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Kanpur 2019.2 EAP1 (build 70479) Release Notes


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Metrics reporting

Since this EAP, TeamCity provides various server metrics available via the Prometheus-compatible API endpoint /app/metrics.

To access the metrics, make sure your TeamCity user account has the "View usage statistics" permission assigned to it.

The metrics include:

The full list is available via https://<teamcity-server-host>:<port>/app/metrics.

Some of the metrics are still in an experimental state, but you can already access and try them via the /app/metrics?experimental=true endpoint.

To collect the metrics, use a Prometheus database or a combination of Telegraf & InfluxDB.

For a visual representation of the metrics, we recommend using Grafana or any other similar solution.

Example of TeamCity metrics represented in Grafana

TeamCity metrics represented in Grafana

We have plans on adding more TeamCity metrics in the feature. Let us know if you have some specific requests or propositions on what other statistical indicators could ease your TeamCity monitoring.

Improvements in experimental UI

The following features are available in the TeamCity experimental UI. You can switch to it on any page where the experimental UI icon   is available in the upper right corner of the screen.

Extended REST API for cloud profiles

Since this EAP, TeamCity REST API exposes the same cloud integration details as those provided in the TeamCity UI.

You can list cloud profiles (.../app/rest/cloud/profiles), images (.../app/rest/cloud/images), and instances (.../app/rest/cloud/instances), and apply different filters to your requests.

It is now possible to start a new instance by sending its details via a POST request to the .../app/rest/cloud/instances endpoint. To stop a running instance, send a DELETE request to the instance details.

This API is still in development: if you plan on using it, we would highly appreciate your feedback.

Restoring missing secure values in DSL-based projects

When versioned settings are enabled for a project, all secure values, like passwords and tokens, are not stored in VCS by default. Thus if they are lost for some reason, or if the project settings were imported to another server, TeamCity will show the corresponding Server Health report.

Starting with this EAP version, the report contains a link to a page where you can provide these lost secure values.

Other improvements