User Groups

A new concept, introduced in TeamCity, is User Group. A user can be included into one or several User Groups from Administration web UI. A predefined "All Users" group contains all users registered in the system and its members cannot be modified.

A group can have assigned roles and notification rules.

A user gets all the roles:

A user gets all the notification rules from the groups he or she belongs to (both directly and indirectly) as defaul notification rules. All the user-configured notification rules have greater priority then groups-provided notification rules.

LDAP Integration

User Interface Improvements

Support of Mono framework

TeamCity .NET runners were made compatible with Mono Framework, so that it can now be used as a .NET platform for continuous builds. Also, Build Agents now attempt to automatically detect presence of Mono framework, and if it's installed, set system properties which you can use when specifying the build settings and Build Agent requirements.

IDE Integration Plugins Improvements


Microsoft Visual Studio

IntelliJ IDEA

XML Reporter

Now TeamCity can process various XML reports and feed data to TeamCity. The following formats are supported:

You can now import XML test reports using the bundled XML Test Reporting plugin.

VCS Improvements

Other Improvements

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