This release contains a number of new features as well as many enhancements and fixes.

User Groups

With this build TeamCity adds Groups of users to ease user management.

What's next: in the nearest future we will add notifications to the groups (will serve as default notifications for the users) and allow to synchronize TeamCity and LDAP groups.

Eclipse Plugin

Mono Support

Starting with this build, TeamCity provides initial support for Mono. Currently MSBuild (xbuild) and NAnt are supported. NAnt also enables full support for TeamCity test running tasks and on-the-fly tests reporting. Tests support within MSBuild builds is under way (you can use NUnit addin for now).

Also, TeamCity detects presence of Mono frameworks installed and sets system properties that can be used in the build settings and agent requirements.

Assign responsibility for a failed build

Responsibility can be assigned to a user. The responsible user gets a notification on this event.

Project-wide Change Log

Better presentation of failures in dependent builds

Snapshot dependencies failures summary is now available on the build results page and a build popup. Also note the highlighted "Changes" link - there is my change (smile)

Other Improvements