What to Download

1. Download JetBrains MPS EAP (build #150) from:
http://download.jetbrains.com/mps/mps150.exe - windows version
http://download.jetbrains.com/mps/mps150.zip - other version

2. JetBrains MPS contains IDEA plugin and you need IDEA EAP build #3370 to work with JetBrains MPS EAP build 150. Download the required IDEA build from:
IDEA 3370

How to Get Started

1. Install the required IDEA build (note installation intructions on IDEA EAP download page).
2. Intstall JetBrains MPS.
2a. On windows run installer.
2b. On other system extract mspxxx.zip and set path to JDK in mps.sh located under %MPS_HOME%/bin directory.
3. Start JetBrains MPS. MPS will ask you to install MPS plugin.
4. Start IDEA.
5. Start MPS.

Additional Information