Fixed issues


JBR-1558BugDrag'n'drop in trees doesn't work properly in master builds on HiDPI displays
JBR-1085BugGenerate debug info for all classes

Persistent IntelliJ Crashes

JBR-1522BugJDK11 does not reset reused heavy-weight popup window min-size

backport rendering performance microbenchmarks from openjdk-metal branch

JBR-1536Bug[JBR11] Broken JavaFX on Windows
JBR-1541BugMenus become disabled if used while Find Action is active

Robot cannot capture screen with scale other than 1:1

JBR-1562BugBuilds are no no longer published on Bintray since March 2019

Known major and critical issues:


JBR-745BugImprove java2d rendering performance on macOS by using Metal framework
JBR-1311Bug[JBR 11] Double quote adding special character on macOS with "English, U.S. International - PC" layout
JBR-1515BugRegression test jb/sun/awt/macos/MoveFocusShortcutTest.java fails on macOS
JBR-1567Bug[LightBeam] Menu Selection metric dropped on ~100% on Darcula & IntelliJ LaF's
JBR-186BugModal dialogs (Messages) shouldn't popup IDEA when another application is active
JBR-232Bugjava/awt/event/KeyEvent/DeadKey/deadKeyMacOSX.java: IllegalArgumentException: invalid keyChar (Wrong number of key events)
JBR-659Bug[HY_Functional] DefaultKeyboardFocusManagerTest: testDefaultKeyboardFocusManager_processKeyEvent failed to move focus to the next component
JBR-694Bug[macos] java/awt/event/KeyEvent/ExtendedKeyCode/ExtendedKeyCodeTest.java: Wrong extended key code
JBR-746BugIntelliJ Idea Ultimate 2018.1 Crashed on Linux x64
JBR-1089Bug[JDK11] Regression test java/awt/FileDialog/ModalFocus/FileDialogModalFocusTest.java fails with NPE on macOS
JBR-1098Bug[JDK11] Ctrl+C does not work in IDEA terminal window on macOS
JBR-1108Bug[JDK11] java/awt/keyboard/AllKeyCode/AllKeyCode.java: Wrong keycode received

[JDK11] java/awt/font/Outline/OutlineInvarianceTest.java: Failed for font java.awt.Font[family=Dialog,name=MS Gothic,style=bold,size=30]

JBR-1115Bugjava/awt/Robot/MouseLocationOnScreen/MouseLocationOnScreen.java fails on Windows
JBR-1119Bug[JDK11] Right Alt key works incorrectly
JBR-1131BugSystem-wide shortcut to switch windows Cmd+~ on a Mac changes between two last opened projects
JBR-1147Bugjava/awt/FileDialog/FilenameFilterTest/FilenameFilterTest.htm: Filter was not called
JBR-1235BugAtomicAppend tests fail on macOS 10.13 ("High Sierra")
JBR-1273BugCommon Item Dialog does not open when wrong path to directory is passed
JBR-1274BugCommon Item Dialog sometimes crash the process
JBR-1308BugGoland hangs and doesn't response
JBR-1316BugOpening a Markdown file with a SVG picture in it make IDEA crash [JBR11]
JBR-1325Bugjava.lang.NullPointerException After update to 2019.1
JBR-1336BugMarkdown plugin cannot preview chinese char
JBR-1337BugWhenever i open any markdown file IDE will completely freeze, even if the markdown file is empty
JBR-1352BugWebView rendering artifacts while resizing
JBR-1371Bugjb/java/awt/Toolkit/GetScreenInsets468.java became failing on new created MacOSX 10.13
JBR-1407Bug"Find Actions by Shortcut" does not work for quote (' / ") with "English, U.S. International - PC" layout
JBR-1414BugDnD on linux (XToolkit) does not honor HIDPI scale
JBR-1510BugHard crash on "Check for Updates" invocation via menu
JBR-1532BugIntelliJ crashes with input method


The list of all known issues can be found here.