Build toolsBugWEB-39808Freezes in JsbtFileManager$MyVirtualFileListener.beforeFileDeletion
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-39059CoffeScript, JSX: Coffeescript plugin is disabled on adding/removing braces in attribute value
BugWEB-36037CoffeeScript Syntax Error: Unmatched closing ')' -- when it is actually present
BugWEB-38714)<0 sequence breaks coffeescript code colouring
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-39351Add support for ngNonBindable directive
FeatureWEB-38855Angular @Attribute decorator not recognized
FeatureWEB-36042HTML attributes and tags used as slot name for transclusion reported as illegal
BugWEB-39460Angular: loading angular.json is broken if there are `input` sections in it
BugWEB-39722Unrecognized Ionic/Angular attributes
BugWEB-39587Angular - failed to load schematics exception
BugWEB-39128Angular: no support for "spread" expression in metadata.
BugWEB-38781Angular - select attribute not recognized for ng-content
BugWEB-39216Throwable (Failed to load schematics info) when create angular schematics
PerformanceWEB-39115Angular: slow code completion on large projects
PerformanceWEB-39085Editing HTML in Angular is slow
ExceptionWEB-39906PsiInvalidElementAccessException in Angular project
TypeScriptBugWEB-39538Webstorm 2019.01 Fails to provide type hints with complex generics, conditional generics and wrappers in Angular Templates
 BugWEB-38270TypeScript editor sometimes stops working