No subsystemPerformance WI-47179 Freezes in PhpIncludePathManager
HTTP ClientFeature WI-40439 Provide completion for request host
Feature WI-40449 Support folding for http requests
Feature WI-40378 Add a "Run all" button for the REST editor based
Feature WI-40932 REST client: recognize 'cURL format'
Feature WI-40942 HTTP Client: Ability to use dynamic variables in .http/rest files
Feature WI-40424 Kerberos / SPNEGO authentication support in REST client
Feature WI-42405 HTTP client: folding for multipart request parts
Feature WI-47907 Http Client support folding for script part
Bug WI-47668 "Add request" shortcut adds request even in non http request files
Bug WI-47478 Pasting a long cURL command causes stack overflow in HTTP client
Bug WI-47911 Http client: Toolbar with actions isn't displayed in '*.rest' files
Bug WI-49173 shortcut `fptr` http client in editor code missing an semicolon
Bug WI-46614 CURL: --digest works like --basic
Bug WI-47701 Exception is thrown on editing dynamic variables
Bug WI-39097 "Undo save rest client request to history?" question when trying to undo operation in editor with opened REST client
Bug WI-46794 HTTP Request Collection: Run configuration gets corrupted after project reopening
Usability WI-49285 Improve HTTP Client plugin description
Usability WI-47912 Http client: Convert from cURL action invoked via shortcut always create new file even if was invoked in http client file
Usability WI-47477 Implement "Add Request" action for HTTP Request
Usability WI-47877 Extend selection skip $ in dynamic variable and extends to {{$uuid}}
Usability WI-47420 Add a top toolbar to HTTP Request files with useful actions
Usability WI-48962 "Examples" popup in REST client should show descriptive names, not filenames
Usability WI-47878 Provide examples with dynamic variables
Cosmetics WI-48958 "New HTTP Request" action name is inconsistent
Exception WI-47667 Exception is thrown when create new http request via shortcut
Injections in PHPFeature WI-46772 PCRE: add completion for pattern modifiers
Feature WI-3477 Inject PHP language inside assert('literal'), eval and similar / Injectable PHP language.
Feature WI-48952 PCRE: Add completion for supported unicode character scripts in regexp
Feature WI-47834 Autoinject PHP into nowdoc marked with 'PHP' tag
Bug WI-47113 Comments (#...) in regular expressions are annotated as not supported in 2019.2 EAP
Bug WI-48582 Unknown character category
Bug WI-21065 \K in regular expression is treated as illegal/unsupported escape sequence
Bug WI-48756 Quotes in NOWDOC may break highlighting
Bug WI-47923 Injectable PHP: Recursive injection in eval call with nested function calls with single quotes produces false-positive syntax errors
PHARBug WI-48848 Can't scroll to code in phar PHP archive files in a content root
PHPFeature WI-3791 Add ability unwrap function argument (remove function call)
Feature WI-47521 Annotate non-absolute method reference in `insteadof` trait use rules
Feature WI-48891 New inspection: Redundant suppression
Feature WI-28624 Show usage of interface method via trait
Feature WI-47160 Hierarchy checks inspection: add quick fixes to change language level, if covariance supported in another one
Feature WI-47015 Highlight `(unset)` as deprecated in annotator
Feature WI-37315 allows to disable $this-> and self:: lines as results of Ctrl+B
Feature WI-47165 Numeric Literal Separator support
Feature WI-27271 Fonts & colors for $this variable
Feature WI-48483 Support 7.4 deprecations
Feature WI-862 auto insert <?php when just <? is typed in.
Feature WI-1717 Completion can display values of Constants
Feature WI-47129 Support Serializable interface
Feature WI-48361 Find Usages: allow to filter out usages inside import statements
Feature WI-48531 Support __serialize/__unserialize
Feature WI-12120 Trait method name collisions should be reported by code inspection
Feature WI-47166 Language level inspection: exception throw is not allowed inside toString
Bug WI-34231 Void type can't be nullable
Bug WI-48275 fn in a function call is always parsed as arrow function
Bug WI-42102 SSR: Field access template doesn't work when object is being creating in access statement
Bug WI-14671 Invocation of abstract method in child class via parent:: isn't recognized as an error
Bug WI-48145 SSR: unable to find closures
Bug WI-18260 Editor does not handle typing backquote/single quote character in string literals properly
Bug WI-32649 Extend selection selects line comment above variable
Bug WI-47908 SSR: type filter causes false negative on variable initialised with complex expression
Bug WI-10043 Unexpected "Cannot declare self-referencing constant"
Bug WI-47419 SSR: take into account return type of the function in pattern
Bug WI-20006 Trait method use: Inconsistent insteadof definition isn't detected
Bug WI-4917 Regression: Namespaced classes highlighted as not found
Bug WI-48920 Unwrapping function argument doesn't work for constructor calls
Bug WI-48465 Not show import statement: filter out trait usages in use inside class
Bug WI-47506 SSR: consider default values for class fields
Bug WI-14802 Unsupported operand types are not detected
Bug WI-48460 SSR produces false positives on expressions with unknown types if pattern variable has type filter with enabled `within type hierarchy` option
Bug WI-47550 SSR: unable to access members of class created in access statement by factory method
Bug WI-29557 Completion doesn't work for entities defined in scratch file
Bug WI-14784 Key element cannot be a reference
Bug WI-48464 SSR produces false positives on string-based class identifier in `new` expression
Bug WI-41691 Previous parameter action doesn't work
Bug WI-18948 Jump out of a finally block is disallowed
Usability WI-48446 Filter static:: usages inside the same class
Usability WI-41692 Next parameter action doesn't work for language constructions
Usability WI-47205 Numeric literals separators: successfully parse numbers with multiple underscores in a row and highlight it in annotator
Exception WI-48823 Exception when input comma after last parameter in function call
Exception WI-47698 Exception PsiInvalidElementAccessException occurs during the code editing
Exception WI-48386 Exception is thrown on indexing doc methods
PHP CompletionFeature WI-48170 Complete inline doc tags with closing curly brace
Feature WI-48084 Add `@param` tags as completion elements for missing items
Feature WI-47896 Automatically complete '=' to '=>' after array value
Feature WI-47900 Automatically complete try/finally with group statement bodies
Feature WI-48169 Add `@link` doc tag to completion list
Usability WI-48480 Move rarely used packages to low priority
Usability WI-47991 Ignore the typed arrow after the completion of '=' into '=>'
Usability WI-48245 return keyword is always first in the global scope
Usability WI-48379 Make dynamic method after self:: and static:: to have lower weights
Usability WI-48416 Don't suggest fields in method reference
PHP ComposerBug WI-44731 Ctrl+Click on a package in composer.json navigates to while ideally it should to package in project tree
PHP DebugFeature WI-38384 Can't select specific PHP interpreter specific to PHP Script
Performance WI-44962 Debugging support for user defined constants - toggle option
PHP FormatterFeature WI-48181 PSR-12: elseif instead of else if
Feature WI-32915 PSR-12: A separate option for anonymous class brace placement
Feature WI-48178 PSR-12: order of abstract, final, visibility and static
Feature WI-48176 PSR-12: spaces between ?, &, ... marks and following entity
Feature WI-48166 PSR-12: Short form of type keywords MUST be used i.e. bool instead of boolean, int instead of integer etc.
Feature WI-48172 PSR-12: instantiating a new class , parentheses
Feature WI-48174 PSR-12: The var keyword MUST NOT be used to declare a property.
Feature WI-48171 PSR-12: Compound namespaces
Feature WI-48160 PSR-12: Predefined code style
Feature WI-38151 "Complete Current Statement" should add a semicolon
Feature WI-40590 PSR-12: Allow defining the number of blank lines between different import blocks
Feature WI-48724 2019.3 EAP - PSR-12 inspection - using traits
Feature WI-48173 PSR-12: visibility
Feature WI-48255 "Force short declaration style" for list() syntax
Bug WI-48927 PSR-12: blank lines after class use statement
Bug WI-48418 PSR-12: new anonymous class always produces warning and quick fix does nothing
Bug WI-43041 Closing bracket is always on last line in group use statement
Usability WI-49270 Force absent of space after open parenthesis for short arrow functions
Exception WI-48417 Exception is thrown on openning PHP settings
PHP InspectionsFeature WI-47901 New quick-fix: delete return argument for void functions with incompatible return statement
Feature WI-47081 Covariance/contravariance support in PHP 7.4
Feature WI-47100 Parameter type inspection: provide quick fix "make $CLASS$ extends/implements $EXPECTED_CLASS$"
Feature WI-47677 New inspection: curly braces access syntax
Feature WI-27142 Undefined field: Inspection doesn't show error of accessing to undefined property on empty/mixed/object type
Feature WI-47336 Quick fix for assignment inside if condition inspection
Feature WI-47388 Unnecessary parentheses: handle "fully associative" operators
Feature WI-47536 Duplicate array key inspection: quick fix to navigate to actual duplicate
Feature WI-48085 New inspection: redundant semicolon
Feature WI-47473 New inspection: control statement with a group statement with single child
Feature WI-47209 Class hierarchy checks inspections: add QF "make abstract" for classes, which does't implement interface methods
Feature WI-47358 Statement has empty body: provide quick-fix to delete unused element
Feature WI-46900 Add inferred type as type property QF: make nullable if default value is null
Feature WI-47191 Language level inspection: provide quick fix to change language level manually in composer
Feature WI-26667 No errors for methods/fields on vars hinted as object/mixed or empty type
Feature WI-47210 Class hierarchy checks inspections: add QF "make method compatible with $SUPER_METHOD_NAME$"
Feature WI-48407 PSR-12: provide quick fix for missing visibility
Feature WI-47474 New inspection: control statement without braces
Feature WI-48028 New inspection: detect polymorphic (late binding) code that might fail (child method invocation on parent typed class)
Feature WI-48415 Automatically enable PSR-12 inspections on PSR-12 code style selection
Feature WI-46699 New inspection: using nested ternaries without explicit parentheses
Feature WI-47215 Class hierarchy checks inspections: add quick-fix to make non-final super class/method
Feature WI-48240 New inspection: unnecessary local variable
Feature WI-48469 New inspection: expression has same operands
Feature WI-41504 Create remote PHPCS/PHPMD configuration on-the-fly if local is defined
Feature WI-45095 Allow to disable constant value check for "Duplicate array key" inspection
Bug WI-43133 Phpdoc inspection on @param for variadic types fails (Heisenbug)
Bug WI-48513 Unhandled exception: blinks in case there are multiple parents one with @throws and other without
Bug WI-48725 'Inline local variable' does't delete declaration if 'inline variable' refactoring with option 'inline this reference only and keep the variable' was invoked
Bug WI-48999 PSR12 One line traits import inspection: Quick fix incorrectly applied to FQN use
Bug WI-47947 Addition array and non-array false positive when parent/static access is used
Bug WI-47067 Invalid type of unpacked argument inspection: false positive for iterable type
Bug WI-48392 Add method stubs produces broken formatting
Bug WI-46871 Unused variable: doesn't take into account usage inside arrow function
Bug WI-47533 Invocation of abstract method of the same class via self is not detected
Bug WI-48101 Semicolon after declare statement is marked as unused
Bug WI-49000 PSR12 One line traits import inspection: Quick fix should take into account "Sort use statements" setting
Bug WI-47261 Unused declaration: suppression for function with PHPDoc doesn't work
Bug WI-35813 Incorrect @noinsection placement for method declaration with phpdoc
Bug WI-48793 Inspection false positive "Missing property's type declaration" for callable
Bug WI-47133 Parameter Type: Don't suggest quick-fix for built-in classes
Bug WI-48511 Expression has same operands: Null coalescing operator with the same operands are not detected
Bug WI-47181 Covariance/contravariance: always accepts nullability change
Bug WI-9116 "Add method stubs" quick fix should not be available for parent class with an abstract methods
Bug WI-47719 PhpStorm 2019.2: "fn" is considered as keyword for projects with PHP language level < PHP 7.4
Bug WI-32096 Illegal array key type stdClass not necessarily correct
Bug WI-44159 Duplicate array keys: inspection false positive in case constant values are identical up to 20 characters
Bug WI-47691 "Add field" operation inserts the text into the current UI window if the destination class is open in a separate window
Bug WI-47110 Duplicated switch branch inspection doesn't highlight last duplicated cases
Bug WI-49399 "Missing property's type declaration" false positive for static
Bug WI-45674 "Method may be static" inspection false report when there is a callback using $this
Bug WI-48976 false positive Illegal array key type inspection warning when float is passed as key
Bug WI-46520 Quick fix for 'Short tag usage' breaks code when statement follows an open tag
Bug WI-48608 Namespace is marked as deprecated if it contains class with the same name
Bug WI-47381 Last `else` empty statement isn't highlighted when first `if` statement is empty in presence of elseif
Bug WI-48482 Deprecation inspection does't take into account starting deprecation version and project language level
Bug WI-47376 Extract side effect quick fix changes the semantic in case of elseif statement
Bug WI-47137 Illegal array key type: multi-dimensional read is treated the same as single read
Bug WI-48955 Regression: Covariant method parameter type not marked as incompatible
Bug WI-48486 Deprecation inspection should resolve target deprecation
Bug WI-47402 Remove comment from empty condition branch together with branch itself in case empty branch is deleted via QF
Bug WI-46816 Undefined variable: bind to the outer variable without explicit 'use' for arrow functions
Bug WI-47429 Illegal array key type: true or false is not treated as bool
Usability WI-9497 Too many parameters in declaration: enable inspection by default with value 10
Usability WI-45452 "Short open tag usage" inspection only reports first occurrence in a block
Usability WI-47234 Make non-abstract quick fix: leaves the broken code
Usability WI-47218 Change composer language level quick fix: Change version automatically if version consists of single literal, optionally with inclusive operator
Usability WI-47226 Class hierarchy checks inspections: highlight whole method signature instead of method name
Usability WI-47233 Make method compatible with super: doesn't warn in case there already static usages of method before converting method to instance method and vice versa
Cosmetics WI-47219 Change method modifier quick fix: change name to `Change method modifiers to '%s'`
Cosmetics WI-47136 Correct "Control Flow is too big to analyse" spelling
Cosmetics WI-45732 Rename 'PHP Code Sniffer' to 'PHP_CodeSniffer' in UI and documentation
Exception WI-47841 Add method from callback: PIEAE when revert and apply 'add method' QF again
Exception WI-48185 NPE when click on Quality tool link from "Run inspection by name" dialog
Exception WI-49064 Add method QF: PIEAE with typed parameter
PHP IntentionsFeature WI-45948 "Add field" quick-fix: support typed properties
Feature WI-47469 New intention: Split 'elseif'
Feature WI-47446 New intention: merge if condition with parent else into elseif
Feature WI-11105 New intention: Remove and wrap with function call refactoring?
Feature WI-46995 New intention: extract 'if' condition
Feature WI-47390 New intention: merge nested if's conditions
Feature WI-47945 Initialize fields intention: support typed properties
Feature WI-47391 Intention to format numeric literals with separator
Usability WI-47426 Add the possibility to invoke "merge nested conditions" intention not only on parent `if` keyword but also around condition expression
Usability WI-47427 Invoke "merge nested conditions" intention on child condition if there are only parent and child conditions
PHP InterpretersFeature WI-47948 Provide quick PHP interpreter selection like Keymap
Feature WI-39249 WSL: Remote Interpreter implementation like RubyMine/PyCharm
Bug WI-47996 Missing default interpreter produce invalid configuration even if specific interpreter is chosen
PHP Lib StubsFeature WI-37330 Update stubs for PHP 7.2
Bug WI-45513 Incorrect signature of preg_split in pcre.php
Bug WI-45819 PHP stub for array_multisort
Bug WI-49225 Add php 7.4 WeakReference support
Bug WI-41657 SplFileInfo::getExtension() stub PhpDoc is missaligned
Bug WI-28946 DATE_COOKIE definition is incorrect
Bug WI-49223 PHP WinBinder extension
Bug WI-48755 Reflector::export method inheritors should be marked as deprecated for php 7.4
Bug WI-49271 Incorrect return type of method unserialize in stubs
Bug WI-40346 Incorrect parameters list for resourcebundle_locales()
Bug WI-30806 mb_ereg & mb_eregi $regs param is pass-by-refernece
Bug WI-39737 Stubs: Out of date definition for E_ALL
Bug WI-47038 Stubs for pecl/pcov are missing
Usability WI-44884 IteratorAggregate::getIterator() does not declare throws
PHP ParserFeature WI-47505 Support multiple traits in override trait use rule
Bug WI-43506 Question mark in front of function declaration parameter is not marked as error
Bug WI-41166 Double semicolon parse error in interface
PHP ProfilerFeature WI-41175 Show Quick Doc for PHP internal functions/methods
Bug WI-49537 XDebug profiler: support 2.8 snapshot formats
Usability WI-43212 The option "Analyse Xdebug profiler snapshot" is available only when you create a new project and finish the indexing
PHP RefactoringFeature WI-49224 Move Static Field: support typed properties
Feature WI-45258 Move class constants from structure tool window
Feature WI-20601 PHP: Allow to use "Create parameter" on methods which has usages
Feature WI-49301 Pull Up/Push Down: support typed properties
Feature WI-48052 Change signature: support typed properties
Feature WI-34183 Inline constant refactoring
Feature WI-26447 Inline variable: allow to inline primitive values and simple expressions into string literal
Bug WI-47549 Move method: incorrectly moves non-static method
Bug WI-41464 Inline function refactoring not working correctly with variable interpolation
Bug WI-48596 Inline function: unexpectedly keeps single quotes around variable value
Bug WI-48639 Inline variable: Inline of a variable that is a reference to anonymouse class/function should not be allowed
Bug WI-47371 Can't introduce parameter for undefined variable expression
Bug WI-48638 Inline variable: inline of object variable that calls method/field should not be allowed
Bug WI-43874 Inlining function inside if with not (!) should add parentheses around the inlined code, but doesn't
Bug WI-48462 Move function refactoring: don't move anonymous function
Bug WI-25462 Refactoring use variable in nested closure
Bug WI-48496 Move refactoring: context aware name in Refactor menu doesn't update properly
Bug WI-49101 Undefined function "Import function" builk quick-fix adds duplicated "use" statements
Bug WI-49258 Move static member should not be allowed from structure tool windows for stub entities
Bug WI-47915 Invalid Refactor Rename
Bug WI-40703 Inline function: may override variable if a variable with the same name is used inside a function
Bug WI-36690 Move class to namespace breaks strict types declaration
Bug WI-33010 Change signature: doesn't handle rename of function in @see tag
Bug WI-48597 Inline function: fails when parameter is a string that uses double quotes
Usability WI-49475 Change Signature and extract method: Highlighting in signature preview
Usability WI-48249 Inline variable: doesn't remove static variable declaration
Usability WI-48461 Move refactoring invocation inconsistencies
Usability WI-49205 Change signature: parameter highlighting has a different backgrounds and dialog looks unclear
Usability WI-34541 Intention: Initialize fields (properties/attributes): skip "Feilds to initialize" dialog if only one option exists
Usability WI-23805 Inline variable: add option to avoid asking for confirmation
Usability WI-27869 Add method stubs quick fix should allow to use @inheritdoc instead of copying parent doc
Usability WI-49326 Push/Pull refactorings on typed fields: requires the caret to be on the field name and not modifiers
Usability WI-49325 Push/Pull/Move field refactorings don't import type and use FQN instead
Cosmetics WI-48520 Make Static: wrong dialog title on error
Exception WI-49097 Exception on click on help button in Inline constant dialog
Exception WI-26448 Inline variable: exception is thrown on attempt to inline HEREDOC/NOWDOC inside string literal
Exception WI-46867 Arrow function: rename refactoring throws exception
Exception WI-49144 Exception in incorrect Parameter text filed in Change signature dialog
Exception WI-49145 Exception in change signature dialog on typing in default value
PHP TemplatesFeature WI-45578 Smarty: support constant completion
Feature WI-46085 Smarty: support static fields completion
Usability WI-36004 Blade: auto-completion for tags doesn't work
PHP TestFeature WI-26176 Add ability to specify interpreter for PHP test run-configurations
Feature WI-39061 Create remote test framework configuration on-the-fly if local is defined
Bug WI-47615 PHPUnit: Cog opens a configuration for project-level interpreter instead of the current one
Bug WI-49360 PHPUnit < 7 doesn't work due to unrecognized option --cache-result-file
Usability WI-48180 Don't show "PHPUnit: Not installed" in case local interpreter is not configured
Usability WI-48103 Create local interpreter automatically on 'configure' link
Task WI-46820 Improve test creation by class dialog
Task WI-47616 Drop "Load from include path (PEAR)" configuration for PHPUnit
PHP Type InferenceBug WI-45975 Argument type is not taken from parent PHPDoc (stubs issue) (Heisenbug)
Bug WI-28091 Lost object reference after couple of chained calls and variable reassignment
Bug WI-48821 @mixin breaks PhpParamsInspection
Bug WI-49076 Short arrow functions should properly infer argument type
Bug WI-48297 Wrong array return type with inheritDoc
PHPDocFeature WI-48141 Parse doc refs inside `@link` doc tag
Feature WI-48109 Provide highlighting for @method/@property annotations
Feature WI-47981 Highlight phpdoc params and variables with parameter/variable highlighting data
Feature WI-47990 Highlight phpdoc types and references with same highlighting data as for usual code
Feature WI-48198 Try to resolve constant reference in @see/@link to the class constant
Bug WI-48143 Parse inline phpdocs inside doc tag values
Bug WI-18266 PHPStorm does not use the parent's docblock for params that do have type despite @inheritdoc used
Bug WI-48193 Inline PHPDocs inside doc tag values incorrectly rendered in Quick Documentation
Bug WI-33009 @see tag that uses partial namespace import is not resolved
Bug WI-49095 Wrong nullable array return type with inheritDoc
Bug WI-47993 Html inside php doc tags does't highlighted with 'Markup' color
Bug WI-48140 Annotator does't highlighting only first doc ref child
Bug WI-48161 Curly braces should't be included inside inline doc tag
Bug WI-49094 Parameter type isn't inferred properly if inheritdoc is used together with type hint
Usability WI-45052 Inline @link tags in docblocks that only contain a URL do not recognize closing brace without a space.
Usability WI-46192 Inline @see tag shouldn't be included in See Also
Usability WI-48196 Completion for '{@inheritDoc`is not closing with curly brace
Usability WI-48197 Show only applicable inlinable tags after {@
PS InfrastructureBug WI-48675 2019.3 EAP: some default keymap schemes are missing
Plugin: DQLBug WI-49238 DQL: Valid queries with subselect are marked as invalid
Bug WI-46247 DQL supports breaks for entity classes named Member
Bug WI-49304 Function subcalls cause parse errors
Bug WI-49259 DQL: nested braced expressions are parsed as custom functions
Bug WI-49303 Division operator in subselect produce parse error
Bug WI-49327 DQL: third parameter in substring is optional
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-48587 "Download from here" saves all opened modified files
Bug WI-47731 dirty flag for remote files are removed for all files on one file save
Bug WI-49172 New async autoupload may create too many threads
Bug WI-33253 Download project files will trigger "auto upload external changes"
Bug WI-49226 Wrong resolve of remote symlinked file
Performance WI-48633 Consider making `com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment.autoupload.FileListenerImpl` asynchronous
Usability WI-27162 Sync excluded folder with deployed does not work
Usability WI-13622 File deployment: notification settings group name has nothing common with plugin presentation name
Plugin: ini4ideaBug WI-49242 Folding for named section is broken in case the latest entry is key without value
Bug WI-49171 Folding for named sections in ini does not work
SpellcheckerBug WI-36470 Spellchecking: Quick fix "Change to..." works incorrectly for injected language
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBug IDEA-221014 Many "JavaScript/TypeScript" entries in duplicate settings.
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-214558 Reactor inspection: Warn when returning nulls from Flux/Mono transformation functions
Bug IDEA-220740 Run Inspection -> Custom Scope value is not persisted
Bug IDEA-224533 Inspections from command line fail with "TFBlockNameValidness descriptionUrl==TFBlockNameValidness "
Bug IDEA-217597 Clicking on checkbox in the Inspections tree leads to `profileChanged` event in `ProfileChangeAdapter.TOPIC`
Bug IDEA-222909 Typo that selected in Inspection Results tree is not highlighted in batch editor
Bug IDEA-188820 Out of memory when exporting code analysis to HTML
Bug IDEA-199182 Incorrect warning "Unassigned Flux instance" with Reactor's transform method
Performance IDEA-220137 Do not run inspection iterations if LocalInspectionTool returned PsiElementVisitor.EMPTY_VISITOR
Usability IDEA-221001 Quick fixes on an inspection warning should have higher priority than Run/Debug actions
Code Analysis. Language InjectionFeature IDEA-217838 Text blocks: edit injection fragment should trim left spaces
Feature IDEA-106449 Support template language injection
Feature IDEA-221416 AssertJ language injection rules as built-in rules
Bug IDEA-218402 Database plugin - SQL syntax highlighting is not working in JavaScript strings if DECLARE is used
Bug IDEA-223046 Strange highlighting in injected HTML text block
Exception IDEA-221436 NullPointerException when move folders in project tree
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-223337 Search for Java methods should find methods with receiver parameter
Feature IDEA-216174 SSR: Auto-insert pair $ when editing search/replace template
Bug IDEA-204454 Structural Replace doesn't have replacement variables anymore
Bug IDEA-224120 Replace element with unmatched annotation variable fails
Bug IDEA-221361 Replace variable number of parameters with fixed type correctly
Bug IDEA-219700 'Search Structurally' with selection uses scope different from selected in UI
Bug IDEA-221558 SSR inline preview does't get updated on editor document change
Bug IDEA-65982 Structural search and replace doesn't correctly substitute annotation parameters
Bug IDEA-218006 SSR: AssertionError at com.intellij.structuralsearch.impl.matcher.JavaMatchingVisitor.visitClass
Bug IDEA-224871 "does not match anything" warning when searching string literal
Bug IDEA-223146 PsiInvalidElementAccessException: Element class : on SSR replacing annotation
Usability IDEA-201471 SSR: Do not use default input field focus for the Text Area
Usability IDEA-81912 SSR - Restore the last text in the SSR dialog
Usability IDEA-216177 SSR: Don't show intention actions in Search Template field
Usability IDEA-210319 SSR: Irrelevant completion variants when typing $
Cosmetics IDEA-201475 SSR: Darcula: Use the same border for the template editor and the variables filters pane
Cosmetics IDEA-218151 Baseline for filter hint is lower than other text
Cosmetics IDEA-216180 SSR: Don't show quick doc on hover in Search Template field
Exception IDEA-218193 MalformedPatternException occurs when specifying malformed search template
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-224914 move watch up/down doesn't work
Bug IDEA-220181 Debugger ignores stepping filters when using new directed step-into
Cosmetics IDEA-222515 Doubled single quote: Source file changed or found source file does not correspond to the breakpoint''s file
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-216951 Repaint Maven/Gradle diagram only once per selection change in "Show Paths: Root->Selection" mode
Bug IDEA-210021 Undo is not afailable for file after some diagram is shown for it
Bug IDEA-223512 UML Diagram: missing "Save as UML" button on a toolbar
Exception IDEA-222053 NewJavaDiagram action causes NPE
Core. File SystemFeature IDEA-224971 fsnotifier: support osxfs mounts
Bug IDEA-224079 Open File or Project only showing one directory in home
Performance IDEA-218043 Freezes in scheduleInitialVfsRefresh
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-215428 Add relative file path live template function
Bug IDEA-219420 "Editor | Inlay Hints" settings are not persisted between restarts
Bug IDEA-217321 IOException - 'example/path' is not a directory in VFS
Bug IDEA-221456 Options for Inlay Hints are rendered too slow
Bug IDEA-211157 File and Code Templates shows incorrect include header for Default scheme
Bug IDEA-124684 Customize menu and toolbar not persisting/broken
Bug IDEA-221939 Settings for new project are applying only after restart
Bug IDEA-198276 Registry returns default values (not the user ones) at early stages of application loading
Bug IDEA-227350 Deleted projects automatically reappear on welcome screen after restart
Usability IDEA-207984 Ambiguous description: small labels in editor tabs
Usability IDEA-217609 UI cleanup for Settings | Editor | Smart Keys
Usability IDEA-136209 "Small labels in editor tabs" should be in "Editor Tabs" configuration section
Exception IDEA-223425 Shell environment not loaded
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-220697 Intellij 2019.2 cannot sync settings on linux
Bug IDEA-219853 Cannot enable nor trigger IDE Settings Sync
Usability IDEA-208370 "Invalid credentials. Click to authorize" tooltip should make it clear which credentials exactly are invalid
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-216643 wrong TODO counter for database console
Performance IDEA-219456 Contentless indices load file content due to file type detection
Task IDEA-216231 Research on possible advantages of a common map for SerializedStubTree & IndexedStubs
Exception IDEA-224749 Possible `IndexNotReadyException` when adding
Core. InstallationFeature IDEA-194011 Turn vcs.log.graph module into a healthy maven dependency
Bug IDEA-222834 Cannot open project by relative path across different IDEA instances
Bug IDEA-224371 Allow to use custom size for spalsh image in launcher.
Bug IDEA-224100 Windows launcher is fragile under externally-imposed SetDllDirectory context
Task IDEA-224508 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.60 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-220738 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.50 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-219542 Enable Bytecode Verification by default
Task IDEA-224517 Add additional logging to macOS launcher to find out why bundled JBR is not picked up
Task IDEA-224889 Please add release/eap/nightly flag to product-info.json
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-227355 New license dialog: different license info
Bug IDEA-227677 dotTrace and dotCover losing license from License Server after Rider restart
Bug IDEA-227707 Critical startup error related to the license server registration
Performance IDEA-222244 IDE start takes several minutes when there is no network connection
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-160274 Field Call Hierarchy
Bug IDEA-221398 Go to Declarations and Usages from popup doesn't jump to class definition
Performance IDEA-211967 IDEA 2019.1 freezes while searching for Todo items
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-218478 Register ConcatenationInjectorManager service in the platform
Feature IDEA-215436 Method with experimental\internal parameter or return type should be considered experimental\internal on its own
Feature IDEA-219946 API to determine a command-line, which started current IDEA
Feature IDEA-203508 Provide an API for mixing goto results from different sources
Bug IDEA-215432 Internal\experimental API member usage inspection must check if declaring class or package is marked internal\experimental
Bug IDEA-223709 RubyMine 2013.EAP creating more than 800 threads on opening, freezing the IDE and slowing the computer for several seconds
Bug IDEA-220169 Bug in matching words with the same ending and starting letters in pair words by MinusculeMatcher
Bug IDEA-219855 Unable to build an empty IDEA plugin project with 2019.2 target
Bug IDEA-223074 IDEA has to report regarding corrupted files / plugins
Bug IDEA-223894 PluginException trying to use ServiceManager to get service with multiple constructors
Bug IDEA-225641 Large soft-reference cache (1.3GB) on ResolveCache.myPhysicalMaps
Bug IDEA-216172 Profiler says that ApiUsageUastVisitor#isInsideImportStatement may be slow
Usability IDEA-212107 Need a way to respond to file edit without creating a FileEditor in a plugin
Task IDEA-217639 Get rid of reflective access in `com.intellij.ide.ClassUtilCore#clearJarURLCache`
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-222461 Plugins management: incompatible plugins reporting is incorrect
Bug IDEA-225613 Theme plugin installed from welcome screen on first start is not available until restart
Bug IDEA-225295 Theme is reset to broken "IntelliJ" theme after uninstalling light theme plugin which was installed over dark theme
Bug IDEA-226608 "ReSharper (macOS)" keymap is applied on Windows by default after installing Resharper keymap plugin
Bug IDEA-224881 Color scheme is available upon IDEA restart after uninstalling theme plugin
Bug IDEA-222960 Plugin conflict between included plugin and Markdown Navigator
Bug IDEA-219259 Queries in plugin list unavailable during indexing
Bug IDEA-224223 Theme plugins installed from disk disappear after update
Bug IDEA-224408 No label on enable/disable theme plugin after clicking on Apply
Bug IDEA-225615 Theme plugin is shown as uninstalled after disabling
Bug IDEA-224220 Theme is partially changed after uninstalling plugin
Bug IDEA-225451 IDEA dies with low memory on updating the applied theme plugin
Bug IDEA-224401 "Updatable" plugin is duplicated in plugins list until restart
Bug IDEA-226071 'null' values instead of Settings tabs are displayed on clicking "Cancel" in Settings dialog after installing a keymap
Bug IDEA-209769 Transitive optional plugin XML dependency does not work
Bug IDEA-222061 plugin can not be installed just after IDEA downloading and installing
Bug IDEA-224230 Updating theme plugin from incompatible version requires IDE restart to apply changes
Usability IDEA-205043 Plugin Manager Dialog steals focus when the Settings dialog is opened
Usability IDEA-226216 On theme plugin updating the theme is applied automatically though the different look'n'feel has been used before
Cosmetics IDEA-218594 Plugins: ugly dialogs on downloading failure
Task IDEA-225980 Remove JB modifier from plugin logos
Exception IDEA-224650 NPE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.MyPluginModel.addProgress
Exception IDEA-224191 AE at com.intellij.application.options.colors.ColorAndFontOptions.initAll
Exception IDEA-224649 Throwable at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.MyPluginModel.applyEnableDisablePlugins
Exception IDEA-224976 Exception in dynamic plugin loader on installing a theme plugin after first IDE start
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-223730 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException at com.intellij.openapi.projectRoots.impl.UnknownSdkType.getInstance(
Bug IDEA-222246 Inspection settings are not saved
Bug IDEA-223363 IDE deletes newly added library configuration files if external storage is enabled
Bug IDEA-221500 New module created in Project Structure dialog may get explicit module group assigned breaking grouping by module names
Bug IDEA-186751 Repository library: disallow manual editing of library with transitiveDeps=true
Bug IDEA-223248 No VCS tab in Settings for New Projects in fresh EAP instance
Bug IDEA-217659 On new project creating the file withe name "$PRODUCT_WORKSPACE_FILE$" is created in .idea
Bug IDEA-221596 JavaDoc and annotations paths may be reordered in *.iml file on save
Performance IDEA-216510 Freezes in ConversionServiceImpl.getProjectFilesMap
Usability IDEA-94764 Import Project from Existing Sources: source roots and module roots are incorrectly detected
Exception IDEA-222934 Cyclic service initialization for bookmarks
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-220127 Anchor links within the same document don't work sometimes
Bug IDEA-205986 QuickDoc popup is not restored in the Editor from the Tool Window
Bug IDEA-216893 Quick documentation is shown even without moving the mouse
Bug IDEA-212331 Anchor links do not work in QuickDoc
Bug IDEA-218115 QuickDoc popup changes its user-defined size on navigating by links
Usability IDEA-189703 Documentation doesn't appear on hover on the element with warning
Cosmetics IDEA-225391 Labels in the documentations popup are not properly aligned
Exception IDEA-218404 Edit Source in QuickDoc popup toolbar throws NPE
Core. RefactoringsFeature IDEA-129547 Rename module and directory at the same time
Bug IDEA-216354 com.intellij.codeInsight.hint.ShowParameterInfoHandler#getHandlers doesn't respect "order" attribute
Bug IDEA-222073 Error:build: Cannot determine build data storage root for project C:/Users/timur.yuldashev/IdeaProjects/Jigsaw/CannotBuild
Performance IDEA-214780 TouchBar action update freezes UI thread for a long time
Exception IDEA-219687 "java.lang.Throwable: AWT events are not allowed inside write action" on Undo during Rename operation
Core. Run. ConfigurationsFeature IDEA-182193 Intention to create a new Run configuration for executable class
Bug IDEA-216291 No paste button in Tomcat Run/Debug configuration Startup/Connection
Bug IDEA-157989 "Stop" button does not work when the IDE is launched as a background task
Bug IDEA-93940 Run/Debug Folders: DnD should support multiple items
Bug IDEA-219327 Run/Debug actions on toolbar aren't shown until 'Edit Configurations' dialog is opened
Bug IDEA-131597 Filtering is not applied to "irrelevant" run configurations
Bug IDEA-183885 Maven goals executed as 'run before/after' tasks are not run in the Services view despite settings for maven run configurations
Bug IDEA-215363 Generate JavaDoc passes java11 style --source-path to java8 javadoc binary
Bug IDEA-210252 [Environment variables] when pasting smth in addition to the existing value - the whole value is replaced
Bug IDEA-222233 Copy-paste behavior in the Environment Variables editor
Bug IDEA-222962 Run Anything: invocations history is lost after new command entering
Bug IDEA-215194 Run console toolbar is not separated from console editor when new tabs is enabled
Bug IDEA-215196 Runner content ui has left border when its toolbar is not visible and new tabs is enabled.
Performance IDEA-219923 Avoid running run configuration producers on EDT
Usability IDEA-182361 Make the new Run Dashboard Visible by default under View - Tool Windows -
Exception IDEA-200833 Exception occurs on clicking run configuration after renaming Main class
Core. SSHBug IDEA-224997 FileNotFoundException when no permissions for reading ~/.ssh/known_hosts
Bug IDEA-220081 SSHJ: Hash hosts in known_hosts file setting ignored
Core. Task ManagementFeature IDEA-155327 Improvement to automated Branch Name in the Open Task dialog
Feature IDEA-64464 Tasks plugin should also save bookmarks list in task context
Bug IDEA-222401 [Task Management] some controls are hidden after the server settings window resizing
Bug IDEA-138917 Time Tracking broken
Bug IDEA-134603 When switch from task to task with branch having new files these previously opened files are not reopened
Bug IDEA-101254 Time tracking: Suspend delay setting has effect only on project reopening
Bug IDEA-224295 Commit from local changes doesn't show task autocompletion
Bug IDEA-207486 [Task Management] the task dropdown in the toolbar is disabled for the newly added server in the fresh IDE installation
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-55066 Add Live Template macros to insert file path
Bug IDEA-223091 IntelliJ keeps freezing when editing story files
Bug IDEA-223713 CNFE: com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.CompletionPhaseListener: Can't run 1.3.60-dev-2580-IJ2019.2-1 with IDEA Nightly IU-193.3938
Bug IDEA-223033 Different Live Templates differing by case only may shadow each other
Bug IDEA-220191 How do you customize the CompletionPopup background color?
Bug IDEA-219161 Empty bottom advertisement text in non-completion lookups
Performance IDEA-198887 MinusculeMatcher can be very slow on long prefix and name
Usability IDEA-221804 Reword setting name for ML code completion
Exception IDEA-219655 NSEE at kotlin.collections.MapsKt__MapWithDefaultKt.getOrImplicitDefaultNullable
Editor. Color SchemesException IDEA-216690 Exception occurs on importing a color scheme if a color scheme is incompatible
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-216868 Diff could tell if binary files are different
Feature IDEA-102522 3 way Merge dialog & multiple files merge dialog should show details about affected commits (at the left and at the right)
Feature IDEA-218189 Show scope background color in Diff window files popup
Bug IDEA-220960 Compare files doesn't respect Soft wrap option
Bug IDEA-223218 Default focus on file list in 'Diff Between' window
Bug IDEA-220681 Wrong Differences ignored label
Bug IDEA-218187 Diff/Merge files drop-down has strange files sorting
Bug IDEA-215841 Directory diff finds binary content differences in some big binary files, while they are the same
Bug IDEA-223924 Shortcut for Include Lines into Commit do not work in the Unified diff
Usability IDEA-220861 Merge dialog: Actions buttons should be disabled if file is not selected
Exception IDEA-220582 NPE at
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-218836 New editor command to sort lines alphabetically
Feature IDEA-125325 Join lines in custom file type should handle end-of-line comments
Feature IDEA-223034 Add support for for block caret-friendly braces highlighting and navigation
Bug IDEA-217353 Paste inside text block should escape opening/closing quotes
Bug IDEA-217406 Paste multiline text into text box should keep indents
Bug IDEA-221995 Undo removing after rename refactor glitch
Bug IDEA-223715 Todo pattern matching not working correctly when using ö (o with two dots)
Bug IDEA-220417 Expand Selection doesn't select text block contents correctly
Bug IDEA-215896 Folded property value editing: incorrect cursor after Expand invocation in case of long property value text
Bug IDEA-220956 Error tooltip shown on F2 stays longer than it should, and obscures editor contents
Bug IDEA-218901 Limit Description width in inspections popup
Bug IDEA-221642 Incorrect parameter popup highlighting range
Bug IDEA-216967 Folded values of properties from resource bundles are not changed on property value changing in *.properties file
Bug IDEA-217073 Burmese language literals irreversibly break the editor
Bug IDEA-15855 Auto-import is too pushy
Bug IDEA-215899 Folded property value editing: if PasteFromHistory (Ctrl-Shift-V) is invoked in value editor, Esc closes editor instead of ChooseContentToPaste dialog
Bug IDEA-210020 Search highlight color does not change when changing theme
Bug IDEA-221958 Quickly pressing Cmd-V and then Cmd-G to jump to next search result doesn't work correctly
Bug IDEA-221610 Need to click twice to unselect identifier that is being renamed
Bug IDEA-218068 Javadoc comments folding captures code on the same line
Bug IDEA-223891 TODO regex are broken
Usability IDEA-216380 When folding Javadoc comments do not show ellipsis if full content is shown when folded
Usability IDEA-223760 Rendering of whitespace in editor too noticeably
Usability IDEA-204308 Multiline TODO popup interferes with editing the TODO.
Usability IDEA-215414 Toggle Case action must preserve selection if changed text expands
Cosmetics IDEA-185041 Tabs rendering for show whitespaces are too intrusive, and space rendering look too much like periods.
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-217862 False code inspection on methode reference on protected class for inheritence in different package
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-224183 IDEA takes into account formatting markers with the disabled "Enable formatter markers in comments" option
Bug IDEA-173076 Unable to disable formatter using JSP comments (<%-- --%>)
Bug IDEA-188412 Formatter markers don't prevent formatting selection when placed after annotation
Bug IDEA-223416 Regression: overriding FileIndentOptionsProvider no longer works when .editorconfig is present
Bug IDEA-219572 New | EditorConfig action should not be available when the context directory is undefined
Bug IDEA-165776 VCS automatic pre-commit reformat option use a wrong default format preferences
Bug IDEA-223408 Java ij_java_imports_layout setting in .editorconfig not working properly
Performance IDEA-218532 Freezes in CodeStyle.getSettings
Usability IDEA-216088 EditorConfig: consider making "Add properties as comments" off by default
Cosmetics IDEA-218180 JavaScript language level is used in the Configure indents action name instead of JavaScript
Exception IDEA-222855 'Adjust code style' on the value of variable causes an exception
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-220487 Create File Intention: in the target roots drop-down the inconsistent slashes are used (in case of missing directories)
Bug IDEA-219577 Create File intention popup does not support speed search in the options popup
Bug IDEA-218163 CreateFileFix creates files in sources instead of resources locations in Gradle / Maven projects
Cosmetics IDEA-221475 Incorrect spelling in the "Add on-demand static import..." context action
Task IDEA-217596 Redesign tooltip for warnings/errors on scrollbar
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-220388 Disabled Insert paired brackets is ignored
Lang. JSONBug IDEA-221552 Unit Test fails for custom plugin when trying to load a JSON file
Lang. MarkdownCosmetics IDEA-221369 Make grayscale antialiasing the default in Markdown preview
Lang. Shell ScriptFeature IDEA-223844 Run shell scripts from context menu
Bug IDEA-215936 Shell Plugin :: Tab Size In Editor Doesn't Match Size Configured In Settings
Bug IDEA-223938 [Shell Script] working directory couldn't be changed in run configurations
Bug IDEA-222093 Shellcheck instances aren't killed
Bug IDEA-216493 [ShellScript] 'Rename all occurrences' is available on keywords
Bug IDEA-220421 Java classes are suggested in completion popup
Bug IDEA-218250 Cant define working directory for ShConfigurationType
Bug IDEA-224147 Inject language shell creates fakes Run Line marker
Bug IDEA-222424 Execute shell script without ENTER confirmation
Bug IDEA-219427 Shell Script command appended to current Terminal command line
Bug IDEA-219544 shell script format problems with locale
Bug IDEA-215997 [Shell script Run config] "Main" configuration doesn't run if Shell script config in Before Launch section
Bug IDEA-221031 Shell script removes '/' slash from execution command
Lang. XMLBug IDEA-215634 com.intellij.util.xml.DomFileDescription#isMyFile: parameter module is always null
Bug IDEA-219411 Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Schemas and DTDs: all paths to schema files appear in red though are properly resolved from xml
Bug IDEA-192427 Invalid URI resolution for dependent external resources with absolute path (XML schema files)
Performance IDEA-212283 DOM: xinclude performance problem
Lang. XPath and XSLTBug IDEA-220836 Show Unique XPath is not working well
Lang. YAMLFeature IDEA-212876 Made an option to disable (or change) key sequence paste feature
Feature IDEA-224404 Make YAML metatype engine be able to complete inside quoted values
Bug IDEA-222915 Invalid errors in injections into Java
Bug IDEA-225873 Yaml completion of numeric properties by JSON schema doesn't jump to the value
Bug IDEA-223349 Problems validating sequences using Metamodel engine
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-198286 Support docker build target option
Feature IDEA-194510 Docker: Allow to specify custom context folder which contains separate unrelated Dockerfile
Feature IDEA-218063 Progress handling in Docker deploy log console
Feature IDEA-178495 compose YAML: add editor support for typed arrays (v3)
Bug IDEA-224747 Compose Run config: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Got empty dockerComposeFilePaths at expanding Services in case of absent compose file
Bug IDEA-163279 Support logging of transport level interaction with docker daemon
Bug IDEA-212488 Docker settings do not keep path to docker executable
Bug IDEA-226401 DockerCompose: Deploy log is absent at running a compose file
Bug IDEA-223616 Docker. Show sensible tooltip for an image
Bug IDEA-222645 Docker volumes are not removed on stop
Bug IDEA-201787 Docker: DockerView hangs after running tomee/tomcat
Bug IDEA-223502 Docker: impossible to create a new exec command for a container: "Create..." doesn't work
Bug IDEA-226434 Can't parse run CLI options: Unrecognized option: --group-add
Bug IDEA-222447 Docker: Impossible to call "Create..." a container for an image in case of existing run configurations
Bug IDEA-214766 Incorrect error highlighting for function arguments used in string interpolation inside a BASH function in a RUN statement in Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-193559 DockerCompose. Run Configuration: impossible to choose services to run
Bug IDEA-226332 Docker: if docker run configuration is launched while docker is not connected, deployment node is missing
Bug IDEA-224069 Dockerfile highlighting breaks on multiline RUN with quotes
Usability IDEA-178719 Docker: Docker run configuration. Process the case of a Dockerfile with a big context folder in a more user-friendly way.
Usability IDEA-156211 Docker. Create a container from an image. Don't show the second "Create...".
Usability IDEA-210917 Docker image run configuration. Rename "Image ID" field to "Image ID/Name"
Usability IDEA-215626 Services. Docker. Absent easy start possibility to create a docker connection from DockerView .
Usability IDEA-226409 Improve text when Docker is not connected
Usability IDEA-226469 DockerCompose. Editor. Completion for keys known as arrays should insert "-"
Cosmetics IDEA-190344 DockerCompose: Avoid green DeployLog tab by "down" of our compose node
Cosmetics IDEA-178001 Docker. Run Configuration. Delete "Create new" from "Server" listbox.
Cosmetics IDEA-226534 Docker: Correct "Attached console" and "Container Port" tab/column names to be in the same low/upper case style
Cosmetics IDEA-223630 Docker: Make names of container tabs in the same low/upper case style
Exception IDEA-225084 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in Docker plugin
Exception IDEA-227252 RuntimeExceptionWithAttachments in idea.log at docker-compose down
Exception IDEA-226366 IOException: Pipe broken when stop Docker container
Exception IDEA-223856 Docker. Mark the field red by running an empty exec on a container
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-116253 font zooming does not work in terminal tool window
Bug IDEA-141263 When changing Theme to Darcula Terminal view remains white
Bug IDEA-219599 2019.2 JBTerminal throws java.lang.Throwable: Directory index may not be queried for default project
Bug IDEA-223264 WSL paths are not clickable in terminal
Bug IDEA-223117 Cannot move focus to next project using by IDEA hotkey when terminal is active
Bug IDEA-180204 Terminal output garbled after specific file has been printed out
Bug IDEA-219379 Terminal sessions are lost on every major update
Bug IDEA-222498 Cannot move focus to next window when terminal is active
Bug IDEA-220774 Terminal failed to start on Windows (blocked by antivirus)
Usability IDEA-223286 `git log` in terminal switches to Version Control tab
Cosmetics IDEA-217612 Terminal rename session minimizes the terminal window
Exception IDEA-163345 "Could not set clipboard: cannot open system clipboard" (#171.584)
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-225712 Checkbox actions are no longer disabled. When searching editor `Words` option is enabled even if `Regex` option is checked
Bug IDEA-220573 It takes a long time for context menu to appear when right-clicking on 1000 files in a directory
Bug IDEA-224276 "Commit" action is not searchable by "checkin" pattern
Bug IDEA-221936 Enter Full Screen action is missing
Bug IDEA-223815 intellij-community latest snapshot build causes exception when displaying Generate action popup
Usability IDEA-218224 Request: always offer "show in explorer" when it's a file in the file system
Exception IDEA-204565 Throwable at com.intellij.ide.impl.DataManagerImpl$MyDataContext.getData
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-70016 error mixing stdout/stderr
Bug IDEA-184208 Console horizontal scroll position lost on output
Bug IDEA-124688 Console scroll to the end - jumps on the end of the line sometimes
Exception IDEA-214526 isDumb should be used only under read action: ConsoleViewImpl
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-218270 Toolwindows in 'Window' mode are hardly accessible
Bug IDEA-223501 Hover over Tool Window toggle button broken
Bug IDEA-147414 Project Area can't resize
Bug IDEA-215218 [Debugger tabs] all tabs are opened after IDE restart with Undocked view mode
Bug IDEA-222661 Drop-down list size is not adjusted to the list size
Cosmetics IDEA-215252 Git Login window — the width of Username and Password fields is not equal
Cosmetics IDEA-215220 [Debugger tabs] add a tooltip to the icon under which all tabs options are shown
Cosmetics IDEA-214806 "JRE" combobox is cut in Maven Runner Settings
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeature IDEA-146832 Add the "In selection" checkbox on the find tool equals to the replace tool
Bug IDEA-225181 Empty tooltip in 'Find in Path' popup for button in the corner
Bug IDEA-214836 IDE freezes in "Find in path" while scrolling through found files
Bug IDEA-166862 Find/Replace: Do Refactor button disappears
Bug IDEA-215838 Memory leak in FindPopupPanel
Bug IDEA-173424 Find in Path results sorting in random order
Bug IDEA-172063 find in path preview hides file extension if filter mask is set, even if several extensions are allowed
Bug IDEA-202674 IntelliJ froze after trying to open result from find in path dialog
Bug IDEA-191582 FindInPath & ReplaceInPath: Regexp: incorrect behavior in case of malformed replacement string
Bug IDEA-224319 Forget the previous search fragment when a new multiline fragment was selected
Usability IDEA-56579 Find Usages dialog could preserve option values
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-221394 Focus is lost when switching project using "Recent projects"
Bug IDEA-222477 Unable to open/hide tool window in some cases
Bug IDEA-223740 [Debugger tool window] Focus is lost when switching tabs via "Show List of Tabs" on Linux
Bug IDEA-222801 MacOS: Opening a recent project from fullscreen results in switching to Desktop
Bug IDEA-223548 RecentLocations: focus is lost on navigating to different file
Bug IDEA-224810 Nothing has focus after closing Version Control tool window
Bug IDEA-223806 After closing the Find view, keyboard focus is nowhere
Bug IDEA-221988 Escape key does not return focus to the Editor
Bug IDEA-214538 UI freeze caused by java focus API, Ubuntu 18.04, two monitors
Usability IDEA-211276 Refactoring preview "Do Refactor" cannot be handled from keyboard because it does not gain focus
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-220414 "Jump Outside Current Bracket/Quote" does not work with Emacs Tabs
Bug IDEA-224908 2019.3 EAP build 193.4386.10 Linux: macOS keymap missing
Bug IDEA-223678 Deadkeys not working anymore
Bug IDEA-222847 Invoking Ctrl-Alt-O ("Optimise Imports") while indexing prints a character
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-225247 Incorrect tooltips for indent and GoTo line widgets
Bug IDEA-221356 "Cannot set High contrast theme" error on attempt to set High contrast theme
Usability IDEA-219108 Checkboxes for plugins are right next to scrollbar, leading to frequent operator error
Task IDEA-201463 IntelliJ LaF: change inactive selection background color
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-217470 Next enabled option will be selected if disabled one was called from keyboard
Bug IDEA-224660 Search Everywhere: start matches should be prioritized
Bug IDEA-223322 Bookmarks with mnemonics is lost after project reopen
Bug IDEA-217535 Focus stays on the the latest active element in the popup action list when cursor is on disabled item
Bug IDEA-220990 Configuration 'Use "CamelHumps" words' does not appear in 'Find Action...' window
Performance IDEA-217855 Go to Action: don't init all configurables on EDT
Usability IDEA-220792 "Recent Files" popup no longer remembers it's dimensions
Usability IDEA-222570 Recent files toggles between 3 files, not 2 as it was previously
Task IDEA-217686 Not clear what In-place Descriptions menu item means
Exception IDEA-225233 NPE on 'Show error info' after navigation to next error
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-226539 Only one file is opened after drag-and-drop several files to the Editor
Bug IDEA-225460 Project tool window button context menu should not show icons for checkbox items
Bug IDEA-206056 In Project Files, adorn symlink to folder with arrow in corner?
Bug IDEA-224258 Show in Dolphin doesn't work on Kubuntu
Performance IDEA-192253 Hangup on rendering project view containing Unicode file names
Performance IDEA-217348 UI Freeze when deleting file (StructureTreeModel update in non-interruptible read action)
Usability IDEA-223758 Project view popup appears to the few pixels left
Usability IDEA-85947 Need to rename "synchronize" context menu item
Cosmetics IDEA-171222 Module uses wrong icon in project tree
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-223118 Application Servers run configurations appear in the default list of RC to be run in Services after restart only
Bug IDEA-220601 Services: text in speed search popup is red even if the tree contains matched nodes
Bug IDEA-220472 Services View: for the Compound Run Configuration Debug is disabled
Bug IDEA-222134 Kubernetes. Services view is absent after setting "kubernetes.view" registry key to true
Bug IDEA-226557 Services: after hiding running configuration from Services it is still presented in the tree
Usability IDEA-220113 Bring Status filter back to Services
Usability IDEA-219486 Services View: make the ability to run configurations in Services discoverable
Cosmetics IDEA-226054 [Services view] tabs and toolbar buttons are not aligned
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-81532 Git: support force add for gitignored files
Feature IDEA-164356 Let push a branch which is not current branch
Feature IDEA-168476 git interactive rebase: Add "drop" option
Feature IDEA-124890 Feature Request: Add Colour hint to git branch menu when in Merging state
Feature IDEA-219087 Local .gitignore - An action to ignore via .git/info/exclude
Feature IDEA-173936 Smart checkout could use shelf instead of stash
Feature IDEA-208517 Unified Checkout action for remote branches
Bug IDEA-199498 3-way merge shows wrong hash of incoming commit during interactive rebase.
Bug IDEA-210229 Wrong baseline for branches statusbar widget
Bug IDEA-217872 Changing the Update Info Filter in the Settings doesn't activate the "Apply" button
Bug IDEA-222440 In multi-repository project with synchronous branch control current branch is listed among Common Local Branches with all branch actions
Bug IDEA-190333 (Git) UnStash Changes dialog does not open if there is a stash with message without colon
Bug IDEA-223904 After cancelling a commit, "Commit" button stays disabled
Bug IDEA-216931 Use consistent sort order for Version Control > Shelf and Diff window
Bug IDEA-176615 Endless loop of "git rebase" on update project
Bug IDEA-220998 Cherry-pick without dialog doesn't synchronize file system changes to the VFS
Bug IDEA-220504 Git | Pull is broken because missing some GitBundle properties
Bug IDEA-217569 Rename selected branch from Branch Popup do not affect repos which contain this branch as current
Bug IDEA-223970 Rewording git commit should not run commit hooks
Bug IDEA-224741 Conflicts details: Details are shown for the incorrect commit
Bug IDEA-217242 Git hooks don't run unless you open "Commit Options" popup
Bug IDEA-170401 Canceled Commit task reports that the file has been committed while it has not
Bug IDEA-220907 Git Update Project Info doesn't share recent filters with the main Log instance
Bug IDEA-222091 When changing themes VCS Diff empty panel stays unchanged
Bug IDEA-221660 Git | Branches | Show Diff with Working Tree should be a Frame
Bug IDEA-224742 Conflicts details: commit list is not scrollable
Performance IDEA-222365 "Find commit by hash" takes too much time
Performance IDEA-221003 Git integration should refresh only the files which actually have changed
Performance IDEA-220438 Don't use reflection to read git config via ini4j
Usability IDEA-171626 Ability to create new branch that already exists in some repositories
Usability IDEA-152791 File with reverted staged changes is highlighted as changed (blue)
Usability IDEA-193354 Git | Branches | "Checkout as" always makes new branch track selected branch
Usability IDEA-209664 Git double-dot: add 'Swap branches' action to the Compare with Current branch action
Usability IDEA-216382 "Compare with Current" could produce confusing results
Usability IDEA-199553 Offer to update command line tools when getting error: invalid active developer path after MacOS update
Usability IDEA-220048 Add a setting to select Shelf or Stash as a preferable method to preserve local changes
Usability IDEA-192646 Option for Commit Date rather than Author Date in File History and Annotations
Usability IDEA-223827 Preselect commits in the details
Usability IDEA-224034 Rename Reword action to Edit (Commit) Message
Usability IDEA-149015 Rename "Git | Revert" action to avoid confusion with `git revert` command
Usability IDEA-132259 Multi-repo sync setup: Checkout common remote branch as local fails if one of repositories is already on such branch
Usability IDEA-224204 "Add to .git/info/exclude" should add content root path, not just file name
Usability IDEA-221787 "New Branch" and "New Tag" in Git log context menu should be top-level items
Cosmetics IDEA-221703 Tag dialog: change tooltip text on Validate button
Cosmetics IDEA-221248 Typo in the description of interactive rebase.
Cosmetics IDEA-224054 Push dialogue elements are improperly placed / aligned
Task IDEA-163444 Remove "Branch Default" update method
Exception IDEA-221695 Throwable at org.jetbrains.git4idea.ssh.GitXmlRpcHandlerService.getXmlRcpPort
Exception IDEA-222952 Throwable: Assertion failed: Repositories have unexpectedly diverged
Exception IDEA-222017 Throwable: Assertion failed at org.jetbrains.git4idea.ssh.GitXmlRpcHandlerService.getXmlRcpPort on Rebase action
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-223309 New GitHub dialog does not respect "clone using SSH" setting
Bug IDEA-224239 GitHub PullRequests: content is not shown if user logged in from toolwindow
Bug IDEA-224323 GitHub PullRequests: Refresh notification does not appear automatically
Cosmetics IDEA-224329 GitHub PullRequests: add space between file name and its path
Version Control. Local HistoryUsability IDEA-73911 Implement user-friendly method toString in class com.intellij.history.core.revisions.RecentChange
Cosmetics IDEA-195993 Recent Changes dialog needs some spacing
Cosmetics IDEA-220623 Recent Changes dialog design
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-219575 memory leak
Bug IDEA-225553 Filter by "me" incorrectly matches email.
Bug IDEA-209131 If the project name contains an underscore '_', the underscore does not appear in the Log Paths combobox.
Performance IDEA-217010 VcsLogManager leaks project
Performance IDEA-217125 Git log component update is very slow
Usability IDEA-164276 Show progress while executing Git Log indexing
Usability IDEA-193806 Display errors which affect displayed information in the Log
Version Control. MercurialBug IDEA-220350 Push commits dialog (mercurial): should enter remote URL on every push
Usability IDEA-73341 Mercurial: allow adding ignored files
Version Control. PerforceBug IDEA-221889 Exception when saving a merge result in perforce
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-125032 Stuck in endless loop of modal SVN Authentication Required Dialog
Bug IDEA-223635 GetFilesFromVersionControl: CheckOut from Subversion fails silently
Usability IDEA-219245 Add Subversion ignore action to Unversioned Files Dialog
Version Control. TFSCosmetics IDEA-215448 Add Items to TFS window - there is no "NO" option. Should be either both (text and button) No or Cancel
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-9448 Driver files entries order is not saved
Usability DBE-9323 Connection exception is cut off in the main window
Cosmetics DBE-9357 test connection to db - window which is not resizable - inconsistency
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-5373 Add EXPLAIN ANALYZE in context menu for PostgreSQL
Bug DBE-9434 Explain Analyse (Raw) action is broken
Bug DBE-3546 Database Console doesn't reopen when statement is executed
Bug DBE-9523 NEXT VALUE FOR [sequence] is no longer working after latest update.
Bug DBE-9478 AzureSQL regression in 2019.2.6 - "Unable to verify FIPS mode settings" exception
Bug DBE-9550 DataGrip: Error when trying to use Quick Documentation on tables containing SQL foreign keys (part 3)
DB DiffBug DBE-7250 Schema compare yields inequalities for seemingly equal attributes
DB GeneralBug DBE-9401 Data source corruption in recent builds
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-9454 multiple-column indexes
Bug DBE-9406 Introspection error on Greenplum 6. Source code of routines is not available.
Bug DBE-9329 PostgreSQL 12 generated columns feature breaks introspection
Bug DBE-9457 DataGrip 2019.2.2 does not show DISTRIBUTED BY section for Greenplum v 6 table via "SQL Scripts --> Source Editor"
Bug DBE-5061 DDL for Postgresql trigger misses OF columns block
Bug DBE-9433 database schemas current schemas can't select
Bug DBE-9474 H2 view columns are not introspected
DB Schema ViewsBug DBE-9267 Misleading 'drop schema' handling on insufficient rights
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-9548 Creating new table from results contains ambiguous column names
Data ViewsBug DBE-9516 `Transpose` action is absent
Bug DBE-9322 Error in 'Load Data' view
Bug DBE-9445 H2 views cannot be sorted by column
Usability DBE-9549 Option to disable autocompletion in Data Editor
PL DebuggerBug DBE-9324 Oracle PL debugger: Sometimes debuggers doesn't pick the modified code on second start
Task DBE-9299 Oracle PL debugger: support Type Body
Task DBE-9274 Do not allow to start several debug sessions at once for the same DB console
Exception DBE-9297 Oracle PL debugger: when a sessions is disconnect, DG throws an unexpected exception "Connection refused to host:"
SQL CompletionBug DBE-9354 select always qualifies the column with table name
Bug DBE-9504 Suggest only "BY" for "ORDER " or "GROUP "
Usability DBE-9535 Better completion for LIKE in the filter field
Usability DBE-9534 Better completion for LIKE
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-9458 SQL Server query formatting issue: the TOP N clause causes formatter to insert a lot of unnecessary line breaks
SQL GeneralFeature DBE-9393 Support DDL for TASKs
Feature DBE-9450 Snowflake SQL Dialect Should recognize // style comments
Bug DBE-8682 Snowflake syntax doesn't recognize USING keyword
Bug DBE-9464 PostgreSQL 12 COMMIT/ROLLBACK AND CHAIN syntax not recognized
Bug DBE-9463 PostgreSQL 12 REINDEX CONCURRENTLY feature not supported
SQL GenerationFeature DBE-7976 Modify table from data editor
Bug DBE-7247 Postgres Trigger Definition Does Not Show WHEN condition
Bug DBE-9352 Command "Generate DDL to Clipboard" shows incorrect info about fulltext index.
Bug DBE-5030 Foreign Key Creation Doesn't Like Schemas
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-9024 Ability to suppress sql resolve inspection for the function
Feature DBE-3779 SQL: inspection for null values
Feature DBE-9573 Inspection: Insert NULL into NOT NULL column
Feature DBE-8688 Unreachable code inspection for COALESCE
Feature DBE-8402 Inspection and intention for unicode columns in MSSQL
Bug DBE-9468 Oracle SQL syntax false error: TRUNCATE TABLE ... CASCADE
Bug DBE-9473 MariaDB. Unknown database function error for window functions.
Bug DBE-9281 Aggregate-related problems inspection false positive when grouped by primary key
Bug DBE-9467 Datagrip syntax checker/linter do not understand the expression "ANALYZE SELECT"
Bug DBE-9410 T-SQL: Unknown database function 'concat_ws'
Bug DBE-9564 DB console for oracle dialect does falsely reports issue with empty grouping set as : '(' or <expression> expected, got ')'
Bug DBE-9512 Missing syntax highlighting/autocomplete for clickhouse
Bug DBE-9492 Replace DISTINCT with GROUP BY
Bug DBE-9345 Max identifier length inspection
Bug DBE-9336 Intentions is not working in existing routines
Bug DBE-9531 ORDER BY in subqueries should be highlighted
Bug DBE-9542 Always true inspection does not work on constants
Bug DBE-3815 No inspection suppression option for specific unresolved SQL reference?
Bug DBE-9569 Intellij shows false error for 'COMPRESS ADVANCED'
Bug DBE-9446 Add syntax highlighting for command EXPLAIN ANALYZE in Mysql Database
Usability DBE-9543 Quick fix should delete COALESCE statement in the first argument cannot be null
SQL RefactoringFeature DBE-9428 Intention to convert JOIN ON to JOIN USING
Bug DBE-9568 Intention works not correct
SQL ResolveBug DBE-9470 PostgreSQL: ORDER BY fields not resolved in a TABLE statement
No subsystemFeature WEB-35796 Vue.js: support style element src attributes with support vue-loader
Feature WEB-14385 syntax highlighting of mime type text/ractive in scripts for Ractivejs
Feature WEB-41489 Curly braces not autocomplete in JSX tags
Feature WEB-32255 Vue.js - single file components with external script file not resolving
Feature WEB-39636 Intention action to convert nested calls to a pipe expression and vice versa
Feature WEB-37464 vue.js missing autocompletion for v-slot
Bug WEB-41368 Inlay hints are always visible in TypeScript
Bug WEB-41807 Warning is wrapped in exclamation point (! symbol)
Bug WEB-41817 Async generators: create a for-await loop in corresponding postfix template
Bug WEB-41478 "Quote property names" too aggressive when working with selected properties
Bug WEB-40288 No 'Download Node.js' action if there is one (or more) invalid node
Bug WEB-40746 Add "parallelization" to the dictionary
Bug WEB-38768 React: collapsed fragment shows as 'xml'
Bug WEB-41421 Incorrect 'narrowed to' highlighting if type is not fully expanded yet
Bug WEB-41971 Import-types are not properly resolved in case of ambient modules
Bug WEB-40777 Run anything: yarn is not shown in the list of available commands
Bug WEB-41957 End-of-line LT expression is parsed as generic parameter list in some cases
Bug WEB-41938 Should not allow to inline destructuring rest
Bug WEB-42052 "expectedly" is marked as a typo
Bug WEB-41531 "Run anything" is not working if package.json is not in the root folder
Bug WEB-42167 Completion is different if you move cursor before or after a statement
Bug WEB-25969 Vue.js $event and $emit should be ignored by inspections inside template tags in vue files.
Bug WEB-39386 weridly behaving typos hints
Bug WEB-37995 Higher-order function generic inference should work for lambdas invoking generic functions
Bug WEB-42045 "stringifies" is marked as a typo
Bug WEB-42382 JavaScript "Local variable 'X' is redundant" is not that redundant
Bug WEB-41925 Cordova: exception while creating "platforms" directory
Bug WEB-40027 Incorrect "variable initializer is redundant" message
Bug WEB-38017 Red code is generated when creating a new variable inside `for` content
Bug WEB-41923 Typescript: Auto complete for function parameters not working correctly for keyof readonly properties
Bug WEB-41789 Standard code completion insert handler is not invoked for items in optional chains
Bug WEB-31859 Sporadic 502 when loading pages with the built-in web server
Bug WEB-41803 Please add "screenshot" to the dictionary
Bug WEB-41746 Sort properties alphabetically goes into an infinite loop on malformed JSON
Performance WEB-17638 Joining Lines works extremely slow
Usability WEB-33143 closing tag should be smarter
Usability WEB-40818 Create package.json in the project root when using Install dependency quick fix
Usability WEB-40899 Don't re-evaluate webpack config if there are syntax errors
Usability WEB-41215 Allow editing textboxes containing list of element names, instead of requiring clunky "Add"/"Remove" diaiog
Usability WEB-32948 JSX onClick prop autocompletion not correct
Cosmetics WEB-41731 The name of Handlebars/Mustache folding category is truncated
Task WEB-41910 Change "Replace with the shortened form" to "Replace with a shorter path"
Exception WEB-41499 PluginException: Exception in plugin Java Server Pages (JSP)
Exception WEB-41076 PluginException: Cyclic service initialization when open project
Build toolsBug WEB-42270 Can't execute Gulp tasks from IDE - getting an error with com.intellij.execution.ExecutionException
Bug WEB-38986 Don't debug npm before launch tasks
Bug WEB-40782 'Run Anything': List scripts from package.json when typing `npm` or `yarn` regardless what tool is set in preferences
CSSFeature WEB-31724 Adding Bootstrap Autocompletion from CDN
Feature WEB-24298 Add quote style settings for CSS
Feature WEB-10023 Need ability to download external stylesheets
Bug WEB-8044 Move statement on CSS block no working as expected
Bug WEB-35236 Import of css files with webpack aliases is not resolved in case of '@import url()'
Bug WEB-8045 Move statement on CSS line no working as expected
Bug WEB-40898 CSS padding property hint auto is invalid
Bug WEB-37978 Webpack aliases not resolved in URLs in CSS properties
Bug WEB-41795 Download CSS library from CDN: disabling in Preferences - Libraries has no effect on completion
Usability WEB-41796 Download CSS library from CDN: show shorter name for the location in completion popup
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-34310 CoffeeScript: "Change signature" refactoring doesn't work
DartFeature WEB-41609 Dart formatter: use dartfmt tool when reformatting file parts, not only the whole file
Task WEB-41628 Dart formatter: use dartfmt tool always, remove legacy formatting settings
DebuggerFeature WEB-21626 watch method return value not implemented in webstorm 2016.1.2?
Bug WEB-41719 TraceableDisposable.ObjectNotDisposedException when close IDE while debugging
Bug WEB-36471 WebStorm Debugger variable set value error.
Bug WEB-41598 Breakpoints don't work after app is reloaded by webpack
Bug WEB-40496 Node Debugger doesn't always start properly on re-running
Bug WEB-41007 Can't debug node.js - get error 'URI is not hierarchial'
Bug WEB-21719 NodeJS Remote Debugging Doesn't Allow Breakpoints
Bug WEB-40694 Debugger doesn't stop on a breakpoint in Kotlin/JS project
Bug WEB-13411 Node.js: can't set value in debugger
Bug WEB-41716 'Hide frames from libraries' does nothing
Bug WEB-38477 Debugging with "js.debugger.use.node.options" fails if path to TEMP directory contains non-ASCII characters
Bug WEB-41684 Protractor stops on the wrong line, tooltips are not shown
Bug WEB-42360 Start execution on attaching to process waiting for debugger
Bug WEB-42156 JS debugger breakpoints not shared between symlinked files.
Bug WEB-36015 Debugger attaches to "Before Launch" gulp script, application not launched
Bug WEB-42331 Breakpoints in excluded node modules don't work
Performance WEB-41324 Throwable: LEAK: {}.release()
Performance WEB-36752 Large page in Elements View slows down IDE
Performance WEB-38989 Optimize memory used for source maps
File WatchersFeature WEB-36668 Allow enabling global file watchers for all new projects
Bug WEB-40982 'Failed to run File Watcher' error is displayed several times in the event log
Bug WEB-29424 Race condition between saving file and file watcher execution
Bug WEB-41091 Incorrect path is used if file watcher's Working Directory field is left empty
Bug WEB-40636 Strange intention actions: just 'Yes' and 'No'
Cosmetics WEB-40053 File Watchers: column header in Settings is not fully visible
HTMLFeature WEB-41487 HTML tags including attributes in JSX blocks can't autocomplete the closing tag
Bug WEB-378 PHP code in conditional comments
Bug WEB-42029 Broken documentation for TS/JS library symbols in HTML files
Bug WEB-40570 JavaScript fragments weirdly converts apostrophes and quotes
Bug WEB-37786 JSX Emmet: wrong expand of the comment filter
Bug WEB-41994 Repetition of the result of intention 'Missing required attribute'
Usability WEB-41780 Show class name label when collapsing JSX tags
Exception WEB-41600 Invalid file name lib/intellij-xml.jar!/resources/html5-schema/html5chars.ent
JSONFeature WEB-41515 Add editor action for "Copy JSON Pointer to clipboard"
Feature WEB-38070 Complete statement could add quotes on JSON
Feature WEB-35787 JSON: Smarter colon/comma handling before the closing quote (disabled by default)
Bug WEB-40927 Editor is breaking JSON syntax when inserting new line after key-value pair
Task WEB-42249 Add `babel.config.json` to system schema map
JavaScriptFeature WEB-41553 Don't show unexported symbols from libraries in the Go to definition popup
Feature WEB-32472 Validate duplicate ES6 exports in JS
Feature WEB-41908 Bundle language injection for paper.js
Feature WEB-2089 Implement AMD declaration linking
Feature WEB-41508 Highlight await once the caret is on async.
Feature WEB-40240 Suggest awaited items in code completion for promises
Feature WEB-40404 Extract single property from object as a shorthand property, not as spreadElements
Feature WEB-42028 Name suggestions: add unresolved names from the current scope to the list of suggestions
Feature WEB-39273 'Make private/make public should be available for ES6 private fields
Feature WEB-41373 Support optional chaining in TypeScript and in the type system
Feature WEB-38663 Add parentheses and implement the body when completing `constructor` keyword
Feature WEB-38784 Support Promise.allSettled
Bug WEB-40962 "Script is not in strict mode" when using "use strict" pragma with escaped quotes in injection
Bug WEB-41249 'Replace nested calls with pipe expressions' is incorrectly applied in Jasmine tests
Bug WEB-40659 Intention "Extract increment" in for loop generates invalid code
Bug WEB-40393 'Create Directory/File' fixes don't work with relative paths in 2019.3
Bug WEB-31714 Make field public QF should change all usages of this field (remove # symbol)
Bug WEB-41995 'Make private using #' cannot be invoked for getters in pure JS
Bug WEB-24105 'Surround with' doesn't work for object properties with attached JSDoc comment
Bug WEB-41956 Can't decline name suggestion for the last parameter when using `function` live template
Bug WEB-40538 Exception when file has several default exports
Bug WEB-36893 Better mapping of file names to class names in code completion based on file name
Bug WEB-36461 Double `flip if-else` results in double parenthesis
Bug WEB-41954 JS support require calls with references
Bug WEB-42125 Moving destructured items via keyboard shortcuts doesn't work for function parameters
Bug WEB-41382 Show 'forof' postfix template instead of 'forin' for ES6 typed arrays
Bug WEB-21935 Wrong highlighting for 'del' word in gulpfile.js
Bug WEB-41991 Readonly check that shows a dialog is invoked from the availability check in ES6MoveModuleMembersHandler
Bug WEB-32591 Autocompletion not working after importing class instance that was instantiated via factory
Bug WEB-41728 Resolve default import when .d.ts has no default export
Bug WEB-42074 'Flip ,' works incorrectly with rest parameters
Bug WEB-41958 Extra # shown in completion items rendering for #-private fields
Bug WEB-41270 Incorrect JavaScript warning: 'Value assigned to primitve will be lost'
Bug WEB-41399 No completion on Express req/res parameters
Bug WEB-40776 Code completion doesn't work for modules imported using require function created with Node.js createRequire
Bug WEB-38545 Invalid highlighting for JS Classes after including via require
Bug WEB-41764 Optional chain tail is not evaluated properly
Bug WEB-40520 'Split into declaration and initialization' drops type annotations or creates red code in Flow with destructuring
Bug WEB-38679 Type mismatch inspection incorrectly matches JSDoc type expression with destructuring parameter
Bug WEB-40662 Intention: Incorrect replacing const with let in for-of loop
Bug WEB-41410 Javascript autocomplete for JsDoc @typedef {typeof import('./somefile')} not working anymore in PHPStorm 2019.2
Bug WEB-32695 The documentation tool window breaks text in wrong places
Bug WEB-38414 Auto import in Flow adds path to the IDE bundled definitions for React instead of the project ones
Bug WEB-42106 Highlight "arguments" as parameter
Bug WEB-39441 CommonJS: completion for exported symbols when using const {freeze} = Object; module.exports = freeze({})
Bug WEB-42196 Incorrect processing of destructuring arrays in rest elements
Bug WEB-40009 JSDocs and Promise all not working
Bug WEB-28204 'Create variable' quick-fix shown when not applicable (in variable type annotation)
Bug WEB-40285 'Split into declaration and initialization and move to scope start' duplicates variable initialization in for-in loop
Bug WEB-41303 JQuery.proxy warning
Bug WEB-40637 Replace with indexer access produces malformed code in HTML context
Bug WEB-41252 'Replace nested calls with pipe expressions' looses parameters
Bug WEB-41668 False positive "Readonly<T> is not assignable to type {}" for the state inside react component constructors
Bug WEB-40100 Merge 'simplify' intention and inspection
Bug WEB-41041 Wrong highlighting for braces in template literals
Bug WEB-41980 Global resolve works differently inside a class and on the top level
Bug WEB-38677 JSDoc: wrong type mismatch errors when using function type with IIFE
Bug WEB-41610 Javascript: Unresolved variable
Bug WEB-42109 Unexpected "not assignable to type T" warning in JavaScript
Bug WEB-40194 Quick fix: Joining variable declarations with export removes export
Bug WEB-38794 Incorrect import when copy/pasting code in javascript (only aplies to some imports)
Bug WEB-41793 Remove 'package-lock.json' from import/require completion
Bug WEB-38392 False 'unused definition' when re-defining a property initialized in constructor
Bug WEB-41403 WebStorm 2019.3 EAP - After a while IDE show warning "unused constant"
Bug WEB-40492 Unicode code points are not supported in JS identifiers
Bug WEB-40023 Quick fix: JS: shouldn't invoke action of converting "for-in" to "forEach" on object
Bug WEB-40655 Duplicate 'Simplify' items in Alt+Enter for conditional
Bug WEB-36802 'Safe delete parameter' should check for usages inside function and show conflicts dialog
Bug WEB-28080 Extends ES5 classes with ES6 classes is not supported
Bug WEB-41927 PhpStorm didn't show inferred parameter type in JavaScript
Bug WEB-30569 ES6 classes: Generated code doesn't take comments at the end of the class into account
Bug WEB-39875 JS Intentions: JS: Converting arrow function to anonymous function breaks on IIFE
Bug WEB-40713 WebStorm don't consider super() return type as this
Performance WEB-41810 Freeze in EDT on type evaluation
Performance WEB-11215 large concatenated JS file causes hang
Usability WEB-41044 Lack of clear sorting of object properties in output type hints
Usability WEB-41094 Allow to move switch-cases with 'Move statement'
Usability WEB-38439 Typing semicolon doesn't move caret after statement
Usability WEB-41542 Show type hints for Promise.allSettled-like repeating tuples more conveniently
Usability WEB-40096 Quick Fix: JS/TS: "Join Concatenated String Literals" duplicates the functionality of "Compute Constant Value "
Usability WEB-40964 Mismatch settings with the editor for examples in dialog 'Inlay hints'
Usability WEB-40195 Quick fix: Improve availability of 'Quote/Unquote property names' after lbrace and for commas
Usability WEB-32058 No auto-completion popup for paths values
Usability WEB-41727 'Method expression is not of Function type' should be 'Method expression is possibly null/undefined' where appropriate
Task WEB-40421 Support having decorators after the 'export' keyword
Task WEB-40895 Implement JSControlFlowProcessor using CF graph
Task WEB-37382 JS/TS suggest variable names: improve UX and enable by default where that's safe
Task WEB-40821 Enable type hints by default for function parameters
Exception WEB-42268 Destructuring using the postfix template fails with "cannot be cast to class" exception
Exception WEB-41675 NullPointerException when call 'Split into multiple declarations'
Exception WEB-34766 "Convert to forEach call on array" exception on invalid code
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-13538 Wrong indent for comments in chained function calls
Bug WEB-28301 Formatter: support Rearrange Code action inside script tag
Bug WEB-40900 EditorConfig doesn't apply to <script></script> in .vue file
Bug WEB-39888 Formatter does not respect TypeScript code style settings for VueJS components using typescript in <script> tag.
Bug WEB-41063 Quote style from javascript is not applied to postfix completion
Bug WEB-38347 Formatting unindents comments in braceless ifs
Bug WEB-40497 TypeScript - when 'function declaration parameters' wraps the parameters it unneccesarily wraps lambda function passed as a argument
Bug WEB-38291 Reformat Code (Ctrl + Alt + L) deletes empty space between curly brace and 'from' keyword
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-42220 Angular: support new representation of metadata in Angular
Feature WEB-27946 WebStorm complains about attributes on <svg:g> elements
Feature WEB-40909 Vue.js: support named slots shorthand
Feature WEB-42113 Vue: Provide better type inference when using v-for with an object
Feature WEB-40545 Implement quick documentation for vue symbols
Feature WEB-41576 Slots are not resolved (slot, v-slot)
Feature WEB-42242 Angular: support Schematics with Angular CLI 9.0.0
Feature WEB-32487 Vue.js. Support local and global filters
Feature WEB-41320 Angular 8 SVG template unsupported
Feature WEB-32274 Support Vue components defined using separate JavaScript, HTML and CSS files
Feature WEB-40973 Vue.js : support components defined in several files via @WithRender decorator
Feature WEB-42083 Vue.js: support precise documentation on directives
Feature WEB-40277 Vue: support vuex-class decorators
Feature WEB-28442 Vue.js: scoped slots support
Feature WEB-41476 Vue.js: code completion for source components slot names
Feature WEB-42016 Vue.js: support completion for custom modifiers from web-types
Bug WEB-29103 JSX comment out on simple arrow functions (without {...})
Bug WEB-40929 Vuex store state/getters/etc are not resolved in attribute values in templates
Bug WEB-31286 Tabbing on live template $VAR$s in JSX is hijacked by autocomplete
Bug WEB-42565 Relative paths in HTML and other files are broken in WebPack projects in IDEA
Bug WEB-41026 Vuejs v-for index is resolved as array type instead of number
Bug WEB-41647 vuejs computed values resolved as functions instead of values
Bug WEB-41366 Vue is missed in 'File | New'
Bug WEB-41654 Specify variable type explicitly doesn't produce any changes in code
Bug WEB-37854 Typescript - issues with generic inference from index signatures
Bug WEB-41564 Vue Mixin Fields Glitches
Bug WEB-42230 Disable 'Introduce variable', 'Introduce constant' and 'Introduce field' for vue expressions
Bug WEB-41073 Vue.js: instance properties/events from plugins not resolved in templates
Bug WEB-41782 Completion for v-bind - attribute href is missed
Bug WEB-41477 Vue.js: attribute name is not in code completion on slot tag
Bug WEB-41827 Cannot resolve imported properties in Vue component
Bug WEB-42108 Enable "copy-paste with imports" support for vue
Bug WEB-23401 TODO not recognized in JSX comments
Bug WEB-41349 No completion and refactoring for slot props
Bug WEB-36502 Vue.js: warn about empty tag bodies instead of self-closed tags in compiled vue templates
Bug WEB-42458 WebStorm complains about abstract class not being in Angular module
Bug WEB-41020 After 2019.2.1 update Vue + TypeScript + Decorators stopped working
Bug WEB-41713 Vue: missing syntax coloring within <script type="text/x-template">
Bug WEB-40926 Pressing tab for autocompleting object property in TSX/JSX file creates element instead of finishing the name
Bug WEB-42112 Vue: variables created by v-for are marked as unresolved
Bug WEB-41883 "Undefined binding" inspection's severity is ignored when inspecting events.
Bug WEB-41620 Angular: attributes from selectors in ng-content marked as not recognized
Bug WEB-31785 React: `props.<props_name>` not resolved unless there is explicit `propTypes` declaration
Bug WEB-40955 Vue.js: vuetify `v-col` component is reported as unknown
Bug WEB-41422 Angular: inputs without brackets are reported as unknown if the property type is not explicitly specified
Bug WEB-40489 Invalid comment detection and syntax highlighting issue in JS (React JSX) file
Bug WEB-30600 Vue.js: Component binded with v-model should not warn when the prop definition for value is defined as required
Bug WEB-41544 Vue Class Components: Mixin properties are not resolved in template when using uppercase Mixins from 'vue-property-decorator'
Bug WEB-41717 Can't type closing tag in Vue file while indexing is in progress
Bug WEB-41917 Vue.js: 'lang' attribute isn't suggested for completion
Bug WEB-41541 No Auto Closing Parenthesis in Vue Single File Components
Performance WEB-41427 XmlTagNameSynchronizer freezes IDEA due to synchronous angular resolve
Usability WEB-41765 Vue.js: background color for <script> tag causes usability issues
Exception WEB-41547 IllegalArgumentException: PsiElement(XML_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE).isValidHost() when resolve to file
Exception WEB-41704 'IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter' when open the certain project
Exception WEB-42076 IncompatibleClassChangeError when add .hbs file in vue project
Exception WEB-41350 PsiInvalidElementAccessException when call completion in vue.js expression
Exception WEB-41365 NoSuchElementException: Sequence is empty. when type in .vue file
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-40394 Duplicate declaration inspection for export (specifiers/aliases)
Feature WEB-40156 Add inspection when using trailing commas in destructuring/ functions with rest parameters
Feature WEB-40586 TS. Accessibility modifier already seen inspection
Bug WEB-24660 unresolved file name quickfix cannot create file inside not existed folder
Bug WEB-29134 "unused local-variable/constant" inspection shouldn't provide a quick-fix for required loop variable
Bug WEB-32647 Duplicate case inspection works incorrectly for side-effect expressions
Bug WEB-39843 Quick fix: JS : Converting a function and its member declarations to a class caused exception
Bug WEB-41679 'Duplicate case label' should work with string literals in different quotes
Bug WEB-41879 'Specify variable type explicitly' shouldn't specify raw literal types in Flow
Bug WEB-25169 'Flip ,' works incorrectly for destructuring arrays
Bug WEB-32373 False positive on redundant escape characters inspection in regular expression built from template string
Bug WEB-27499 'var to let/const' produces invalid result in 'for' loop
Bug WEB-41362 "Pointless statement or boolean expression" inspection offers incorrect suggestion
Bug WEB-40911 False 'missing await' for async generators
Bug WEB-25157 "Unnecessary semicolon" inspection quickfix removes trailing line breaks
Bug WEB-39775 "const variable without initializer" from assigning PHP to inline JS
Bug WEB-40150 Unresolved variable
Task WEB-39873 Intention actions "Merge Parallel For Loops" and "Merge Parallel For-In Loops" - either rethink, or remove
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-39691 Can't inline variable in destructuring (expected: convert to property access)
Feature WEB-41816 JS. Replace for..of with indexed intention
Feature WEB-40033 Add an intention action to add a template string argument
Feature WEB-38972 Quick-fix: Convert const to let. remove readonly modifier
Feature WEB-34116 Can't create/extract constant to the top level of the file
Feature WEB-33038 "move function 'myFunc' to 'myFunc.ts'" intention action
Feature WEB-14450 Provide "Extract Constant" refactoring
Bug WEB-40919 Extracting a generator method from a field assigned to a generator breaks code due to ASI not allowed
Bug WEB-41989 Private (#) references are not updated when 'Extract superclass'
Bug WEB-37162 'Introduce local variable' produces red when invoked in 'export default' with decorators
Bug WEB-38305 Implement all members doesn't respect quote style setting
Bug WEB-41961 Extract Method refactoring shouldn't suggest outer scopes when having private #-references
Bug WEB-41876 'Generate destructuring patterns' fails on a property of already existing pattern
Bug WEB-39717 Extract variable, Template literal: expression in selection breaks result
Bug WEB-39748 Extract superclass: making 'abstract' for pure JS throws and also doesn't work with TS fields
Bug WEB-41960 Introduce field should not change other classes
Bug WEB-41849 "Extract Constant" from substring doesn't enforce 'const' and reuses the var type from 'Extract Variable'
Bug WEB-40040 TypeScript - Change method signature is wrong when passing "this"
Bug WEB-37033 Typescript: in case of return type mismatch, quick fix should update the whole class hierarchy
Bug WEB-41916 'Introduce constant' shouldn't suggest global scope if having await expressions
Bug WEB-35616 Comment for typescript class last field is broken after applying intention "Create field"
Bug WEB-40959 Inappropriate suggestion to replace string with template string inside flow/typescript type declaration
Bug WEB-39719 Extract variable: opening/closing quote in selection breaks result
Bug WEB-40833 Checking/unchecking 'Optional parameter' in the popup fails for 'Introduce parameter'
Bug WEB-40957 Invalid result of 'Introduce variable' when react function returns parenthesized HTML
Bug WEB-38409 'Introduce parameter' shouldn't suggest anonymous callback scope
Bug WEB-39746 'Extract superclass' creates invalid code when extracting from already extending class
Bug WEB-39798 'Change signature' should handle arrow functions in class hierarchy
Bug WEB-31704 'Extract method' for generators should extract generators when possible with updating usages to 'yield * newFunc()'
Bug WEB-40910 'Introduce parameter' shouldn't work with the yield expressions
Bug WEB-25137 WebStorm allows to extract variable with breaking the operator precedence
Bug WEB-29335 'Extract superclass', 'Pull members up' should move comments around members
Bug WEB-42065 'await new Promise' can be converted to pipe expression
Bug WEB-41845 "Extract Constant" refactoring shouldn't work with ECMAScript 5.1 and earlier
Bug WEB-7439 Extract JavaScript variable fails if using multiple declarations chained in a single 'var' statement
Bug WEB-39368 'Introduce variable' is available on invalid selection and breaks code
Bug WEB-41103 Extract Angular animation into a variable fails
Bug WEB-42023 Extract field: don't suggest to initialize in constructor when creating directly from a field initializer
Bug WEB-40769 Don't inline variables with default values in object destructuring
Bug WEB-42324 Better validation of names for file name <-> class name matching
Bug WEB-41723 Extracting a variable immediately assigns an auto-generated name to the new variable
Bug WEB-40042 'Introduce variable' deletes the preceding comment
Bug WEB-41811 Tooltip in 'Introduce constant' isn't shown at the location where the declaration is actually inserted
Bug WEB-30408 Refactoring: Extract Superclass: static method should not be marked as abstract
Usability WEB-17564 Refactoring: Extract variable: empty line is added on switching between radiobuttons inside popup
Usability WEB-39973 Refactoring: JS(ES5): 'Superclass' and 'Field' shouldn't be available to choose from "refactor"
Usability WEB-28271 Change signature should better handle TypeScript parameter-properties
Usability WEB-39729 WebStorm does't detect labels when refactoring
Usability WEB-41258 Do not show refactoring preview when renaming a new file using the "Rename file to match class name" fix
Cosmetics WEB-39913 Replace word "lvalue" in warning message about the variable usage on the left side
JavaScript. TemplatesBug WEB-12164 Collapse/expand html code in script templates
Bug WEB-41895 Handlebars: Code is disappearing while editing handlebars fragment
LintersBug WEB-39960 Mark modified (*) keep showing after save with ESLint
Live EditBug WEB-7093 File is saving after every keypress when using Live Edit
Cosmetics WEB-41338 LiveEdit plugin description is outdated
Node.jsFeature WEB-35034 Compatibililty with Yarn PnP (Plug and Play) feature
Bug WEB-40907 Rider: Scripts from package.json are not shown in 'Run anything' dialog
Bug WEB-42295 Grunt with Yarn PnP: Autofilled run configuration is incorrect
Bug WEB-42171 Yarn's version is not shown in 'Preferences for New Projects | Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM'
Bug WEB-41749 Globally installed packages not always appear NPM packages list window
Bug WEB-41095 package.json homepage url issues
Bug WEB-42176 Yarn PnP: Can't run Jest tests
Bug WEB-42403 Node.js: Cannot Debug Docker Compose configuration
Bug WEB-38601 Windows: Electron does not show console output when run from npm run configuration
Bug WEB-42248 Can't run yarn scripts: command\script not found
Bug WEB-40947 package.json "Latest version" in quick documentation doesn't refresh
Bug WEB-42175 Yarn PnP: Imports show long path to a package
Bug WEB-42312 Yarn PnP: Exception while trying to apply code style from Eslint
Bug WEB-42327 Linux: package manager yarn not recognized through nodejs snap
Bug WEB-23329 Output of stdout and stderr are not properly coordinated in Run console
Bug WEB-21914 angular-cli: Cannot find angular-cli package
Bug WEB-42440 Download Node.js: update version to the latest LTS
Usability WEB-38864 No possibility to show notifications about installing dependencies for a package.json if previously dismissed
Usability WEB-40794 Prevent concurrent NPM install
Task WEB-42280 Support standard with Yarn PnP
Task WEB-42131 Do not suggest adding node_modules folder to Git
Exception WEB-40124 Node.js Remote Interpreter: Vagrant: Throwable: Synchronous execution under ReadAction
ProfilingBug WEB-41449 NullPointerException when attempting to load heap snapshot
Pug (ex-Jade)Bug WEB-21974 jade: unbuffered javascript code not correctly indented
Bug WEB-27894 No folding in PUG in VueJS files
Bug WEB-41891 Pug's path resolver should not use hard-coded and old extension name
SASSFeature WEB-41729 Add support for new @use and @forward at-rules
Feature WEB-38529 Vue.js ::v-deep support
Bug WEB-42158 Import scss from node_modules - cannot resolve module node_modules (Vue, SCSS)
Bug WEB-42000 SCSS in HTML snippet in Markdown file: false error for @import '~npm-module/some-file'
Bug WEB-41982 SASS: import path completion doesn't work when using webpack aliases
Bug WEB-36975 SCSS: Webstorm incorrectly reports "mismatched property value" error if function is called `l()`
Bug WEB-41886 SCSS imports with webpack aliases: wrong 'Cannot resolve directory` warnings shown for packages with `@` prefix
Bug WEB-42250 SASS/SCSS trailing comma incorrectly seen as error
Bug WEB-42252 Parameters in Sass functions in scratch files are marked as unresolved variables
StylusBug WEB-41389 Stylus: hex color code for opacity not correctly treated
TypeScriptFeature WEB-40032 TypeScript: provide quick fix to insert/remove type arguments
Feature WEB-41526 No auto complete suggestions for ts import in jsdoc
Feature WEB-40531 Duplicate declaration for default exports.
Feature WEB-40793 Default type parameters should be omitted
Feature WEB-41436 Support TS control flow assertions and type flow with never-returning calls
Feature WEB-40352 TypeScript: provide quick fix to insert/remove type arguments for extends/implements case
Feature WEB-42328 Update bundled TypeScript to 3.7
Feature WEB-29437 Refactor / Extract Field: add readonly field
Feature WEB-42054 Allow moving Union types via keyboard shortcuts
Feature WEB-40667 Enable duplicate declaration for type parameters
Feature WEB-41033 Update bundled TypeScript to 3.6
Feature WEB-40789 Enable duplicate declaration for union/intersection types
Feature WEB-36148 TypeScript: new quick fix 'Add "jsx":"react" to tsconfig.json'
Bug WEB-34084 Suggestions incomplete for React components when there is an Omit (Pick and Exclude) structure in the type hierarchy
Bug WEB-41086 Wrong type inferring in typescript
Bug WEB-40615 Enum fields with dot in the name are treated incorrectly
Bug WEB-35889 Change signature throws exception when parameter is not described in JSDoc
Bug WEB-41724 'Propagate to destructuring declaration' should not be available on parameter properties
Bug WEB-29309 'Inline' refactoring: allow getter inlining
Bug WEB-41388 Incorrect type inference in TypeScript
Bug WEB-40264 TypeScript - Observable type is unknown if takeUntil used as last pipable operator
Bug WEB-41884 False positive warning for TypeScript type guard function
Bug WEB-40944 Angular - "Make public" quick fix does not work if Decorator is present
Bug WEB-41606 Infinite re-indexing of node_modules/
Bug WEB-32227 TypeScript: show error on initializing optional parameters
Bug WEB-42194 'Generate destructuring patterns' doesn't work on a property to which is assigned enum
Bug WEB-41597 Intention to generate destructuring pattern should generate parameter list parenthesis when needed
Bug WEB-38395 False positive 'method will not be accessible' when changing visibility of class member in namespace
Bug WEB-40893 Incorrect indentation for switch-cases code completion: should reindent the inserted case-label automatically
Bug WEB-42114 Wrong inferred type, invalid 'type mismatch' highlighting when using spread with Partial
Bug WEB-40966 Higher-order type inference fails for mapped types
Bug WEB-35903 Inspection 'Fix all 'Import can be shortened' problems in this file' doesn't work
Bug WEB-42093 Static fields are not evaluated properly when referenced as a qualified name (for instance, in typeof types)
Bug WEB-41374 Wrong "statement expected" error when using computed property with decorator
Bug WEB-40970 TypeScript 3.6. ambient class and function can merge
Bug WEB-41802 Typescript import generated with warning (Organize Imports then generates error)
Bug WEB-42081 Type guard. Narrow string to string literal
Bug WEB-40897 Incorrect "prototype" property in the static type of a enum
Bug WEB-41948 Type is inferred as T | any[] when TypeScript infers just T, causing slowness
Bug WEB-41661 Missing for-of array postfix when iterating over a local
Bug WEB-42067 Type guard. Narrow unknown type to string literal
Bug WEB-41035 Completion for declare keyword after export in TypeScript
Bug WEB-42340 IteratorResult in presence of node.js typings
Bug WEB-39617 Cypress & Typescript IntelliSense not working properly
Bug WEB-40795 Don't provide auto-complete suggestions for keys in object when you have defined them already (it is non-operation)
Bug WEB-41490 Class fields with non-null assertion are parsed incorrectly
Bug WEB-40827 Path mappings aren't used on auto-import if a pattern with wildcard is mapped to exact file name
Bug WEB-42078 Deleting/adding "less-than sign" should automatically delete/add "greater-than sign" for generic calls
Bug WEB-42050 WebStorm resolves tuple type param in jest.each to any
Bug WEB-41940 Type assertions don't work if we reset null / not null state with the statement
Bug WEB-41042 Type hints for variable show redundant information in object destructuring with enum
Bug WEB-41562 Default generic value is not substituted in 'extends'
Bug WEB-41856 Type of response of awaiting supertest function is any (should be response)
Bug WEB-40436 Field refactoring doesn't pick usage
Bug WEB-40928 False positive type checking error with optional properties
Bug WEB-41892 Spurious "Missing await" inspection warning when a nontrivial expression is being returned
Bug WEB-41543 Getting complete IDE freeze randomly, requiring force quit and restart
Bug WEB-40903 TypeScript: false positive type-checking error (and wrong navigation)
Bug WEB-42311 TypeScript: Types references are unresolved
Bug WEB-40481 Autocompletion bails for rest parameter typed w/ intersected arrays
Bug WEB-42013 Typescript file with ts-node shebang is treated as js
Bug WEB-40660 TypeScript. Fix failed if one of the parameters has extends/keyof word
Bug WEB-41667 Incorrect resolving in merging ambient class and function
Bug WEB-40449 @internal not suggested as JSDoc comment
Bug WEB-40250 Props from parent component are not resolved: incorrect overload is chosen
Bug WEB-41623 'Surround with type guard' should suggest "in" type guards when applicable
Bug WEB-41466 Insert type arguments completion handler should work only in TS files
Bug WEB-39678 TypeScript: Problem with type inference in redux(store.dispatch)
Bug WEB-42149 Incorrect type hint
Bug WEB-42060 "Module is not listed in package.json" error when importing assets into a Typescript Vue component
Bug WEB-41966 Postfix template shouldn't appear in completion in type annotation
Bug WEB-41569 Completion in class, which implements extended interface with Omit, should suggest all properties
Bug WEB-41464 Rested destructured parameter is typed to any if nothing else is destructured
Bug WEB-40300 TypeScript - don't collapse single line comment
Bug WEB-41889 Complete current statement inserts parens before explicit generic arguments
Bug WEB-41689 Typescript unreachable 'case' branch when exporting enum
Bug WEB-40657 TypeScript. Insert type arguments completion handler
Bug WEB-40485 results of type narrowing outside of shorthanded functions are ignored inside said functions
Bug WEB-40454 "Add braces to arrow function" should not prepend return if method is void
Bug WEB-41480 Renaming a property doesn't update usages when using const assertions
Bug WEB-40935 TypeScript: incorrect type inference when we pass optional parameter to a method
Bug WEB-40914 TypeScript: Property optionality is not processed in some cases
Bug WEB-40228 Type duplication in inlay hints for union types
Bug WEB-26888 TypeScript: Change Signature dialog: error when adding parameters with initializer
Bug WEB-40864 Overloads don't work after re-exporting
Bug WEB-41333 Missing typescript suggestion of extended "this" object
Bug WEB-40922 TypeScript: incorrect smart cast to never
Bug WEB-41738 TypeScript: completion for import() in type context
Bug WEB-41509 Incorrect type when destructuring value in arrow function
Bug WEB-40580 TS. Extract method should set the parameter type
Bug WEB-41602 Container type is computed incorrectly for destructuring in a for-of loop
Bug WEB-40908 False positive symbol assignment
Bug WEB-42105 Property completion only provides already inserted items
Bug WEB-41003 TypeScript: incorrect error message for incompatible members
Bug WEB-39652 Refactor inferred params
Bug WEB-42103 TS Classes sometimes moved to Symbols in Search Everywhere
Bug WEB-37898 Literals from switch-cases typed by an enum should have references to their source values
Usability WEB-40275 Misleading error message: parent tsconfig.json not found
Usability WEB-26722 TypeScript: merge inspections/intentions if both provide the same result
Usability WEB-41693 Merged methods considered as properties in code completion and parameter info
Usability WEB-41591 Don't show variables in code completion for 'implements' clause
Usability WEB-41430 Don't show 'delete' keyword in completion in call arguments
Usability WEB-41082 Improve string literal completion: don't suggest dynamics when not needed and add icons for prop keys
Usability WEB-41345 First item isn't pre-selected in completion popup
Cosmetics WEB-41652 There are two same-named inspections 'TypeScript | Redundant type'
Cosmetics WEB-42068 intellijIdeaRulezzz in completion in TS enums
Task WEB-41771 Support optional chaining narrowing in common CFA equality guards
Task WEB-41519 TypeScript: better globs support in "includes" / "excludes" options in tsconfig
Task WEB-41495 More tests for recursive typescript types
Exception WEB-42049 Error in JS code of typescript service: this.projectService.refreshInferredProjects is not a function
Unit TestsFeature WEB-41079 Add the ".unit" extension to test files patterns
Feature WEB-19963 Cucumber.js: all step references are shown as undefined if feature is written using non-US language
Bug WEB-41514 jest running no longer works properly in IntelliJ (reports tests as skipped)
Bug WEB-40585 `Rerun failed tests` runs successful tests under failed group (describe)
Bug WEB-41875 Support Cucumber steps defined using TypeScript annotations
Bug WEB-40351 Highlight failed line in the test for shorthanded properties