This release contains a number of new features as well as many enhancements and fixes.

User Groups Enhancements

Users list now has the full set of tools to make user groups management an easy task: you can filter users by a group and add/remove users from a group. As now a preferred way to manage user roles is via groups, we've added an action to unassign roles from multiple users: see "More Actions" drop-down.

Configurable Roles

Now you can add new roles and change the permissions set of roles right from the web UI. No more need to edit roles-config.xml in the server configuration files!

Please note that it is not recommended to remove existing roles. In future versions of TeamCity, if a new permission is added it will be added only to the standard roles.

Greatly Improved LDAP Integration

With the new features TeamCity can:

The configuration should be done in a configuration file under .BuildServer directory.
See the detailed instructions.

Please use updated LDAP integration plugin with latest fixes. To install, copy in over existing file in <TeamCity Home>\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\plugins\ldap\ldap-login.jar.

If you were using LDAP integration, you should notice no changes on upgrade. To configure LDAP synchronization you will need to add settings into .BuildServer/config/ file. See .BuildServer/config/ for example configuration.

Other Improvements