PEM' (uppercase) extension files when importing Server Certificates
Bug IDEA-239026 'Broken Usages' and 'Code Vision' should be preselected in settings when open them from the Editor
Usability IDEA-240607 Import Settings should warn if user has incorrectly selected a folder without settings
Usability IDEA-190397 cacerts from previous IDEA version in user profile is not copied with IDEA upgrade
Task IDEA-236420 Make internalFileTemplate EP dynamic
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-238557 Problem with stubs element initialization on dynamic load of Pug (ex-Jade) plugin
Bug IDEA-238557 Problem with stubs element initialization on dynamic load of Pug (ex-Jade) plugin
Bug IDEA-238381 Deadlock in indexing
Performance IDEA-238701 Index internals load VFS on EDT during project closing
Performance IDEA-237487 IDEA updates files constantly
Exception IDEA-236587 NPE at com.intellij.util.indexing.ChangedFilesCollector$2.afterVfsChange(
Exception IDEA-238411 java.lang.Throwable on creating Java project
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-233867 bin/ (and bin/ script uses "-" as argument to grep
Bug IDEA-215497 jbr/bin/java Access Denied during update from IC-192.4205.45 to IC-192.4488.21
Bug IDEA-205262 Batch update fails when the target directory is a symlink
Task IDEA-208372 Upgrade ASM to 7.1
Core. LicensingException IDEA-237330 Could not open windows registry node Software\JavaSoft\Prefs at root 0xffffffff80000001: Access denied
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-130931 Shift+Ctrl+F7 hit on exception in throws clause of method declaration should highlight where exception is thrown
Task IDEA-230766 Next/Previous occurrence actions don't work when Find Usages is open and the focus is in the editor
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-233075 MethodImplementor extension point doesn't suggest methods properly
Bug IDEA-235572 Project is leaked after being closed via smart pointer reference queue
Bug IDEA-238501 Make jsonRpcDomain EP dynamic
Bug IDEA-238172 Make postponed formatting consistent in tests and production
Bug IDEA-229756 UAST: super constructor call has different UastCallKind in Java and Kotlin
Bug IDEA-238508 Language holds annotator instances from plugins in user data
Bug IDEA-239832 `SystemHealthMonitor` notifications are lost
Task IDEA-236887 Allow updating lookup element presentation after showing
Core. Plugin ManagementFeature IDEA-237986 Make scratch.rootType EP dynamic
Bug IDEA-238973 java.nio.file.ClosedFileSystemException on trying to enable intellilang
Bug IDEA-235169 Disabling of Time Tracking plugin requires IDE restart
Bug IDEA-238292 'Code Coverage for Java' plugin requires restart on unload
Bug IDEA-237141 Opening a database table "db.messages" causes PhpStorm to suggest "messages files area supported by IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate"
Bug IDEA-236608 Gradle import error: Could not initialize class
Bug IDEA-235393 'BeanExtensionPoint.unregisterExtensions' doesn't fork with 'area="IDEA_PROJECT"'
Bug IDEA-237282 Disabling Gradle plugin does not ask about Android plugin, but Android blocks the disabling
Bug IDEA-235506 Updated dynamic plugins are duplicated in plugins list until restart
Bug IDEA-234660 Plugins which keep their own CodeStyleSettings instances lead to leaks when a plugin with custom settings is unloaded
Bug IDEA-234849 Exception when unloading REST client plugin
Bug IDEA-235485 Guice plugin sometimes requires restart on disabling
Bug IDEA-234060 Unable to save settings popup on enabling Shell script plugin
Bug IDEA-235487 OpenAPI Specification (Swagger) plugin requires restart on disabling (light services are not cleared on plugin unload)
Bug IDEA-240454 com.intellij.jbpm (JBoss jBPM) plugin requires restart on unloading
Bug IDEA-232675 3rd party incompatible plugin from brokenPlugins.txt can't be seen in the Plugins view
Bug IDEA-240659 ResourceBundleEditor plugin requires restart after disabling
Usability IDEA-237811 "Install plugin from disk" should check brokenPlugins.txt
Cosmetics IDEA-226009 Plugin icons are blinking when we change status
Cosmetics IDEA-227302 Help | AnalyzePluginStartupPerformance action: correct text displayed in DisablePlugins dialog
Task IDEA-238441 Make performancePlugin.commandProvider dynamic
Task IDEA-239712 DragHelper leaks reference to disposed project
Exception IDEA-238390 Dynamic plugins: IllegalStateException on enabling Mercurial, Git plugins
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-235984 Wrong file encoding is used while IDE starting
Bug IDEA-238053 Project Structure dialog does not apply changes when Eclipse project format is used
Bug IDEA-235636 Cannot open .ipr
Bug IDEA-237873 Do not suggest to download already installed JDKs
Bug IDEA-146107 Window drive root problem: Creating a New project shows invalid path
Core. Quick DocumentationFeature IDEA-230655 Generate type-use annotations in quick-documentation
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-230986 Z-Order for dialog validation error
Bug IDEA-230493 Runner debug is not registered
Cosmetics IDEA-238382 The button in 'Store as project file' dialog not fully visible
Core. Run. TargetsBug IDEA-236233 Avoid Prepare step for local running
Task IDEA-233588 Change experimental flag to "run.targets"
Core. SSHFeature IDEA-237529 Add Copy action to SSH Configurations settings
Bug IDEA-238394 Link "Setup SSH configurations" in SSH Terminal settings page doesn't work in master
EditorFeature IDEA-237118 Add -p (--project) command-line option to force opening a non-project file in one of already open projects
Feature IDEA-67379 Change splitter position via keyboard
Feature IDEA-235535 make <editorActionHandler> dynamic
Bug IDEA-236496 In-editor javadoc moves with caret when related code remains in place
Bug IDEA-238298 CompositeFoldingBuilder keeps reference to FoldingBuilder via cache in Language userdata after plugin has been unloaded
Bug IDEA-237927 Wrong icons for Java class in Editor tabs
Bug IDEA-236712 Can't open a file after exception on project loading
Bug IDEA-238339 Rendered Javadoc: cursor image is stuck on old place after toggling javadoc view after search inside javadoc
Bug IDEA-239005 EditorLastActionTracker leaks reference to PsiFile via EditorWindowImpl on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-235209 JavaDoc in-editor rendering's gutter icon doesn't appear if first line comment
Bug IDEA-233073 Dragging text inside a JavaScript multi-line string replaces tabs with "\t"
Bug IDEA-238402 Reference to Language object leaked through TrafficLightRenderer$DefaultUIController on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-236723 New rendered comment view does not appear for class with annotations
Bug IDEA-239009 Vue: VueImplicitElement leaks through SmartPsiElementPointer on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-240930 Brace highlighting inconsistencies
Bug IDEA-236097 Documentation is not rendered in
Bug IDEA-240181 Leaked references to EditorProvider on plugin unload
Performance IDEA-238114 IntelliJ Idea 2020.1 memory runaway and crash
Usability IDEA-237082 Improve Page Up/Down actions behaviour in presence of block inlays (e.g. rendered documentation)
Usability IDEA-227056 EditorConfig suggestions almost only include ij_* (make standard options more visible)
Usability IDEA-236498 Rendered Javadoc switches to edit mode when changing code below
Cosmetics IDEA-234985 Inline doc preview: render "external link" icon
Task IDEA-238415 Support rendered documentation view in
Task IDEA-237045 Correct rendering hints for rendered comments
Task IDEA-237300 Show rendered doc switch icon only on mouse hover
Task IDEA-236538 Add new parameters of doc comment to Color Scheme preview
Task IDEA-233403 LightEdit: extract to bundles
Task IDEA-236787 'Promote' bidi text base direction setting when file containing RTL fragments is opened
Task IDEA-233257 com.intellij.lang.folding.CustomFoldingProvider isn't dynamic
Editor. Code CompletionPerformance IDEA-201824 Completion item rendering shouldn't access PSI, index and file system on UI thread
Performance IDEA-236322 Automatic completion is started on every new typed character when there are no suggestions
Exception IDEA-238546 Throwable at com.intellij.completion.ngram.NGramFileListener.beforeFileOpened
Editor. Code Completion. MLFeature IDEA-240174 Allow using a simple class name instead of fully qualified name
Bug IDEA-240352 MLFeaturesUtil.classNameSafeCache leaks references to plugin classes after plugin unload
Exception IDEA-239695 "java.lang.Throwable: File is not valid" on deleting a package with an opened file
Exception IDEA-239003 PsiInvalidElementAccessException on disabling ChangeReminder plugin
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-238361 Please implement collapse on the three way merge
Feature IDEA-238389 Image three way merge don't feature compare left/right/base/middle...
Feature IDEA-234251 Allow to "Accept Theirs" for folders in the "Conflicts" dialog
Bug IDEA-240641 'Synchronized Scrolling' in diff jumps up/down 1 line on smooth scrolling if 'code vision' inlays are enabled
Bug IDEA-234614 When launching `charm diff` splash screen remains
Usability IDEA-233728 "Show details" in Diff is too close to the line breaks style indicator
Exception IDEA-231544 RuntimeException when delete class from Local History
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-238341 Vertical padding/margin for rendered JavaDoc comments
Feature IDEA-235063 Support inline inferred type hints for Java 10+
Bug IDEA-236834 Invalid Block Uncomment with Multicursor
Bug IDEA-235044 Multicaret allows to have matched braces away from caret
Bug IDEA-238541 Honor CamelHumps selection when selecting on double click is not respected on mouse drag
Bug IDEA-235034 Undo should revert argument indent in one step
Cosmetics IDEA-236045 misalignment of indent guides and whitespace visuals
Cosmetics IDEA-238872 Cursor On Folded Block Is Not Intuitive
Task IDEA-240654 Ligatures per editor
Exception IDEA-236288 Macro stop working because of extreme editor wrapping settings
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-239006 TrafficLightRenderer$DefaultUIController leaks PsiFile through FileIncludeContextHectorPanel on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-238504 MarkupModelImpl > RangeHighlighter leaks tokens and PsiFiles through HighlighInfo on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-150333 Some warnings are still highlighted even though I selected "Syntax" for Highlight Level
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-237737 EA-218146 - IOOBE: LineSet.findLineIndex
Bug IDEA-239008 CodeStyleCachedValueProvider$AsyncComputation leaks reference to PSI File via TransientCodeSettings on plugin unload
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-238615 HintManagerImpl > IntentionHintComponent leaks PsiFile on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-237047 "Preview not available" is displayed when intention only deletes some lines
Bug IDEA-234662 Replace with end-of-line comment – extra blank lines
Usability IDEA-236926 Intention preview: alignment is broken if there are several parts diff parts and number of digits in line number is different
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-237128 TextMate bundles don't work for injections
Bug IDEA-236482 Bad syntax highlight in Dockerfile if docker plugin is turned off
Lang. RegExpFeature IDEA-215101 Regexp: Quick-fix for 'Duplicate character inside character class'
Bug IDEA-234581 Escaped single/double quote in regex syntax highlighting is wrong
Bug IDEA-233477 literal dash in regex character set colored as special character
Bug IDEA-233769 Adjacent closing tags for regex character classes are incorrectly parsed (e.g. in XMLSchema xs:pattern elements)
Bug IDEA-221089 escaping a `#` in regex with comment mode is not redundant
Bug IDEA-236620 Redundant nested character class inspection
Usability IDEA-173849 Check RegExp dialog: Ctrl-F and Ctrl-R are enabled in the 'sample' field leading to ugly results
Lang. Shell ScriptFeature IDEA-240918 Support copyright formatting for shell script files
Cosmetics IDEA-239877 Shell Script settings: label hides &
Lang. XMLBug IDEA-234908 Invalid XML syntax is not detected by editor
Bug IDEA-238406 Reference to Language object leaked through XmlTagNameSynchronizer on plugin unload
Task IDEA-238268 Make EPs related to XML dynamic
Lang. XPath and XSLTFeature IDEA-133468 XSLT 3.0 Support Crippled
Bug IDEA-231202 XSLT run/debug configuration does not have Classpath and JDK field in products other than IDEA
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-240719 Docker's multi-tab drawing problem
Task IDEA-230603 Refactor DockerFileDetector so that it's no longer a component
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-237516 Rest Client doesn't have URL-references if schema is missing
Bug IDEA-238760 HTTP Client shows null in completion on generation of URL from Spring controller
Usability IDEA-239686 Micronaut: if absolute url is specified for @Client annotation, don't activate live template for the host part on the HTTP Request generating for client endpoints
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-239942 CreateProcess failed. Code 267 when myProjectPath is not valid
Bug IDEA-136139 Settings -> Tools -> Terminal -> Shell path: sh.exe -login -i throws Error
Task IDEA-238296 Replace service override used for CloudTerminalProvider with a different mechanism
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-233416 Add "Copy Filename" to context menu
Feature IDEA-234078 Make it possible to remove undesired offset in components built using Kotlin UI DSL
Feature IDEA-237052 Ability to change the width of free painters area in the gutter
Feature IDEA-224049 Allow disabling change markers on the scrollbar
Bug IDEA-232821 Adding SDK from editor banner shows popup in the middle of the screen
Bug IDEA-236253 Project tree painting high cpu when scrolling with large selection
Bug IDEA-236176 click the mouse wheel not show usages
Bug IDEA-222902 Path to active tab is copied to clipboard if "Copy Reference" action was invoked for any other tab
Bug IDEA-236234 If a ThreeComponentSplitter is used in a tool window, it will lose its ability to be resized after the tool windows "View Mode" is changed to/from "Window" and "Docked Pinned"
Bug IDEA-237471 Close button is hidden with "Tab placement: Right"
Bug IDEA-238805 Creating a disabled icon prevents unloading of plugin
Bug IDEA-235755 Knob icon has artifacts on HiDPI in new Color Picker
Bug IDEA-240400 Wrong position of window control buttons in borderless UI
Bug IDEA-237226 Appearance in "Subversion working copies" tab does not correspond to dark theme
Bug IDEA-239014 EditorTextField releases Editor too late
Bug IDEA-236760 gutter's tooltips are not auto hiding on mouse move outside gutter
Bug IDEA-231003 Position of Structure tool window is set to Top Left when opening project if running IDEA with clean settings
Bug IDEA-206880 Renaming profiles, keymaps, color schemes does not work
Bug IDEA-240549 Minor: missing space in Reopen Project dialog
Bug IDEA-228353 Recent files action is not available in dumb mode
Bug IDEA-239761 Thread pool thread leaks reference to plugin classloader via JComponent.acc
Bug IDEA-232070 Context menu on project view or editor tabs does not show at all, main menu slowed
Bug IDEA-233592 No popup appears after "Check for updates..." from menu
Bug IDEA-226916 Crash on clicking scope combobox on MacBook Pro with TouchBar
Usability IDEA-234565 Settings "Choose Color" - allow paste hex color with # prefix
Usability IDEA-235322 Async profiler snapshots names are too similar
Usability IDEA-235124 IDEA allows choosing folder in WSL outside user directory when creating project
Usability IDEA-235417 New highlighting status indicator doesn't make it clear whether highlighting is finished
Cosmetics IDEA-241426 Inspection widget: correct backgrounds for additional options
Cosmetics IDEA-237130 "OK" Button in Copy Dialog is incorrectly now labeled "Refactor"
Cosmetics IDEA-215438 bookmarks tool window icon inconsistency
Cosmetics IDEA-231276 Hint in Search Everywhere is cut on macOS Catalina
Task IDEA-234632 Make backgroundable tasks start in background by default
Task IDEA-238264 Make keymapExtension EP dynamic
Task IDEA-238261 Make com.intellij.favoriteNodeProvider EP dynamic
Task IDEA-238281 Make getDataRule EP dynamic
Task IDEA-235017 Inspection widget in Diff and Merge dialogs
Exception IDEA-235877 SOE while walking through the live templates in Settings
Exception IDEA-235581 "cannot share data context between Swing events" when invoking actions from VCS Operations Popup
Exception IDEA-240459 Throwable: Notification posted too early (no window to display)
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-226881 IntelliJ IDEA should detect a11y mode on the first start
Bug IDEA-235610 Do not speak the results of a file search or global search
Bug IDEA-236984 Labels in search forms are not associated with the find and replace fields
Bug IDEA-236610 In screen reader mode, it is impossible to call a designer from a gatter ui
Bug IDEA-237378 [a11] action labels are not accessible in the welcome frame
Bug IDEA-234801 In screen reader mode, it is not possible to select a compiler
User Interface. Console ViewFeature IDEA-237479 Make exceptions in stacktraces navigatable
Task IDEA-238247 Make com.intellij.console.folding extension point dynamic
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-229090 memory leak in MoveFilesOrDirectoriesDialog via FileChooserFactory.getInstance().installFileCompletion
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-240461 enable JCEF by default in IDEA
Bug IDEA-240913 [jcef] ExceptionInInitializerError when opening md file with non-default jdk
Bug IDEA-231071 JCEF keyboard focus issues
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeature IDEA-120620 Directory tree grouping in search
Bug IDEA-218741 An item is not marked as bookmarked despite the toggling
Bug IDEA-240868 File Mask isn't applied in Find in Path
Bug IDEA-236772 Setting bookmarks from `Find in path`s preview does not work
Usability IDEA-89522 Show Usages popup: N usages were filtered out.
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-232518 A balloon panel of a breakpoint is not FocusCycleRoot
User Interface. GraphicsBug IDEA-236845 circle svg shape is curved
User Interface. Keyboard InputUsability IDEA-237099 Fix mnemonics on Mac to work with Alt
User Interface. Look and FeelCosmetics IDEA-236160 Invalid gaps in 'Code Style' settings
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-236137 Alt+Home shows class members despite them being explicitly hidden from navigation bar
Bug IDEA-215515 Speed search in bookmarks popup
Task IDEA-238431 Make search.topHitProvider EP dynamic
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-238310 CompoundProjectViewNodeDecorator keeps reference to decorator after plugin has been unloaded
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-236784 Services: green blink in details part when closing table editor
Version ControlFeature IDEA-235328 Support navigation to specific messages in VCS console
Feature IDEA-209622 VCS Ignore minor changes
Feature IDEA-234016 Allow configuring locations to skip in Git Root Detector
Bug IDEA-79274 can't export patch from shelf
Bug IDEA-238011 "Extra commit for .java > .kt renames" checkbox is not shown if commit options popup was opened before java->kotlin conversion
Bug IDEA-238620 Shelve button doesn't have a mnemonic
Bug IDEA-207789 Can't create a patch from shelve if a file has been moved
Usability IDEA-235382 Commit button isn't triggerred using Cmd+Enter on macOS
Usability IDEA-235746 Non-modal commit: if the Commit toolwindow is moved to the bottom then place the commit message field at the right
Usability IDEA-238506 Annoying tooltip "Code completion available" in new commit options
Cosmetics IDEA-237658 Apply patch conflict resolving: remove underlined chars from the message
Cosmetics IDEA-238353 Add `Help` for interactive rebase dialog
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-85434 Allow to squash local commits from the log
Feature IDEA-238559 Show 2 logs tabs in Editor instead of the separate Compare branches dialog
Bug IDEA-236088 Interactive rebase: wrong hight of reworded lines on IDE with adjusted font size
Bug IDEA-234107 Duplicate Git branches menu in the status bar
Usability IDEA-236897 Make "Edit Commit message" input resizable
Usability IDEA-128375 GIT Integration: Unhelpful Message "no tracked branch" on a Failed Update Attempt
Usability IDEA-216382 "Compare with Current" could produce confusing results
Usability IDEA-189303 Checkboxes in commit dialog and partial changelists should not depend on gutter highlighting
Usability IDEA-170834 Add link to the console to VCS error notifications
Usability IDEA-233918 Show notification on unstash
Usability IDEA-237492 Improve Can't Update wording
Task IDEA-230903 Drop builtin SSH client
Exception IDEA-235134 NPE when trying to disable synced branches feature
Exception IDEA-241100 IllegalStateException: @NotNull method git4idea/repo/GitRepositoryManager.getInstance must not return null
Exception IDEA-240960 ClassCastException on enabling Git plugin
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-240356 GitHub Pull Requests: comments are not shown at once
Bug IDEA-240312 GitHub checkout new branch: branch name appears as {0}
Bug IDEA-240309 Visual Atifacts after removing reviewer
Bug IDEA-240320 GitHub: The branch {0} is not fully merged to the branch {1}
Bug IDEA-240325 GitHub create Gist: Cant upload binary file: {0}
Bug IDEA-238860 Cannot see changed files for pull request, and cannot even copy error message from the window
Bug IDEA-233345 GitHub account: improper on-hover link underlying on Re-Login
Bug IDEA-238290 GitHub Pull Requests: default github account setting via PullRequests view doesn't work
Bug IDEA-240333 GitHub: account {0} is already added
Bug IDEA-240197 GitHub PullRequests: could not calculate merge base
Bug IDEA-240702 GitHub Pull Requests: Cannot submit Reply to comment after review was started
Bug IDEA-240324 GitHub Pull Requests: description is not shown in Timeline
Bug IDEA-238781 Create Pull Request - branch name is parameterized
Version Control. Local HistoryBug IDEA-229645 NullPointerException
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-221930 Checkout revision keymap is gone.
Usability IDEA-233823 "Show My Branches" should hide empty directories
Cosmetics IDEA-231532 Remove ":all" from Log tab
Cosmetics IDEA-232199 Add a tooltip for the HEAD icon in the new branch list
DB DiffBug DBE-10727 Compare schemas does not respect the column order
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-10319 Using Presto Jdbc driver results with bad queries while refreshing schema
DB RefactoringUsability DBE-10543 Button layout exactly the wrong way round (Compare DDL with Database)
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-10754 Dump Data to FIle - XML Extractor doesn't convert special characters to character entities
Data ViewsBug DBE-10775 Table View does not show new line at the end of a text
Usability DBE-10707 Generated filter from Filter By context menu clears MongoDB projection
Navigation & SearchUsability DBE-10340 Improve difference between database objects and file objects in Go To Table
PL & DDL EditorFeature DBE-5756 Database - Adding datasource as DDL - adding whole folders besides files only
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-10779 Wrong indent when a command starts with a comment
SQL GeneralBug DBE-10726 No ability to create a DDL data source if there are no folders attached
SQL GenerationBug DBE-10724 Snowflake Table Creation Generates Invalid DDL w/ Comments on Primary Keys
SQL HighlightingBug DBE-10778 MariaDB Dialect JSON_QUERY not recognized
Bug DBE-10748 Errors in SQL Editor for correct Oracle SQL statements
SQL RefactoringFeature DBE-10581 "Extract variable" refactoring for SQL Server
Feature DBE-10321 Implement "Suggested Rename" for SQL
SQL ResolveFeature DBE-10457 New quick fix: refresh schema
No subsystemBug WEB-45570 Go to declaration doesn't work for ES6 import specifiers
Bug WEB-45424 LinterCodeStyleImportSourceTracker uses Project as parent disposable for PsiTreeChangeListener
Bug WEB-45444 GjsLintConfigFileChangeTracker registers listeners with incorrect disposable
Bug WEB-33323 Emmet doesn't keep Vue.js attribute values
Task WEB-45542 CommonJS quick fixes: limit depth of warnings to 2 (similar to the ES6 missing imports inspection)
CSSBug WEB-39217 Ignore duplicates among LESS/SASS/SCSS and CSS files generated by File Watcher.
Task WEB-45098 Don't use service override for com.intellij.lang.css.watcher.clones.FileWatcherAwareCssDuplicatesService
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-45537 CoffeeScript import can no longer be automatically inserted
DebuggerBug WEB-39223 Show some placeholder for inner objects in Variables View
Bug WEB-44470 Console output is missed sometimes (linux)
Usability WEB-41277 JS debug: "Sort values alphabetically" is missing in Debug toolbar
File WatchersBug WEB-43873 Exception from FileWatcher plugin when the plugin is being disabled
Task WEB-21872 File watchers: remove outdated templates
HTMLBug WEB-44955 Unify indentation rules of language blocks in HTML
Bug WEB-31198 Webstorm throws error because of not knowing Angular's '&ngsp;' html entity
JSONBug WEB-33705 Unintended autocomplete list pop-ups when typing B or P inside quotes in JSON strings
JavaScriptBug WEB-45498 JavaScript: import/require isn't suggested for CommonJS export with a name reference
Bug WEB-45220 Missing default value after "=" in function declaration should be highlighted as syntax error
Bug WEB-45528 Go to declaration doesn't work on a variable to the right-hand of assignment
Bug WEB-44737 is not of type function bug.
Bug WEB-44997 CommonJS module usages are not marked as not resolved if it's imported in other file
Bug WEB-45549 JavaScript assistance for augmented classes
Bug WEB-44535 Don't suggest let/const in completion for ES 5.1
Bug WEB-45578 Properties added to Node.js 'global' namespace are not resolved
Bug WEB-45520 Go to definition jumps to the import statement for default exports
Bug WEB-44878 [JS] "Unused" constructor of static inner class
Bug WEB-45572 Syntax errors when using `as` keyword as variable name
Bug WEB-34403 JSDoc: wrong type mismatch errors when extending typedefs
Usability WEB-44720 Allow disabling live templates on keywords completion
Task WEB-45552 JavaScript: move code from module-based inspection to the regular "unresolved reference" inspection
JavaScript. FormatterFeature WEB-37591 Vue.js indentation (.vue files)
Feature WEB-30382 Wrong indentation of <script> and <style> in .vue files
Feature WEB-30456 Indent the *.vue file with 4 spaces, for template, script and style
Bug WEB-42840 Vue Component - CSS Indentation ignored, HTML used instead
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-25863 Language-specific code style in .vue files
Feature WEB-44650 Support vue.js syntax in Thymeleaf templates
Feature WEB-41697 Vue: Vuelidate support
Feature WEB-33084 Vue computed type hinting
Feature WEB-25971 Vuex: implement special resolve for mapped properties on `this`
Feature WEB-8192 Inject CSS in querySelector the same as is done in jQuery
Feature WEB-36254 Make Vue.js instance properties autocompletion component-aware
Bug WEB-45531 Error reported when using Vue filters with specific names
Bug WEB-36252 Broken Vue.js component data properties autocompletion
Bug WEB-45546 Vuex: inspection text is empty on unresolved Vuex symbols
Bug WEB-37615 Angular: properly implement type for template and reference variables
Bug WEB-36253 Vue.js instance properties are not available in template autocomplete
Bug WEB-35714 Vue Single File Component - Typescript - data properties not resolved when using 'Vue.extend()' to create component
Task WEB-45099 Update bundled react.d.ts to the latest version
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-22023 Inspection "JavaScript | Code style issues | Variable declarations are at the scope start" triggers for let and const declarations
Feature WEB-44004 Javascript unused symbols: allow to supress on whole class
Feature WEB-11796 Result of assignment expression used - additional way to suppress
Bug WEB-45483 "local variable naming convention" inspection treats enum fields as local variables
Usability WEB-45501 Add 1000 to the exception list of the "Magic number" inspection
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-44617 Add '.map()' to 'for..of' intention
Feature WEB-45287 'Type Mismatch' Quick fixes could suggest union type with actual (if actual type is nullable of expected? / always?)
Bug WEB-45247 JS `extract variable`suggest illegal name
Bug WEB-37983 Cancelled move class to file action still creates a new file
Bug WEB-44614 Move refactoring ignores multiple lines of single-line comments
Bug WEB-44619 Improve "Replace with function property" intention for object literals
Task WEB-45475 JavaScript: implement flip intention for base arithmetic operations (+-/*)
Task WEB-45476 JS: add fori postfix template similar to java
Live EditTask WEB-45083 Make liveEdit.compilerInvoker EP dynamic
Node.jsBug WEB-45519 Enable "Missing require() statement" inspection for projects without enabled Node.js code assistance
SASSBug WEB-39261 Duplicates should not be set between source and generated file
TypeScriptBug WEB-45261 Typo info duplicates in the popup when a function parameter has the type of a function
Bug WEB-43927 Generate @type annotation for TypeScript class fields if "Include types in JSDoc" is enabled