Jupyter NotebookBug PY-34216 Gently handle cases when PyCharm doesn't support the given notebook language
Bug PY-34398 Create a separate debug session for every cell run
Bug PY-34405 Support URL with "or" expression in Jupyter Server output
Bug PY-34127 Managed Server failed to start if Anaconda-based interpreter is used
Bug PY-34464 Jupyter: can't reconnect to remote kernel after internet goes down
PyCharm Web HelpBug PY-34415 Update PyCharm keymaps for 2019.1
Remote InterpretersBug PY-34449 SSH interpreters are marked as invalid if WSL plugin is enabled
DockerBug IDEA-208312 Error in typehint in cap_add block in docker-compose
Bug IDEA-208100 Docker. java.lang.AssertionError: Without manager but not disposed: Log at deleting container with the opened Log
Performance IDEA-208129 DockerDebug. Docker works slow after many "docker debug" runnings
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-208424 Word completion doesn't work in language-specific elements in small IDEs
Editor. Color SchemesTask IDEA-206064 Display a warning of Rider color schemes incompatibility instead of failing, fall back to some other color scheme
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-202625 IDEA doesn't see library after it is copied into 'lib' folder
Packaging and InstallationUsability IDEA-207608 [jbr11 windows installers] It is better to remove checkboxes related to win32 system from Setup dialog
Task IDEA-206416 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.21 with IntelliJ IDEA
Plugin DevelopmentBug IDEA-202417 Quick-fix to register PsiReferenceProvider via psi.referenceProvider generates red code
Bug IDEA-140250 Rename class refactoring handles usages in xml incorrectly if inner class is renamed
Bug IDEA-208625 Devkit: extension point property "className" should have PsiClass code insight
Bug IDEA-208354 Devkit: subtags of 'intentionAction' tag in plugin.xml are highlighted as errors
Task IDEA-208472 Devkit: allow user to specify modules which are included into single plugin for component registration check
TerminalBug IDEA-204243 In 2018.3 terminal doesn't save commands to the history (zsh).
User InterfaceBug IDEA-203502 Preview in "Find Usages" toolwindow turns green when disabled
Bug IDEA-206775 Remove Run Anything icon for IntelliJ IDEA
Cosmetics IDEA-203937 Vertical aligned windows can't be resized entirely anymore
Cosmetics IDEA-205826 Annotation name is cropped on hiDPI monitor 175% scale
Exception IDEA-208621 Bookmark dialog's move up/down actions do not work (throw exceptions)
User Interface. NavigationUsability IDEA-204149 Disable Search Everywhere from automatically inserting last query
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-191688 Resume indexing operation infinite pop-up dialog
DB ConnectivityFeature DBE-1584 Database: "Automatically disconnect after XX minutes" Property
Feature DBE-2606 Make it possible to run initialization scripts
Feature DBE-5890 KeepAlive setting in data source properties
DB ConsoleBug DBE-7896 Datagrip notifications show raw HTML
IDE GeneralFeature DBE-5854 Console 'Save' is a weak spot in an otherwise brilliant product.
CSSBug WEB-37524 Hyphen css class renaming doesn't work
Task WEB-37622 Support "Motion Path Module Level 1" CSS spec
Task WEB-37628 Support 'CSS Overscroll Behavior Module' CSS spec
DebuggerBug WEB-37444 Console input icon doesn't change its size while changing font size
Cosmetics WEB-37357 Remove extra line in Filters popup
Exception WEB-36972 Assertion when debugging with temporary breakpoint
HTMLBug WEB-36583 Tag name editing synchronization lags with some actions
Bug WEB-36848 html 5 boilerplate v7+ falls back to git checkout
JSONBug WEB-37571 json schema oneOf not validating correctly
JavaScriptBug WEB-30019 The IDE can't recognize some mongoose functionality
Bug WEB-37373 Add/remove ES6 exports. Wrong context detection for arrow/anonymous function
Bug WEB-35742 Documentation popup: missing spaces between links to definitions
Bug WEB-37516 Javascript classes are not identified correctly when declared with unnamed class expression
Bug WEB-37563 Can't type semicolon sign in the color string
Bug WEB-37642 Flow integration super slow on flow 0.92.1
Exception WEB-37026 Quick Doc: IllegalArgumentException on invocation documentation with a large image
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-32278 Option to not self-close JSX tags when autocompleting
Bug WEB-37660 JSX: propTypes don't work with spread if they are defined using literal properties
Bug WEB-37647 "Must be lvalue" in angular template with non-null assertion
Bug WEB-37509 Emmet expansion in JSX templates generates Quotes for event handlers
Bug WEB-31058 Incorrect warning: Element XYZ doesn't have required attribute children.
Bug WEB-36114 React components created with ref forwarding are not suggested in completion
Bug WEB-37588 [TypeScript][React] Component requires props from a Component connected to Redux
Bug WEB-30180 New component tag should not always auto complete to self closing for components that require children
Bug WEB-37644 Angular expression comments are incorrectly lexed
Bug WEB-37320 Angular: binding to an @Input that is a method gives a warning
Bug WEB-37637 `Type` is missing in the completion list
Task WEB-26592 Angular: Improve suppression inside component's templates
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-29577 Good code yellow: Local variable is redundant when restoring original value
LintersBug WEB-37120 TSLint Schema for "whitespace" not up to date
Bug WEB-37656 eslint.additional.file.extensions registry option should allow different versions
Node.jsException WEB-37707 package.json: Semver check produces Throwable
TypeScriptBug WEB-37140 IntelliSense does not resolve typescript with typeof import('module').property
Bug WEB-37592 Support for typeof import
Bug WEB-37606 "Do not show parameter hints for this method" not suggested for functions types
Bug WEB-37602 Type guards: cannot resolve narrowed type methods because of invalid type source taken from 'any'
Bug WEB-37706 Incorrect "is null" warning Typescript (closure)
Bug WEB-37552 tsserver crashes with assertion on TS side on removing script tag in vue file
Bug WEB-37507 'Redundant local variable' inspection is spurious when the variable assignment is used for type widening.
Bug WEB-36829 False positive 'Item is not redundant' when assigning to typed variable before returning
Bug WEB-37663 TypeScript: wrap fixes aren't available if ts service is on
Unit TestsBug WEB-37066 ##teamcity text in console when debug Jest tests with Node 6
Bug WEB-37680 Jest fails with 'Class constructor Spec cannot be invoked without 'new''