HTTP ClientFeature WI-40449 Support folding for http requests
Feature WI-42405 HTTP client: folding for multipart request parts
Feature WI-40439 Provide completion for request host
Feature WI-47907 Http Client support folding for script part
Feature WI-40942 HTTP Client: Ability to use dynamic variables in .http/rest files
Bug WI-47478 Pasting a long cURL command causes stack overflow in HTTP client
Bug WI-47668 "Add request" shortcut adds request even in non http request files
Bug WI-46614 CURL: --digest works like --basic
Bug WI-47701 Exception is thrown on editing dynamic variables
Bug WI-47911 Http client: Toolbar with actions isn't displayed in '*.rest' files
Usability WI-47878 Provide examples with dynamic variables
Usability WI-47420 Add a top toolbar to HTTP Request files with useful actions
Usability WI-47912 Http client: Convert from cURL action invoked via shortcut always create new file even if was invoked in http client file
Usability WI-47477 Implement "Add Request" action for HTTP Request
Exception WI-47667 Exception is thrown when create new http request via shortcut
Injections in PHPFeature WI-3477 Inject PHP language inside assert('literal'), eval and similar / Injectable PHP language.
Feature WI-47834 Autoinject PHP into nowdoc marked with 'PHP' tag
Bug WI-47923 Injectable PHP: Recursive injection in eval call with nested function calls with single quotes produces false-positive syntax errors
PHPFeature WI-862 auto insert <?php when just <? is typed in.
Feature WI-47015 Highlight `(unset)` as deprecated in annotator
Feature WI-12120 Trait method name collisions should be reported by code inspection
Feature WI-37315 allows to disable $this-> and self:: lines as results of Ctrl+B
Feature WI-48361 Find Usages: allow to filter out usages inside import statements
Feature WI-47160 Hierarchy checks inspection: add quick fixes to change language level, if covariance supported in another one
Feature WI-27271 Fonts & colors for $this variable
Feature WI-47165 Numeric Literal Separator support
Feature WI-48483 Support 7.4 deprecations
Feature WI-28624 Show usage of interface method via trait
Feature WI-47166 Language level inspection: exception throw is not allowed inside toString
Feature WI-47521 Annotate non-absolute method reference in `insteadof` trait use rules
Feature WI-1717 Completion can display values of Constants
Bug WI-10043 Unexpected "Cannot declare self-referencing constant"
Bug WI-48145 SSR: unable to find closures
Bug WI-14784 Key element cannot be a reference
Bug WI-14671 Invocation of abstract method in child class via parent:: isn't recognized as an error
Bug WI-42102 SSR: Field access template doesn't work when object is being creating in access statement
Bug WI-48460 SSR produces false positives on expressions with unknown types if pattern variable has type filter with enabled `within type hierarchy` option
Bug WI-47908 SSR: type filter causes false negative on variable initialised with complex expression
Bug WI-48380 Auto import functions not working unless "Enable auto import in file scope" is checked
Bug WI-48465 Not show import statement: filter out trait usages in use inside class
Bug WI-14802 Unsupported operand types are not detected
Bug WI-29557 Completion doesn't work for entities defined in scratch file
Bug WI-48275 fn in a function call is always parsed as arrow function
Bug WI-47419 SSR: take into account return type of the function in pattern
Bug WI-20006 Trait method use: Inconsistent insteadof definition isn't detected
Bug WI-34231 Void type can't be nullable
Bug WI-47550 SSR: unable to access members of class created in access statement by factory method
Bug WI-48464 SSR produces false positives on string-based class identifier in `new` expression
Bug WI-18948 Jump out of a finally block is disallowed
Bug WI-47506 SSR: consider default values for class fields
Usability WI-47205 Numeric literals separators: successfully parse numbers with multiple underscores in a row and highlight it in annotator
Usability WI-48446 Filter static:: usages inside the same class
Exception WI-47698 Exception PsiInvalidElementAccessException occurs during the code editing
Exception WI-48386 Exception is thrown on indexing doc methods
PHP CompletionFeature WI-48169 Add `@link` doc tag to completion list
Feature WI-47896 Automatically complete '=' to '=>' after array value
Feature WI-48170 Complete inline doc tags with closing curly brace
Feature WI-48084 Add `@param` tags as completion elements for missing items
Feature WI-47900 Automatically complete try/finally with group statement bodies
Bug WI-48124 autocomplete skips parameters inside closure when using "use"
Usability WI-48480 Move rarely used packages to low priority
Usability WI-47991 Ignore the typed arrow after the completion of '=' into '=>'
Usability WI-48416 Don't suggest fields in method reference
Usability WI-48245 return keyword is always first in the global scope
Usability WI-48379 Make dynamic method after self:: and static:: to have lower weights
PHP DebugFeature WI-38384 Can't select specific PHP interpreter specific to PHP Script
PHP FormatterFeature WI-48166 PSR-12: Short form of type keywords MUST be used i.e. bool instead of boolean, int instead of integer etc.
Feature WI-48173 PSR-12: visibility
Feature WI-38151 "Complete Current Statement" should add a semicolon
Feature WI-32915 PSR-12: A separate option for anonymous class brace placement
Feature WI-48172 PSR-12: instantiating a new class , parentheses
Feature WI-48171 PSR-12: Compound namespaces
Feature WI-48160 PSR-12: Predefined code style
Feature WI-48181 PSR-12: elseif instead of else if
Feature WI-48174 PSR-12: The var keyword MUST NOT be used to declare a property.
Feature WI-40590 PSR-12: Allow defining the number of blank lines between different import blocks
Feature WI-48178 PSR-12: order of abstract, final, visibility and static
Bug WI-48418 PSR-12: new anonymous class always produces warning and quick fix does nothing
Bug WI-43041 Closing bracket is always on last line in group use statement
Exception WI-48417 Exception is thrown on openning PHP settings
PHP InspectionsFeature WI-45095 Allow to disable constant value check for "Duplicate array key" inspection
Feature WI-47473 New inspection: control statement with a group statement with single child
Feature WI-47210 Class hierarchy checks inspections: add QF "make method compatible with $SUPER_METHOD_NAME$"
Feature WI-47677 New inspection: curly braces access syntax
Feature WI-47388 Unnecessary parentheses: handle "fully associative" operators
Feature WI-46900 Add inferred type as type property QF: make nullable if default value is null
Feature WI-41504 Create remote PHPCS/PHPMD configuration on-the-fly if local is defined
Feature WI-47358 Statement has empty body: provide quick-fix to delete unused element
Feature WI-48240 New inspection: unnecessary local variable
Feature WI-47081 Covariance/contravariance support in PHP 7.4
Feature WI-47901 New quick-fix: delete return argument for void functions with incompatible return statement
Feature WI-48469 New inspection: expression has same operands
Feature WI-47100 Parameter type inspection: provide quick fix "make $CLASS$ extends/implements $EXPECTED_CLASS$"
Feature WI-47336 Quick fix for assignment inside if condition inspection
Feature WI-47191 Language level inspection: provide quick fix to change language level manually in composer
Feature WI-47215 Class hierarchy checks inspections: add quick-fix to make non-final super class/method
Feature WI-27142 Undefined field: Inspection doesn't show error of accessing to undefined property on empty/mixed/object type
Feature WI-26667 No errors for methods/fields on vars hinted as object/mixed or empty type
Feature WI-47209 Class hierarchy checks inspections: add QF "make abstract" for classes, which does't implement interface methods
Feature WI-47536 Duplicate array key inspection: quick fix to navigate to actual duplicate
Feature WI-48085 New inspection: redundant semicolon
Feature WI-46699 New inspection: using nested ternaries without explicit parentheses
Feature WI-47474 New inspection: control statement without braces
Bug WI-47947 Addition array and non-array false positive when parent/static access is used
Bug WI-47376 Extract side effect quick fix changes the semantic in case of elseif statement
Bug WI-48486 Deprecation inspection should resolve target deprecation
Bug WI-47137 Illegal array key type: multi-dimensional read is treated the same as single read
Bug WI-32096 Illegal array key type stdClass not necessarily correct
Bug WI-46520 Quick fix for 'Short tag usage' breaks code when statement follows an open tag
Bug WI-47429 Illegal array key type: true or false is not treated as bool
Bug WI-47402 Remove comment from empty condition branch together with branch itself in case empty branch is deleted via QF
Bug WI-48513 Unhandled exception: blinks in case there are multiple parents one with @throws and other without
Bug WI-48101 Semicolon after declare statement is marked as unused
Bug WI-47261 Unused declaration: suppression for function with PHPDoc doesn't work
Bug WI-43133 Phpdoc inspection on @param for variadic types fails (Heisenbug)
Bug WI-48392 Add method stubs produces broken formatting
Bug WI-44159 Duplicate array keys: inspection false positive in case constant values are identical up to 20 characters
Bug WI-47181 Covariance/contravariance: always accepts nullability change
Bug WI-47533 Invocation of abstract method of the same class via self is not detected
Bug WI-48511 Expression has same operands: Null coalescing operator with the same operands are not detected
Bug WI-9116 "Add method stubs" quick fix should not be available for parent class with an abstract methods
Bug WI-48482 Deprecation inspection does't take into account starting deprecation version and project language level
Bug WI-47719 PhpStorm 2019.2: "fn" is considered as keyword for projects with PHP language level < PHP 7.4
Bug WI-47381 Last `else` empty statement isn't highlighted when first `if` statement is empty in presence of elseif
Bug WI-47691 "Add field" operation inserts the text into the current UI window if the destination class is open in a separate window
Bug WI-47133 Parameter Type: Don't suggest quick-fix for built-in classes
Bug WI-47110 Duplicated switch branch inspection doesn't highlight last duplicated cases
Usability WI-47226 Class hierarchy checks inspections: highlight whole method signature instead of method name
Usability WI-9497 Too many parameters in declaration: enable inspection by default with value 10
Usability WI-45452 "Short open tag usage" inspection only reports first occurrence in a block
Usability WI-47234 Make non-abstract quick fix: leaves the broken code
Usability WI-47233 Make method compatible with super: doesn't warn in case there already static usages of method before converting method to instance method and vice versa
Usability WI-47218 Change composer language level quick fix: Change version automatically if version consists of single literal, optionally with inclusive operator
Cosmetics WI-47136 Correct "Control Flow is too big to analyse" spelling
Cosmetics WI-47219 Change method modifier quick fix: change name to `Change method modifiers to '%s'`
Exception WI-47841 Add method from callback: PIEAE when revert and apply 'add method' QF again
Exception WI-48185 NPE when click on Quality tool link from "Run inspection by name" dialog
PHP IntentionsFeature WI-47446 New intention: merge if condition with parent else into elseif
Feature WI-47945 Initialize fields intention: support typed properties
Feature WI-47390 New intention: merge nested if's conditions
Feature WI-46995 New intention: extract 'if' condition
Feature WI-47469 New intention: Split 'elseif'
Feature WI-45948 "Add field" quick-fix: support typed properties
Usability WI-47426 Add the possibility to invoke "merge nested conditions" intention not only on parent `if` keyword but also around condition expression
Usability WI-47427 Invoke "merge nested conditions" intention on child condition if there are only parent and child conditions
PHP InterpretersFeature WI-47948 Provide quick PHP interpreter selection like Keymap
Bug WI-47996 Missing default interpreter produce invalid configuration even if specific interpreter is chosen
PHP Lib StubsFeature WI-46679 Add ext-parallel stubs
Feature WI-47005 Missing sapi_windows_vt100_support stub
Bug WI-47086 Wrong type on phpstorm-stubs stream_set_blocking parameter
PHP ParserFeature WI-47505 Support multiple traits in override trait use rule
Bug WI-43506 Question mark in front of function declaration parameter is not marked as error
Bug WI-41166 Double semicolon parse error in interface
PHP ProfilerFeature WI-41175 Show Quick Doc for PHP internal functions/methods
Usability WI-43212 The option "Analyse Xdebug profiler snapshot" is available only when you create a new project and finish the indexing
PHP RefactoringFeature WI-20601 PHP: Allow to use "Create parameter" on methods which has usages
Feature WI-48052 Change signature: support typed properties
Bug WI-47915 Invalid Refactor Rename
Bug WI-48496 Move refactoring: context aware name in Refactor menu doesn't update properly
Bug WI-33010 Change signature: doesn't handle rename of function in @see tag
Bug WI-48462 Move function refactoring: don't move anonymous function
Bug WI-36690 Move class to namespace breaks strict types declaration
Bug WI-47549 Move method: incorrectly moves non-static method
Bug WI-47371 Can't introduce parameter for undefined variable expression
Bug WI-25462 Refactoring use variable in nested closure
Usability WI-34541 Intention: Initialize fields (properties/attributes): skip "Feilds to initialize" dialog if only one option exists
Usability WI-27869 Add method stubs quick fix should allow to use @inheritdoc instead of copying parent doc
Cosmetics WI-48520 Make Static: wrong dialog title on error
PHP TestFeature WI-26176 Add ability to specify interpreter for PHP test run-configurations
Feature WI-39061 Create remote test framework configuration on-the-fly if local is defined
Bug WI-47615 PHPUnit: Cog opens a configuration for project-level interpreter instead of the current one
Usability WI-48103 Create local interpreter automatically on 'configure' link
Usability WI-48180 Don't show "PHPUnit: Not installed" in case local interpreter is not configured
Task WI-47616 Drop "Load from include path (PEAR)" configuration for PHPUnit
PHP Type InferenceBug WI-45975 Argument type is not taken from parent PHPDoc (stubs issue) (Heisenbug)
Bug WI-28091 Lost object reference after couple of chained calls and variable reassignment
PHPDocFeature WI-48198 Try to resolve constant reference in @see/@link to the class constant
Feature WI-47981 Highlight phpdoc params and variables with parameter/variable highlighting data
Feature WI-48109 Provide highlighting for @method/@property annotations
Feature WI-48141 Parse doc refs inside `@link` doc tag
Feature WI-47990 Highlight phpdoc types and references with same highlighting data as for usual code
Bug WI-48140 Annotator does't highlighting only first doc ref child
Bug WI-47993 Html inside php doc tags does't highlighted with 'Markup' color
Bug WI-48143 Parse inline phpdocs inside doc tag values
Bug WI-33009 @see tag that uses partial namespace import is not resolved
Bug WI-48193 Inline PHPDocs inside doc tag values incorrectly rendered in Quick Documentation
Bug WI-48161 Curly braces should't be included inside inline doc tag
Usability WI-48196 Completion for '{@inheritDoc`is not closing with curly brace
Usability WI-48197 Show only applicable inlinable tags after {@
Usability WI-46192 Inline @see tag shouldn't be included in See Also
Usability WI-45052 Inline @link tags in docblocks that only contain a URL do not recognize closing brace without a space.
Plugin: Command lineBug WI-47040 CLT: remove duplicate options from completion variants
Bug WI-46966 Run Anything: Completion of path doesn't appear
Bug WI-47061 CLT: options description interference
SpellcheckerBug WI-36470 Spellchecking: Quick fix "Change to..." works incorrectly for injected language
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBug IDEA-221014 Many "JavaScript/TypeScript" entries in duplicate settings.
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-214558 Reactor inspection: Warn when returning nulls from Flux/Mono transformation functions
Bug IDEA-217597 Clicking on checkbox in the Inspections tree leads to `profileChanged` event in `ProfileChangeAdapter.TOPIC`
Bug IDEA-188820 Out of memory when exporting code analysis to HTML
Bug IDEA-220740 Run Inspection -> Custom Scope value is not persisted
Performance IDEA-220137 Do not run inspection iterations if LocalInspectionTool returned PsiElementVisitor.EMPTY_VISITOR
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-218402 Database plugin - SQL syntax highlighting is not working in JavaScript strings if DECLARE is used
Exception IDEA-221436 NullPointerException when move folders in project tree
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-216174 SSR: Auto-insert pair $ when editing search/replace template
Bug IDEA-218006 SSR: AssertionError at com.intellij.structuralsearch.impl.matcher.JavaMatchingVisitor.visitClass
Bug IDEA-204454 Structural Replace doesn't have replacement variables anymore
Bug IDEA-221361 Replace variable number of parameters with fixed type correctly
Bug IDEA-65982 Structural search and replace doesn't correctly substitute annotation parameters
Usability IDEA-81912 SSR - Restore the last text in the SSR dialog
Usability IDEA-201471 SSR: Do not use default input field focus for the Text Area
Usability IDEA-216177 SSR: Don't show intention actions in Search Template field
Usability IDEA-210319 SSR: Irrelevant completion variants when typing $
Cosmetics IDEA-201475 SSR: Darcula: Use the same border for the template editor and the variables filters pane
Cosmetics IDEA-216180 SSR: Don't show quick doc on hover in Search Template field
Cosmetics IDEA-218151 Baseline for filter hint is lower than other text
Exception IDEA-218193 MalformedPatternException occurs when specifying malformed search template
CoreBug IDEA-220128 Endless loop on file type converted from PlainText to C++
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-221348 In the evaluate window, you cannot cast a char array to an object
Core. Diagrams (UML)Bug IDEA-216951 Repaint Maven/Gradle diagram only once per selection change in "Show Paths: Root->Selection" mode
Exception IDEA-218015 Attempt to export any diagram to svg image fails with NPE
Core. File SystemFeature IDEA-152607 Non-destructive "safe write" mode
Performance IDEA-218043 Freezes in scheduleInitialVfsRefresh
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-217321 IOException - 'example/path' is not a directory in VFS
Bug IDEA-124684 Customize menu and toolbar not persisting/broken
Bug IDEA-211157 File and Code Templates shows incorrect include header for Default scheme
Bug IDEA-198276 Registry returns default values (not the user ones) at early stages of application loading
Bug IDEA-219420 "Editor | Inlay Hints" settings are not persisted between restarts
Usability IDEA-207984 Ambiguous description: small labels in editor tabs
Usability IDEA-136209 "Small labels in editor tabs" should be in "Editor Tabs" configuration section
Usability IDEA-217609 UI cleanup for Settings | Editor | Smart Keys
Core. IndicesBug IDEA-216643 wrong TODO counter for database console
Performance IDEA-219456 Contentless indices load file content due to file type detection
Task IDEA-216231 Research on possible advantages of a common map for SerializedStubTree & IndexedStubs
Core. JSONBug IDEA-221552 Unit Test fails for custom plugin when trying to load a JSON file
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-160274 Field Call Hierarchy
Bug IDEA-221398 Go to Declarations and Usages from popup doesn't jump to class definition
Performance IDEA-211967 IDEA 2019.1 freezes while searching for Todo items
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-218478 Register ConcatenationInjectorManager service in the platform
Feature IDEA-215436 Method with experimental\internal parameter or return type should be considered experimental\internal on its own
Bug IDEA-215432 Internal\experimental API member usage inspection must check if declaring class or package is marked internal\experimental
Bug IDEA-219855 Unable to build an empty IDEA plugin project with 2019.2 target
Bug IDEA-216172 Profiler says that ApiUsageUastVisitor#isInsideImportStatement may be slow
Usability IDEA-212107 Need a way to respond to file edit without creating a FileEditor in a plugin
Task IDEA-217639 Get rid of reflective access in `com.intellij.ide.ClassUtilCore#clearJarURLCache`
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-219259 Queries in plugin list unavailable during indexing
Core. ProfilerFeature IDEA-217015 Need own time in methods list
Feature IDEA-219359 Provide "Callees list" in addition to "Back Traces" and "Merged Callees"
Feature IDEA-218137 Profiler: to open zipped collapsed async profiler dumps
Bug IDEA-221007 Profiler call tree: strange horizontal scroll state after jumping from flame graph to call tree
Bug IDEA-221005 Profiler flamechart: one pixel line on the right of component isn't updated
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-222246 Inspection settings are not saved
Bug IDEA-221500 New module created in Project Structure dialog may get explicit module group assigned breaking grouping by module names
Bug IDEA-221596 JavaDoc and annotations paths may be reordered in *.iml file on save
Bug IDEA-111848 Move of .iml file does not update the reference in modules.xml
Performance IDEA-216510 Freezes in ConversionServiceImpl.getProjectFilesMap
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-212331 Anchor links do not work in QuickDoc
Bug IDEA-218115 QuickDoc popup changes its user-defined size on navigating by links
Bug IDEA-216893 Quick documentation is shown even without moving the mouse
Bug IDEA-220127 Anchor links within the same document don't work sometimes
Usability IDEA-189703 Documentation doesn't appear on hover on the element with warning
Core. RefactoringsFeature IDEA-129547 Rename module and directory at the same time
Bug IDEA-216354 com.intellij.codeInsight.hint.ShowParameterInfoHandler#getHandlers doesn't respect "order" attribute
Exception IDEA-219687 "java.lang.Throwable: AWT events are not allowed inside write action" on Undo during Rename operation
Core. Run | Debug. ConfigurationsFeature IDEA-182193 Intention to create a new Run configuration for executable class
Bug IDEA-157989 "Stop" button does not work when the IDE is launched as a background task
Bug IDEA-216291 No paste button in Tomcat Run/Debug configuration Startup/Connection
Bug IDEA-215196 Runner content ui has left border when its toolbar is not visible and new tabs is enabled.
Bug IDEA-131597 Filtering is not applied to "irrelevant" run configurations
Bug IDEA-219327 Run/Debug actions on toolbar aren't shown until 'Edit Configurations' dialog is opened
Bug IDEA-215194 Run console toolbar is not separated from console editor when new tabs is enabled
Bug IDEA-215363 Generate JavaDoc passes java11 style --source-path to java8 javadoc binary
Core. XMLBug IDEA-192427 Invalid URI resolution for dependent external resources with absolute path (XML schema files)
Bug IDEA-215634 com.intellij.util.xml.DomFileDescription#isMyFile: parameter module is always null
Performance IDEA-212283 DOM: xinclude performance problem
EditorBug IDEA-221337 Joining lines performance is slow
Bug IDEA-221335 Exception in plugin aborts the whole Copy/Cut operation
Bug IDEA-217903 Inlay Hints: doubled hints on changing the file extension
Bug IDEA-216746 Inlay hints: Use editor font for editor
Bug IDEA-216745 Inlay hints: Select first item in the list when opening a settings page
Bug IDEA-216360 Code vision selection background overrides editor margin
Usability IDEA-218340 Escape required characters when copy-pasting text between different types of string literals
Usability IDEA-216743 Inlay hints: Add explanation text on root page of the settings
Cosmetics IDEA-216747 Inlay hints: Increase space between checkboxes and "Black list..." label
Task IDEA-217669 Use same delay for popups shown on mouse hover in editor
Exception IDEA-221262 IAE at org.jetbrains.plugins.github.pullrequest.comment.ui.EditorComponentInlaysManager
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-221425 Code completion broken and not configurable
Bug IDEA-220191 How do you customize the CompletionPopup background color?
Bug IDEA-219161 Empty bottom advertisement text in non-completion lookups
Exception IDEA-219655 NSEE at kotlin.collections.MapsKt__MapWithDefaultKt.getOrImplicitDefaultNullable
Editor. Color SchemesBug IDEA-216982 Regression: usage of deprecated api is not highlighted - no strikeout from code style
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-216868 Diff could tell if binary files are different
Feature IDEA-218189 Show scope background color in Diff window files popup
Bug IDEA-218187 Diff/Merge files drop-down has strange files sorting
Bug IDEA-220681 Wrong Differences ignored label
Bug IDEA-215841 Directory diff finds binary content differences in some big binary files, while they are the same
Bug IDEA-220960 Compare files doesn't respect Soft wrap option
Usability IDEA-220861 Merge dialog: Actions buttons should be disabled if file is not selected
Exception IDEA-220582 NPE at
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-125325 Join lines in custom file type should handle end-of-line comments
Bug IDEA-215899 Folded property value editing: if PasteFromHistory (Ctrl-Shift-V) is invoked in value editor, Esc closes editor instead of ChooseContentToPaste dialog
Bug IDEA-221610 Need to click twice to unselect identifier that is being renamed
Bug IDEA-218068 Javadoc comments folding captures code on the same line
Bug IDEA-221642 Incorrect parameter popup highlighting range
Bug IDEA-217073 Burmese language literals irreversibly break the editor
Bug IDEA-215896 Folded property value editing: incorrect cursor after Expand invocation in case of long property value text
Bug IDEA-217353 Paste inside text block should escape opening/closing quotes
Bug IDEA-218901 Limit Description width in inspections popup
Bug IDEA-210020 Search highlight color does not change when changing theme
Bug IDEA-216967 Folded values of properties from resource bundles are not changed on property value changing in *.properties file
Usability IDEA-204308 Multiline TODO popup interferes with editing the TODO.
Usability IDEA-216380 When folding Javadoc comments do not show ellipsis if full content is shown when folded
Usability IDEA-215414 Toggle Case action must preserve selection if changed text expands
Cosmetics IDEA-185041 Tabs rendering for show whitespaces are too intrusive, and space rendering look too much like periods.
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-217862 False code inspection on methode reference on protected class for inheritence in different package
Editor. Formatter and Code StylePerformance IDEA-218532 Freezes in CodeStyle.getSettings
Cosmetics IDEA-218180 JavaScript language level is used in the Configure indents action name instead of JavaScript
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-218163 CreateFileFix creates files in sources instead of resources locations in Gradle / Maven projects
Bug IDEA-220487 Create File Intention: in the target roots drop-down the inconsistent slashes are used (in case of missing directories)
Bug IDEA-219577 Create File intention popup does not support speed search in the options popup
Task IDEA-217596 Redesign tooltip for warnings/errors on scrollbar
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationTask IDEA-219542 Enable Bytecode Verification by default
Plugin Development (DevKit)Feature IDEA-220700 plugin.xml: suppress spellchecking for EP attributes marked with @NonNls
Feature IDEA-219724 Devkit: support <projectListeners> (2019.3+)
Feature IDEA-203877 Help to write PersistentStateComponent correctly
Feature IDEA-219619 plugin.xml: highlight EP/EP-attributes annotated with @ApiStatus.Experimental
Feature IDEA-206060 DevKit: deprecate Project Wizard
Feature IDEA-211503 Devkit: specifying ApiStatus.ScheduledForRemoval without Javadoc
Bug IDEA-217581 Devkit plugin.xml I18n: take into account all ConfigurableEP/InspectionEP classes
Bug IDEA-219140 Devkit: support <applicationListeners> (2019.3+)
Bug IDEA-221095 Devkit: resolve EPs when used via xinclude or <depends>
Bug IDEA-217183 DevKit: PluginXmlDomInspection should not request icon from implementation-detail plugins
Task IDEA-216155 @ScheduledForRemoval: inspection that warns if API marked with SFR must already be removed
Task IDEA-221351 Devkit: include 'com.intellij.modules.platform' dependency by default in plugin.xml templates
Plugin. MarkdownCosmetics IDEA-221369 Make grayscale antialiasing the default in Markdown preview
Plugin. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-221031 Shell script removes '/' slash from execution command
Bug IDEA-219544 shell script format problems with locale
Bug IDEA-220421 Java classes are suggested in completion popup
Bug IDEA-215936 Shell Plugin :: Tab Size In Editor Doesn't Match Size Configured In Settings
Bug IDEA-218250 Cant define working directory for ShConfigurationType
Bug IDEA-219427 Shell Script command appended to current Terminal command line
Plugin. Task ManagementBug IDEA-207486 [Task Management] the task dropdown in the toolbar is disabled for the newly added server in the fresh IDE installation
Plugin. TerminalFeature IDEA-116253 font zooming does not work in terminal tool window
Bug IDEA-180204 Terminal output garbled after specific file has been printed out
Bug IDEA-219379 Terminal sessions are lost on every major update
Bug IDEA-219599 2019.2 JBTerminal throws java.lang.Throwable: Directory index may not be queried for default project
Bug IDEA-220774 Terminal failed to start on Windows (blocked by antivirus)
Exception IDEA-163345 "Could not set clipboard: cannot open system clipboard" (#171.584)
Plugin. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-220816 TextMateServiceImpl fires file type changed event every time on startup
Bug IDEA-219004 'Install' php script files without extension are not registered as PHP files with textmate enabled
Plugin. YAMLFeature IDEA-212876 Made an option to disable (or change) key sequence paste feature
ServicesBug IDEA-220601 Services: text in speed search popup is red even if the tree contains matched nodes
Bug IDEA-220472 Services View: for the Compound Run Configuration Debug is disabled
Services. Password ManagementBug IDEA-216476 Keyring returns null instead of unlock request
Services. SSHBug IDEA-220081 SSHJ: Hash hosts in known_hosts file setting ignored
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-101757 Copy status message to clipboard
Feature IDEA-203207 Touch Bar: Options on the Touch Bar should be filtered when searching in popup
Bug IDEA-220729 "Open" project link doesn't work on Welcome screen
Bug IDEA-218782 'null' user account name when trying to sync settings on freshly installed IDEA
Bug IDEA-220057 NPE in NotificationsManagerImpl.findWindowForBalloon
Bug IDEA-216347 Tabs in color themes: ToolWindow.HeaderTab.underlinedTabForeground / underlinedTabInactiveForeground don't work
Bug IDEA-204463 Touch Bar: Items in "Add to Favourites" list disabled in IDEA UI are not disabled on the Touch Bar
Bug IDEA-219479 New License Dialog: Show error message in bottom part
Bug IDEA-221755 Project opened from fullscreen is windowed
Bug IDEA-218687 Select the only plugin on the right on search
Bug IDEA-207914 Validation message doesn't fit explanation text
Bug IDEA-220046 Editor tabs: editor tabs icon jumps down on tabs layout changed
Bug IDEA-221330 Tabs painting artefacts after disabling tabs
Bug IDEA-217907 Error message in status bar is truncated
Bug IDEA-218080 "Open Project" dialog does not appear if opening a project via "Open Recent" main menu
Bug IDEA-221860 'Exit from Fullscreen' is broken on mac
Bug IDEA-220663 Empty frame when project is opened in current window
Bug IDEA-215943 Expand button for "No proxy for" field insert spaces instead of commas
Bug IDEA-221491 Tab placement none doesn't work with table layout
Bug IDEA-218593 Project window does not restore "maximize" state
Bug IDEA-221112 Incorrect text painting in goto class
Bug IDEA-221532 "Recent Files" list flickers on hovering
Bug IDEA-218342 IDEA crash on a dropdown filtering
Bug IDEA-216341 Tabs in color themes: ToolWindow.HeaderTab.hoverBackground is applied incorrectly to an inactive tool window tab
Bug IDEA-221233 Smooth mouse wheel scrolling mishandles some burst scroll events on Windows
Usability IDEA-104317 Javadoc with images using the data: scheme are shown as broken images.
Usability IDEA-55081 Allow date format customization
Usability IDEA-76396 Make MouseWheel scrolling smooth
Usability IDEA-119140 "Find in path" dialog missing tabstop for "File mask(s)" checkbox
Usability IDEA-18213 MacOSX: Use Cmd+Enter instead of Ctrl+Enter
Usability IDEA-218869 New error tooltip with action is hard to use for multi-line error
Usability IDEA-211035 Tabs Placement: None should affect only tabs visibility
Usability IDEA-116865 Add the ability to bind "Jump to Editor" to a key other than escape
Usability IDEA-219185 New License dialog: Wrong dialog size
Usability IDEA-217044 Better wording for "Autoscroll to source", "Autoscroll from source" and "Scroll to source"
Cosmetics IDEA-221352 "Multiple libraries contain the file" text doesn't fit the popup header
Task IDEA-215788 Remove group headers where they are not needed (in Preferences)
Task IDEA-216075 Convert New File action to the same popup design as New Class
Task IDEA-216355 Debugger: do not underline tab if there is only one tab in a group
Exception IDEA-216781 Exception occurs on opening Spelling tab in Settings
Exception IDEA-198352 "java.lang.Throwable: null topic; dialog=class" after invoking "Context help" ("Help" button, F1) in a dialog with no help available
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-220573 It takes a long time for context menu to appear when right-clicking on 1000 files in a directory
Usability IDEA-218224 Request: always offer "show in explorer" when it's a file in the file system
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-218270 Toolwindows in 'Window' mode are hardly accessible
Bug IDEA-215218 [Debugger tabs] all tabs are opened after IDE restart with Undocked view mode
Cosmetics IDEA-215252 Git Login window — the width of Username and Password fields is not equal
Cosmetics IDEA-214806 "JRE" combobox is cut in Maven Runner Settings
Cosmetics IDEA-215220 [Debugger tabs] add a tooltip to the icon under which all tabs options are shown
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-202674 IntelliJ froze after trying to open result from find in path dialog
Bug IDEA-214836 IDE freezes in "Find in path" while scrolling through found files
Bug IDEA-191582 FindInPath & ReplaceInPath: Regexp: incorrect behavior in case of malformed replacement string
Bug IDEA-166862 Find/Replace: Do Refactor button disappears
Bug IDEA-172063 find in path preview hides file extension if filter mask is set, even if several extensions are allowed
Bug IDEA-173424 Find in Path results sorting in random order
Usability IDEA-56579 Find Usages dialog could preserve option values
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-221394 Focus is lost when switching project using "Recent projects"
Usability IDEA-211276 Refactoring preview "Do Refactor" cannot be handled from keyboard because it does not gain focus
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-220414 "Jump Outside Current Bracket/Quote" does not work with Emacs Tabs
Bug IDEA-216141 Typing Alt+Letter is broken on macOS in IDEA 2019.2 because of a mnemonic related issue
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-221356 "Cannot set High contrast theme" error on attempt to set High contrast theme
Usability IDEA-219108 Checkboxes for plugins are right next to scrollbar, leading to frequent operator error
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-220990 Configuration 'Use "CamelHumps" words' does not appear in 'Find Action...' window
Bug IDEA-217470 Next enabled option will be selected if disabled one was called from keyboard
Performance IDEA-217855 Go to Action: don't init all configurables on EDT
Usability IDEA-220792 "Recent Files" popup no longer remembers it's dimensions
Task IDEA-217686 Not clear what In-place Descriptions menu item means
User Interface. Project ViewUsability IDEA-85947 Need to rename "synchronize" context menu item
Version ControlFeature IDEA-212693 Support Issue Navigation from annotate/blame commit tooltips
Feature IDEA-178283 Add 'Copy as Patch to Clipboard' to the Shelf view
Feature IDEA-218460 Browse Repository At Revision: support Annotate
Feature IDEA-73223 More completions in commit message editor. Not only for file names, but method/field names, etc.
Feature IDEA-220779 Add recent commit messages into completion list
Bug IDEA-218809 "Paths Affected in Revision" window is not shown anymore if to close the underlying diff
Bug IDEA-216607 Undo in the editor removes checkbox in the commit pane
Bug IDEA-215930 Rewording commit by shortcut (F2) invokes edit changelist dialog instead reword dialog
Bug IDEA-217856 Find action: "Changelists: Enable changelist conflict tracking" cannot be enabled and does not exist in settings
Bug IDEA-220599 Import Patch into Shelf broken
Bug IDEA-184345 Regression - Git Branch Spacebar Functionality
Bug IDEA-221535 Non-modal commit: Commit button in not getting enabled when only unversioned files selected
Bug IDEA-221627 Non-modal commit: Checked unversioned files are unchecked on Ctrl + K
Bug IDEA-218842 Diff In Commit-dialog: In Unified View the first chunk is not in focus on dialog opening
Bug IDEA-210224 Synchronous execution on EDT: unshelveChangeList on Update Project
Bug IDEA-221637 Unversioned files selected in "Local Changes" are not checked by default in commit dialog on "Commit Project" invocation
Performance IDEA-218483 ChangesViewManager may load it's state lazily
Performance IDEA-219152 IDE is freezing for 30+ seconds due to a lot of ignored files
Usability IDEA-207787 Silent Unshelve silently ignores a file if it doesn't match the base
Usability IDEA-218356 could you please stop popping annoying "Adding file to VCS" messages
Usability IDEA-216362 Non-modal commit: on Git | commit invocation for some file it should ecome not only checked but also selected in the LocalChanges
Usability IDEA-216488 Do not show "View 0 commits" after unsuccessful update with conflicts on rejected push attempt
Cosmetics IDEA-221406 Typo in "Project from Version Control"
Task IDEA-217302 Remove "VCS History Cache Settings" panel from "Version Control" -> "Background" settings
Task IDEA-217255 HierarchicalFilePathComparatorTest is in different package than testee
Exception IDEA-217482 Synchronous execution on EDT on "Fix and Commit" on commit line separators
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-173936 Smart checkout could use shelf instead of stash
Feature IDEA-164356 Let push a branch which is not current branch
Feature IDEA-168476 git interactive rebase: Add "drop" option
Bug IDEA-217872 Changing the Update Info Filter in the Settings doesn't activate the "Apply" button
Bug IDEA-217569 Rename selected branch from Branch Popup do not affect repos which contain this branch as current
Bug IDEA-220998 Cherry-pick without dialog doesn't synchronize file system changes to the VFS
Bug IDEA-210229 Wrong baseline for branches statusbar widget
Bug IDEA-220504 Git | Pull is broken because missing some GitBundle properties
Bug IDEA-217242 Git hooks don't run unless you open "Commit Options" popup
Bug IDEA-170401 Canceled Commit task reports that the file has been committed while it has not
Bug IDEA-199498 3-way merge shows wrong hash of incoming commit during interactive rebase.
Performance IDEA-220438 Don't use reflection to read git config via ini4j
Usability IDEA-81532 Git: cannot force add a file which is on .gitignore list
Usability IDEA-149015 Rename "Git | Revert" action to avoid confusion with `git revert` command
Usability IDEA-220048 Add a setting to select Shelf or Stash as a preferable method to preserve local changes
Usability IDEA-152791 File with reverted staged changes is highlighted as changed (blue)
Cosmetics IDEA-221703 Tag dialog: change tooltip text on Validate button
Cosmetics IDEA-221248 Typo in the description of interactive rebase.
Exception IDEA-221695 Throwable at org.jetbrains.git4idea.ssh.GitXmlRpcHandlerService.getXmlRcpPort
Version Control. Local HistoryUsability IDEA-73911 Implement user-friendly method toString in class com.intellij.history.core.revisions.RecentChange
Cosmetics IDEA-195993 Recent Changes dialog needs some spacing
Cosmetics IDEA-220623 Recent Changes dialog design
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-209131 If the project name contains an underscore '_', the underscore does not appear in the Log Paths combobox.
Bug IDEA-219575 memory leak
Performance IDEA-217010 VcsLogManager leaks project
Performance IDEA-217125 Git log component update is very slow
Usability IDEA-193806 Display errors which affect displayed information in the Log
Version Control. MercurialBug IDEA-220350 Push commits dialog (mercurial): should enter remote URL on every push
Usability IDEA-73341 Mercurial: allow adding ignored files
Version Control. SubversionPerformance IDEA-219881 Performance improvement in SVN operations
Version Control. TFSCosmetics IDEA-215448 Add Items to TFS window - there is no "NO" option. Should be either both (text and button) No or Cancel
Navigation & SearchUsability DBE-8875 Show files in "Attached Directories" by default when pressing Ctrl+Shift+N (Go to Files)
No subsystemFeature WEB-39636 Intention action to convert nested calls to a pipe expression and vice versa
Bug WEB-40027 Incorrect "variable initializer is redundant" message
Bug WEB-38017 Red code is generated when creating a new variable inside `for` content
Bug WEB-40777 Run anything: yarn is not shown in the list of available commands
Performance WEB-17638 Joining Lines works extremely slow
Build toolsBug WEB-40782 'Run Anything': List scripts from package.json when typing `npm` or `yarn` regardless what tool is set in preferences
CSSBug WEB-37978 Webpack aliases not resolved in URLs in CSS properties
Bug WEB-35236 Import of css files with webpack aliases is not resolved in case of '@import url()'
Bug WEB-40898 CSS padding property hint auto is invalid
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-34310 CoffeeScript: "Change signature" refactoring doesn't work
DartFeature WEB-40331 Add folding for `group` and `test` functions in Dart
Bug WEB-40938 Un-named extension methods in Dart not showing well in Structure view
Task WEB-40831 Add support for extension methods
DebuggerBug WEB-13411 Node.js: can't set value in debugger
Bug WEB-36471 WebStorm Debugger variable set value error.
Bug WEB-40694 Debugger doesn't stop on a breakpoint in Kotlin/JS project
Bug WEB-38477 Debugging with "js.debugger.use.node.options" fails if path to TEMP directory contains non-ASCII characters
Bug WEB-41007 Can't debug node.js - get error 'URI is not hierarchial'
File WatchersFeature WEB-36668 Allow enabling global file watchers for all new projects
Bug WEB-29424 Race condition between saving file and file watcher execution
Bug WEB-40636 Strange intention actions: just 'Yes' and 'No'
Cosmetics WEB-40053 File Watchers: column header in Settings is not fully visible
JSONBug WEB-40927 Editor is breaking JSON syntax when inserting new line after key-value pair
JavaScriptFeature WEB-40404 Extract single property from object as a shorthand property, not as spreadElements
Feature WEB-38784 Support Promise.allSettled
Feature WEB-32472 Validate duplicate ES6 exports in JS
Feature WEB-2089 Implement AMD declaration linking
Feature WEB-40240 Suggest awaited items in code completion for promises
Bug WEB-39441 CommonJS: completion for exported symbols when using const {freeze} = Object; module.exports = freeze({})
Bug WEB-38677 JSDoc: wrong type mismatch errors when using function type with IIFE
Bug WEB-40100 Merge 'simplify' intention and inspection
Bug WEB-40659 Intention "Extract increment" in for loop generates invalid code
Bug WEB-30569 ES6 classes: Generated code doesn't take comments at the end of the class into account
Bug WEB-40655 Duplicate 'Simplify' items in Alt+Enter for conditional
Bug WEB-40192 Quick fix: Joining variable declaration adds redundant indent for a comment
Bug WEB-36802 'Safe delete parameter' should check for usages inside function and show conflicts dialog
Bug WEB-38545 Invalid highlighting for JS Classes after including via require
Bug WEB-28080 Extends ES5 classes with ES6 classes is not supported
Bug WEB-40492 Unicode code points are not supported in JS identifiers
Bug WEB-36461 Double `flip if-else` results in double parenthesis
Bug WEB-40538 Exception when file has several default exports
Bug WEB-40662 Intention: Incorrect replacing const with let in for-of loop
Bug WEB-39875 JS Intentions: JS: Converting arrow function to anonymous function breaks on IIFE
Bug WEB-40285 'Split into declaration and initialization and move to scope start' duplicates variable initialization in for-in loop
Bug WEB-40009 JSDocs and Promise all not working
Bug WEB-40393 'Create Directory/File' fixes don't work with relative paths in 2019.3
Bug WEB-38679 Type mismatch inspection incorrectly matches JSDoc type expression with destructuring parameter
Bug WEB-38392 False 'unused definition' when re-defining a property initialized in constructor
Bug WEB-40194 Quick fix: Joining variable declarations with export removes export
Bug WEB-28204 'Create variable' quick-fix shown when not applicable (in variable type annotation)
Bug WEB-40637 Replace with indexer access produces malformed code in HTML context
Bug WEB-21935 Wrong highlighting for 'del' word in gulpfile.js
Usability WEB-40195 Quick fix: Improve availability of 'Quote/Unquote property names' after lbrace and for commas
Usability WEB-40096 Quick Fix: JS/TS: "Join Concatenated String Literals" duplicates the functionality of "Compute Constant Value "
Task WEB-40421 Support having decorators after the 'export' keyword
Task WEB-40821 Enable type hints by default for function parameters
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-13538 Wrong indent for comments in chained function calls
Bug WEB-38291 Reformat Code (Ctrl + Alt + L) deletes empty space between curly brace and 'from' keyword
Bug WEB-39888 Formatter does not respect TypeScript code style settings for VueJS components using typescript in <script> tag.
Bug WEB-28301 Formatter: support Rearrange Code action inside script tag
Bug WEB-40497 TypeScript - when 'function declaration parameters' wraps the parameters it unneccesarily wraps lambda function passed as a argument
Bug WEB-38347 Formatting unindents comments in braceless ifs
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-31785 React: `props.<props_name>` not resolved unless there is explicit `propTypes` declaration
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-40394 Duplicate declaration inspection for export (specifiers/aliases)
Feature WEB-40156 Add inspection when using trailing commas in destructuring/ functions with rest parameters
Bug WEB-40911 False 'missing await' for async generators
Bug WEB-39843 Quick fix: JS : Converting a function and its member declarations to a class caused exception
Bug WEB-29134 "unused local-variable/constant" inspection shouldn't provide a quick-fix for required loop variable
Bug WEB-27499 'var to let/const' produces invalid result in 'for' loop
Bug WEB-32373 False positive on redundant escape characters inspection in regular expression built from template string
Bug WEB-24660 unresolved file name quickfix cannot create file inside not existed folder
Bug WEB-39775 "const variable without initializer" from assigning PHP to inline JS
Task WEB-39873 Intention actions "Merge Parallel For Loops" and "Merge Parallel For-In Loops" - either rethink, or remove
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-40033 Add an intention action to add a template string argument
Feature WEB-38972 Quick-fix: Convert const to let. remove readonly modifier
Bug WEB-37033 Typescript: in case of return type mismatch, quick fix should update the whole class hierarchy
Bug WEB-25137 WebStorm allows to extract variable with breaking the operator precedence
Bug WEB-39798 'Change signature' should handle arrow functions in class hierarchy
Bug WEB-38409 'Introduce parameter' shouldn't suggest anonymous callback scope
Bug WEB-7439 Extract JavaScript variable fails if using multiple declarations chained in a single 'var' statement
Bug WEB-37162 'Introduce local variable' produces red when invoked in 'export default' with decorators
Bug WEB-40910 'Introduce parameter' shouldn't work with the yield expressions
Bug WEB-40919 Extracting a generator method from a field assigned to a generator breaks code due to ASI not allowed
Bug WEB-40959 Inappropriate suggestion to replace string with template string inside flow/typescript type declaration
Bug WEB-31704 'Extract method' for generators should extract generators when possible with updating usages to 'yield * newFunc()'
Bug WEB-39717 Extract variable, Template literal: expression in selection breaks result
Bug WEB-40957 Invalid result of 'Introduce variable' when react function returns parenthesized HTML
Bug WEB-39719 Extract variable: opening/closing quote in selection breaks result
Bug WEB-39368 'Introduce variable' is available on invalid selection and breaks code
Usability WEB-39973 Refactoring: JS(ES5): 'Superclass' and 'Field' shouldn't be available to choose from "refactor"
Usability WEB-39729 WebStorm does't detect labels when refactoring
Usability WEB-17564 Refactoring: Extract variable: empty line is added on switching between radiobuttons inside popup
Cosmetics WEB-39913 Replace word "lvalue" in warning message about the variable usage on the left side
LintersBug WEB-39960 Mark modified (*) keep showing after save with ESLint
Node.jsBug WEB-40907 Rider: Scripts from package.json are not shown in 'Run anything' dialog
Exception WEB-40124 Node.js Remote Interpreter: Vagrant: Throwable: Synchronous execution under ReadAction
Pug (ex-Jade)Bug WEB-21974 jade: unbuffered javascript code not correctly indented
SASSBug WEB-36975 SCSS: Webstorm incorrectly reports "mismatched property value" error if function is called `l()`
Bug WEB-40236 @import in SCSS states in can't be found in the IDE - but its there and also it compiles
Bug WEB-40457 SASS "includePaths" in angular.json is not recognized when using Angular workspaces
TypeScriptFeature WEB-40793 Default type parameters should be omitted
Feature WEB-40231 TypeScript: quick fix to enable allowSyntheticDefaultImports/esModuleInterop
Feature WEB-40352 TypeScript: provide quick fix to insert/remove type arguments for extends/implements case
Feature WEB-40032 TypeScript: provide quick fix to insert/remove type arguments
Feature WEB-40789 Enable duplicate declaration for union/intersection types
Feature WEB-40667 Enable duplicate declaration for type parameters
Feature WEB-36148 TypeScript: new quick fix 'Add "jsx":"react" to tsconfig.json'
Feature WEB-40531 Duplicate declaration for default exports.
Bug WEB-40660 TypeScript. Fix failed if one of the parameters has extends/keyof word
Bug WEB-40928 False positive type checking error with optional properties
Bug WEB-40922 TypeScript: incorrect smart cast to never
Bug WEB-40914 TypeScript: Property optionality is not processed in some cases
Bug WEB-40454 "Add braces to arrow function" should not prepend return if method is void
Bug WEB-39652 Refactor inferred params
Bug WEB-34084 Suggestions incomplete for React components when there is an Omit (Pick and Exclude) structure in the type hierarchy
Bug WEB-40897 Incorrect "prototype" property in the static type of a enum
Bug WEB-40908 False positive symbol assignment
Bug WEB-40449 @internal not suggested as JSDoc comment
Bug WEB-37898 Literals from switch-cases typed by an enum should have references to their source values
Bug WEB-35889 Change signature throws exception when parameter is not described in JSDoc
Bug WEB-32227 TypeScript: show error on initializing optional parameters
Bug WEB-40864 Overloads don't work after re-exporting
Bug WEB-38395 False positive 'method will not be accessible' when changing visibility of class member in namespace
Bug WEB-40657 TypeScript. Insert type arguments completion handler
Bug WEB-40903 TypeScript: false positive type-checking error (and wrong navigation)
Bug WEB-40436 Field refactoring doesn't pick usage
Bug WEB-41003 TypeScript: incorrect error message for incompatible members
Bug WEB-40935 TypeScript: incorrect type inference when we pass optional parameter to a method
Bug WEB-40966 Higher-order type inference fails for mapped types
Usability WEB-40275 Misleading error message: parent tsconfig.json not found
Unit TestsFeature WEB-19963 Cucumber.js: all step references are shown as undefined if feature is written using non-US language
Bug WEB-40585 `Rerun failed tests` runs successful tests under failed group (describe)
Bug WEB-40351 Highlight failed line in the test for shorthanded properties