This release contains a several new features as well as many enhancements and fixes.

Build Tests Grouping

The Build Tests tab now provides advanced controls for tests grouping and filtering.

Improved External Change Browser Integration

Now in addition to add a link to an external tool for a changelist, you can configure a link for an individual file in the changelist.

The configuration is done via .BuildServer\config\ file. Here is a sample:

# General format is: rootId.type=<external tool link>

# Provided '1' is the VCS root id of 'Apache Ant' project
# the following properties configure three types of links:
# change set link, file diff link and new file link.

# The list of supported meta-variables:
#   ${changeSetId} - change set revision id
#   ${user} - the name of user who did the commit
# For each changed file (for fileDiffUrl, newFileUrl, and removedFileUrl types):
#   ${relativePath} - the relative path
#   ${absolutePath} - the absolute path (includes the VCS root URL)
#   ${revisionBefore} - file revision before the change
#   ${revisionAfter} - file revision after the change

# Other available formats:
# The url for all VCS roots.
# The url for all roots of type 'svn'.

More Improvements in LDAP Integration

Now you have an option to control mapping between the user-entered login name and the username saved in the TeamCity. This allows to eliminate user duplication in certain cases. Also, an option is added to automatically convert users using alternative usernames when logging in. Also, debug logging is greatly improved to let easy configuration process.

Please note that you may need adjusting your files if you used previous EAP release.
There are the following changes made comparing to the previous EAP release:

teamcity.users.attribute.username is renamed to teamcity.users.username
teamcity.users.attribute.displayName is renamed to is renamed to is renamed to
teamcity.groups.attribute.member is renamed to

New properties are introduced (to be described in the documentation):

Other Improvements