Omea Pro/Omea Reader 2.1 Changelog



Outlook Plugin

NNTP Plugin

What this generally means is that there will be no possibility fo a user to accidentally delete articles permanently – either with the help of a rule or via keyboard.

RSS Plugin


RSS Search Engines


That is (following the order in the column): deferred, waiting, not started, in progress, complete.

Single form was split into several tabs


Contacts Plugin

Filter Condition/Views/Rules

Features listed here are given alltogether instead of being distributed over the separate topics (by plugin).

highlighted me all garbage contacts. With the help of this condition I created a view and deleted approx a half of all contact resources – I used an action “Clean unused contact” which can be applied to the view. I suppose it is what most of us wanted for months.

GUI/Usability Issues

FireFox Plugin

Text Index


Omea-Wide Changes

Open Issues