PHPBug WI-48783 Parameter info is not wrapped so not all the parameters fit into the view
PHP InspectionsException WI-50776 QuickFixes that demands changing readonly files: exception when trying to change read-only file
PHP RefactoringFeature WI-50452 Move Instance Method: don't make method static when possible
Usability WI-51470 Don't suggest to introduce `$this` in introduce when `$this` is part of member reference
Usability WI-49448 Move Instance Method: warn user that method access will be changed
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-51464 Browse remote hosts displays nothing after being close via x
Bug WI-51580 Everytime I reopen my projects, all my FTP host and port are gone
Bug WI-51623 "Create new project from existing files" SFTP created servers doesn't work
Bug WI-51590 Cyclic service initialization in FTP/SFTP Connectivity plugin
Exception WI-51593 "Create new project from existing files" option no longer works. It doesn't seem to do anything.
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-233857 Do not check "Visible only for this project" by default when create SSH configuration
Task IDEA-233301 Log the automatically imported configs
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-233816 Symlinked Rubymine Configuration leads to being unable to open multiple projects via CLI
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-234013 Add Extension Point to contribute additional details into About popup
Bug IDEA-233783 Deadlock in InterfaceExtensionPoint
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-232792 Double click on a parameter does not highlight usages in function
Bug IDEA-233340 Hitting <Tab> at the end of the buffer leaves the editor and goes to the sidebar panel
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-232235 '<' in HTML DOCTYPE is highlighted as bad character when using textmate bundles
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-229741 New Shell Script Run Configuration breaks Debugging of Java applications when using shell script in before launch setup
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-234210 Docker: support `--sysctl` in docker run configuration CLI options
Bug IDEA-233884 Docker: inspect container doesn't work
Bug IDEA-234229 Docker. Pull images. No result by completion with one symbol
Exception IDEA-233998 IDE exception when trying to run Dockerfile configuration with `Run build image` option disabled
User Interface. Project ViewUsability IDEA-231440 can i control `details in tree view` format?
Version Control. MercurialException IDEA-233283 update failed for AnAction with ID=hg4idea.CompareWithBranch
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-10067 Cannot connect to MySQL via SSH with $ in database name
Data ViewsUsability DBE-6414 Databrowser Escape from Search Ctrl-F
SQL CompletionBug DBE-10012 Bad completion for GROUPING SETS
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-8365 Redshift stored procedures support
Bug DBE-10182 Cassandra 'CONSISTENCY' command is not supported
No subsystemBug WEB-42930 Duplicate script tag message for multiple <script> tags in Laravel Blade file
Bug WEB-44076 IndexOutOfBoundsException when Introduce field
Performance WEB-43007 Import optimization in TypeScript is too slow to be used as a trigger on save
Usability WEB-44108 Improve presentation of long paths
DebuggerBug WEB-43747 When attaching to a running Mocha test, debugger doesn't consider breakpoints in the first launch
HTMLBug WEB-40474 Support Vue in HTML files containing a Vue CDN or local file link
JavaScriptBug WEB-36755 No autocompletion if npm package's package.json doesn't contain types property
Bug WEB-44012 JSDoc: show jsdoc with type for exported default expressions
Bug WEB-43689 Resolve for symbols from JavaScript libraries doesn't work in test files in IntelliJ IDEA
Bug WEB-43955 Show empty custom JSDoc tags in quick documentation
Bug WEB-43923 JavaScript: Vue 2.6.11 not properly analyzed
Performance WEB-44069 Quick Documentation: Fetching documentation takes a lot of time (~5 sec)
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-41565 Vue: Support for Composition API
Usability WEB-43720 Customizable VueJs language injection
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-44053 False positive 'Expression statement is not assigned or call' inside js expression statement fragment fully injected in a literal
TypeScriptBug WEB-44011 JSDoc: do not expand simple typescript aliases
Bug WEB-44000 JSDoc: do not show mdn urls for non-standard types from lib.d.ts
Bug WEB-43997 Incorrect inferring from a type with multiple call signatures
Bug WEB-44009 JSDoc: incorrect type presentation for properties
Bug WEB-44037 TypeScript: quick navigate/ quick doc should escape element name from the typescript service
Bug WEB-35365 No autocomplete on material-ui createStyles
Bug WEB-31257 No 'number'/'string' items in completion for enum members in static context
Bug WEB-44046 Type guards are not applied in TSX markup
Bug WEB-28642 TypeScript. Go To Declaration opens base class instead of needed. Idea [2017.2.3].
Bug WEB-44060 Literal vaules are not suggested in template strings
Bug WEB-44003 Shouldn't expand conditional types for raw generics
Task WEB-44105 TypeScript: use quick doc from service for unresolved references
Task WEB-44027 Update bundled TypeScript to 3.8
Unit TestsBug WEB-43995 'Highlight problem line in test' inspection doesn't work for jest when using WSL node interpreter