HTTP ClientFeature WI-20560 Restful Web Service Tester: Add Option to not Follow Redirects
Feature WI-42693 Add an option to disable logging for a specific request
Feature WI-43332 Implement completion for @no-redirect doc tag
Feature WI-43335 Add request with `@no-redirect` to HTTP Requests Collection
Feature WI-42095 Create run-configuration for HTTP Requests
Feature WI-43351 Implement quick documentation for @no-redirect doc tag
Bug WI-44195 HTTP Client: Request stays running even after response is received
Bug WI-42436 Basic authorization should be preemptive
Bug WI-42311 response handler scripts: Multiple headers with same name
Bug WI-43099 HTTP Client: Add 'print()' function to 'http-client-stub.js'
Bug WI-43685 Running request via gutter updates saved configuration if file names collapses
Bug WI-41923 REST Client: Request body is broken when re-formatting JSON with a comment
Bug WI-43689 Collections doesn't work (file can't be found)
Bug WI-40496 RESTful webservices: REST client: parameters are not sent for POST methods
Bug WI-43729 Files created outside the project after creating HTTP Request scratch not "visible" to IDEA / Webstorm
Usability WI-43271 Use file templates to create HTTP Request scratch file
Exception WI-42641 HTTP Client doesn't save responses if large
Exception WI-43981 Exception when invoke quick documentation on http response processing script
PHP CompletionFeature WI-44956 Suggest accessible class constants and static methods from other project classes on the second completion
Feature WI-12366 Add prompting for "class use" alias on import
Bug WI-44402 Don't suggest classes with private constructors in 'new <caret>'
Bug WI-34826 {@inheritDoc} PHPDoc generation inconsistency
Bug WI-37594 Static variable is not shown if constant with the same name exists
Bug WI-42659 Completion incorrectly inserts static field in non-static context
Bug WI-44416 Autocomplete and hints stopped working for interfaces when many class aliases exist
Bug WI-43385 Autocomplete and hints stopped working for interfaces
Bug WI-43157 Completion doesn't show all interfaces
Bug WI-43679 Autocompletion on self does not include properties inside static method
Bug WI-44434 new statement doesn't suggest private constructor even in the same class
Bug WI-33163 Overridden methods completion: Plural parameter type in @method annotation lead to broken code
Bug WI-42856 Ctrl+Dot completion: don't insert arrow in case of primitive type
Bug WI-37152 Completion does not suggest interfaces with the same names, but different FQN's in `implements` which were implemented
Bug WI-33172 Overridden methods completion: doesn't show methods if there are multiple base classes
Bug WI-44976 Suggest constants from interfaces on second completion
Performance WI-42350 Autocompletion became very slow in 2018.2 (FQCN completion)
Usability WI-42949 Ctrl+Dot completion: don't insert arrow in case function/method returns primitive value
Usability WI-43637 Overridden methods completion: drops nullabe type from parameter type
Usability WI-30362 Autocomplete: don't suggest superglobals first
PHP ComposerFeature WI-42809 Detect default configuration types for test frameworks
Feature WI-43331 Add extension to composer.json should add extension to require-dev section if extension is used inside tests
Feature WI-42998 Extension is missing in composer.json: option to include bundled extensions to analysis
Feature WI-42739 Detect phpcs.xml and phpmd.xml in the project root
Bug WI-42997 Extension is missing in composer.json: don't check PHP bundled extension
Bug WI-43538 mismatch between PhpStorm and composer naming
Bug WI-44063 Don't require require-dev dependency if one exists in require section
Bug WI-42968 Inspections: Extension check in composer.json is case sensitive
Usability WI-42749 Composer integration does not detect php version if it's uppercase
Usability WI-43575 Set caret to line with added extension in composer.json when extension was added via quick-fix
Usability WI-43403 Composer: Installed require-dev packages should be marked as well
Usability WI-43330 Remove open in composer.json quick fix for missing extension
PHP DebugFeature WI-37397 Floats in Variables Debug Tool Window
Feature WI-19499 Twig debug support
Feature WI-43707 Indicate variable type on debug
Feature WI-22751 Search variables in debug
Bug WI-6792 Debug: fields/methods autocomplete does not work for Breakpoint Condition
Bug WI-4740 Support 'Method Breakpoints'
Bug WI-43535 PhpStorm freezes on closing
Bug WI-43358 Search matches value and name together in Variable view
Usability WI-42851 'Do not step into library scripts' for JavaScript only
Usability WI-44991 Don't allow to register Twig breakpoints if there is no correct mapping to PHP file line
Usability WI-43154 Return Key Differences: PHP Include Path vs Path Mapping
Usability WI-35124 Set debugging maximum simultaneous connection configuration setting default to 3
Exception WI-43622 PHPStorm XDebug Errors out: remoteFileUrl is listed as null in xDebug.onBreak
PHP FormatterFeature WI-26079 Rearranger: Sort use statements
Feature WI-42591 Autodetect a path to PHP CS Fixer from composer.json
Feature WI-14694 allow to define order and blank lines in phpDoc
Feature WI-44747 Set default order for PHPDoc tags
Bug WI-44185 Grouped use statements are being incorrectly sorted when reformat code
Bug WI-31960 PHPDoc PSR-5 <generic> collection type hints formatting & parsing
Bug WI-44936 Add a comma after last element in array produces parse error if HEREDOC is the last element and PHP < 7.2
Bug WI-43525 Formatting works incorrectly with flexible HEREDOC/NOWDOC
Usability WI-44206 Import statements are not grouped by type when sort them by length
Usability WI-44946 Order PHPDoc tags: Next tag should be selected after deletion of any tag
Cosmetics WI-44744 Redesign Sort PHP Doc block table
PHP InspectionsFeature WI-6241 New inspection: method may be 'static'
Feature WI-44491 Add PHP_CodeSniffer option to specify custom extensions
Feature WI-31674 @internal inspection should be aware of project structure
Feature WI-9524 Warn if parameters count doesn't match placeholders count in sprintf call
Feature WI-43320 PHPCS: Autodetect non-PSR coding standards like Wordpress, Drupal
Feature WI-43028 Allow the specification of PHPCS 'installed_paths'
Feature WI-42470 Add quick-fix adding missing extension to composer.json
Feature WI-17372 There is no ability to add files to "ignored files" list manually (PHP CodeSniffer)
Feature WI-44176 Put all possible types in doc method params type hints in 'add tag method' QF
Feature WI-27095 Duplicate array key provide warning with constants with the same value
Feature WI-26325 Expand PHP_CodeSniffer support to JS/CSS files
Feature WI-44771 Warn if parameters count doesn't match placeholders count in sprintf call: support concatenation
Feature WI-44428 Allow to run PHP Code Beautifier and Fixer during code cleanup
Feature WI-34406 Simplify settings of quality tools
Feature WI-42936 Support custom PHP CS Fixer rulesets
Feature WI-43054 Auto-detect custom ruleset of PHP CS Fixer from composer.json and project root folder and turn the corresponding inspection on
Feature WI-43473 Enable and set up non-PSR based on composer dependency
Feature WI-37294 Convert Simplify FQN intention into inspection/quick fix
Feature WI-17810 Unused private method not detected when recursion
Feature WI-44175 Allow to choose possible type hints in 'add method' QF
Bug WI-44514 Usage of protected method in trait is marked as error
Bug WI-44364 Add method tag won't insert parameter types in case of language level
Bug WI-44440 Unnecessary FQN does't remove nested function references
Bug WI-43423 File is not updated after applying PHP CS Fixer quick-fix
Bug WI-42623 Declaration should be compatible false positive (stub issue)
Bug WI-44490 Typing path for quality tool invokes validation on each symbol
Bug WI-5033 PHP: "Add Constant" quick fix does nothing if applied to unresolved interface constant
Bug WI-13547 Incorrect inspection: "Expected object[], got Foo[]"
Bug WI-44030 PHPCS: Batch inspection doesn't analyse files other then PHP
Bug WI-26948 PHPCS (CodeSniffer) requires to press "Update" to get Coding standards
Bug WI-43139 PhpStorm saves PHP CS Fixer config related to remote interpreter with $PROJECT_DIR$ macro
Bug WI-45002 Introduce parameter: does't differ between function and constant import
Bug WI-43341 Extension is missing inspection warns about extension existing in require-dev section
Bug WI-44159 Duplicate array keys: inspection false positive in case constant values are identical up to 20 characters
Bug WI-43199 PHP Code Sniffer add additional .bat to configuration saved in PhpStorm 2018 and 2018.1 (phpcs.bat.bat)
Bug WI-41940 Can't import class from php short echo tags
Bug WI-43135 PhpStorm saves PHPMD config related to remote interpreter with $PROJECT_DIR$ macro
Bug WI-38468 Hints for __invoke stop working with parenthesis
Bug WI-45036 Can't configure phpcbf on windows
Bug WI-38887 Return type mixed with void and if triggers Inconsistent return points inspection
Bug WI-35347 iterable doesn't match C[] and children of Traversable
Bug WI-44267 "Cleanup code" inserts use statements with conflicts
Bug WI-43397 'Add method' quick-fix suggests $this as parameter name
Usability WI-25815 Allow fixing PHP_CodeSniffer detected errors
Usability WI-44269 FQN Usage/Unnecessary qualifier inspections: highlight php doc types with WEAK_WARNING
Usability WI-44406 Add validation for PHP Code Beautifier and Fixer
Usability WI-25562 Undefined method quick fix must place cursor between curly braces
Usability WI-42836 PHP Composer | Composer.json | Notification about missing extension in composer.json doesn't disappear after adding extension to it
Usability WI-44103 Import class doesn't insert new line after use statement
Usability WI-44346 Fully qualified name usage inspection should ignore partial imports
Usability WI-44408 Label for quick-fix of PHP Code Beautifier and Fixer should mention that quick-fix will be applied for the whole current file
Usability WI-44380 "Add @method tag" don't replace specific array type to array
Usability WI-42995 PHPCS and PHPMD use absolute path in new per-project configuration
Usability WI-44124 Reduce Code Sniffer & Mess Detector path detection logging noise
Usability WI-43058 Control flow is to big to analyse highlights the whole file
Cosmetics WI-40710 PHPCS inspection description seems a little dated
Cosmetics WI-44741 Redesign PHP | Quality tools | PHP Code Sniffer validation options panel
Cosmetics WI-29773 Grammar error in "Other declaration of class HTTPResponse exist at..." messages
Cosmetics WI-33953 Too many parameters inspection: setting page is center aligned
Task WI-44271 Disable "FQN Usage" for global namespaces by default
Exception WI-33687 Exception is thrown if parameter produces hierarchy warning and then becomes commented
Exception WI-44334 "FQN Usage" throws exception on self
PHP IntentionsFeature WI-44713 New intention: convert string concatenation into printf and back
Feature WI-44753 New intention: 'implement interface'
Feature WI-33793 New intention: Add existing class field to constructor
Feature WI-44640 New intention: convert string concatenation into string interpolation and back
Feature WI-4287 Improve add field/property intention: derive type from context and add appropriate phpdoc
Feature WI-44714 New intention: convert string interpolation into printf and back
Feature WI-44963 Replace with alias: allow to invoke on fully qualified references
Feature WI-44981 Replace with alias: reuse existing alias of class reference in scope if possible
Feature WI-44716 New intention: copy string concatenation text to clipboard
Feature WI-43784 New intention: change class member visibility
Feature WI-43815 New intention to inline aliases (reverse of Replace with Alias intention)
Bug WI-43838 "Change visibility" intention changes overridden methods without warning
Bug WI-44779 Exception when convert single string interpolation to string concatenation
Bug WI-43868 Change visibility: Intention doesn't warn about usage of field
Bug WI-44778 Convert string concatenation to string interpolation incorrectly converts string when there are double quotes inside single quotes
Bug WI-44992 Replace with alias on FQN doesn't allow to choose an alias name
Bug WI-44774 Convert string concatenation to scalar value: single quotes shouldn't be changed with double quotes if all string literals are single-quoted
Bug WI-44789 Lost dollar sign when converting interpolation to concatenation using complex syntax + array access
Bug WI-44990 Replace with alias breaks code in case used for trait
Bug WI-44777 Replace concatenation with string interpolation should be hidden for static elements
Bug WI-43849 Change visibility intention doesn't change visibility of constant with default visibility
Bug WI-43889 Inline alias: doesn't check name conflict in declarations
Bug WI-43853 "Change visibility" does't warn about fields visibility conflicts
Bug WI-43854 Change visibility: does't add "public" keyword to methods with default visibility
Bug WI-43706 Import class: don't check existence of uses with different flavors while generating the error
Bug WI-44988 Replace with alias during completion: replace existing import and breaks references
Usability WI-44807 Convert string interpolation into printf: don't suggest intention in places where expression is not expected (default value, field and constant declarations)
Cosmetics WI-43850 "Change visibility" intention description misses a/an articles
Task WI-44244 Split Import class to "import as alias" intention and "import class" inspection/quick-fix
PHP InterpretersFeature WI-43456 Use Macros in arguments for PHP Script run-configuration
Feature WI-37986 docker-compose should support exec and re-use existing containers
Bug WI-42691 Reloading info for a Docker Compose interpreter executable creates redundant containers
Bug WI-44033 Remote interpreters became local interpreters on project reopening
Bug WI-39386 Can't change type of interpreter: Vagrant to Docker/Docker Compose
Bug WI-43888 Docker for mac volume performance flags are not parsed properly
Bug WI-41060 Update vagrant interpreter presentation in command line
Bug WI-42578 Pull permission denied for phpstorm_helpers
Bug WI-44032 Deployment mappings are applied to files
Usability WI-39767 PHP Built-in Web Server: substitute project root to Document root
Cosmetics WI-33748 Empty SFTP server produces "FTP host is not specified"
PHP LangFeature WI-12767 Multiline todos
Feature WI-43798 Show aliases references with italic font
Feature WI-44194 Provide option to search field usages via getters as well
Feature WI-35532 Be able to expand imported class references to their fully qualified representation when copying to clipboard
Feature WI-24957 [Tools -> Analyze Stacktrace] not working with Vagrant (Different Paths)
Bug WI-44612 Find usage for __invoke doesn't work in case invokable is returned from function
Bug WI-43678 Implement method code generation creates incorrect method stub for vararg
Bug WI-44613 Find usage for __invoke doesn't work in case invokable is field
Bug WI-44876 Delete relationship in UML diagram doesn't work
Bug WI-36202 Autogenerated Getters first letter not capitalized
Bug WI-44620 Variable used as value in yielding key => value expression is marked as unused
Bug WI-34223 Find usages doesn't work for __invoke method
Bug WI-44616 Find usage for __invoke doesn't work in case invokable class is namespaced
Bug WI-42268 SSR: use const $expr$ finds all sort of use statements
Bug WI-43127 Don't start reindexing on phar inside phar
Bug WI-43985 Support of sprintf doesn't work inside namespace
Bug WI-45013 Import on paste: doesn't import for elements from global namespace
Bug WI-43536 Exception is thrown on file openning (due to multiline comments)
Bug WI-43787 Resolve doesn't differentiate class, constant and function aliases and based on order
Bug WI-43691 SSR: doesn't find semicolon namespaces
Bug WI-43906 Broken autocomplete for classes with both PhpDoc and methods
Bug WI-20474 Jump to closing tag fails in HTML in PHP
Bug WI-43794 Method not found in case class has multiple equal definitions and method is located inside trait
Bug WI-44614 Find usage for __invoke doesn't work in case invokable is parameter
Bug WI-37537 PHP Array Constants - Expression is not allowed as field default value
Bug WI-45017 Import on paste: doesn't insert import for new C in case C has constructor
Bug WI-43965 Structural Search - $indirect function calls are always matched
Bug WI-45016 Import on paste: doesn't insert import in case original namespace is sub-namespace of target
Bug WI-43755 Implement method: Nullable type is lost for varargs
Bug WI-44512 parent::method in trait is resolved to method inside trait and not to parent class method of the class that uses trait
Bug WI-43520 Missing indentation is not detected for HEREDOC/NOWDOC
Bug WI-43692 SSR: can't find "define" call
Bug WI-45007 Import on fly: insert import without alias if alias is pasted
Bug WI-43756 Implement method creates broken code in case vararg is a reference
Bug WI-43071 Structurally search work incorrect when use regexp.
Bug WI-44235 isset with constant as parameter is not marked as error
Bug WI-43519 Mixing tabs and spaces are not allowed for HEREDOC/NOWDOC indentation
Bug WI-44781 Remove double message from field's annotator
Bug WI-41948 Deadlock on com.jetbrains.php.lang.psi.elements.impl.PhpClassAliasImpl.getOriginalClass
Performance WI-43453 lots of relative namespace references - Indexing takes 50x times for the single 2m file in comparison to the same code in 128 files
Usability WI-44091 Expand the Custom Format Functions setting if it's not empty
Usability WI-44089 Avoid any prompts for "Remove PHP open/close tags while pasting in PHP context" option
Usability WI-44094 Custom Format Function: Format string parameter index option is not editable
Usability WI-43952 In case of multiple method declarations the error is always shown on real declaration instead of PHPDoc
Usability WI-28876 Color "from" in "yield from" as a keyword
Usability WI-38880 Remember Fluent getters and setters checkbox state
Cosmetics WI-43655 Typo in PHP 7.3 feature description "flexoble heredocs"
PHP Lib StubsFeature WI-30713 php-redis stub needs to be updated
Feature WI-42885 Update stubs for PHP 7.3
Feature WI-44495 Add PECL msgpack extension stubs
Bug WI-42674 ReflectionProperty::setValue method is marked as undefined
Bug WI-39291 PhpStorm Stubs documentation links Reference instead of for all stubs
Bug WI-10662 Undefined variable: Undefined variables after index 0 in sscanf
Bug WI-44679 leveldb extension
Bug WI-44284 PASSWORD_ARGON2ID (PHP 7.3) is missing from phpstorm-stubs
Bug WI-44320 array_key_first, array_key_last missing from phpstorm-stubs (PHP 7.3)
Bug WI-43476 Class \MongoDB\Driver\Session missing in default stubs
Bug WI-44319 is_countable is missing from phpstorm-stubs
Bug WI-44764 net_get_interfaces missing from phpstorm-stubs (PHP 7.3)
Bug WI-44153 @throws ReflectionException is missing for ReflectionClass::getMethod()
Bug WI-43350 MongoDB\ObjectId is a bit outdated
Usability WI-43998 bcmod definition is not right
PHP ParserFeature WI-42888 Support for list reference assignment
Feature WI-42889 Support for trailing comma function calls
Bug WI-30239 isset() + constant array generates "Expected: variable" error
Bug WI-26151 Invalid Inspection Warning - Use Curly Braces For Arrays In Strings - Cannot use [] for reading
Bug WI-21998 "Expression is not assignable: Logical expression" when using static
Bug WI-11651 False positive error when using a string as a class name when accessed via a nested array class property
PHP RefactoringFeature WI-43700 Support inplace rename for use statements
Feature WI-44655 Allow to move constant defined in file to class
Feature WI-22302 Introduce field could suggest to initialise the field in the setUp method in a Test
Feature WI-44643 Introduce class constant: allow to define constant in another class in single refactoring
Feature WI-23596 Add refactoring: rename imports to alias import
Feature WI-15867 Move to class refactoring for functions
Feature WI-44654 Introduce constant in file: allow to define constant in another class in single refactoring
Bug WI-43713 Add method stubs creating mangled method & class
Bug WI-44119 Extract method: insert parameter type for anonymous class
Bug WI-41683 Extract field: brakes first method's PHPDoc annotation
Bug WI-43859 Change visibility: don't show intention for constants for PHP < 7.1
Bug WI-44711 Moved constant should not have visibility if language level is <7.1
Bug WI-43769 Rename alias work improperly when the alias is same as class name in group use
Bug WI-44918 Move constant to class doesn't check name conflicts for import of the target class
Bug WI-43725 Implement method code generation loses default value
Bug WI-31791 Preselect old name setting is not honored
Bug WI-43701 No error is shown if alias with same name exists during rename
Bug WI-32648 "Move Class" on Trait breaks Use Statements
Bug WI-44738 Move constant to class: insert additional conflicting import
Bug WI-39342 rename alias work improperly when the alias is same as class name
Bug WI-43979 Disabled search in global scope leads to broken rename of protected field/methods in child classes
Bug WI-44384 Replace FQN with import doesn't remove FQN if it's used in plain function
Bug WI-44707 Move constant from file to class: It should not be possible to move constant if its value is expression
Bug WI-43771 Rename alias: renames fields with the same name
Bug WI-37243 Refactor->Move for static methods does not update calls with class aliases
Bug WI-44691 Introduce constant in other class: IncorrectOperationException: Cannot modify a read-only file when select some core class as target
Bug WI-43772 Rename alias renames sub-namespace if its name equals to alias name
Bug WI-43785 No error is shown if class with the same name exists during rename
Bug WI-43510 Don't suggest occupied names in constant introducing after keyword check
Bug WI-42738 Can't initialize introduced field in class extending non-writable class constructor
Bug WI-44724 It should not be possible to move functions to interfaces
Bug WI-43733 Implement method code generation loses pass by reference
Bug WI-44675 Introduce constant in another class: completion doesn't suggest interfaces as target class
Bug WI-24104 Moved method use improper classname
Bug WI-15860 Extract method: PHP: Extract Method Refactoring: add parameter's type if variable's type is known
Performance WI-43960 Don't search across whole project while renaming alias
Performance WI-18925 private member name refactoring does search accross all project
Usability WI-44470 Extract method dialog: provide highlighting in "Signature preview" window
Usability WI-44457 Extract method dialog: don't allow to press "refactor" button in case of invalid parameter
Usability WI-44885 'Move to another class' checkbox should be selected by default if dialog was invoked from `introduce constant` with 'Move to another class' checkbox checked
Usability WI-44518 Extract method: signature preview doesn't show return type
Usability WI-43760 Replace with alias adds alias to the original import in case invoked on another alias
Usability WI-44454 Extract method dialog: don't allow to press "refactor" button in case of invalid identifier
Usability WI-44456 Extract method dialog: highlight invalid parameter names in table
Usability WI-44118 Extract method: class parameter type is not inserted for PHP 5.6
Usability WI-30775 "Change signature" refactoring removes @throws tag
Usability WI-28915 Refactoring preview is always shown for methods
Usability WI-44712 Remove old constant imports after move constant from file to class
Usability WI-44458 Extract method dialog: provide some name suggestions for the method
Usability WI-44459 Extract method dialog: provide info about possible duplicates in UI
Cosmetics WI-39102 Wording in the 'Extract Variable' dialog
Exception WI-44678 Exception is thrown on applying Make static quick fix on anonymous class method
Exception WI-43768 Replace with alias: assertion fails on invocation inside group use
Exception WI-44737 Move constant to class: throws exception if class from stub is selected
PHP TemplatesUsability WI-44527 Twig debug: set server mapping to the root that includes Twig caches
PHP TestFeature WI-43518 New action: generate phpunit tearDown method
Feature WI-44192 Make PHPUnit composite entries editable
Feature WI-43534 Provide ability to edit corresponding code templates from context of test/setUp/tearDown PHPUnit generate actions
Feature WI-43517 New action: generate phpunit setUp method
Bug WI-44419 Skipped tests don't work for PHPUnit 4 / 5 being run with a PHP 5.6 remote interpreter
Bug WI-43578 Options to generate phpunit setUp and tearDown methods aren't available for abstract classes
Bug WI-43181 PHPUnit: rerun failed tests doesn't work for "defined in configuration file" run configuration
Bug WI-43196 PHPUnit: can't run test items from dashboard of the class with duplicate FQN
Bug WI-43082 Rerunning failed tests does not run dependent tests
Bug WI-36291 PHPUnit test runner reports wrong elapsed time of tests
Bug WI-43349 PHPUnit: running single data set from data provider with parenthesis in name doesn't work
Cosmetics WI-43533 Remove 'PHPUnit' prefix from test/setUp/teardown generate actions label
Task WI-43417 PHPUnit create composite configuration when single dataset is selected instead of class
PHP Type InferenceBug WI-34498 Anonymous class: constructor arguments are treated like anonymous class scope instead of outer scope
Bug WI-37240 Private method marked as unused/not found when used as a parameter to construct a dynamic class in PHP 7.
Bug WI-44116 iterable type is accepted as array
Bug WI-43503 Type[] lost after array_change_key_case()
Bug WI-44130 .phpstorm.meta.php: Map all parameter values to a specific return type does not work with class constant
Performance WI-38126 PhpStorm >= 2017.2.2 freezes after start with .phpstorm.meta.php
Performance WI-44525 IDE hangs indefinitely on PhpDoc auto-generation
PHPDocBug WI-32894 Quickdoc: {@inheritDoc} does not preserve additional added comments, however {@inheritdoc} does
Bug WI-10195 PhpDoc for anonymous functions in function argument is not supported
Usability WI-38997 Auto generated annotation for nullable type is inconsistent
PS SpecificFeature WI-38820 Support PHP CS Fixer
Feature WI-2096 Highlight variable and placeholder in sprintf()
Feature WI-44055 Remove open/close PHP tags on pasting in PHP context
Feature WI-42984 PHP CS Fixer: support remote interpreters
Feature WI-44161 Add opening PHP tag when creating a PHP scratch file
Feature WI-44418 Highlight variables & placeholder in sprintf() doesn't work when string is split (concatenated)
Feature WI-44056 Provide ability to configure custom format functions
Bug WI-42158 PHP Web Page run configuration doesn't select server from dialog
Bug WI-44169 Excessive MethodTypesMap computing logging
Bug WI-43688 Run Anything doesn't work
Bug WI-44444 Quality tools path validation shows false positive error in case of remote interpreter
Bug WI-44588 Don't process fscanf as custom format function
Bug WI-44276 PHP Script run configuration holds an absolute working directory path when shared
Cosmetics WI-44666 Update default PHP file template
Exception WI-44230 Exception when add plain function without \ to custom format functions
Plugin: DQLFeature WI-44256 Completion support for keywords and classes
Bug WI-44023 DQL parser error in IDENTITY function call
Bug WI-44020 DQL: rename for namespace references
Bug WI-44492 Field completion in UPDATE and DELETE
Bug WI-44303 Completion: of fields in WHERE/SELECT and unfinished WHERE clause doesn't work
Bug WI-44273 Resolve reference to field for alias variables with field type
Performance WI-44698 DQL FQN completion performance
Usability WI-44304 Completion: insert space after keywords
Usability WI-44309 Complete parenthesis after functions
Exception WI-44816 SOE exception for dql recurrent alias declaration
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Feature WI-909 Upload files on multiple (S)FTP servers at once (at least on VCS commit)
Bug WI-42992 "Deployed file is on server removed" stuck since update 2018.2 (26th july)
Bug WI-43570 Could not connect to FTPS server: MalformedServerReplyException: Truncated server reply
Bug WI-43386 SSH Passphrase not saving
Usability WI-43801 Failed uploading on a server inside group with closed File Transfer tab is hard to detect
Usability WI-43892 Servers from group are duplicated with the same name when duplicate group
Usability WI-44341 Automatic deployment is not working if no "Web server root" specified
Cosmetics WI-43804 Rewrite Server Removal dialog wording
Cosmetics WI-43277 New Project from Existing Files doesn't have the FTP port specified by default
Task WI-44120 Add warning messages on changing default server with enabled autoupload
Exception WI-44530 Exception when open server group without servers in "Browse remote host" tool window
Plugin: PhingBug WI-43269 Phing: Cannot resolve symbol 'patternset' and related errors in build file
Plugin: WordPressCosmetics WI-28766 Spelling in Wordpress plugin notification
Plugin: ini4ideaUsability WI-43653 "Navigate - File" no longer shows a path (not even a fragment) to a suggested files
SpellcheckerCosmetics WI-44927 Add "endian" to spellcheck dictionary
No subsystemFeature IDEA-98563 Run Configurations: provide a default option for 'Single instance only' setting under Defaults node.
Feature IDEA-138797 Prevent double click from maximizing tabs
Feature IDEA-127245 Open all files from favorites list
Feature IDEA-177345 Find in Path: make "Show filter popup" hotkey customizible in Keymap
Feature IDEA-68324 Add Cmd+1,2,3,4 for selecting tabs like in Chrome, Safari, Firefox
Feature IDEA-142157 "Dump Threads" action in Run panel should open dump view
Feature IDEA-132487 External annotations for java third party libraries
Feature IDEA-192898 I want to provide searchable options from plugin to allow searching plugin settings in the settings dialogue.
Feature IDEA-198897 Parameter hints: Smart argument completion should insert comma if selected signature has more arguments
Feature IDEA-196706 Multithread model for new SE
Bug IDEA-204505 Plugin Settings: Custom plugin icons are not scaled on HiDPI Linux
Bug IDEA-201286 Linux Native Menu bar: the order of actions in menu can change unexpectedly
Bug IDEA-197994 Yaml: unnecessary indentation inserted after completion of mapping node key value
Bug IDEA-204455 Breadcrumbs: breadcrumbs still shown after turning them off
Bug IDEA-199646 Input dialog should be displayed only when there is $Prompt$ in run configuration arguments
Bug IDEA-198611 Failed to save setting when install CLion from scratch
Bug IDEA-130726 Configure global external annotations
Bug IDEA-203108 fix for RUBY-19897 fails with JFX10
Bug IDEA-199063 "Remove BOM" will destroy file, which has a "UTF-32 LE" encoding (where the BOM is mandatory)
Bug IDEA-200366 No way to configure Run Configuration Templates for a new projects in non-IDEA IDEs
Bug IDEA-202994 DiffUserDataKeys.GO_TO_SOURCE_DISABLE property is ignored in OpenInEditorAction
Bug IDEA-204173 "Settings | Scopes" - "Expand" action doesn't work for ill-formatted strings
Bug IDEA-201797 Since IntelliJ 2018.3, Resource Compiler fails on symbolic links:java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException
Bug IDEA-182675 Find/Replace toolbar in Code Editor: "Paste" into find/replace fields trims a text
Bug IDEA-201376 IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.4: Mocha 5.2.0 with Node 10.12.0 does not work, only output when trying to run test: Test Framework quit unexpectedly
Bug IDEA-199415 UIDefaults completion inside IntelliJ theme files
Bug IDEA-204674 The logs' arhive file name is too generic
Bug IDEA-201003 Huge freeze while "navigate to test data"
Bug IDEA-197960 No completion for Yaml file if caret behind ':'
Bug IDEA-204163 Don't suggest `P` and `B` live templates in all Kotlin contexts
Bug IDEA-198853 Add description for `IntelliJ Configuration Script` plugin
Bug IDEA-192963 Touch Bar does not preserve windows added
Bug IDEA-201820 UI concurrent creation
Bug IDEA-198409 Seems AsyncTreeModel delays showing node until its children are found
Bug IDEA-202296 EditorConfig-related actions in the status bar: on the first attempt only one action is shown
Bug IDEA-198785 When Plugins dialog is opened using FindAction, attempt to search in it returns empty result always
Bug IDEA-203356 Junit tests should not be marked as ignored when assertion in @AfterClass fails
Bug IDEA-203310 Memory leak detected VirtualFilePointerManagerImpl, ConsoleViewImpl
Bug IDEA-200322 Project explorer empty
Bug IDEA-200619 Maximized window state is not preserved
Bug IDEA-202064 "Scanning files to index" process is running on project reopening
Bug IDEA-199433 Speed search on test is broken
Bug IDEA-201729 IntelliJ EAP keeps indexing the same files over and over
Bug IDEA-201312 Recompilation of several modules: compiler caches and output files are out-of-sync if compilation does not complete normally
Bug IDEA-84220 CTRL-F5 shortcut doesn't work in Hierarchy view
Bug IDEA-201667 Soft-Wrap works incorrectly with Inlays
Bug IDEA-202374 Cannot open files after import setting from previous release
Bug IDEA-181678 Fix colors on tip of the day welcome screen
Bug IDEA-203161 SOE at ThreeComponentsSplitter.visibleDividersCount() on attempt to open Run tool window in certain Gradle-based projects
Bug IDEA-197661 Tooltip appears on a collapsed code block
Bug IDEA-198289 make selecting node in NodeDescriptor-based AsyncTreeModel -ed tree less than quadratic (on tree depth)
Bug IDEA-204044 move clashes with resize in custom decorated mode
Bug IDEA-198043 NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.intellij.profiler.ultimate.async.UtilsKt exception on project creating
Bug IDEA-200822 Opening any Markdown file freezes recent IntelliJ Ultimate EAP 183.3795.13
Bug IDEA-123363 Default project language level is ignored if project is created from template
Bug IDEA-73793 PyCharm will freeze when opening certain files and switching to another app
Bug IDEA-161033 Navigate to Type Declaration -- Opens a new window
Bug IDEA-200840 Exception appears for opened comment after TODO
Bug IDEA-202979 intellij idea 2018.3 does not finish scanning files to index
Bug IDEA-201279 ctrl-p ctrl-n not working as expected in Webstorm 2018.3 EAP OSX
Bug IDEA-202134 Wrong location of a magnifier icon in Light theme on Mac
Bug IDEA-204844 Integer layered settings are not saved
Bug IDEA-149084 Spring Boot: completion in .yml files: incorrect results on inserting property if one with same prefix exists
Bug IDEA-59397 When caret is outside visible editor area, on Alt-Enter pressing intention bulb appears outside the editor frame
Bug IDEA-125327 "Surround with try/catch" code generation seems to not respect final modifier settings
Bug IDEA-201291 Linux Native menu bar: if 'windows-style' menu (i.e. located on the window title bar) is used, menu can't be used in the Full Screen mode
Bug IDEA-196173 Recent files + Navigate to file interaction broken
Bug IDEA-202381 Missed splitter in navigation bar
Bug IDEA-199869 "Scope" dialog's "path" section cannot be made any smaller
Bug IDEA-197011 Sibling Inherited Methods Provider should have an option in File | Settings | Editor | General | Gutter Icons
Bug IDEA-197869 [Copyright Profiles] The hour24 property for the $file.lastModified object isn't interpreted in comments
Bug IDEA-202565 Creating live template containing annotation with value generates code with syntax error
Bug IDEA-197458 IDEA UI complete freeze: "GotoActionModel" creates Swing components on pooled thread and causes deadlock with EDT
Bug IDEA-201580 Infinite logging loop on IDEA shutdown if there's an exception during IDE close
Bug IDEA-199785 CloudSettings plugin doesn't work with fresh versions of IDE
Bug IDEA-204321 Rider EAP not keeping terminal configuration
Bug IDEA-204946 File templates: File Template Variables aren't parsed in includes
Bug IDEA-202080 UI components are not shown in some RC
Bug IDEA-202396 IDE switches to wrong tab when dragging tab to different window
Bug IDEA-198829 Can't open any files in the editor in master
Bug IDEA-185161 ShelveChangesManager must be PersistentStateComponent
Bug IDEA-197863 JSON scheme: yaml completion - always insert ": " after completing property name
Performance IDEA-200469 Should we really convert code style settings into XML just for damage checking?
Performance IDEA-198819 "Show affected tests" shouldn't traverse PSI in EDT
Performance IDEA-196408 Idea 2018.2 freezes while typing if bookmark is set in library (decompiled) class
Usability IDEA-201862 Hide inapplicable executors on the external system tool window run config context menu
Usability IDEA-200263 [Run anything] Window can be resized too small
Usability IDEA-202024 Rename "View / Expression Type" to "View / Type"
Usability IDEA-192611 Debug test is harder to invoke via Alt+Enter menu
Usability IDEA-204836 Nested class/method navigation breadcrumb trail off by one
Usability IDEA-179037 Last Edit Location List: edits performed in the diff window are not appended to the list
Usability IDEA-201792 Ability to edit Run Configuration Templates when a project is opened
Usability IDEA-161842 Key Mapping: Ctrl-Y not assigned to "Redo" is problematic
Usability IDEA-155709 IDE Fatal Errors dialog could show the installed plugin version when blames a plugin
Usability IDEA-78518 Method Inheritance Hierarchy should allow to narrow by search scope
Cosmetics IDEA-187402 When compressing CPU profile, progress bar in status line says "compressing memory snapshot"
Cosmetics IDEA-201465 Improve display for long string in Ctrl+hover tooltips
Cosmetics IDEA-168874 New 'Find in Path' dialog hard to read
Cosmetics IDEA-201114 Plugins: do not show "Show All" link if all plugins in the group are already shown
Cosmetics IDEA-203127 Rename "Settings Summary" to "Collect Troubleshooting Information"
Cosmetics IDEA-204514 Some spaces between file names in logs would be really nice
Cosmetics IDEA-201610 Popup "Current indent options are overridden by .editorconfig" is shown on every project opening
Cosmetics IDEA-198288 [Run Anything] Incorrect tooltip for the icon in the navigation bar
Task IDEA-205600 [Bundled JRE 11] Get rid of MimetypesFileTypeMap usage because it is moved to private package since JDK 11
Task IDEA-186044 Rework validation error popup from lightweight to heavyweight
Task IDEA-203680 Invalidate external projects imported data on 'Invalidate Caches' action
Task IDEA-180939 Allow read-only mode for ExpandableTextField
Task IDEA-195193 Plugins: implement search
Task IDEA-196883 Run anything: allow to provide completions variants based on the user input
Task IDEA-202382 Update spy-js icons
Task IDEA-197845 Increment year in license file
Exception IDEA-149660 IAE at com.intellij.configurationStore.StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacro
Exception IDEA-193478 cannot share data context between Swing events; initial event count = 4939619; current event count = 4943502
Exception IDEA-199679 AE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.RestartButton.lambda$null$0
Exception IDEA-202454 PluginManager - mixer IllegalArgumentException: mixer[0..1] is 2.0
Exception IDEA-200374 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.GlobalMenuLinux.lambda$handleEvent$4
Exception IDEA-199825 IllegalArgumentException on 'Force Step Into'
Exception IDEA-202313 Exception appears on Compress Logs and Show in Explorer menu item
Exception IDEA-199921 com.intellij.util.Alarm - Assertion failed: Already disposed
Exception IDEA-199439 ISE at com.intellij.ide.hierarchy.HierarchyBrowserBaseEx.$$$reportNull$$$0
Exception IDEA-195827 AssertionError caused by ReadAction on already disposed project
Android.DesignerFeature IDEA-204927 Please add a way to determine when the user has resized the components in a ThreeComponentsSplitter
Code Analysis. DuplicatesFeature IDEA-181304 Highlight duplicated branches in 'switch-case' statement
Feature IDEA-198256 Show diff preview in inspection results for duplicate code inspection
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-197174 Nullable inspection control flow with Objects.toString check enhancement
Feature IDEA-173248 Thread-blocking (I/O) calls detection
Feature IDEA-142026 Add inspection for Math.min(a, a) and Math.max(a,a)
Feature IDEA-151197 Apply (partial) "Redundant suppression" in the editor
Bug IDEA-99444 IDEA condisers class used when it's not
Bug IDEA-204111 Run inspection by name produces empty view
Bug IDEA-157566 NPE at applying quickfix 'Comment out' to unused class
Bug IDEA-201595 All problems in file disappear from "Inspection Results" after applying a single fix
Bug IDEA-202177 Error during injected code cleanup
Bug IDEA-201236 Import of inspection results could not parse method name when it has parameter type
Bug IDEA-198686 Optional.get() without isPresent() on second or .max.get()
Bug IDEA-200236 False positive: 'Redundant Suppression' warns for foreign suppressions
Bug IDEA-181933 Single regex pattern replace to illegal and not equivalent to character class
Bug IDEA-194226 Reset inspection options in Settings isn't saved
Bug IDEA-204414 Exporting inspections results as HTML doesn't produce output
Bug IDEA-86833 web.xml inspection for assignable to javax.servlet.Servlet is wrong
Bug IDEA-199808 redundant suppression: support for merged tools
Bug IDEA-27535 Inspection, erroneous field "can be final"
Bug IDEA-204984 Inspect Code hangs for single java file
Bug IDEA-200142 Deadlock in Inspection tree view
Bug IDEA-203538 Cannot export results of single inspection run to XML
Bug IDEA-196200 "Generate 'clone()' method which always throws exception" throws exception
Bug IDEA-197029 Cannot delete `javax.validation.constraints.NotNull` from list of constraints to consider
Bug IDEA-200207 InconsistentLineSeparators false positives on regexp values that have line-end values
Bug IDEA-203067 InspectionElement should be public/otherwise usable, or GotoInspectionModel should not be public
Bug IDEA-89120 AccessToStaticFieldLockedOnInstance inspection incorrectly fires on final threadsafe fields
Bug IDEA-203922 Ctrl+Alt+Up in inspection results moves to the next result, rather than previous
Performance IDEA-204287 LocalInspectionTool.isValidID should precompile regular expression
Performance IDEA-199413 Too much CPU time spent in UnnecessaryModuleDependencyAnnotator.onInitialize(RefElement) when opening offline inspection result
Usability IDEA-201800 Progress Bar Doesn't Move in Batch Suppress For Statement
Usability IDEA-204733 Troubles massively apply fix to all found warnings
Usability IDEA-204371 Remember "Group by severity" setting in inspection results
Usability IDEA-97605 Serializable/Deserializable/Cloneable class in secure context inspections shall have an option to ignore some class hierarchies
Task IDEA-77381 NonSerializableFieldInSerializableClass should check whether all possible values of final field are serializable
Exception IDEA-203498 com.intellij.analysis.AnalysisScope$2.visitFileEx( Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only
Code Formatting and Code StyleBug IDEA-200800 Configure indents action from the status bar should open JS code style for JS/JSX files
Bug IDEA-127949 "Names count to use static import with '*'" setting off by one
Bug IDEA-197819 Imported code-style-xml scheme is not applied to unclicked tabs
Bug IDEA-163103 Wrong static imports order
Bug IDEA-197964 Line shifting by partly reformat action
Bug IDEA-183296 Wildcard import for specific packages
Bug IDEA-152798 Names count to use static import with '*' doesn't work as expected
Bug IDEA-204185 Code Generation settings are not being saved
Bug IDEA-203775 NPE on opening unified diff view when Upsource Integration plugin is enabled
Bug IDEA-200800 Configure indents action from the status bar should open JS code style for JS/JSX files
Bug IDEA-167766 'Detect and use existing line indents' not applied when reformatting selection of js file
Performance IDEA-200803 AWT EventQueue uses 100% CPU in idle when using EditorConfig
Code NavigationFeature IDEA-200584 Goto symbol should allow to navigate to method overrides
Feature IDEA-205404 When navigating from Java stacktrace try to find the relevant position within line
Bug IDEA-200980 Navigate / Last Edit Location opens Editor Pane in wrong IDEA instance window
Bug IDEA-198344 Editor back navigation not working as expected in TDD workflow
Bug IDEA-197278 New SE: Increase search field font
Bug IDEA-202922 Navigate | File results are not sorted by proximity
Bug IDEA-196545 New "Go to" popup GUI: calling "Go to Class" while indexing silently shows empty list
Bug IDEA-200312 UI freeze during Search Everywhere
Bug IDEA-199006 Export Type Hierarchy to text file doesn't work
Bug IDEA-200567 Recent edited files popup shows files from another project
Usability IDEA-194817 Show enum constant usages on mouse middle-click
Usability IDEA-198811 Quick search for classes (Ctrl-N) should prefer classes from the same module over classes in another module.
Code. GenerateBug IDEA-200281 Generete "Delegate Methods..." action doesn't respect already implemented method
Bug IDEA-202062 Code generation for equals will reference built-in java classes directly regardless of whether identically named user-defined classes are already in scope
Bug IDEA-196896 No code generation using 'implement methods' or 'override methods'
Bug IDEA-200057 IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2018.2 toString() code generation uses super class private fields instead of getters
Bug IDEA-201670 Generating setter for final field
Bug IDEA-203737 Introduced method has wrong context
Bug IDEA-198090 Changes to velocity macro for generating equals/hashcode take effect only after restarting IDE
ConsoleBug IDEA-86669 Console: support ASCII backspace symbol in console view
Bug IDEA-203105 Colours messed up in npm output
Performance IDEA-205347 Asynchonous highlighting of a lot of console content leads to Out Of Memory
Performance IDEA-205448 Intellij hangs on "Save Test Results"
DatabaseBug IDEA-201896 Idea shows hidden files
Cosmetics IDEA-200581 Hide "Scroll from Editor" button on Database tool window toolbar when autoscroll from editor enabled
DebuggerFeature IDEA-197758 Attach to this process action
Feature IDEA-199822 Create extension point to provide captured stack frames by e.g. evaluation expression in debugged jvm
Feature IDEA-196669 Allow to automatically restart remote debug server configuration
Feature IDEA-202146 Support switch statement in evaluate code block
Feature IDEA-139757 Shortcut for removing all breakpoints
Feature IDEA-201942 Do not use compiling evaluator for method references
Feature IDEA-186962 Allow user defined Async annotations
Feature IDEA-75946 Provide graceful "Exit" action during the debugging session
Feature IDEA-197886 Support attach to process for java 9+
Feature IDEA-168185 Allow to attach to java processes started without debug agent (SAPIDAttachingConnector)
Feature IDEA-202292 Support asserts in evaluator
Bug IDEA-202291 NPE in compiling evaluator
Bug IDEA-204462 Debugger does not propose to evaluate File.toString with disabled toString renderer
Bug IDEA-196646 2018.2 Unable to debug application server with async stacktrace instrumentating enabled
Bug IDEA-198704 Debugger frames don't navigate to sources if they were added after session start
Bug IDEA-203144 sa-jdwp: All object arrays contain only null values
Bug IDEA-199602 Stepping into String constructor with debugger makes a string that is shown as empty in variables view
Bug IDEA-203543 Launching rubocop as external tool fails
Bug IDEA-204693 Argument boxing does not happen if type is not available
Bug IDEA-203825 Deadlock in debugger
Bug IDEA-157897 Leaking notifications from EventLog.ProjectTracker
Bug IDEA-205407 Parameter is not resolved in breakpoint condition after adding @NotNull to parameter
Bug IDEA-203322 "Hold alt and click to evaluate expression not working" (this is a tip of the day)
Bug IDEA-203021 IllegalStateException from objectMirror
Bug IDEA-203275 Cast in evaluator does not fail when is should
Bug IDEA-202459 Unable to evaluate virtual method ref
Bug IDEA-195531 Debug tool window causes segmentation fault in the JVM
Bug IDEA-200161 Exception related to debugger agent on plugin project startup
Bug IDEA-205230 "View as" popup item is inactive on the first click but becomes active on the next clicks
Bug IDEA-198388 Dragging breakpoint clones it instead of moving
Bug IDEA-199545 Cannot re-attach to restarted process
Bug IDEA-202380 Can't assign non-array value to an array in Expression Evaluation window
Bug IDEA-204672 Unable to attach to OpenJ jdk
Bug IDEA-201227 Unclear error reporting for sa-jdwp
Bug IDEA-199236 JDWP: some debugger features incorrectly disabled when debugging android.
Bug IDEA-202129 .attach_pid files in the working dir
Bug IDEA-201267 Color icon is not correct for JBColor objects
Bug IDEA-144955 Add Field Watchpoint context menu is missing
Bug IDEA-204691 Unable to cast primitive value to Object
Bug IDEA-196012 Compiling evaluator does not rename variables
Bug IDEA-198992 OOM in CaptureStorage
Bug IDEA-202606 UnalignedAddressException during read only attach
Bug IDEA-199513 Attach to process (read only) does not work if it requires administrator privileges
Bug IDEA-203014 Target Jdk version does not match message
Performance IDEA-204448 Debug startup slowly with `debugger-agent.jar`
Usability IDEA-121159 Pause Program improvement
Usability IDEA-200637 Debugger pop-ups trigger OutOfMemoryError
Usability IDEA-204643 Debugger buttons could be much more reactive
Usability IDEA-172140 Suspend only current thread during evaluation of breakpoint's condition
Usability IDEA-204807 "Add to Watches" action shouldn't create duplicates
Usability IDEA-200959 Speed search in debugger Variables view expands nodes
Usability IDEA-184725 edit breakpoint paste from history issue
Usability IDEA-198985 In Debugger view, the Filter button doesn't allow toggling multiple times
Usability IDEA-200865 [Regression] No indication that PHPStorm is connected to XDebug in Debug Tool Window
Usability IDEA-200972 View Breakpoints: Show breakpoint icons in the tree view to distinguish between suspend options
Cosmetics IDEA-184429 Evaluate dialog: Evaluate button takes focus when code fragment is expanded to multi-line mode
Cosmetics IDEA-202684 Map Entry's value displayed not good
Cosmetics IDEA-198903 [Floating debug tool window] when debugging run configuration, dropdown list with threads in Frame view is not shown at first step
Task IDEA-195192 Update debugger icons
Exception IDEA-201303 Exceptions are thrown when the process you are attached to is stopped
Diff_MergeFeature IDEA-101663 Allow option to ignore whitespace in three way merge
Feature IDEA-199750 3-way merge should have a Rollback action in the changes stripe menu
Feature IDEA-77478 Diff: Add by-char comparison mode that will compare individual chars
Bug IDEA-197927 VCS: Diff: Unified-viewer renders empty line in the wrong place if 'ignore imports and formatting' is enabled
Bug IDEA-203659 Shift+Tab in Diff editor changes line indentation style
Bug IDEA-111268 Tab width not respected when viewing code changes inline
Usability IDEA-197588 Text in Comparison/files view does not wrap in narrow window ("Difference between current working tree ...")
Usability IDEA-110057 Can't change keymap shortcut for "Compare Next File" in diff view
Usability IDEA-46059 Version control: the clickable area of "Deleted" editor mark is shifted
DockerFeature IDEA-150690 Docker - add --rm option
Feature IDEA-192030 DockerCompose. Display auto-assigned ports for docker containers
Feature IDEA-194585 DockerCompose: Editor. Provide possibility to run service/services by keyboard actions and from the context menu
Feature IDEA-174228 Docker: Add Run and Build actions into the Editor Context menu for dockerfiles
Bug IDEA-200684 Docker: "Path to compose file required" at running services without established docker connection.
Bug IDEA-178932 Docker: "dockerfile detection" description in event log/balloon: the link doesn't work
Bug IDEA-200922 Dockerfile, Image run config: two nodes at saving changes in the running container
Bug IDEA-203879 Creating runConfigs for multiple docker-compose files results in wrong commands being generated
Bug IDEA-201954 NPE at calling "new session" for the "Attached console" of a container
Bug IDEA-200116 Docker: it should be possible to run compose after "down" all the conflict apps with the same names.
Bug IDEA-202514 Docker: Dockerfile fails to run from the Editor with automatically created run config
Bug IDEA-201807 Docker: Start/stop for a service node should work for compose files from one folder
Bug IDEA-201513 Docker-compose: call `restart` instead of `up` when already running service is relaunched from the gutter
Bug IDEA-202973 Docker: RunConfiguration: "..." instead of the error about the wrong path to the Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-196083 docker-compose: wrong inspection at mem_limit option value in case of the string form instead of the integer
Bug IDEA-199274 DockerView: NPE at choosing a service without published ports
Bug IDEA-187414 DockerCompose: The parent docker-compose node has "container" icon in case of some deploys from one folder
Bug IDEA-188077 DockerCompose: Stop doesn't work if node contains any container not from the deployed compose file
Bug IDEA-201749 DockerCompose: after "restart" only the Log from the previous container is shown
Bug IDEA-200763 DockerCompose: "Run" by click on service gutter doesn't work if there is no "docker" server
Bug IDEA-196690 Volume mounting doesn't work on Windows using Linux containers
Bug IDEA-202435 Adding Docker requires email that has nowhere to enter
Bug IDEA-202524 Docker: Auto-expose the unknown port if added in runtime at PortBinding tab
Bug IDEA-199410 NPE while selecting "pull image" from docker tool window
Bug IDEA-158216 Docker: unable to reopen Inspect window
Performance IDEA-189747 Docker loads YAML file AST when computing icon
Usability IDEA-187260 DockerCompose. Yml. Display more usable information after folding a "service" and "services"
Usability IDEA-180791 Docker: improve UI for Run/Build actions from Dockerfiles
Task IDEA-193122 Docker: migrate to docker-java to v3.1.0
DroolsPerformance IDEA-203046 Intellij lags when editing drl (Drools rules) files.
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-203280 Groovy Script for PHP Storm Live Templates give suggested box?
Feature IDEA-199722 Can I make the live template appear at the top of the code completion list?
Bug IDEA-199925 Dash breaks autocompletion for live template name
Bug IDEA-205485 Goto Declaration doesn't work in completion autopopup with automatic quick doc popup
Bug IDEA-186754 Code completion list is blinking after typing non-ASCII text
Bug IDEA-198968 Idea smart completion suggests non-accessible constructor
Bug IDEA-200049 backspace doesn't work in completion popup
Bug IDEA-148060 Completion doesn't work after switching window
Bug IDEA-180723 Parameter name hints completion: incorrect hints are shown in case of nested call (i.e. method call using as argument value)
Bug IDEA-204126 [Live templates] autocompletion is not shown for some live templates (e.g. sout, psvm)
Editor. Color SchemesBug IDEA-197528 Color scheme editor ConcurrentModificationException
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-205621 Switch statement unwrapper
Feature IDEA-196006 Link for files in JavaDoc generation output
Feature IDEA-168176 Move Caret Backward/Forward a Paragraph With Selection
Feature IDEA-204140 Should be able to unwrap rule based switch expression
Bug IDEA-171789 "Last edit location" does not honor changes been made on "Commit changes" window
Bug IDEA-196224 Parameter Info bubble (CTRL-P) disappears immediately if invoked after first dot
Bug IDEA-201882 Scrolling position jumps on completion
Bug IDEA-196674 Escape doesn't delete all carets in string literal with injected language
Bug IDEA-201750 Move Up/Down and Scroll works wrong with a cloned caret
Bug IDEA-202245 Editor ignores EditorMouseEvent consuming
Bug IDEA-198595 Last edit location does not remember changes made in Find in Path
Bug IDEA-175878 Multicursor first cursor incorrect indent on tab press in injected fragment
Bug IDEA-196929 Cannot copy text while IntelliJ is indexing
Bug IDEA-205635 Moving up/down enum entry declaration with empty line after declaration produces red code
Bug IDEA-197878 AssertionError when inserting several lines insted of the one in multiline TODO
Bug IDEA-200103 Overload switching doesn't work for vararg methods
Bug IDEA-198113 File | Export to HTML: line numbers are displayed incorrectly when enabled
Bug IDEA-203201 Cursor jumps back and sometimes random extra spaces are inserted
Bug IDEA-103199 Undo: UTF problem
Bug IDEA-198066 RegEx. Wrong selection with double click.
Bug IDEA-204769 Editor: selecting "Copy" action from menu copies whole line instead
Bug IDEA-198539 "underscored" and "strikeout" effects not rendering
Bug IDEA-197843 'Move Statement Up/Down' for switch-case-blocks does only detect the statement when the caret is exactly on the statement
Bug IDEA-204898 Exception in buildFoldRegions can block loading of editor
Bug IDEA-199621 Text selection doesn't work after triple-click
Bug IDEA-186110 Esc doesn't close in-editor search during indexing
Bug IDEA-202915 Highlighting of deleted ranges in diff window is blinking sometimes
Bug IDEA-199639 While typing TODO comment with Korean text, color scheme to the last letter is disappeared
Bug IDEA-196505 Cannot open JavaScript files
Bug IDEA-201183 Live Template Context in Java type declarations
Bug IDEA-201625 Text jitter in editor when tabs are used for indentation (on a fractional-scale monitor on Windows)
Bug IDEA-199909 'Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab' not working for method call closing parenthesis when parameter info tooltip is displayed
Bug IDEA-199790 FileEditorManagerImpl does not properly handle opening TextEditor instances created by custom FileEditorProvider
Bug IDEA-197276 Adding external annotation into .class file breaks syntax highlighting
Bug IDEA-198767 Caret returns to wrong position at the end of the block in java code
Bug IDEA-204058 Enter doesn't work in line comment if an invalid todo pattern is configured
Bug IDEA-201502 Weird soft wraps behavior when working with XML content
Bug IDEA-204703 Text selection significantly slows down when cursor is outside the text editor
Bug IDEA-196967 External annotations not updated when I edit the file manually
Bug IDEA-203120 Adding Inlay leads to code lens invalidity
Bug IDEA-203015 Wrong caret position after up/down movements in presence of both inline and block inlays
Bug IDEA-203335 Parameter info appears when not required
Bug IDEA-201725 Rich text copy / paste on high DPI screens should scale down fonts
Bug IDEA-198893 Parameter info hints: exception on undo
Bug IDEA-201210 Expanding selection within method's generic type parameter expands to beginning of file
Bug IDEA-136779 In editor, alt+drag should clear the old caret.
Bug IDEA-203902 Text drag'n'drop in editor is not canceled by Esc key
Bug IDEA-202906 Parameter hints find wrong overload
Bug IDEA-202087 Broken indentation (scaling 250% or higher)
Performance IDEA-199690 Terrible performance with multiple cursors in insert with multiple values
Usability IDEA-199375 Parameter info (Ctrl+P) does not recognize array parameter as a vararg
Usability IDEA-203855 Cloned carets visually off
Usability IDEA-200276 Multiline TODO: line comment <-> block comment conversion breaks multiline comments
Usability IDEA-200630 too eager commenting out
Usability IDEA-200275 Multiline TODO: support line Split in block comments
Usability IDEA-199843 Ctrl hovering over keyword should not show quick doc popup
Usability IDEA-198598 "Split line" does not work for multiline TODOs
Usability IDEA-204308 Multiline TODO popup interferes with editing the TODO.
Usability IDEA-197915 Unable to set unix line separator for iml file
Cosmetics IDEA-200296 confusing gutter folding hints for "closure" folding
Cosmetics IDEA-199826 Switching from read-only file to editable one incorrectly repaints status bar indicators
Exception IDEA-199974 java.lang.ArithmeticException at deleting after calling completion
Exception IDEA-193406 TraceableDisposable$DisposalException: Editor is already disposed
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-195971 Library source soes not match the bytecode for java.util.regex.Pattern
Bug IDEA-199466 Editor: Error highlighting isn't change on color scheme switch
Bug IDEA-155186 Daemon status icon (aka eye aka TrafficLightRenderer) isn't always repainted
Bug IDEA-204791 Duplicate highlights in maven
Bug IDEA-197802 Editor: highlighting for soft-wraps delimiter not always inherits background color from surrounding code
Usability IDEA-178659 Parameter name hints: automatically inserted commas are highlighted as errors
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-202205 Wrong gutter action add to intention popup when we have disabled gutter action
Bug IDEA-200761 Settings: Intentions: "Before/After" sections for intention actions are empty
Bug IDEA-144708 add static import adds import to inaccessible class
External ToolsFeature IDEA-129070 Macro: multiple $Prompt$ in External Tools
File SystemFeature IDEA-198080 fsnotifier fails to start from Flatpak image
Bug IDEA-188926 `VirtualFileManager.refreshWithoutFileWatcher` can take an extremely long time on a Windows FileSystem with a large number of mapped network drives
Performance IDEA-201455 Less calls to File.isDirectory in CoreLocalVirtualFile
Performance IDEA-202236 UI freeze on VFS operations (I/O in PersistentFS.processEvents)
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeature IDEA-69435 Search for Multi-line fragment
Bug IDEA-198724 New SE: Duplicated results in "Recent files"
Bug IDEA-199986 Find/Replace in Path closes immediately
Bug IDEA-197216 Regex search for \b locks up the IDE
Bug IDEA-189354 "Find in path" (old style) requires 2 "ESC" pressing to close
Bug IDEA-194819 Add reactive API/event listeners for usage inclusion/exclusion in UsageView
Bug IDEA-196638 Rows in usage view sometimes get cropped
Bug IDEA-82930 Ctrl+R (Replace) doesn't always copy the text selected to "From" box
Bug IDEA-193236 Open In Find Window does a Replace All
Bug IDEA-200011 Replace in pre-selected text doesn't work any more
Bug IDEA-195122 Find / Replace: when the size of the search field is small, it is not autoscrolled on typing or on Right arrow key pressing; cursor just goes to the invisible area
Bug IDEA-177766 Find In Path: regex search finds irrelevant matches if "In commets" selected in filter
Bug IDEA-203563 Can't change "Find in Path" scope during indexing
Bug IDEA-193455 Cannot go from Find to Replace if shortcut was changed to Ctrl+H
Bug IDEA-203111 Undo doesn't work correctly after "replace all"
Bug IDEA-184743 Button in "Replace in path" old dialog is called "Find" instead of "Replace"
Performance IDEA-198369 89-second decompiler UI freeze
Usability IDEA-202987 Ability to customize a shortcut for search history
Usability IDEA-108477 Preview for in-place regexp replace doesn't preview line breaks
Usability IDEA-173010 Rerun is greyed out in Find Occurrences, results are collapsed by default
Usability IDEA-76610 I want to be able to turn off the "Do you want to find usages of the base method?" question
Usability IDEA-204169 Add "Open results in a new tab" in the Find ToolWindow
Usability IDEA-167955 Find: `Ctrl+F` on selected word doesn't pre-select text in search field if Find bar is open
Usability IDEA-180366 Find in Path from VCS | Local Changes shall pre-select the selected change list or directory
Cosmetics IDEA-202206 Search everywhere: Type / to see commands
Exception IDEA-198437 NPE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.plugin.ui.filters.FilterPanel.initFilters
Exception IDEA-202503 Exception occurs on opening file context menu for the first time
IDE ConfigurationFeature IDEA-107709 StringUtils within a File Template
Feature IDEA-146459 Provide a more convenient way of editing custom file type keywords
Bug IDEA-201898 Handle plugin duplications with sync settings
Bug IDEA-205643 IDE cannot restart after disabling/enabling plugin — hangs indefinitely
Bug IDEA-198818 'Annotations to copy' setting is not persistent
Bug IDEA-197838 Project leak via animated icon in PluginsGroupComponentWithProgress
Bug IDEA-196469 NPE error on startup with initial wizard
Bug IDEA-202843 WARN - ge.ExternalProjectsDataStorage java.lang.NullPointerException
Bug IDEA-188964 Error loading kotlin-language facet
Bug IDEA-186794 "Reassociate" action to change a file type association
Bug IDEA-196437 Plugin manager: problem with enabled/disabled plugins blocks any interaction
Bug IDEA-192064 "Remove from Sidebar" is not persisted across project re-opening
Bug IDEA-179784 Idea fails to load a project when running on Java 9
Bug IDEA-200585 Live Templates: Expand with = None is shown as "Default (Space)"
Bug IDEA-200848 SDK: Don't add the same SDK some times
Bug IDEA-200626 File and Code Templates preferences section loads infinitely
Performance IDEA-202661 2018.3 slowness
Usability IDEA-198415 Option to turn off EAP channel updates entirely for stable releases
Usability IDEA-195932 Allow "Check connection" even if no proxy is selected
Cosmetics IDEA-203663 Preferences | Editor | General | Gutter Icons: sort plugin groups alphabetically
Cosmetics IDEA-199540 Strange selection display when switching to "Other" tab in File and Code Template settings
Task IDEA-201087 Do not log performance statistics to the console
Task IDEA-196480 New SE file types filters are not saved on IDE close
Configuration Problem IDEA-195913 Version Control Sidebar GUI behaviour
Image ViewerBug IDEA-203942 SVGLoader incorrectly interprets svg document size
IndicesBug IDEA-198452 Exception on Welcome screen -> Preferences -> Quit
Bug IDEA-197296 deadlock between FileBasedIndex Vfs Event Processor and EDT
Performance IDEA-202221 2 minute freeze on index query after deleting a large directory
Performance IDEA-185239 9 seconds freeze caused by non-interruptable Readlock
Performance IDEA-202748 Hang during UnindexedFilesUpdater working
Usability IDEA-196058 endless indexing :)
Cosmetics IDEA-200475 Stacktrace found in log file - unsure of the cause
Internal build scriptsBug IDEA-200994 Building distribution of IntelliJ-based IDEs fails on Windows because of incorrectly extracted JRE
Bug IDEA-203509 Cannot debug tests in nested classes
Bug IDEA-200988 Building PHP plugin on Windows fails with "The filename or extension is too long" error
Bug IDEA-198772 Testings scripts fail to start a JUnit run configuration if it uses our UrlClassLoader
Task IDEA-202226 Generate links to third-party libraries in JSON format
Task IDEA-198661 Bundle product information file with a product distribution
Task IDEA-197426 pom.xml generated for modules from IntelliJ IDEA project should honor exclusion of transitive dependencies
Task IDEA-201926 Allow building plugins which aren't supposed to be automatically published
JSONFeature IDEA-185069 Kubernetes: Json. QuickHelp. Provide quick help for completion list items
Bug IDEA-195340 bad JSON kills IntelliJ
Bug IDEA-198593 Errors reported by JSON annotator disappear only on typing
Usability IDEA-195016 Kubernetes: Json. Completion for "integer" types should be with space before comma
JavaScriptException IDEA-196599 JSUndeclaredVariableInspection quick fix AIOOBE on invalid code
JavaScript. DebuggerBug IDEA-187460 Nashorn debugger no longer works with Java 9
Exception IDEA-198791 IAE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornObject.createValue
Language InjectionBug IDEA-201839 Injected Brace Matcher Works Pretty Fun
Bug IDEA-202431 Postgres SQL injected language formater
Bug IDEA-196513 java.lang.AssertionError at "undo" language injection
Bug IDEA-153981 Injected fragment editor: multiple instances can be opened for the same fragment, but their contents is not in sync
Bug IDEA-196222 HTTP Requests editor: collapse stops working after expand
Local HistoryBug IDEA-197446 IntelliJ 2018.2.1 freezes after a short time
Bug IDEA-197060 Local history reverts file timestamps
Bug IDEA-194992 IntelliJ freezes when using local history
Bug IDEA-203490 Copy/paste is not working in the left pane of the Local History window
Exception IDEA-203259 It's possible to call 'Show History for Selection' for project tree items: IllegalArgumentException is thrown
MacrosBug IDEA-204339 Some IDEA macro invalid in other IDE's context.
Packaging and InstallationFeature IDEA-170297 "Batch mode" for IDE updates
Feature IDEA-199523 Listing of Error/Exit codes
Feature IDEA-194011 Turn vcs.log.graph module into a healthy maven dependency
Feature IDEA-194148 Publish 'intellij.platform.testFramework' module as a Maven artifact
Feature IDEA-199192 Add "Open with Rider" action for files and folders to Windows context menu
Feature IDEA-184006 Add log for win installations.
Feature IDEA-198292 Bundle WSL plugin for Windows distribs of Idea Ultimate
Bug IDEA-199519 Uninstall: The IDE installation folder is not deleted after uninstallation
Bug IDEA-138195 Uninstall progress bar animation doesn't represent the actual process state
Bug IDEA-197938 Windows installer: incorrect "64-bit launcher" label layout
Bug IDEA-203550 Windows Installer: 'Uninstall old versions' shows only several installations from only one disk with a weird gap
Bug IDEA-200274 Silent installation: installation to the wrong folder
Bug IDEA-202935 Regression: cannot install IntelliJ IDEA in silent mode if intermediate directory is missing
Bug IDEA-165190 Uninstaller should not remove the files it didn't create
Bug IDEA-201669 Silent Installation: The installation is not done but there is a message about successful installation in installation log.
Bug IDEA-198859 Batch Mode for IDE updates: IDEA just restarted without any message when the last patch in chain is wrong
Bug IDEA-203213 JPS from IntelliJ IDEA 183 branch fails to compile project because of missing class org.apache.maven.model.InputLocationTracker
Bug IDEA-190079 Installer doesnt close with finish button and nothing happens
Bug IDEA-201027 Small UI issue in Installer
Bug IDEA-158855 Windows installer starts uninstaller even when clicking back
Bug IDEA-200369 Silent Installation: mode=user: if you have no permission to install in the specified folder, installation is finished in the different folder
Bug IDEA-201292 Several installations of one version IDE: Problems with Uninstall in Users folders
Bug IDEA-200342 Silent installation: There is no checking if the current version was already installed
Bug IDEA-198383 Duplicating libraries copied to 'lib' directory in IDE distributions
Bug IDEA-168582 Windows setup stacks on 'Select Directory' wizard step for several seconds
Bug IDEA-204957 Projects opened with cli have names ending in ./. opening other projects causes hang and then indexes root file system and or sometimes the parent directory filesystem.
Bug IDEA-141900 Installer: Uninstall old version has weird word wrapping
Bug IDEA-200784 Uninstall.exe couldn't be launched in some cases.
Bug IDEA-200776 Remove dependency from 'extensions' module to 'XStream' library
Bug IDEA-200843 PATH can not be updated. The size is very big.
Bug IDEA-199339 Incorrect installation folder.
Bug IDEA-201664 Silent installation by user: The name of the destination folder is changed while changing the location during the installation
Bug IDEA-201878 Uninstall previous installations: There is bin folder with uninstall.exe after uninstalling
Bug IDEA-204606 Disable Uninstall feedback options activated by default when uninstaller running from installer(when you install update with installer).
Bug IDEA-182484 IntelliJ IDEA restart fails on Windows because of company restrictions
Bug IDEA-166445 Add SVG icon file to IDE distribution
Bug IDEA-202232 Two versions of commons-codec.jar are included into IntelliJ Platform
Bug IDEA-199522 Silent installation: There is no check if the installation folder already exists.
Bug IDEA-200781 Sometimes there is no message that this version already installed during the installation
Usability IDEA-198858 Batch Mode for IDE updates: It will be usefull to mention which is wrong when there is wrong jar file in chain.
Usability IDEA-197129 Kotlin compiler binaries miss executable permissions
Usability IDEA-200235 No option to disable "Open Folder as <IDE> Project" context menu.
Usability IDEA-182601 Silent install could provide some error feedback
Usability IDEA-202806 There are too few rows in Uninstall Old Versions tab
Cosmetics IDEA-204535 Header text in Rider Installer is heavily misaligned
Cosmetics IDEA-200363 Silent Installation: It is better to mention in log what was wrong in installation by specific words
Cosmetics IDEA-198708 IDEA Community Edition should probably have its own icon on the Welcome screen - not the same as IDEA Ultimate has
Cosmetics IDEA-198470 The community edition setup has the wrong icons
Task IDEA-149668 Publish javac2 on maven
Task IDEA-193948 Publish modules which allows to read IDEA project configuration as Maven artifacts
Task IDEA-200752 Remove dependency from java.psi.impl to java.resources.en
Task IDEA-196699 Bundle Kotlin 1.3 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-200437 Use correct product code when IDE is started from sources
Task IDEA-192396 Publish java-psi and required modules as Maven artifacts
Task IDEA-192663 Provide special svg icons for EAP distributions
Task IDEA-189415 Bundle Kotlin 1.2.60 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-203997 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.11 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-191884 Extract platform classes to separate JARs in IDEs distributions
Task IDEA-202194 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.10 with IntelliJ IDEA
Password SafeFeature IDEA-200611 Protect master key file using PGP key
Bug IDEA-164786 ISE at com.intellij.credentialStore.kdbx.KdbxSerializerKt.a
Bug IDEA-200849 Password Safe: incorrect reaction on custom location setting for the (not existing) KeePass database
Bug IDEA-196508 On select custom location of keepass file, master password file should be checked also
Bug IDEA-164296 Unable to load library 'secret-1'
Bug IDEA-200401 Auth error on open DB file with [...] button
Bug IDEA-165257 KeePass OVERWRITES existing database instead of appending or prompting!?
Bug IDEA-200375 Idea doesn't save password in KeePass database
Bug IDEA-200188 Password Safe: Set/ChangeMasterPassword actions cause significant delays on Ubuntu
Bug IDEA-200735 Password Safe: IDE freezes on opening Settings dialog on Ubuntu
Bug IDEA-174581 KeePass storage is wiped if password token does not match.
Bug IDEA-187790 Passwords Inaccessible (in Settings->Appearance&Behavior->System Settings-> Passwords )
Bug IDEA-200404 Idea change Password Safe option silently on "cancel" in case selected DB is unaccessible
Usability IDEA-163353 Not obvious when master password is set up
Platform APIFeature IDEA-177378 make the registry entries extendible by plugins
Feature IDEA-201860 Allow third-party IDEs to customize how major version is obtained from build number while suggesting updates
Feature IDEA-201009 Introduce ApiStatus.AvailableSince annotation
Feature IDEA-183815 Capability to add a content between code lines in the editor
Bug IDEA-199978 Support several find-usages-providers
Bug IDEA-200807 NPE caused by NonClasspathClassFinder constructor leaking "this"
Bug IDEA-199458 NPE in UnionScope creation
Bug IDEA-199797 ProgressDialog#myDisableCancelAlarm won't fire for a modal progress bar
Bug IDEA-134387 CallHierarchyNodeDescriptor or HierarchyNodeDescriptor should implement equals method
Bug IDEA-202707 If PersistentStateComponent::loadState failed with exception it won't be called next time
Bug IDEA-196796 UAST: UMethod should provide access to the return-type reference expression
Bug IDEA-203169 Handle ProcessCanceledException during extension point listeners
Performance IDEA-197722 Instantiate stubs lazily within file
Performance IDEA-202315 UAST TreeBasedEvaluator consumes a lot of CPU
Task IDEA-158421 Document requirements for mac-builder agent
Task IDEA-203954 Make sure that `PsiReferenceProvider`s add references to elements they were asked about
Task IDEA-191331 Migrate to ASM 6.2
Plugin DevelopmentFeature IDEA-201007 Devkit: show warning if a plugin code uses API which wasn't available in old versions of the platform
Feature IDEA-194946 DevKit: verify plugin provides pluginIcon.svg
Feature IDEA-197617 Extension point for inferred annotations
Feature IDEA-197972 DevKit: add checks from PluginVerifier ( to plugin.xml inspection
Feature IDEA-196383 DevKit: support <group> "use-shortcut-of"
Bug IDEA-200152 Error launching plugin project with 'local' IDEA SDK
Bug IDEA-205189 theme.json: no spellchecking for color hex values
Bug IDEA-197440 Navigation to testdata hangs uninterruptible
Bug IDEA-202635 Devkit: fix all gutter icon sizes, make configurable
Bug IDEA-196765 Good code red in a module.xml when referring an action defined in the same xml
Bug IDEA-187409 AutoCompletion popup disappears if variant contain dash symbol "-"
Bug IDEA-202393 Always include ID of a problematic plugin into exception report
Bug IDEA-204436 Plugin Icon search path is wrong for ZIP plugin distributions
Bug IDEA-202885 DevKit: constant assertion when using xi:include with <depends> in plugin descriptors
Usability IDEA-204886 Navigate to test data action shows multiple blinking modal progresses
Usability IDEA-201599 Don't show 'Version must be specified' error in plugin.xml files for plugins developed via gradle-intellij-plugin
Task IDEA-201464 Properly attribute exceptions happened during instantiation of plugin components to corresponding plugins
Exception IDEA-183233 Exception during offline inspections
Plugin ManagementFeature IDEA-201336 Drag'n'drop plugin zip file to welcome screen doesn't install it, but instead opens it as a file
Feature IDEA-186805 Rework plugin page for settings dialog
Bug IDEA-202017 Can't install plugin if it contains necessary dependence on another plugin
Bug IDEA-197950 It's confusing that one has to install new plugins using Trending section
Bug IDEA-198191 New plugins page takes 6-7 seconds to Show All plugins
Bug IDEA-202302 Plugins management: confusing reaction in case of required plugin disabling, and the dependent plugin uninstalling
Bug IDEA-195202 Plugins: delete action
Bug IDEA-198219 New plugins page: stars are cropped
Bug IDEA-202018 Old plugin dialog is shown when click on the notification popup
Bug IDEA-193930 New Plugins dialog: visual garbage on the upper panel after clicking on different tabs
Bug IDEA-193890 New Plugins dialog: Updates page does not suggest existent newer version of bundled plugin
Bug IDEA-202421 Enabling parent plugin from the depending plugin doesn't work
Bug IDEA-199129 New Plugins panel opens oversized if last opened tab was "Installed"
Bug IDEA-196430 New Plugins dialog: do not allow to install plugin from disk when it is already installed
Bug IDEA-202957 New Plugins dialog: 503 server error causes two error dialogs - one after settings dialog is closed
Bug IDEA-198136 New plugins page shows nothing after pressing Enter for empty search line
Bug IDEA-205249 Required plugin isn't isn't added when click 'Enable' in 'Preferences | Plugins'
Usability IDEA-199205 New Plugin manager: add hint for gear icon
Usability IDEA-200225 When user installs plugin from disk tab should be switched from "Marketplace" to "Installed"
Usability IDEA-199435 Search field is focused when returning to plugins list
Usability IDEA-199434 Non-standard hotkey for uninstalling a plugin
Usability IDEA-199622 Updated plugins UI -- grey "Install" button for already installed plugins hard to read
Usability IDEA-197334 Completion is not aligned with word start in plugin dialog
Usability IDEA-126874 Settings | Plugins have poor keyboard navigation
Usability IDEA-200867 Show plugin versions in the installed plugins list
Cosmetics IDEA-199197 Poor rendering of completion list in Search field on Plugins settings page
Cosmetics IDEA-193887 IDEA refreshes plugin description page when hovering a link
Exception IDEA-201296 Restart from new plugins dialog results in exceptions in console
Project ConfigurationFeature IDEA-193045 Repository libraries: add option to exclude only some of transitive dependencies
Feature IDEA-130730 Support per-project custom plugin repositories
Bug IDEA-145808 Default File Encodings settings are ignored if project created from template
Bug IDEA-199546 IntelliJ hangs when trying to add a JDK
Bug IDEA-199667 Maven lib versions updated daily
Bug IDEA-195433 Errors on updating sdk
Bug IDEA-203651 Kotlin MPP (Common and JS) test source roots are not detected as source roots
Bug IDEA-200525 ProjectRootManagerComponent does not react properly on roots update
Performance IDEA-201304 IDEA hangs for ~20 sec when adding module to IDEA project
Performance IDEA-199732 Icons for downloadable library types are synchronously loaded on start
Cosmetics IDEA-202743 Library that contains only a single folder is shown as "libs and one more file" in Project Structure
Exception IDEA-202726 AccessDeniedException on project name change if .name file is read-only
Exception IDEA-205597 REWA at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertIsDispatchThread
Quick DocumentationFeature IDEA-199882 Support JDK 11 external javadoc folders structure
Bug IDEA-201819 QuickDoc popup is shown under the element in Diagram area even if there is not enough space for it
Bug IDEA-202597 View | ExternalDocumentation doesn't work for decompiled classes opened in Editor
Bug IDEA-200855 SVG displayed in Quick Documentation popup ignore any size hint and are too large
Bug IDEA-189815 Quick doc popup shown on mouse hover closes when clicking on a reference to a different class inside
Bug IDEA-201393 QuickDoc popup hides after selecting "Show Toolbar" option if QucikDoc is shown on mouse move
Bug IDEA-200711 View | External Documentation doesn't work for Java11 classes if documentation url is provided
Bug IDEA-202463 Opening external documentation for OpenJFX 11 libraries does not work
Bug IDEA-201079 QuickDoc popup is not focused on the second "Ctrl+Q" if it was opened from autocomplete or Project View
Bug IDEA-202789 Too many "Element information is not available during index update" notifications
Bug IDEA-198297 Quick Documentation popup is sometimes placed off screen
Bug IDEA-203264 Restoring quick doc popup size changes its content
Bug IDEA-202665 Quick documentation resolves method to any compatible method
Bug IDEA-203588 JDK11 Javadoc links use wrong anchor format
Bug IDEA-204179 Wrong scrolling position after hyperlink navigation in quick doc popup
Bug IDEA-201449 Documentation tab name is not updated on following links in documentation
Bug IDEA-203728 Quick doc opened for an item from Project View changes position if one clicks on a hyperlink it contains
Bug IDEA-189315 QuickDocumentation popup flicker for some libs
Bug IDEA-199409 UI freezes: Documentation popup loads images from network on UI thread
Bug IDEA-202420 Opening offline external documentation for JDK 11 does not work
Bug IDEA-201036 Autocomplete list moves up when opening/closing QuickDoc Tool Window
Bug IDEA-201023 QuickDoc popup becomes small after resizing and clicking the link inside the popup
Bug IDEA-201280 QuickDoc popup appears at the cursor position after closing the documentation tab in Tool Window
Bug IDEA-203713 QuickDoc shown on mouse move changes position or disappears after clicking on link it contains
Usability IDEA-200674 Adjust popup size according to the font size
Usability IDEA-200124 Quick Documentation hides context menu
Cosmetics IDEA-163805 documentation jumps with ctrl down
Exception IDEA-199046 NPE at pressing edit in the quick documentation
Exception IDEA-199780 Quick Doc: Throwable on 'Edit source' in read-only files
RefactoringBug IDEA-199345 Change Signature is available from Structure view though not yet implemented for Go
RegExpFeature IDEA-202325 In RegExp form, check whether the regular expression could match a longer input
Bug IDEA-198794 "2 consecutive spaces in RegExp" when one is in brackets
Bug IDEA-199135 Bad error recovery in regular expression parsing
Usability IDEA-202189 Pressing Shift+Tab in the Check RegExp window leaves the window
Run | Debug configurationFeature IDEA-197239 Report warning when test pattern name does not occur in project
Feature IDEA-114577 Confirm deletion of run/debug configurations
Feature IDEA-196611 redirect file to stdin for Java-based run configurations
Bug IDEA-198940 Dark font color on dark background in 'run anything'
Bug IDEA-157989 "Stop" button does not work when the IDE is launched as a background task
Bug IDEA-198525 [Run Anything] when running saved configuration via run anything, it becomes unsaved
Bug IDEA-195693 Context help shows 404 page when invoked for a run configuration which don't have special help page
Bug IDEA-194910 Add macro support for VM options field (e.g. expand $ModuleFileDir$ properly)
Bug IDEA-155610 ModuleBasedConfiguration.createInstance() may produce wrong custom 'cloning'
Bug IDEA-197466 JDK 11 doesn't have jaxb causing JShell not to load
Bug IDEA-199121 "Run anything" suggests groups, execution targets and then throws exception
Bug IDEA-197127 Restart tests opens a new tab instead of reusing current tab
Bug IDEA-188962 "Before Launch" tasks are shared between Run Configuration and its copy
Bug IDEA-202004 Run Configuration. Red class name "Class 'Main' is in the default package"
Bug IDEA-96960 Run Configurations popup: inconsistent position for run config folders
Usability IDEA-181444 Run dashboard: toolbar buttons like ShowConfigutations, Restorelayout, Help should be available when some group or deleted RC is selected
Usability IDEA-201215 JVM launcher cannot process @argfiles produced by IDEA
Usability IDEA-128651 Keep duplicate in same folder when duplicating a run configuration
Exception IDEA-205510 Throwable at com.intellij.execution.impl.RunManagerImpl.addConfiguration$intellij_platform_lang_impl
SQLFeature IDEA-115461 SQL code style: Improve formatting for ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
Bug IDEA-112933 Criminal autoindentation on SQL code
Settings RepositoryBug IDEA-193044 Duplicated plugins in Sync Plugin list
Bug IDEA-182954 Font size setting synchronization (via account) fail
Bug IDEA-205426 Unable to push settings to shared repository - Unknown macro $PROJECT_FILE$ in storage file spec
Structural Search and ReplaceFeature IDEA-198496 Structural search usability: Switch between search and replace modes
Feature IDEA-161879 CTRL+C on Structural Search > Existing Templates yields SearchConfiguration@2115ed8a
Feature IDEA-203929 Check lambdas/method references type using `getFunctionalInterfaceType()` in structural search
Bug IDEA-203274 Syntax highlighting does not change when changing file type
Bug IDEA-202958 try-finally without catch blocks pattern finds try-catch-finally statements
Bug IDEA-200742 Tooltip with "Edit Filters" should be disabled in Existing Templates window
Bug IDEA-201528 Simple xml query not found because of index access problem
Bug IDEA-202451 SSR: search templates are missing on each project openenig
Bug IDEA-201833 Structural search inspection: added filter is not saved for search template
Bug IDEA-200398 Structural search doesn't find all constructor calls
Bug IDEA-200892 Dialog remembers its size incorrectly
Bug IDEA-199278 Can't search for default method
Bug IDEA-202914 mess after selection
Bug IDEA-201300 No validation after filter change
Bug IDEA-198746 Search target dropdown does not set search target
Bug IDEA-205240 Editing a count filter put wrong value in max count editor if min count is not default
Usability IDEA-203074 Cutting and pasting a placeholder in the template editor looses all placeholder filters
Usability IDEA-168054 Make structural search/replace templates available globally
Exception IDEA-198357 SSR: com.intellij.openapi.util.TraceableDisposable$DisposalException: Editor is already disposed
Task ManagementFeature IDEA-199282 Pre-Select branch by task name in "Open Task" dialog
Feature IDEA-190710 Tasks plugin does not support time tracking for GitLab
Bug IDEA-203337 Duplicate shortcuts in "Open Task" window
Bug IDEA-184079 Switching context by tasks is competing with Restore branch workspace when changing tasks
Bug IDEA-197824 Cannot type in "Switch to task" dialog
Bug IDEA-195862 [projectname] is not truncated
Bug IDEA-203220 After phpStorm upgrade when opening task it doesn't strip "[" when generates branch name causing not valid branch name error
Bug IDEA-202675 "Open Task" dialog with empty "Create changelist" field
Bug IDEA-185092 Commit message is generated from active changelist not task
Bug IDEA-189251 Task management: name of newly created local task is not displayed in the toolbar and in the open task dialog
Bug IDEA-168220 IDEA freeze up to 1 minute after open "open task" dialog
Bug IDEA-173186 Commit message lost after cancelling commit dialog with Add commit message from Task server enabled
Bug IDEA-205214 Task Server password/token is lost after closing IDE
Usability IDEA-85270 Tasks: don't allow empty changelist name format
Usability IDEA-203090 Context List displays only the 10 most recent contexts
Cosmetics IDEA-171919 Underscore missing in task list drop-down
Cosmetics IDEA-199265 'Switch task' menu item is almost invisible when invoked from main pane
Exception IDEA-199388 Throwable at
TerminalFeature IDEA-119667 Feature request: shortcut for switching between terminal tabs
Feature IDEA-191464 Add environment variable to terminal detect if running in IntelliJ IDES
Bug IDEA-201601 Sometimes terminal shows broken prompt on IDE startup
Bug IDEA-202523 Opening Embedded Terminal starts with: "cp: overwrite '/home/<username>/.WebStorm2018.3/config/terminal/history/history-'? " since updating to WebStorm 2018.3
Bug IDEA-200854 Regression: "Close session" and "Select Next/Previous Tab" no longer works in terminal since latest build
Bug IDEA-200839 Can no longer open specific directory in Terminal
Bug IDEA-155071 TERM variable should not be set for windows (cmd) terminals
Bug IDEA-204725 Terminal with bash: 'cat' process ignores SIGPIPE
Bug IDEA-202881 Failed to start cmd.exe
Bug IDEA-203647 Terminal settings (Environment Variables) forgotten after app restart
Bug IDEA-204683 No login shell if "Python Terminal" plugin enabled
Bug IDEA-200880 Terminal: resize mouse pointer when hovering over "New session" button
Bug IDEA-202821 Blank terminal
Bug IDEA-205239 Cmd+W in a Terminal tab moved to the Editor closes the wrong window
Bug IDEA-203500 Can't Open Local Terminal
Bug IDEA-200294 Context actions on terminal tabs not working consistently
Bug IDEA-201459 Terminal doesn't source ".bash_profile" anymore in PyCharm
Usability IDEA-132932 Console font change doesn't take effect immediately
Usability IDEA-204510 too easy to accidentally close terminal window
Usability IDEA-205457 Terminal trap DEBUG overrides my trap
Exception IDEA-203045 Start ssh session is broken in 183.3795.24
UMLBug IDEA-204874 UML diagram: context menu does not work on macOS
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-168887 Themes: Ability to customize "speedsearch matching results" color
Feature IDEA-192585 Use special icons for EAP builds at runtime
Feature IDEA-197685 New SE: Also integrate (basic) "find in path"
Bug IDEA-197444 Run Anything. Shortcut cannot be changed or disabled
Bug IDEA-204789 project frame opens out of screen
Bug IDEA-202634 ParameterInfo is now wedged in completion settings area
Bug IDEA-151200 Ubuntu: Unity menu bar is not available for detached editor tabs and floating tool windows
Bug IDEA-184388 Exception on pressing "context menu button" if there is no context menu in the current UI component
Bug IDEA-198774 Deadlock on a key event process
Bug IDEA-23606 application Run/Debug Configuration main class chooser issue
Bug IDEA-203350 Help | Submit a Bug Report does not work for AppCode / CLion / DataGrip
Bug IDEA-197708 New SE: Include non-project items has no accelerator in "All" tab
Bug IDEA-201098 Panel for swapping branches is missing from the Compare with current dialog on mac
Bug IDEA-198321 Unable to create exception breakpoint
Bug IDEA-202305 Update JavaScriptDebugger and JavaScriptLanguage icons
Bug IDEA-178171 intention settings: description editor is too small
Bug IDEA-203496 java.lang.IllegalStateException: component cannot be null
Bug IDEA-197853 CaptureConfigurable table has wrong cell/row height
Bug IDEA-198521 Preview diff in local changes Tab not always shown
Bug IDEA-199367 IDE hangs when searching in Hebrew+English
Bug IDEA-94851 Icons: Griffon icons missing
Bug IDEA-200379 Native menu bar on Ubuntu Linux: the View menu actions have incorrect state
Bug IDEA-197287 Holding shift makes it look like you can click on code you can't
Bug IDEA-169693 No Help Available In Cannot Save file dialog
Bug IDEA-200724 IntelliJ IDEA does not fully start after update, ends with window with menubar and nothing else
Bug IDEA-197106 DesktopLayout ConcurrentModificationException on startup
Bug IDEA-202749 Missing mnemonics for labels
Bug IDEA-199447 Can't select multiple files with [command]-click from Navigate files dialog (regression)
Bug IDEA-178692 AppServers View: splitter position is not persisted between sessions
Bug IDEA-195177 Intermittent tests failure on MacBook with Touch bar in IntelliJ project
Bug IDEA-204130 Find usages -> Export to Text background does not match font colour
Bug IDEA-198594 Input text box selection does not select to beginning of field if mouse pointer moves left of text box edge
Bug IDEA-198051 Remove button in Recent project is overlapping the project path
Bug IDEA-196488 Live Templates -> Change Context: keyboard navigation is impossible.
Bug IDEA-127973 Ctrl+Click doesn't work for multiple selection in Changes | Log, File History
Bug IDEA-201276 Linux Native menu: shortcuts disappeared from main menu panel
Bug IDEA-198135 Version control toolwindow is not displayed after Enabling VCS integration
Bug IDEA-199024 GUI stack overflow with "Find in Path" action
Bug IDEA-199585 Svg product icon isn't used when IDE is started from sources
Bug IDEA-199508 New Search Field: replace clean icon with close one
Bug IDEA-204831 On IDEA restart 2 projects are opened while when IDEA was closed only one project was opened
Bug IDEA-106651 Editor Search/Replace and Find/Replace in Path: font for text input fields is too small
Bug IDEA-202939 Can't exit search from Mac Touch Bar when no Touch Bar menu configurations
Bug IDEA-201529 It should be not possible to reduce panel view to zero size
Bug IDEA-197801 ContextHelpLabel loses its tooltip after switching to another project type pane
Bug IDEA-183544 Artifacts Application icon setting missing
Bug IDEA-204015 IllegalArgumentException because event getcomponent is null (from TrayIcon)
Bug IDEA-186873 Unpinned "Find Usages" window became closed when some control in it are pressed
Bug IDEA-196366 Add ability to customize changes browser toolbar in VCS log
Bug IDEA-201446 NullPointerException during using 'FindUsages'
Bug IDEA-186262 Default icons for editor actions are not default for that actions
Bug IDEA-199619 'Use dark window headers' doesn't affect the Welcome window
Bug IDEA-201284 Linux Native Menu Bar: main menu is not available if the detached editor has focus
Bug IDEA-196109 New Installed Plugin page's context menu actions are not DumbAware
Bug IDEA-198933 Problem painting splash screen tail image
Bug IDEA-200654 Search Everywhere not opening file on Linux
Bug IDEA-197862 No AA in a list (jre 9)
Bug IDEA-204645 Help | Submit a Bug Report causes YouTrack to complain about template
Bug IDEA-126774 Lens mode doesn't show last line
Bug IDEA-200459 New Search Everywhere dialog doesn't retain previous search in "All" tab
Bug IDEA-197937 JDK9 - Wrong debugger toolwindow tab label rendering on HiDPI Linux
Bug IDEA-203319 "Run/Debug Configurations" dialog is opened without toolbar if invoked from Touch Bar while "Search Everywhere" was opened
Bug IDEA-197803 ContextHelpLabel becomes too wide in project type settings
Performance IDEA-178384 Too many events from ProgressDialog update (via FileTreeModelBuilder)
Performance IDEA-199779 Make generated icons lazy
Performance IDEA-198160 Non-disposed HelpTooltip leaks disposed project
Performance IDEA-199938 "Compress and Show Logs" works on UI thread
Performance IDEA-204341 30s hang inside DeferredIconImpl
Usability IDEA-167451 file chooser dialog: can't definitely say which icons are grayed and which are wnot
Usability IDEA-203577 Update tool window modes menu
Usability IDEA-166944 Reopen project: a way to save half a click
Usability IDEA-199392 Incorrect menu spacing on macOS
Usability IDEA-103803 Customize menus and toolbars - Choose action to add - Usability
Usability IDEA-203571 Disabled icons on status bar should support LAF changes
Usability IDEA-197645 Tools | 'Internal Actions' menu is too long
Usability IDEA-198129 Mac: impossible to switch to Diff Window with a shortcut after switching to the project
Usability IDEA-198537 Settings dialog search: on finding an entry in new Plugins page the plugins list is not filtered and not scrolled
Usability IDEA-197044 Run configuration doesn't fit the screen
Usability IDEA-202513 'Evaluate' window always shows on a fixed size and location.
Usability IDEA-191113 Don't show "Background tasks running" if we know the tasks can be safely resumed
Usability IDEA-179591 'Couldn't checkout. Rollback changes to not let branches diverge' message extends past screen on Mac OS X
Usability IDEA-198538 Search Everywhere / Find Action: on finding an entry in Plugins page the plugins list is not filtered and not scrolled
Usability IDEA-57019 Add support for drag-and-drop files in welcome screen.
Usability IDEA-180216 Image viewer zooms in wrong direction on scroll wheel
Usability IDEA-200298 Show the first unsubmitted error when clicking on the "Fatal Error" icon in the status bar
Usability IDEA-196288 Icons for "Commit" and "Set Active Changelist" are almost identical
Usability IDEA-153071 Settings > Version Control > Confirmation window resize issues
Cosmetics IDEA-197467 Modernize Maven Run/Debug Configuration icon
Cosmetics IDEA-196183 TODO view: trim the ending spaces in the changelist name when displaying it in TODO view tab
Cosmetics IDEA-200555 Icons in the Apply Patch dialog are not updated
Cosmetics IDEA-118069 Untidy one-pixel gap between border and toolbar buttons
Cosmetics IDEA-134373 File type icon on windows title bar doesn't reload for non-physical files
Cosmetics IDEA-204690 Mojave: low contrast menu selection background
Cosmetics IDEA-199007 Incorrect progress dialog border rendering
Cosmetics IDEA-184165 Startup splash screen progress bar is not centered
Cosmetics IDEA-198742 Markdown "Auto-Scroll Preview" Button Looks Like "Download"
Cosmetics IDEA-203829 Analyze actions shows "Include test sources" option even if there are no tests in the project
Task IDEA-197166 Increase click and hover zones for the close button for Manage Recent Projects popup and Welcome Screen
Task IDEA-194353 Change focus border for field and combo in table cell
Task IDEA-188160 Make terminal tabs the same as other tool window tabs
Task IDEA-196095 Update icons for Build tool window statuses
Exception IDEA-200273 Exceptions: GlobalMenuLinux - Unable to register window and AppMenu-service can't register xid
Exception IDEA-203612 NullPointerException occurs on opening a second/new project in the same window
Exception IDEA-199072 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
Exception IDEA-200919 ClassCastException: java.base/jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe cannot be cast to jdk.unsupported/sun.misc.Unsafe
Exception IDEA-191859 Using this EAP caused my Mac to hang twice today. I had to restart. It looks this version is completely broken.
Exception IDEA-203132 NullPointerException occurs on entering Presentation mode
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-196425 Activating minimized window doesn't bring it to the foreground
Bug IDEA-201273 Problem with User Agreement Accessibility
Bug IDEA-204449 [a11y] instant rename refactor popup items are not selectable
Bug IDEA-199219 tables in dialogs not accessible
Bug IDEA-203712 [a11y] completion popup closes immediately in break point settings
Bug IDEA-201167 File tree in Commit dialog and Revert changes are not accessible for Jaws
Bug IDEA-182960 Screen Reader Accessibility: Autocomplete
Bug IDEA-201843 NavBar popups are closed on up/down/speed search
Bug IDEA-200351 can't escape diff dialog when screen reader is enabled
Bug IDEA-205209 [a11y] instant rename popup ignores default enter
Usability IDEA-192637 NVDA: Debugger
Task IDEA-195260 UI element with line numbers and debugging graphic not accessible to screen readers
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-198166 `enter` key does not work in pycharm switcher
Bug IDEA-197877 Throwable is thrown when switching files while Current File TODO Toolbar is opened
Bug IDEA-202541 Replacing an action via unregisterAction/registerAction may not update references in action groups
Bug IDEA-202598 Remove action from all action groups when ActionManager.unregisterAction is called
Exception IDEA-203236 Throwable occurs when accessing "Run Anything" via shortcut
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-204186 IDEA lost mnemonic for 'File-eXit'
Bug IDEA-200857 TabbedPaneUI reduces tabs font when switching theme
Bug IDEA-200457 ComponentValidator doesn't work with EditorTextField
Bug IDEA-201124 Linux native menu: main menu appears on a toolwindow in windowed mode
Bug IDEA-197998 Multiline TODOs: multiline values are not displayed in toolbar on macOS
Bug IDEA-196307 Stripe buttons layout is broken after 'move to top/left/bottom/right'
Bug IDEA-196606 Floating toolwindows can't be moved
Bug IDEA-195717 Clicking directly on the arrow in the intention's menu has no effect unless it's done more to the right
Bug IDEA-195921 Toolbox buttons are cropped on hidpi displays with non-default UI font size
Bug IDEA-202228 NPE at com.intellij.ide.ui.laf.darcula.ui.DarculaProgressBarUI.paintDeterminate
Bug IDEA-197936 New SE: unable to use Ctrl/Cmd to expand selection
Cosmetics IDEA-202283 Plugins UI: Top border of "Back to Plugins" button is cut
Cosmetics IDEA-201120 Cannot Run Git popup contains Configu link instead of Configure
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-199344 The "Find In Path" action throws TypeAheadTimeoutException
Bug IDEA-203154 Focus lost when some tab is closed in Version control toolwindow
Bug IDEA-198612 can't tab out a pane once breakpoint is hit
Bug IDEA-187615 VCS tool window loses focus when file is selected from History dropdown list
Bug IDEA-196291 IntelliJ is sometimes not persisting files to file system
Bug IDEA-194482 Focus lost from main pane after swithcing tabs with keyboard (Alt+Right)
Bug IDEA-196542 Exceptions from intentions are logged as info, not error
User Interface. GraphicsBug IDEA-199416 IDEA startup NPE if no 'icons' specified in theme file
Bug IDEA-193488 Tool windows blur text when slide in/out
Bug IDEA-195981 Validation errors: bugs
Cosmetics IDEA-197371 Add down arrow in "Go To Changed Files" in diff dialog
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-203999 Double CMD doesn't show tool windows
Bug IDEA-201492 Default keymap doesn't save shortcuts
Usability IDEA-201494 Shortcut chooser dialog cannot be submitted from keyboard
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-200591 White editor for Darcula scheme by default
Bug IDEA-202248 Color Scheme reverts to Darcula from light color theme after restart if IDE theme is Darcula
Bug IDEA-185124 Project Structure dialog doesn't change theme properly
Bug IDEA-200171 High Contrast Theme: Editor color scheme remains "High Contrast" after changing theme from "High Contrast" to "Darcula"
Bug IDEA-200845 Editor color scheme is not applied when switching between custom themes
Bug IDEA-199525 Mojave: selected item in context menu is highlighted with a different color than in the main menu
Bug IDEA-201938 High Contrast Theme: UML diagram window is still grey for contrast scheme
Bug IDEA-183573 printing a PHP source always encases the text in a background color (Darcula)
Bug IDEA-200158 High Contrast Theme: Menu bar and popup menu items are not highlighted when selected after restarting IDEA with "High Contrast" theme set
Bug IDEA-159315 Black text on dark background in 'Rename File' dialog box. (Dracula theme)
Bug IDEA-203934 Icons become of a Darcula theme after restarting IDEA with "High Contrast" theme set
Bug IDEA-204746 No border between 'Shelf' toolwindow content area and toolbar
Cosmetics IDEA-204282 Tree in "File and Code Templates" has grey background when "High Contrast" theme is applied
Task IDEA-198114 Remove GTK/Windows native LookAndFeel support
Task IDEA-203153 Support old color key names
User Interface. NavigationFeature IDEA-202496 Extension point to alter "No {0} found" text in Search everywhere contributor
Feature IDEA-184492 "File..." action is suggesting folders
Feature IDEA-198407 Add nullness annotations to base SearchEverywhereContributor class
Bug IDEA-205760 Navigation bar. Pressing Enter on a package selects a package in a Project View tree
Bug IDEA-200462 New SE: Add statistics
Bug IDEA-199862 No selection until search is not finished
Bug IDEA-196401 Don't show "no classes / files /symbols found" when files are found
Bug IDEA-199768 New SE: remove duplicates on "All" tab
Bug IDEA-201308 New SE: Actions descriptions is not shown in status bar
Bug IDEA-201937 Search Everywhere shortcuts: Ctrl/Shift+Tab shortcuts set for tabs switching do not work if Tab shortcut is set for "Select item" action
Bug IDEA-197872 Select in... is broken in new Search Everywhere
Bug IDEA-196250 It is impossible to invoke "Recent files" action from the "find action" popup.
Bug IDEA-154117 Cannot bind Alt+S to an action
Bug IDEA-199517 Add Run Configurations to new SE
Bug IDEA-201051 New SE: Use "Tab" key for command autocomplete
Bug IDEA-198765 Rubymine 2018.3 EAP display file/folder paths truncated
Bug IDEA-199403 New SE: skip other contributors results when search with command
Bug IDEA-199757 Fuzzy search works with folders only if slash filled in
Bug IDEA-199664 [Run config in the new SE] hints to run or to debug configuration are mixed with each other and should be vice versa
Bug IDEA-201868 New SE: Use FUS statistics provider
Bug IDEA-198579 Freeze while searching files by name during indexing
Bug IDEA-202230 Setting or registry items aren't shown in "Find Action" dialog
Performance IDEA-200920 Goto File is slow
Performance IDEA-201678 Analyze stacktrace hangs
Usability IDEA-199661 Results in "Search Everywhere" are delayed
Usability IDEA-198002 New SE: part of the popup is outside the screen
Usability IDEA-204424 Confusing representation of items without a group in go to related symbol popup
Cosmetics IDEA-198030 New SE: Search item full name is overlapped by scrollbar
Cosmetics IDEA-199666 [Run config in the new SE] run config name and hints doesn't change a font color to white when is selected
Exception IDEA-200357 'Quick Documentation' action fails with exception
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-200471 File nesting not happening when file name is equal to configured file suffix
Bug IDEA-204918 File nesting doesn't work with .java files
Bug IDEA-203616 Update in Resource Bundle makes the file explorer to close the Resource Bundle folder
Bug IDEA-204481 Folders from "Scratches and Consoles" node do not disappear from the tree after deleting
Bug IDEA-189991 File changes external to project tree view cause collapse and reset
Bug IDEA-183801 Structure panel doesn't show correct data
Bug IDEA-196319 Non-project/excluded from custom scope folders are still visible in project view
Exception IDEA-204840 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on Enum file opening when "Structure.Show Inherited" enabled
Exception IDEA-203552 CancellationException at org.jetbrains.concurrency.AsyncPromise.cancel
Version ControlFeature IDEA-203130 Allow to apply shelved changes without removing them from shelf by dragging corresponding changelist to 'Local Changes' tab while holding Ctrl
Feature IDEA-167703 Shelf deletion should support undo instead of confirmation
Feature IDEA-177606 Use more relaxed heuristics to mark cherry-picked commits
Feature IDEA-63893 Show current branch on Commit Dialog
Feature IDEA-52927 Version control: Unversioned Files: provide possibility to specify the amount of unversioned files that would be shown in separate view
Feature IDEA-202946 Show History for selection should work for the caret position
Feature IDEA-182234 VCS code analysis: specify exactly how many files contain problems
Feature IDEA-200561 VCS Annotations: add mode to show author initials instead of full name
Bug IDEA-196914 Compare with local is disabled for directories in Mercurial History
Bug IDEA-170942 Scope background color is not shown for files that do not have VirtualFile
Bug IDEA-179602 Workspace should not be restored is a branch is not checked out
Bug IDEA-198676 TODO appears in list several times on 'Review TODO' with selected 'Check TODO'
Bug IDEA-202099 Shelve tab automatically closed if delete last shelve even if there are items in Recently deleted
Bug IDEA-151064 Show Diff action is not available in annotations of an old revision
Bug IDEA-205302 'Clean Unshelved Changelist' - Option button has no default option
Bug IDEA-197154 Exception when highlighting a VCS file version opened via Browse Repository at Revision
Bug IDEA-204713 Deadlock after switching git branches (with kotlin)
Bug IDEA-190095 File Mismatch When Unshelving Changes
Bug IDEA-148109 A file ignored via .gitignore is shown as modified in 'Local Changes'
Bug IDEA-204764 File history missing part before rename/modified conflict.
Bug IDEA-201084 'Group By' button doesn't work in Apply Patch dialog
Bug IDEA-183551 Copy As Patch to Clipboard enabled only on files
Bug IDEA-188052 Tasks create branches with quotes
Bug IDEA-205331 Cancelling pre-commit code analysis leaves all local changes in stash/shelve
Performance IDEA-199583 Files affected by revision is slow when invoked from annotation markers
Performance IDEA-201408 ChangesViewManager's tree builds itself in EDT causing performance problems
Performance IDEA-205332 Pre-commit code analysis stashes all roots in the multi-repo project
Performance IDEA-203998 Do not use RemoteRevisionsCache for Git
Usability IDEA-138130 Make 'vcs changed' popup scrollable for much code
Usability IDEA-186415 Clear metadata associated with changelist after first successful commit
Usability IDEA-201491 Default key binding for VCS/Git/Branches conflicts with MacOS binding
Usability IDEA-140866 Conflict in button's keyboard shortcuts in the Code analysis failed dialog
Usability IDEA-196963 Unclear dialog options in abort/rollback
Usability IDEA-184616 'Reword commit" do not add/alter item in commit message history
Usability IDEA-199471 Add Shortcut to open Diff from annotations without invoking contex menu
Usability IDEA-192682 Can't drag&drop several files from 'Shelf' tool window to the 'Local Change" tool window
Usability IDEA-199656 Changelists should be expanded by default, and should retain the state
Usability IDEA-198769 Provide better progress indication for the Show Affected Paths dialog
Usability IDEA-171261 Cannot delete last changlist
Usability IDEA-93999 Don't show modal "add files to VCS" dialog when files being added are project files
Usability IDEA-195646 'Local Changes' tree shows module names instead of directory names if 'Group by: directory' is selected
Usability IDEA-204999 Preview diff is too wide if file path is long
Usability IDEA-131325 VCS Commit Message box is using the caret foreground from "Generic" but background color is not inherited from "Generic"
Cosmetics IDEA-82955 Windows-specific setting name
Cosmetics IDEA-195248 Dialog Add File to Git, change Yes/No buttons to Cancel/Add File to Git
Cosmetics IDEA-203839 Change 'Unshelve changes' dialog button rename
Cosmetics IDEA-197717 Edit Changelist should have default shortcut
Exception IDEA-201711 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertReadAccessAllowed
Exception IDEA-180971 java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: Cannot get ChangeListManager component state
Exception IDEA-200051 IllegalStateException: Cannot find content provider for vcs hg4idea
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-139940 Force push could be made a bit safer with --force-with-lease option
Feature IDEA-193870 Set GIT_OPTIONAL_LOCKS for IDE operations
Feature IDEA-116425 Ignored files and folders should indicate that they are ignored
Feature IDEA-160208 Git Fetch multiple roots in parallel
Feature IDEA-190870 Cherry-pick only some of the files from the selected commit
Feature IDEA-88818 When creating .idea directory, automatically put inside a .gitignore containing workspace.xml and other files which have to be excluded from the VCS
Feature IDEA-184293 Create a .gitignore on enabling VCS integration in new projects
Bug IDEA-200486 "This file doesn't belong to the project" warning for .gitignore file in the project
Bug IDEA-198951 Pushing main repo with submodule with reject leads to "not on branch" AssertionError
Bug IDEA-200354 unwanted .gitignore created
Bug IDEA-198727 Git Submodules: Annotate is enabled in the Diff view for the submodule entry but returns 'fatal: bad object'
Bug IDEA-172234 Git Branches Popup Menu does not pop up at all
Bug IDEA-203005 Project update over SSH fails if there are many repositories
Bug IDEA-196449 IntelliJ tries to set git username and email for non-git vcs roots.
Bug IDEA-199966 Git: .gitignore created on enabling git in project should not contain absolute paths
Bug IDEA-170013 Git Native SSH with passphrase fails with Permission denied
Bug IDEA-199263 Confusing "Add file to Git" dialog choice
Bug IDEA-200448 VCS Git "Fetch" does not refresh the VCS "Log" view
Bug IDEA-196286 Git Reword Commit sometimes throws an exception when trying to find a commit to reword
Bug IDEA-200107 Exception when invoke Default Settings from Welcome screen
Bug IDEA-200096 New parallel multi-root fetch not working with store credential helper
Bug IDEA-200211 Git: if the project files are located not in the project root, but in some subfolder, the .gitignore is generated incorrectly
Bug IDEA-196117 Have not understood this message, there is a grammatical mistake
Bug IDEA-199581 Diff opened in a separate window takes forever to complete when cherry-picking
Bug IDEA-197913 File History on a submodule folder shows the log of the submodule repository
Bug IDEA-196072 Git Rebase dialog - Onto branch not persistent
Bug IDEA-204480 Git: all remote operations fail with "execvp: No such file or directory" error
Bug IDEA-204694 IO changes: Outgoing commits are not shown when local and remote branch names do not match
Bug IDEA-169020 Exception from the VcsLogRefresher, if a Git root is unregistered in the Settings
Bug IDEA-205297 java.lang.NullPointerException at git4idea.checkin.GitCheckinHandlerFactory$MyCheckinHandler.getSelectedRoots(GitCheckinHandlerFactory .java:368)
Bug IDEA-198360 Git: built-in SSH: if the saved password doesn't match, allow to enter the new one
Bug IDEA-200433 VCS: gitignore not always created after new project creation
Bug IDEA-196503 Git: Partial Commits: when ShowDiff is invoked for file in specific changelist should display changes from this changelist
Bug IDEA-192771 Git commit partially causes change CRLF to LF.
Bug IDEA-198952 Rejected push in a submodule fails if "Update non-rejected repositories as well" is not selected
Bug IDEA-201575 Failed git clone notification shows progress messages
Bug IDEA-169002 Git submodules: Diff invoked for submodule entry shows 'fatal:bad revision...' message
Bug IDEA-201054 Git: native SSH: confusing dialog on attempt to connect to (yet) unknown host
Bug IDEA-197249 Builtin-SSH: fails when git protocol.version 2 is enabled
Bug IDEA-198264 Git: Native or built-in SSH: correctly process the invalid (empty) passphrase
Bug IDEA-200208 Git: the set custom shelf location should be considered on .gitignore generating
Bug IDEA-191210 Run Git Hooks option does not check for commit-msg hook
Bug IDEA-199969 Git: .gitignore is created in the project root on git repository creating in one of its subfolders
Bug IDEA-199226 Git "Browse Repository at Revision" panel is not available in dumb mode
Bug IDEA-198271 Git: Native SSH: if password authentication is used, the password can't be remembered
Bug IDEA-100075 Git submodule commit should make parent repository re-request Git status to show updates to the submodule folder itself
Bug IDEA-198723 Git Submodules: project update doesn't update submodule project if the submodule is on branch
Bug IDEA-168999 "History up to Here" for a submodule folder shows empty history
Bug IDEA-202796 Git Remote operations do not work with Native SSH
Bug IDEA-201193 Git Fetch is fetching only the current remote
Bug IDEA-193140 Can't undo rewording of a commit made before a merge commit and get an exception
Bug IDEA-200864 Update Project doesn't fetch submodules
Bug IDEA-199761 File names with trailing spaces break git diff
Bug IDEA-199003 git commit failed with "the following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files"
Bug IDEA-194449 New Git root is not detected until restart, if added externally as a submodule or under a new subdirectory
Bug IDEA-202874 Indexing is suspended during the cherry-pick process
Bug IDEA-198143 On Linux, remote git operations over SSH hang if IDEA started via terminal (has tty assigned)
Bug IDEA-197506 Git clone operations are not listed in log
Bug IDEA-200432 VCS: deleted previously generated .gitignore file will be recreated anew after opening project again
Performance IDEA-196535 2018.2 constant java processes
Performance IDEA-201588 GitUtil.isGitRoot is expensive on windows and called too many times
Performance IDEA-197868 Branch listings extremely slow with many remote branches
Usability IDEA-195155 Rebase Branch - Onto box should default to refs/heads/master if there is no tracked branch
Usability IDEA-167671 No simple shortcut for Force push
Usability IDEA-197543 Native SSH doesn't allow to save the passphrase or the password
Usability IDEA-201596 Don't add unrelated entries to automatically created .gitignore file
Usability IDEA-155587 Git action "Checkout with Rebase" has counter-intuitive name
Usability IDEA-174119 Git -> Add option should execute git add for all selected files
Usability IDEA-190367 Shortcut for git branch by default
Usability IDEA-199926 Scanning for Git roots in a project should skip known third-party libs locations
Usability IDEA-144948 Branch list in Git Rebase dialog should include remote branches
Usability IDEA-83415 IDEA should "git commit" when possible instead of always calling "git commit --only" with paths
Cosmetics IDEA-198272 Git: change the tooltip text for "SSH executable" option in Settings
Cosmetics IDEA-203057 Unify wordings in 'GitHub Pull Requests'
Cosmetics IDEA-198989 Broken html in remotes dialog
Exception IDEA-197947 ISE at git4idea.commands.GitNativeSshGuiAuthenticator.askKeyPassphraseInpu
Exception IDEA-202533 IllegalArgumentException occurs on attempt to fetch changes from remote git repository if repository is not set
Version Control. GitHubFeature IDEA-202764 Add Open on GitHub option to annotations in diff dialog of older revisions
Bug IDEA-200881 GitHub: Cannot view a PR on GitHub Enterprise 2.12 or older
Bug IDEA-203744 "Checked Out Branch pull/xxx" popup displayed even when no branch is checkout
Bug IDEA-198120 Cannot create github token when one with the name already exists
Bug IDEA-201720 Multiplr Github accounts: can't clone from the accessible host while another configured one can't be reached
Usability IDEA-200690 Git: Pull Requests Browser: can't autocomplete suggested search query
Usability IDEA-200441 Git: "Сhoose Github Account " dialog size is not remembered
Cosmetics IDEA-198247 Use smoother scaling for avatars in GitHub accounts panel
Version Control. LogFeature IDEA-199867 Support Back and Forward navigation in VCS Log
Feature IDEA-130845 Log: add action to go-to-parent and go-to-child
Feature IDEA-170988 Add Diff Preview to File history view
Bug IDEA-199655 Unable to see git diff from file history for renamed file for commits made before rename
Bug IDEA-198803 VCS log shows garbage in "author" field, looks like a corrupted index
Bug IDEA-204247 VCS Log repository root filter doesn't show tagged commits
Bug IDEA-193814 com.intellij.openapi.vcs.VcsException: Index: 1, Size: 1
Usability IDEA-130970 Git Log: search for filter string both in hashes and in strings
Usability IDEA-160441 Better name for Log tabs & tooltips
Usability IDEA-194808 Branch filter should take repository filter into account
Cosmetics IDEA-195976 Fix progress bar in VCS Log in darcula
Exception IDEA-202461 java.lang.Throwable: Skipping invalid VCS root: VcsRoot{vcs=svn, path=null}
Exception IDEA-200875 NPE at com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.render.GraphCommitCellRenderer$MyComponent.getFontMetrics
Version Control. MercurialBug IDEA-193378 Merurial push/pull not working - hg4ideapromptextension returns AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Abort'
Bug IDEA-130035 Mercurial - move refactoring bugs
Bug IDEA-203079 Add project files to Mercurial
Cosmetics IDEA-187924 Mercurial: Project update - Cropped text
Task IDEA-203152 Update incoming / outgoingChangesOn icons for HG
Version Control. SubversionFeature IDEA-75033 Add option to immediatly switch to a new branch when branching from repository location
Bug IDEA-202942 SVN Commit dialog hangs for a long time before showing up (since 2018.3)
Bug IDEA-198691 Version Control: Error updating changes: For input string: "UNDEFINED"
Task IDEA-197126 Remove "Update administrative information only in changed subtrees" option
Exception IDEA-198536 After upgrading to IDEA 2018.3 EAP - Subversion History fails with error
Exception IDEA-202460 NFE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.commandLine.CommandUtil.parse
XMLFeature IDEA-199839 Support deprecation in xsd schemas
Bug IDEA-194155 "Collapse empty tag" quickfix deletes non-empty inner tags in XML file
Bug IDEA-151043 code completion sometimes does not suggest enumeration values when used with extension or union
Bug IDEA-197050 IntelliJ doesn't find my namespaces when using autocompletion in an XML Schema file
Bug IDEA-199694 XML reformatting does not preserve line breaks when the comments are at the end of the file
Bug IDEA-78840 generate xml from xsd fails
Bug IDEA-142045 XML attribute is highlighted with red but validation succedes (using xml schema with restriction xs:list > xs:enumeration)
Bug IDEA-202642 XmlLikeFileType.isCaseSensitive has wrong name
Bug IDEA-195872 IntelliJ marks "Element is not allowed here" an Element which is allowed to configure
Bug IDEA-170206 'Collapse empty tag' intention breaks code
Cosmetics IDEA-204273 Outdated version of the Xerces library in
Exception IDEA-128571 AIOOBE at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl$ElementStack.popElement
No subsystemBug DBE-6982 Intellij hangs when work in database editor.
Bug DBE-4449 SQLite dialect does not understand vector valued updates
DB ConnectivityFeature DBE-5294 Auto-reconnect to db after "db timeout / disconnect / ssh timeout" feature
Bug DBE-7555 Unable to connect to Heroku Postgres database
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-4949 Possibility to set default Isolation Level
Bug DBE-6751 Execute stored procedure: specify type length for the result or otherwise (if infer type length is not possible) indicate that the script is invalid
Bug DBE-7121 AbstractMethodError with Informix JDBC driver in Database Console
Bug DBE-6889 MySQL execute procedure in console produces "[S1000] Operation not allowed after ResultSet closed" error
Bug DBE-7298 IndexOutOfBoundsException occurs on opening "Parameters" dialog if there are no parameters in query
Usability DBE-7135 Console History's "OK" button should be more descriptive
Usability DBE-7543 DataGrip: When executing SQL script in a script file (not console) the IDE switch over to the Console after executing SQL
DB DiffBug DBE-7066 Migrate left right shouldn't synch both
Bug DBE-7320 Comparing two schemas fails
Bug DBE-7604 Schema compare compares non-selected schemas
DB IntrospectionFeature DBE-7198 DataGrip Should Provide Pattern to functionNamePattern in DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions() call.
Feature DBE-4366 Support for EXTENSIONS in PostgreSQL
Bug DBE-7561 MySQL: incorrect column default value introspection after update
Bug DBE-6863 PostgreSQL 11 Stored Procedures incorrectly show as functions in the Database pane and cannot be deleted
Bug DBE-7201 Uninformative "Project Data Sources: re-sync required"
Bug DBE-7443 DataGrip introspection SQL (retrieve dependencies) consumes all space in TEMP tablespace [Oracle]
Bug DBE-4693 Column is missing from FK as displayed in Database tool window
Bug DBE-6896 Synchronizing a Database (Intersystems Caché) forgets the Schema
Bug DBE-4559 MS SQL Server index condition (filter definition)
Bug DBE-7234 Unknown system variable 'storage_engine' when trying to connect to MySQL 5.7
Bug DBE-6126 Oracle 12: ORA-01652 unable to extend temp segment during introspection
Bug DBE-6324 DataGrip does not understand "included columns" of MS SQL Server indexes
Bug DBE-7580 Trigger definer is not shown in DDL
Bug DBE-7459 Error connecting to Redshift
Bug DBE-7371 PostgreSQL error upon database introspection in PyCharm 2018.3
Bug DBE-6070 PhpStorm Database PostgreSQL doesn't show new added columns
Bug DBE-7150 Triggers not showing for MariaDB ver. 10.1.34
Usability DBE-1996 Database: "Unsupported format version" message gives no hint what data sources are in question
Exception DBE-6818 Postgres 11 broke backward compatibility (columns proisagg and proiswindow are dropped from pg_catalog.pg_proc)
DB RefactoringBug DBE-6496 Extract subquery as CTE incomplete or abbiguous when existing CTE named cte_alias
Bug DBE-7103 Extra engine alteration
Bug DBE-6503 Incorrect Exract subquery as CTE with INSERT statement
Bug DBE-6616 Cannot delete database
Bug DBE-7503 Not able to rename a StoredProc, if I am just changing the casing.
Bug DBE-6517 Incorrect Extract subquery as CTE on UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT queries
Bug DBE-7205 Default SQL value wrongfully becomes string in "modify table" dialog
Bug DBE-6663 MYSQL: Drop table command does not encapsulate table name
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-6312 Incorrect string parsing in batch script execution
Bug DBE-7012 Cannot import into table with ENUM field
Bug DBE-7019 JSON groovy extractor provides 1.0E8 instead of 100000000
Usability DBE-7015 Export to Database: do not re-execute the select query if possible
Data ViewsFeature DBE-6693 Qualify table and routine names in editor tabs
Bug DBE-69 MySQL datetime incorrectly shows <null>
Bug DBE-7431 2018.3 . Where did database console STOP button go?
Bug DBE-7044 Incorrect search path in reopened data editor after restart
Bug DBE-5769 Table Editor: does not automatically load data on selecting a table
Bug DBE-2444 Can't select total row count of PostgreSQL table while a column is being sorted
Bug DBE-7266 Impossible to edit a boolean field in a new row
Bug DBE-6499 First time commit is issued it needs to be issued twice
Usability DBE-7411 "Move to the opposite group" is cloning tabs with database tables
Usability DBE-7224 Data view "Compare with" underscore in tab name is transformed to accelerator in dropdown
IDE GeneralFeature DBE-7036 DataGrip is missing "Report a Problem" menu item under Help.
Feature DBE-7640 DefaultProjectDirectory is not working as expected
Bug DBE-7477 Wrong thread for DumbAware startup activity
Bug DBE-7116 Publish GitHub Integration plugin along with Git Integration
Cosmetics DBE-4250 Inconsistent Invalidate Cache / Restart location
Exception DBE-7584 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertIsDispatchThread
Exception DBE-7613 NPE at com.intellij.database.psi.DbPsiFacadeImpl.lambda$clearCachesImpl$1
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-6796 Consider data source group in Go to actions and other places where I'm choosing some database object
Bug DBE-7500 Find yields duplicate results
Bug DBE-7303 Oracle: navigate to package procedure: DG navigates to the first line instead of the line with procedure declaration
Usability DBE-5459 Remove storage files from "Go to file"
PL & DDL EditorBug DBE-5908 plpgsql valid assignment is red
Bug DBE-7481 Updating foreign key column name crashes
Bug DBE-6754 Editor tabs are not named consistently so they don't sort consistently
Feature DBE-2774 Smart Complete of enum types
Feature DBE-7256 Auto complit for "create table", "create function" and etc by "ct".
Feature DBE-2282 'Create table definition' suggest bad type
Feature DBE-6989 Customisable aliases for tables when auto-completing SQL queries
Feature DBE-4770 GROUP BY completion should offer non-aggregated columns from SELECT clause
Feature DBE-2854 Automatic alias
Feature DBE-5940 don't suggest aliases for table names
Feature DBE-2242 Completion for sql select should show "all columns" as for insert into
Feature DBE-2285 Completion for sum() and avg() functions
Feature DBE-850 Expand column list improvements
Bug DBE-7387 MSSQL: Unable to resolve symbol
Bug DBE-7333 Extract Subquery as CTE appends CTE in wrong position
Bug DBE-4848 Code Completion: stored procedure with named parameters (Sql Server)
Bug DBE-7049 Bad completion for avg() and sum() functions in Postgres
Bug DBE-4656 Bad completion for window functions
Bug DBE-6895 Autocomplete and changing join type
Bug DBE-7128 Duplicate "INTERVAL" completion suggestion
Bug DBE-2567 Quoted table name completion: a dot is added inside quotes
Bug DBE-5591 Autocomplete for the FILTER (WHERE ...) clause of an aggregate function is not correct
Bug DBE-6954 Improper syntax completion for functions
Bug DBE-5654 Duplicates in completion
Bug DBE-6536 Inapplicable autocomplete suggestions - table ailas after table alias
Bug DBE-5163 create index column autocomplete defaults to all columns
Bug DBE-5948 sql completion does not suggest distinct in count() on sql server
Bug DBE-4246 If inside brackets, on completion item selected dot is inserted incorrectly
Bug DBE-4981 REGEXP_COUNT is an unknown database function
Bug DBE-6778 Code completion doesn't suggest column types in create table statement for sqlite console
Bug DBE-5981 suggested alias should not have hash sign for temp tables on sql server
Bug DBE-2852 Setting to select table order in ON-clause
Bug DBE-7332 Extract Subquery as CTE produces unsupported inner CTEs
Usability DBE-5660 Better completion in Modify Table for SQLite
Usability DBE-6606 "NOT NULL" should be suggested before "NOT FOR REPLICATION"
Usability DBE-3518 Autocomplite default inside values
Usability DBE-7032 Improve completion for joins
Usability DBE-6450 Remove SELF argument from autocomplete prarmeter list of PLSQL Object type method
Configuration Problem DBE-5511 Can't disable MySQL JOIN alias autocomplete
SQL Format and StyleFeature DBE-2837 align create table comments
Feature DBE-6801 Allow to specify elements place separately for each clause in query
Feature DBE-6819 Indent-only no-alignment code style (also C-like style)
Feature DBE-6798 Egypt style for INSERT and subqueries
Feature DBE-6678 Align JOIN under FROM
Feature DBE-6822 Procedure block: new line after BEGIN
Bug DBE-7522 Reformat code: MSSQL table hint
Bug DBE-6874 MSSQL: Obscure spaces before and after dot between schema and table name
Bug DBE-7562 Postgres: formatter ignores the context when unquotes aliases
Bug DBE-6823 Formatter uses the style named 'Default' instead of currently selected one
Bug DBE-1376 SQL Formatting: line break before closing ")"
Bug DBE-7536 DataGrip formatter breaks code when removing AS
Bug DBE-7167 SQL code style format - Comment
Bug DBE-6939 SQL formatter - lag and no effects in preview
Bug DBE-7236 MSSQL: Query hint formatting
Bug DBE-7220 Indent everything between BEGIN TRANSACTION and COMMIT statement MSSQL
SQL GeneralFeature DBE-7268 Support Decimal type
Feature DBE-7069 Multiline TODOs for SQL
Feature DBE-4744 Redshift SQL Dialect does not support "IGNORE NULLS" in LAG/LEAD Window Function
Feature DBE-3275 Fold multiple values in IN operator
Bug DBE-6490 Extract subquery as CTE works wrong when having 'as'-expression with column aliases
Bug DBE-7143 Auto-created folding regions are un-folded on file re-open
Bug DBE-6314 limit 1 is not recognized as valid sytax in PL/PgSQL
Bug DBE-5750 TEXT datatype not in Code Completion
Bug DBE-7098 "ROWS FROM" join from_item is not recognized
Bug DBE-6859 MSSQL: Table hint for MERGE breaks down
Bug DBE-2250 At symbol (@) causes spell checker to report false positive in SQL file
Bug DBE-7264 Unquote identifier does not work for SQL Server T-SQL
Bug DBE-7260 Error "COLUMN, CONSTRAINT or TO expected, got 'COLUMN'" when use alter table expression.
Bug DBE-5325 Code Folding > Expand All requires repeating the action two times
Bug DBE-6941 ClickHouse syntax does not allow parameters
Bug DBE-7241 Redshift first_value/last_value Parse Failure
Exception DBE-7023 IAE at com.intellij.psi.PsiManager.$$$reportNull$$$0(
SQL GenerationFeature DBE-7025 Support SQL Generator `IF NOT EXISTS` option
Bug DBE-7129 Query plan visualizer doesn't work
Bug DBE-7526 Can not edit trigger
Bug DBE-7195 In "Database Changes" window, right-clicking on a single function/view and clicking on "revert" reverts all changed objects!
Bug DBE-7487 Schema cannot be created from UI in DB2
Bug DBE-7180 Several PostgreSQL rule issues with the Source Editor
Bug DBE-6992 Reshift Generic: invalid SQL generation for routines
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-6759 highlight if JOIN aren't paired with ON
Feature DBE-1456 Show warning on DELETE FROM without WHERE clause
Feature DBE-7572 MariaDB Dialect: Support "CREATE OR REPLACE EVENT"
Feature DBE-7283 Show parameters info for INSERT automatically
Feature DBE-3109 Please add an inspection for unused field of subquery
Bug DBE-7065 Support schema qualification syntax in CREATE OPERATOR FAMILY
Bug DBE-6844 Invalid "Ambiguous column reference"
Bug DBE-7587 Bug in postgresql dialect
Bug DBE-6853 Newline concatenation with a bind variable in COPY command is erroneously not recognized as a valid syntax with Postgres
Bug DBE-4709 SQL statement parse error with slash at end of line
Bug DBE-7586 Unresolved reference using functions with xml data type
Bug DBE-6862 Syntax for Oracle's sample.
Bug DBE-7601 PostgreSQL function code following RETURN QUERY reported as unreachable
Bug DBE-6303 SQL integration: "AT TIME ZONE" not recognised for Microsoft SQL Server
Bug DBE-7007 MySQL dialect constantly resets after IDE restart
Bug DBE-4772 Good code is highlighted yellow
Bug DBE-7111 [ClickHouse] Invalid inspection on INSERT into table with materialized column about incorrect values count
Bug DBE-7288 MSSQL: Sub query and GROUP BY
Bug DBE-5635 Redshift: support varchar(max) syntax
Bug DBE-7382 SQL Server file starting with IF shows error when cursor on IF keyword
Bug DBE-7282 Just alone field is treated as a function
Bug DBE-6125 PostgreSQL support USING NEW INTO syntax
Bug DBE-6848 Unresolved reference for alias in Redshift
Bug DBE-6830 'ON' is not treated as value
Bug DBE-6817 Oracle ~= (not equals) operator causes parse error
Bug DBE-7386 Exasol: Division Operator mistaken for query terminator
Bug DBE-7563 Oracle: support triggering event / statement more precise recovery syntax
Bug DBE-6975 Support 'or replace, materialized view, precomputed' syntax
Bug DBE-7112 Incorrect error highlighting in HSQLDB mode
Performance DBE-7335 Suppression calculation could be faster
Usability DBE-7314 A better highlighting for 'column aliases required' inspection
SQL RefactoringFeature DBE-6151 Declare new variables on-the-fly (PL and declare-variable statements)
Feature DBE-636 SQL Intention: Introduce/inline table alias
Feature DBE-2058 Generate DECLARE TABLE statement
Bug DBE-7178 Alias renaming in a view source editor fails to apply changes to all references
SQL ResolveBug DBE-6641 User table not properly parsed
Bug DBE-6947 Some MySQL 8 functions aren't resolved
User InterfaceFeature DBE-4074 Database keep project datasource visible when scrolled down
Feature DBE-7214 Ability to choose color in data source settings
Feature DBE-6797 When renaming a datasource, interpret slashes as groups or interpret slahes in datasource names as groups
Feature DBE-6753 Can not drag Data Source to a group
Bug DBE-6808 Gutter color is not respected
Bug DBE-6558 Color settings in datagrid different to database panel
Bug DBE-2390 Data Statistic Error
Bug DBE-6443 Default row height int "Modify Table" dialog is equal to the biggest row in the dialog
Bug DBE-7470 Two PostgreSQL dialects in injection intention
Bug DBE-7496 Dots in consoles names disappear
Bug DBE-7659 An item in DB settings list is hidden 1) at first 2) after scrolling
Usability DBE-6799 Moving a datasource to a parent group that has no direct child only possible via "new..." group
No subsystemFeature WEB-11807 Feature: Folder templates for new projects
Feature WEB-34725 Angular: provide navigation and content assist for selectors in [ngClass]
Feature WEB-34619 Associate WebStorm with JSON files
Feature WEB-25165 Provide ability to pass command line args to protractor
Feature WEB-15038 Support for media type suffixes (application/***+json)
Feature WEB-34686 XML intention to create tag from attribute value
Feature WEB-33334 Run spell check on the description property in package.json files
Feature WEB-33932 Bundle markdown plugin
Feature WEB-33928 Add intention to wrap xml value in cdata block
Feature WEB-31391 Go to Angular component's HTML template from usage
Feature WEB-29322 Webstorm doesn't support pluralization rules syntax in angular templates
Feature WEB-19564 Web Browsers: support Microsoft Edge browser
Feature WEB-29005 Add support of -webkit-image-set in CSS
Feature WEB-35815 Improve syntax highlighting for Angular templates
Feature WEB-36697 Add support for SVG properties to W3C CSS validator
Bug WEB-10491 Add standard framework keywords to dictionary
Bug WEB-34250 TSCONFIG custom inspections should traverse config hierarchy, not just check the parent object
Bug WEB-35865 node module locals are styled as globals
Bug WEB-34740 Using new element action on navigation bar is broken
Bug WEB-36646 Please add "parallelize" to the default dictionary
Bug WEB-32711 Prettier: support .prettierignore
Bug WEB-34578 Spelling 'mistakes' in variable names
Bug WEB-34299 Closing tag is not changed when selecting an autocomplete option by mouse (not keyboard)
Bug WEB-33786 Add "realtime" to the default dictionaries
Bug WEB-34755 routerLink value should not resolve and be just a plain string literal
Bug WEB-36280 <noscript> Content gets incorrectly highlighted
Bug WEB-36051 JSX: no parser recovery on an opening "<"
Bug WEB-34776 Angular. Make method private/protected leads to exception
Bug WEB-14589 multi-line todo in html
Bug WEB-36065 Sometimes editor shows Angular 2+ attributes as not allowed. This is the message. "Attribute (click) is not allowed here less... (Ctrl+F1) Inspection info: This inspection highlights unknown HTML tag attributes as invalid, and lets mark such attributes as Custom to avoid highlighting them as invalid. "
Bug WEB-34375 Live templates: surround with tag inserts superfluous line break
Bug WEB-25681 Methods in Angular's *.component.ts falsely recognized as unused
Bug WEB-36109 Angular template: template reference variable incorrectly reported as unused
Bug WEB-34085 Mac OS X keymap is selected if you skip the IDE configuration
Bug WEB-33543 Remove Web Starter Kit from the project wizard
Bug WEB-36306 Welcome frame missing Create New Project action link
Bug WEB-33753 'Convert class to functional component' loses defaultProps in TSX
Bug WEB-35223 Deadlock on indexing
Bug WEB-31040 Add to the dictionary
Bug WEB-36639 New project template is only visible after the IDE restart
Bug WEB-31037 Do not report spelling errors for values from bundled JSON schemas
Bug WEB-35806 Prettier: plugin does not format code with 1.5.2 prettier version
Bug WEB-35098 Disabled library is enabled after applying changes in 'JavaScript - Libraries' dialogue
Bug WEB-35931 Auto-inserted brace breaks the code in JS object with braceless lambdas
Bug WEB-34624 Argument for @NotNull parameter 'jestPackage' must not be null
Bug WEB-36333 Go To menu from within Angular component template could be more functional
Bug WEB-35483 Invalid window order for filechooser in window "Run Gulp/Grunt/npm Task"
Bug WEB-35363 ClassCastException when opening and setting focus to some js files
Bug WEB-35807 The gutter icon for "Implemented" is shifted to the left when it merges multiple icons
Bug WEB-21704 Support qualified references in templateString JS language injection patterns
Bug WEB-36034 ##teamcity log messages when run mocha tests
Bug WEB-35054 Add words to default dictionary: monorepo, denormalize
Bug WEB-35729 So called "Smart Paste" escapes valid code blocks making them invalid in Javascript.
Bug WEB-31258 Rename in angular template can generate wrong code (Angular, Typescript)
Bug WEB-35425 "ActionScript/Flex" diagram is suggested for TypeScript file
Bug WEB-34597 Don't treat XML files in Vue.js projects as Vue templates
Bug WEB-20634 Highlighting problems with bundled WebStorm color schemes
Usability WEB-35408 Disabling the webpack configuration shows a warning on project load
Usability WEB-34438 Typing dot or space in import path results in applying selected variant from completion list if module name is selected there
Cosmetics WEB-35701 Crosslined description in confirmation dialog.
Task WEB-35225 Invalid built-in server certificate when using https
Exception WEB-35364 File processor exception on project close
Exception WEB-35460 IndexNotReadyException when trying to get qualified name while indexing
Build toolsFeature WEB-34701 Run Anything: add npm tasks
Bug WEB-12263 Grunt console support for ANSI terminal
Exception WEB-34650 InvocationTargetException when debugging npm script with node 6.x
CSSFeature WEB-24381 Extract Ruleset intention action
Feature WEB-22 Code cleanup - sort CSS properties by name inside declaration
Feature WEB-30704 @apply is deprecated and only supported by PostCSS, use more lenient parsing
Feature WEB-6176 Add refactoring: "Move CSS ruleset to a different file"
Feature WEB-10307 Multiline TODOs for CSS/LESS/SCSS/Stylus/PostCSS
Feature WEB-35114 Stylesheet languages code style: add an option to control blank lines around nested selectors.
Feature WEB-34312 Add intention action: replace CSS var() function invocation with its fallback value
Feature WEB-19525 Add "Keep Maximum Blank Lines" to Settings -> Code Style -> CSS
Bug WEB-34177 Value of css attribute stroke-width can be a number
Bug WEB-35249 'Rearrange Code' action messes up CSS file if it contains import
Bug WEB-27632 Bad scope for CSS resolution in Angular Templates
Bug WEB-10143 Code readability in css color preview
Bug WEB-34176 stroke-linejoin. Add available values
Bug WEB-27101 ::slotted(*) css pseudo-element is highlighted red
Bug WEB-34155 CSS frames() function is marked as unknown
Bug WEB-35555 Some CSS pseudo-selectors are highlighted red in the editor
Bug WEB-35011 Sort CSS properties: correctly move the end of line comment together with the property
Bug WEB-34017 Unknown CSS property 'row-gap'
Bug WEB-36018 Typescript TSX: value of "class" attribute is not recognizing as css class in 2018.3
Bug WEB-35230 CSS formatting: 'Keep single-lines blocks' option affects blank lines
Bug WEB-34825 Emmet in stylesheet comments
Performance WEB-34434 "Unused CSS selector" inspection overloads CPU
Usability WEB-35013 Sort CSS properties: restore default custom order
Usability WEB-35153 Group code style pages for style sheet languages in Settings
Task WEB-35196 No reason to have different code style settings for CSS and PostCSS
Exception WEB-34806 Invalid comment range on file opening on comments searching
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-33731 CoffeeScript: JSX: correctly highlight XML tags
Bug WEB-36577 Cannot insert new lines in multiline string in coffeesript
Bug WEB-29109 CoffeeScript formatting of 'export default'
Bug WEB-15683 CoffeeScript: Red code: incorrectly parsed slash symbol
Bug WEB-33736 CoffeeScript: JSX: React import should not be highlighted as unused for stateless components
Bug WEB-33733 CoffeeScript: JSX: export default should be highlighted as unused when it is unused
Bug WEB-34887 support coffeescript re-export statement
Bug WEB-31789 Coffeescript highlight OR= operator error
Bug WEB-34889 wrong autoformatting in coffeescript with exports
Bug WEB-14981 Existential Operator `?` on newline marked as invalid syntax, while invalid `?` usage is not marked
DartFeature WEB-23645 Show package info in Dart code completion.
Feature WEB-36421 Feature: allow to limit the scope of the Dart Analyzer with the current package
Feature WEB-35830 Dart code folding does not support optional `new`
Bug WEB-35159 'itar' live template works wrong in Dart if var i is already used
Bug WEB-17258 Dart SDK is not configured after updating Dart
Bug WEB-35068 Dart completion prevents from typing a number literal
Bug WEB-35257 Preference dialog filtering doesn't work for the 'Show closing labels in Dart source code' option in Community Edition
Bug WEB-35995 Failed to load templates during new Dart project creation
Bug WEB-35712 Dart Indexer doesn't work with mixins yet
Bug WEB-34164 URL is recognized as directory/files while having dart support enabled
Bug WEB-34184 'packages' is not resolved in HTML file (Dart project)
Bug WEB-36326 Dart "assert" support
Usability WEB-28503 Possibility to specify Dart Dev Server port for a Web app to facilitate using local storage such as indexeddb
Usability WEB-35885 No need in 'Undo Reformat Code' confirmation when editing a Dart file
Usability WEB-14771 Custom code folding regions do not work in Dart code in some cases.
Task WEB-34615 Support Dart 2.1 super mixins
Task WEB-36102 Support new Dart syntax: Set literals
DebuggerFeature WEB-35737 npm script debugging not supported without $NODE_DEBUG_OPTION argument
Bug WEB-34537 Cannot attach to remote nodejs after upgrade to 2018.2
Bug WEB-35448 JS debug is broken (183.3975.9)
Bug WEB-34786 Karma tests can't be debugged when they are not bundled with webpack but it's set up in karma config
Bug WEB-36714 Debugger not attached, exits with -1073741510 when using `js.debugger.use.node.options` + `nodejs.console.use.terminal`
Bug WEB-36056 'Run to cursor' doesn't work in node.js debug
Bug WEB-35467 Step into nodejs core modules opens virtual file
Bug WEB-34605 Debugger stops on EVERY same-named source file while debugging Node JS remotely using "Attach to Node.js/chrome"
Bug WEB-34206 Webstorm 2018.2: "Debugger Console" view missing from Debug window with Node 6.x
Bug WEB-35073 Not changed object value on changes via evaluation window
Bug WEB-34822 'this' is wrongly evaluated with sourcemaps in Variables view
Bug WEB-34483 Run/Debug Configurations: .NET Project : Browser/Live Edit. Confusing button in the web address field
Bug WEB-34907 Electron: main process debugging: Debugger Never Attaches
Bug WEB-36462 Background is blinking in debugger console
Bug WEB-27620 Node.js: Don't display variables that went out of scope while debugging
Bug WEB-35502 Jest: debugger hits the wrong line on debug session restart
Bug WEB-35037 Variables from outer function appear in shorthand arrow function scope
Bug WEB-34474 Breakpoints are not reached in Karma tests @angular/cli 6.1.4
Bug WEB-36230 Node.js debugger breaks on the first line when using Node.js 7.x
Bug WEB-36457 Electron: render process debugging hangs after reloading app
Bug WEB-35630 node debug connector isn't listening to debug port
Bug WEB-36266 Nullpointer Electron / Node.js Debugging
Bug WEB-35418 Changing built-in web server port breaks JavaScript debug configurations
Bug WEB-36132 Regression: Debugger doesn't attach to forked process
Bug WEB-34990 Debugger doesn't update breakpoints positions
Bug WEB-35608 Imported objects are undefined in the locals view in tests (vue / ts)
Bug WEB-34895 Can' debug react native app with react-native@0.57.0
Bug WEB-35613 Can't run Node debug session if there mappings for in /etc/hosts
Bug WEB-14424 IntelliJ can't debug into node_module entries that are created by NPM Link
Bug WEB-34407 Debugger controls do not work when debugging code executed within a VM
Bug WEB-34132 Exception on JS debugging on a local node server
Bug WEB-34520 Support BigInt type in Debugger
Bug WEB-35084 @angular/cli: duplicated AppComponent in variables | local | this
Bug WEB-34667 Debugger ignores breakpoints when debug grunt task
Bug WEB-36185 Node.js: debugger is not attached if 'Allow taking heap snapshots' is ON unless 'js.debugger.use.node.options' is disabled
Bug WEB-35534 Duplicated 'Drop frame' action in debug tool window
Bug WEB-35449 Debugger stops on first line in a file when debug with js.debugger.use.node.options turned on
Bug WEB-34783 Docker on Windows: ports are not bound automatically
Bug WEB-34890 IDE can't connect to Chrome - 'Waiting for connection to localhost'
Bug WEB-35530 React Native build doesn't start with 'react-native' package
Bug WEB-34213 javascript debug insists on using Chrome Canary, rather than my release Chrome 68
Bug WEB-36660 Debugger: empty library file is opened
Bug WEB-35218 Can't debug Node.js: path no program files is considered as incorrect
Performance WEB-35886 Out of memory after debugging my Angular app for awhile
Performance WEB-20253 IDEA hangs when debugging TypeScript
Usability WEB-33303 Node script fails to debug due to run configuration typo
Usability WEB-36785 Show warning when specifying hostname in the "Host" field of "Attach to Node.js/Chrome" remote debug configuration
Usability WEB-33956 Auto expanded object properties values make variables view noisy of there is too many object entries
Exception WEB-36540 BufferOverflowException when drag console outside IDE
Exception WEB-34648 IllegalArgumentException: BIGINT when debug via node 6.X
Exception WEB-32925 Throwable: No last annotation when 'Run with coverage'
Exception WEB-36460 ObjectNotDisposedException when create @angular/cli project
Exception WEB-34839 IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'file'...
Exception WEB-36682 UnsupportedOperationException when call 'Pause output'
File WatchersTask WEB-34630 Update file watcher template for Babel 7
HTMLFeature WEB-34756 data-* attribute "is not allowed here"
Feature WEB-9469 Alphabetically sorting of attributes in html and css (inline css)
Feature WEB-34660 Navigate | Symbol should search for HTML tags by id.
Feature WEB-32621 Update HTML documentation
Feature WEB-36403 Show SVG elements only inside svg tag in HTML files
Feature WEB-34949 Add inspection: an HTML element has no alt attribute
Feature WEB-35006 Add inspection: A head tag should contain a title tag with content
Feature WEB-27624 Code inspection does not scan for deprecated HTML attributes.
Feature WEB-5087 Suggest more relevant tag names and remove delay
Feature WEB-16881 Create inspection to look for deprecated HTML 5 tags and attributes.
Feature WEB-34944 Add inspection: an HTML element has no title attribute
Feature WEB-2192 References guide in html and css
Feature WEB-34959 Add inspection: an HTML tag should have a lang attribute
Feature WEB-33921 Convert named entity to numbered one and vice versa intention
Bug WEB-34361 Convert text to CDATA should not be available in JSX
Bug WEB-34754 Wrong unescaped characters inspection in html script section
Bug WEB-36179 HTML code style arrangment with order by name order does not rearrange all elements
Bug WEB-34566 Support 'Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab' feature for HTML files
Bug WEB-342 Surround with tag not indenting properly
Bug WEB-35033 HTML: "Unknown HTML tag attribute" inspection: allow "alt" attribute for the "applet" tag
Bug WEB-32620 HTML documentation: remove links to SitePoint
Bug WEB-36779 HTML Documentation: invalid symbols in the description text
Bug WEB-36138 "Missing associate label" error given when using aria-label
Bug WEB-34363 Surround with CDATA item should only be available in XML
Bug WEB-34950 Add inspection: use <em> and <strong> for emphasized or special text
Bug WEB-35193 HTML5 Outline shows <td> elements
Bug WEB-34356 Generate xml tag items displayed multiple times
Bug WEB-13095 Element names are not spelling mistakes
Bug WEB-34763 MathML tags should not be available in the completion list outside <math> tag
Bug WEB-35129 Add inspection. A table without summary attribute
Bug WEB-33621 'Collapse empty tag' removes variable inside the tag (react.js)
Bug WEB-34573 Remove Surround with CDATA intention
Bug WEB-34358 Unwrap html tag works wrong
Bug WEB-23008 HTML5 documentation: "W3C website" links to old HTML4 specification in HTML5 file
Bug WEB-34737 Html tags are not resolved in angular project
Exception WEB-17902 NullPointerException when applying 'Form input without an associated label' quickfix
JSONFeature WEB-31891 Unescape when copying content of JSON string
Feature WEB-35148 Add comma when pasting lines into JSON
Feature WEB-34933 Suggest schemas from schema catalogue and schema schemas in "$schema" completion
Feature WEB-35058 JSON: Support $id property properly (resolve $ref-s with id, navigate, etc.)
Feature WEB-33308 JSON Schema inspections: smarter error selection and better targeted quick fixes
Feature WEB-33746 Add completion/navigation for $schema property
Feature WEB-35067 Auto-insert whitespace after typing ":" in JSON after property name
Feature WEB-34748 Inject JS regexp into "pattern" property of JSON schema and "patternProperty" property names
Feature WEB-34898 Typing assist to insert quotes automatically when typing ":" after property name
Feature WEB-31879 Insert comma automatically with closing bracket / quote
Feature WEB-35323 Add "Surround with > quotes / array literal" for JSON
Feature WEB-34368 Add completion for "required" properties in json schemes
Feature WEB-36467 JSON: show schema conflict notification for widget, get rid of editor notification bar
Feature WEB-24731 JSON Schema: implement completion for the contents of $ref reference
Feature WEB-24696 Paste into JSON could help with escaping quotes
Feature WEB-35463 Add a checkbox to prefer remote JSON schemas over bundled schemas
Feature WEB-34618 Duplicate JSON keys inspection should provide navigate to duplicate as a quick fix
Feature WEB-24726 JSON Schema: highlight unresolved $ref references
Bug WEB-34915 LineWrapPositionStrategy is not implemented for JSON, leading to invalid splitting of string literals, etc.
Bug WEB-35318 JSON pointers do not follow proper URL encoding
Bug WEB-34928 JSON Schema reference breaks other references to JSON properties
Bug WEB-34657 JSON Pointer escapes for '/' and '~' are treated incorrectly in $ref completion/resolve and in schema validation
Bug WEB-34888 Validation of 'allOf' condition is too weak
Bug WEB-36429 JSON: Don't show object/array default values in completion
Bug WEB-32453 JSON schema: #ref links are resolved incorrectly in several cases
Bug WEB-34897 'anyOf'/'oneOf' with identical schemas leads to no or partial errors
Bug WEB-35997 Single quote completed with double quote in a .json file
Bug WEB-31887 "Wrap with double quotes" without effect ("JSON standard does not allow such tokens")
Bug WEB-33758 "Reformat Code" inserts an extra newline when the predecing element overlaps the right margin
Bug WEB-35303 'rulesDirectory' in tslint has two possible type variants, but we suggest only array in code completion
Bug WEB-35358 JSON: "Surround with > quotes / array literal" doesn't surround several items inside array
Bug WEB-35121 JSON Schema: incorrect oneOf branch selection - at least one should be always selected
Bug WEB-31876 JSON inspection tab character in strings
Bug WEB-35302 Incorrect type detection for TSLint 'rules' in JSON code completion
Bug WEB-34369 Title from json schema is not used in documentation popup
Bug WEB-34178 JSON Schema: Caret is out of the brackets after adding missing property
Bug WEB-34354 "type": "object" is not always correctly handled by "add missing properties" fix
Bug WEB-35693 Compliance with JSON standard inspection does not highlight comments correctly
Bug WEB-34103 JSON schema validation for enums of arrays/objects giving incorrect warning
Bug WEB-36189 JSON Schemas: Validates to more than one variant gitlab extends script
Bug WEB-34643 JSON: Validates against 'not' schema warning in package.json files
Bug WEB-36383 webpack: "Array shorter than 1" when entry bundle array doesn't contain a string literal
Bug WEB-35493 JSON schema validation validates itself
Bug WEB-26702 Add/remove commas when moving statement in JSON
Bug WEB-31894 Escaping backslash inside a string in JSON causes spellcheck underlines to appear at random
Bug WEB-34538 Duplicating items in code completion
Bug WEB-34477 JSON Schema: enum validation is skipped in presence of 'pattern', that's not spec-conformant
Bug WEB-35514 Comma is inserted in an incorrect place when pasting value with a trailing newline symbol
Performance WEB-34304 Azure deployment JSON schemas are not properly evaluated and cause laggy code analysis
Performance WEB-34294 Specific repository/JSON file is freezing RubyMine on every action.
Usability WEB-33453 Collect all one-of branches / any-of when none is applicable and show smarter inspections / suggest smarter fixes
Usability WEB-35385 JSON: merge the user whitespace with whitespace auto-inserted by typed handler
Usability WEB-36420 Branch dropdown position changes
JavaScriptFeature WEB-35775 Support 'globalThis' ESnext proposal
Feature WEB-29456 Completion for overrides should behave same as 'generate overrides' - insert parameters
Feature WEB-30826 TS 'Type mismatch' errors should show quickfix to update type when available
Feature WEB-34461 Completion for <this>.property in JavaScript classes
Feature WEB-32425 IDE is unaware of Flow utility types
Feature WEB-35752 Support ESNext throw expressions
Feature WEB-35103 Completion for overrides with full bodies should work in object literals
Feature WEB-36338 Use file name as a suggested name for class/enum/interface
Feature WEB-34683 Multiline TODOs for JavaScript/TypeScript
Feature WEB-30855 No autocomplete for flow's $ReadOnly types
Feature WEB-31773 TypeScript 2.8: support jsx pragma
Feature WEB-35564 Flow: better support for function generics
Feature WEB-36737 ES6: show blacklist settings (Do not import exactly from) in UI
Feature WEB-33449 Intention actions and refactoring to replace code by destructuring
Feature WEB-36316 Code completion for 'switch' cases
Feature WEB-32824 Allow hiding override/implement left gutter icons
Feature WEB-12157 Add 'Join subsequent variable declarations' intention
Feature WEB-34932 Enable "Unsound 'typeof' type guard check" inspection for JS
Feature WEB-35748 ESnext private and async static class members: allow private static and relax modifier order for async
Bug WEB-28566 Erroneous "missing import" statement for Flow type
Bug WEB-35805 "from" identifier is treated as reserved word in export statement
Bug WEB-34153 Broken code after pasting a fragment with escaped symbols
Bug WEB-30919 Quick Documentation thinks that variable is tag name
Bug WEB-36298 Semantic highlighting doesn't work for `let` and `const` passed as arguments
Bug WEB-29718 'Has subclasses / implementations' line markers can be duplicated
Bug WEB-32941 Unresolved variable Node
Bug WEB-34425 provide completion for object shorthand properties in function arguments
Bug WEB-36241 'Remove unused local variable' behaves incorrectly with array destructuring
Bug WEB-35384 Flow: class generic arguments are not supported properly
Bug WEB-34314 Unresolved function or method hasOwnProperty() on JSON object
Bug WEB-35141 Flow: CMD-hover type lookup does not work across files
Bug WEB-34658 Do not show parameter hints for JSX expressions
Bug WEB-35454 No matching brace/bracket/parenthesis highlighting when ...
Bug WEB-36011 Flow 'typeof' syntax allows parens, but WebStorm doesn't
Bug WEB-34036 Broken copy/paste of escaped characters inside strings
Bug WEB-35677 [React] Warning in super(props) on constructor
Bug WEB-35274 Provide quick documentation for arrow function parameters, where referenced within the function
Bug WEB-36010 "Object is 'null' or 'undefined'" inspection false positive
Bug WEB-34936 False "Method expression is not of Function type" type mismatch
Bug WEB-35550 Wrong links to MDN in documentation popup for React APIs
Bug WEB-30290 Some JS intentions break code formatting when invoked
Bug WEB-28792 Add Google Closure like destructured parameters of function in JSDoc
Bug WEB-36395 Completion for React utility types
Bug WEB-35356 JavaScript: enable base "navigate to source" for global @types libraries
Bug WEB-34337 index.js is added to the imports when moving files
Bug WEB-32396 Flow core library global type definitions are not exposed to the IDE
Bug WEB-34347 JSdoc: named @typedef with type specified via @type not accepted
Bug WEB-33767 \u not escaped when pasted into js string
Bug WEB-35584 Intellisense breaks for classes with methods
Bug WEB-35419 'Copy qualified name' doesn't work for tags in Flow & React projects
Bug WEB-35605 Blacklist for JavaScript parameter hints doesn't work
Bug WEB-35191 "Type mismatch" inspection: false positive when using `return;`
Bug WEB-23326 ES7: Decorating class expressions is treated as a syntax error
Bug WEB-36268 JS code completion fails for object literal property expected types
Bug WEB-36742 Auto completion with named alias is not working correctly
Bug WEB-25867 Resolve webpack built-in plugins
Bug WEB-32119 Proper support for `@instance`
Bug WEB-36023 Buffer Static Functions
Bug WEB-30363 JQuery + RequireJS $.each() and $.ele.children() unresolved
Bug WEB-35727 Improve move statement up/down with multi-line imports
Bug WEB-26037 Autocompletion gets confused when imported ES6 classes have the same name
Bug WEB-35136 Trailing comma in dynamic import gives spurious syntax error
Bug WEB-36068 AssertionError when 'Convert parameters to arrow function' for function with optional single parameter
Bug WEB-34996 Enable completion for object properties as keys inside square brackets in JavaScript
Bug WEB-34922 'worker_threads' isn't resolved in require statement
Bug WEB-34595 JavaScript: Duplicated options in Surround With action menu
Bug WEB-35565 Code completion not working until type definition file is touched
Bug WEB-35786 Surround with object literal is listed twice
Bug WEB-35610 Move statement up and down handle comma properly with object destructuring
Bug WEB-34046 Flow JS 'Specify type explicitly' intention and 'Show expression Type' throw exception
Bug WEB-34336 Module imports become messed up when refactoring
Bug WEB-36012 TypeScript/Flow arrow function return type annotation allows parens, but WebStorm doesn't
Bug WEB-36110 JS import path setting "Use relative path to root" is broken since 2018.3
Bug WEB-35892 Symbols from CommonJS module are not resolved when ternary operator is used for the exported value
Bug WEB-35017 Autocomplete for class properties of templated data structures does not work if defined above 'class' declaration
Bug WEB-34125 No import quick-fixes in 2018.2
Bug WEB-35673 Extra item in Structure view if file contains @Component
Bug WEB-36073 ES6: import from node core modules are broken
Bug WEB-35650 Incorrect view of Structure view in case of generics in class constructors
Bug WEB-32337 Resolve for property assigned in other scope
Bug WEB-35645 Syntax analysis never completes for redux reducers using immutable.js
Bug WEB-34101 `for await` not shown as wrong when used outside `async`
Bug WEB-35468 Support at least explicit substitutions for Flow generics in class constructors
Bug WEB-35767 TypeScript/ES6: support autoimports for re-export as default of default symbols
Bug WEB-34768 forEach to for...of intention bugs
Bug WEB-34468 Make method static generates extra point in multiline class object
Bug WEB-35253 Generating overrides doesn't respect generator methods
Bug WEB-34257 Flow: quick documentation doesn't show callback params
Bug WEB-34641 ES6: enable autoimports from node_modules if it contains ES6 modules
Bug WEB-32933 Can't resolve sortBy import from lodash
Bug WEB-35115 invalid "variable might not have been initialized" inspection for destructuring assignment, should be a syntax error
Bug WEB-36781 'Safe delete' is not that safe: should extract side effects
Bug WEB-35327 Invalid code check warning (false positive): Type boolean is not assignable to type boolean
Bug WEB-34230 Support referencing non-existent files in JavaScript libraries
Bug WEB-34687 Opening parenthesis immediately within a JSX tag cause parse error in flow js files
Bug WEB-34315 Error in Javascript inspection and code completion
Bug WEB-34282 Used parameter/variable/function shows unused in language injection (heredoc)
Bug WEB-30683 Add patterns to allow configuring language injection in JSX tags
Bug WEB-36477 Module members are not resolved when using @module + @memberof
Bug WEB-34745 Don't show 'forin' postfix template on array/iterable type
Bug WEB-24709 Move 'suppress for statement' into nested menu if error with quick fix is reported from JSAnnotator
Bug WEB-35113 'Generate' creates body with return in pure JS if implementing TS method with 'void' return type
Bug WEB-28878 Optimizing imports messes up placement of comments if 'Sort imports by modules' is on
Bug WEB-34341 Default export is marked as unused when using directory imports
Bug WEB-34702 "Contents of collection are queried, but never updated" when using ternary operator
Bug WEB-30793 Member import of json file in javascript has no code completion.
Bug WEB-34394 Show introduce variable intention only for the `class`/`function` keyword in `export default class/function`
Bug WEB-36193 Destructuring is not fully supported in control-flow analysis
Bug WEB-34154 Enabling 'Method bodies' in Code Folding | Collapse by default shouldn't affect nested code blocks
Bug WEB-34377 go to declaration for a imported (from a node module) function should take you to the function definition in the exporting module
Bug WEB-34212 JS/ES6: Inspection issue: Contents of collection are updated, but never queried
Bug WEB-36041 Some refactor actions should not be available for throw expressions
Bug WEB-21480 Referenced JS Library shows "OK" state after Library is Deleted (or name changed)
Bug WEB-35243 Completion for overrides: place caret inside the method body
Performance WEB-35390 2018.3 EAP6 crash
Performance WEB-35280 High memory usage while working with JS
Performance WEB-30360 Code Analysis, Strange Lagging Bug
Usability WEB-34273 Changed colors of Monokai scheme in 2018
Usability WEB-34937 Very hard to type spread operator (...)
Usability WEB-35652 Accelerators in JavaScript run/debug configuration
Usability WEB-33854 Generate 'switch' cases action improvements
Usability WEB-35200 Unclosed comment ending with a new line is not highlighted with underwave
Usability WEB-34719 Autocomplete for `function` not working in some cases
Usability WEB-35838 'new Javascript file' attaches .js extension after .mjs
Cosmetics WEB-36414 Update icons used in completion for methods that could be overriden
Cosmetics WEB-35075 Change merged gutter icons (they were replaced recently, and now the merged option doesn't look nice)
Cosmetics WEB-36186 "Must be lvalue" instead of "ReferenceError: invalid assignment left-hand side"
Task WEB-35079 Infer primitive type facts from initializer for javascript
Task WEB-34965 Merge "Unsound" inspections for typescript and javascript
Exception WEB-36028 'Replace || with &&' causes NullPointerException on expression with throw
Exception WEB-35416 IllegalStateException: Calling invokeAndWait from read-action leads to possible deadlock
Exception WEB-35047 periodic PsiInvalidElementAccessException when editing js
Exception WEB-35658 IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'element'
JavaScript. FormatterFeature WEB-32566 Formatting should adjust spaces in template string arguments
Feature WEB-13488 JavaScript code style settings: Spaces within array literal
Feature WEB-34976 Add option to align Typescript union/intersection Types
Feature WEB-7308 reformating JS else statment not in right position
Feature WEB-28679 Add an option to treat lambda fields as methods when rearranging code
Bug WEB-17899 Braces for JavaScript Switch statement ignore "Brace Placement -> Other -> Next Line Shifted" setting
Bug WEB-34954 No alignment for Angular HTML attribute
Bug WEB-34052 Exception when rearranging code
Bug WEB-35831 JSX Body tag wrong indentation
Bug WEB-22494 Wrong indentation after breaking line in React JSX code
Bug WEB-35220 Wrong alignment of html attributes when [] are used
Bug WEB-35776 Insert space after <TypeAssertion> in TypeScript
Bug WEB-34535 The short React fragment syntax is reformatted differently than the longer one
Bug WEB-34770 Newlines between opening brace and comment not removed
Bug WEB-35074 JSX state object misaligned
Bug WEB-33968 Formatting moves block comments to new line
Bug WEB-36263 Wrong indentation in jsx & tsx files after self closing tags
Bug WEB-35501 No indent on a new line after if after line without semicolon
Bug WEB-34726 No option to set code style (JavaScript) for unary word operators
Bug WEB-33625 Formatting for TSX tag generics
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-30661 Angular. Provide resolve for # labels
Feature WEB-36662 Support canonical attribute names completion
Feature WEB-32549 Highlight unresolved references in JSX
Feature WEB-36071 Angular - provide completion for attribute bindings
Feature WEB-27290 Feature Request: more options creating Angular Cli project
Feature WEB-17495 Angular directive scope attributes not recognized
Feature WEB-36510 Angular - support templates imported with require
Feature WEB-35435 Improve handling of Angular entities
Feature WEB-26747 Angular directive scope variable with different attribute name are not recognized in HTML
Feature WEB-20676 AngularJS: 'controllerAs' reference is not resolved in templates
Feature WEB-35983 Improve code completion for Angular bindings
Feature WEB-35477 Support bootstrap-vue components
Feature WEB-26886 Support controller variable for Angular 1.5 components
Feature WEB-26862 Add single step import for ES6 and TypeScript scripts in .vue files
Feature WEB-34128 Create default run configuration for Vue.js app
Feature WEB-33912 Suggest webpack.config.ts files in settings
Feature WEB-32334 Vuex. Code completion is missing for store actions/states/mutations/getters
Feature WEB-29412 Support resolve/completion for default angular pipes
Feature WEB-34798 Find usages doesn't work for Angular pipes
Feature WEB-36150 Angular - inspect type of expressions result
Feature WEB-36240 Related symbol action for Angular components
Feature WEB-33489 Vuejs rename component name
Feature WEB-30064 Make 'Unwrap/Remove' work for JSX tags
Feature WEB-34596 Vuetify v-icon. add completion for icon names
Feature WEB-23865 Angular2 Class binding [class.special]="isSpecial"
Feature WEB-34828 Rename the pipe in the template
Feature WEB-35156 Language completion for script and style tags in Vue templates
Bug WEB-28405 closure library - code completion for 'goog.provide' symbols inside 'goog.module' is not working
Bug WEB-31288 Editor > Code Style > HTML "Add for JSX attributes": None Doesn't Work
Bug WEB-34352 Angular: property with `$` name suffix is detected as "unused" when it's used with "async" pipe
Bug WEB-35716 Fix Vuetify 1.3.4 components
Bug WEB-22168 Angular2: no completion for component properties in non-inline templates if file names are different
Bug WEB-34732 "Invalid" word in the completion list in the angular template
Bug WEB-34753 Lifecycle hooks should not be in the completion list
Bug WEB-34010 'Extract React component' in Flow should generate prop types as type declaration, not propTypes
Bug WEB-31760 Code completion is broken for variable bindings ("as") in Angular templates
Bug WEB-27467 Go to definition does not work for Angular 'async' pipe
Bug WEB-31285 Unnecessary code completion within JSX tags (without braces)
Bug WEB-34555 Typo in some React Live Template variable expressions (using filenameWithoutExtension instead of fileNameWithoutExtension)
Bug WEB-34558 Basic support for @angular/cli 6.2.0
Bug WEB-33937 vue.js <Input></Input> component: false error 'Closing tag matches nothing'
Bug WEB-27152 AngularJS component tag name matching is too restrictive
Bug WEB-35800 React+TypeScript: 'missing required attribute' error reported for required properties passed in by redux `connect`
Bug WEB-35361 vue and blade conflict
Bug WEB-33370 Angular: innerHTML binding is not resolved/suggested for completion
Bug WEB-23606 Angular2/Typescript properties created via private in constructor not recognized in templates
Bug WEB-29744 AngularJS component HTML attribute highlighted as not allowed when multiple definitions exist
Bug WEB-36437 Angular directive with selectors that are also listed as inputs do not resolve attribute form from metadata
Bug WEB-33446 `@ViewChild()` decorator. Support find usages/rename
Bug WEB-28364 Validation for location field new new Angular CLI project dialog doesn't work in PyCharm
Bug WEB-35566 Overriden methods are listed twice in the completion list
Bug WEB-34489 React extract component: better handling of key attribute
Bug WEB-35818 2018.3 RC - Angular template not recognizing 'undefined' keyword
Bug WEB-34857 Angular: support type evaluation of template references which bind to directives
Bug WEB-34159 React extract component: better handling of unresolved/multi-resolved expressions
Bug WEB-36506 Extra & symbol on 'New project wizard | React'
Bug WEB-35672 Angular Material - Attribute dataSource is not allowed here
Bug WEB-34079 Find usages for Angular template reference variables
Bug WEB-34076 Create default run configurations for React project (npm start, debug)
Bug WEB-35749 Input property is not recognized if it's get/set with accessors
Bug WEB-23647 React: provide autocomplete for standard methods
Bug WEB-36076 some vuetify.js components dont autocomplete when used with pascal case
Bug WEB-36122 'Convert to functional component' produces broken code for components in export default
Bug WEB-35941 Angular 2 HTML binding auto-suggest doesn't treat custom components Input() and Output() as relevant
Bug WEB-35851 Completion and autoimport for React components defined in JavaScript files in TypeScript files
Bug WEB-34607 New Project | Angular CLI: fields appear with delay
Bug WEB-34911 Angular. Go to definition is broken in template when intermediate folder contains package.json
Bug WEB-28529 Vue.js instance autocompletion
Bug WEB-34703 Closing brackets are not colored in orange
Bug WEB-36386 slot-scope not recognized
Bug WEB-34821 No inspection for undefined symbols in pipe expressions.
Bug WEB-36447 Vue options and lifecycle hooks are marked as unused when vuex is present
Bug WEB-32564 Vue.j SFC not resolving @ alias with @vue/cli 3 if vue is installed in a subfolder
Bug WEB-35687 Angular Service doesn't work for html files
Bug WEB-35635 Angular: support comma separated list of names in `exportAs` property of a directive.
Bug WEB-34080 Rename for Angular template reference variables
Bug WEB-36591 WebStorm gives an error for string interpolation inside Angular template strings
Bug WEB-35868 Type information on template reference variable looks bad
Bug WEB-36111 Angular - malformed code causes issues
Bug WEB-34899 Exclude build folder for CRA projects
Bug WEB-35055 NPE in Angular2LangUtil.isAngular2ContextDir
Bug WEB-32129 Angular: `ng-zorro-antd` directives not resolved
Bug WEB-35313 Angular - support templates referenced through import statement.
Bug WEB-34818 TypeScript: "Cannot resolve symbol" in .vue file but works fine in .ts file
Bug WEB-34471 Optionally add `.vue` extension when auto-importing Vue components
Bug WEB-36009 Convert to Class Component strips comments
Bug WEB-35823 Vue.js: support for <keep-alive> tag
Bug WEB-35842 Find angular component by selector not working
Bug WEB-36054 Vue.js: support shards-vue components
Bug WEB-32886 Vuetify 1.1 typescript components not resolved
Bug WEB-36652 Enable auto imports for JavaScript symbols in .vue files
Bug WEB-36303 Angular Schematic list gets reloaded every time invoked
Bug WEB-35128 Web browsers panel is not shown in the angular project
Bug WEB-35848 Component's properties/methods are not resolved in pug templates
Bug WEB-27731 parsing html in angular 2 template
Bug WEB-36312 Angular support conflicts with other templating languages
Bug WEB-34157 'Extract react component' fails with shorthand object properties
Bug WEB-36147 'Add import' is suggested even if component has been already auto-imported( js -> ts )
Bug WEB-35681 ReactJS code completion doesn't work after project creation
Bug WEB-31647 Angular: no completion/resolving for custom directive bindings
Bug WEB-34958 assert: JSTypeSerializer$NULLABLE_TYPE_SERIALIZER$.write
Bug WEB-35317 Space is removed before some attributes in Angular template
Bug WEB-35297 Project template dropdown should be disabled when creating vue application via @vue/cli3
Bug WEB-35670 @vue/cli project creation can't be finished
Bug WEB-29489 Cant 'yarn start' in create-react-app project created via IDEA new project dialog
Bug WEB-34081 Highlight usages in file for Angular template reference variables
Bug WEB-29774 AngularJS: don't inject AngularJS in `@` component binding value
Bug WEB-34862 Angular: exception if ngFor contains duplicated keys
Bug WEB-34522 WebStorm Angular "unused property myVar" on setter function even if its used for binding in template
Bug WEB-34269 Type hierarchy not working for Google Closure classes in different namespaces
Bug WEB-27337 Webpack: Not existing config file is chosen in settings
Bug WEB-35197 Angular: CSS selector marked as unused if it's used in [ngClass]
Bug WEB-34733 IDE refuses to render the file after some typings
Bug WEB-34224 NPE when invoking the completion inside angular template
Bug WEB-29827 Angular Material: material table structural directives are not recognized when using asterisk notation
Bug WEB-35755 Angular: canonical form attributes are validated as unknown
Bug WEB-36002 WebStorm doesn't recognize (focusin) or (focusout) event bindings in Angular templates
Usability WEB-35481 Disable "Missing React import with JSX" inspection for .vue files
Task WEB-34873 Disable XML refactorings for everything other than XML
Exception WEB-34842 @NotNull method com/intellij/lang/javascript/frameworks/react/ReactXmlExtension.getElementForResolve must not return null
Exception WEB-35256 Error while loading schematics info
Exception WEB-35485 Throwable: Invalid file name 'package.json' - unsupported extension: json
Exception WEB-35586 java.lang.Throwable: Failed to load schematics exception is thrown on attempt to start invalid Node.js version
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-36229 Add Inspection for missing switch statement cases
Feature WEB-34117 if (a = b) is not a warning
Feature WEB-34980 TypeScript and JavaScript: base nullability control flow analysis
Feature WEB-25768 support vuex mapGetters helper
Feature WEB-36805 Inspection and quick fix to move a variable closer to its usage joining with the initializer
Feature WEB-36319 More inspections related to 'switch' statements
Feature WEB-36124 Enable and improve JS inspections "Pointless bitwise expression", "Shift operation by inappropriate constant" and "Incompatible bitwise mask operation"
Bug WEB-34239 Not possible to suppress inspection in class decorator
Bug WEB-34810 False positive "unused function" with <a href="javascript:functionName()" />
Bug WEB-36452 "Condition is always true" false positive for result of local arrow function
Bug WEB-35653 Webpack validation shouldn't validate non-literal expressions
Bug WEB-35426 < > are escaped in Flow when apply inspection
Bug WEB-34278 Object Shorthand Methods es6 syntax does not show as error in Webstorm when in Javascript language version set below 6.
Bug WEB-36236 Suppressing several inspections for one line adds comments in several lines
Bug WEB-35461 Inspections: "Missing required 'alt' attribute" gives false positive in the Vue.js files
Bug WEB-35179 Rider suggests broken code fix.
Bug WEB-36304 False positive: 'arguments' not allowed
Bug WEB-35539 "Unreachable code" inspection false positive with labeled break
Bug WEB-35526 Typescript - wrong "remove unnecessary parentheses" warning
Bug WEB-36832 Quick fix for 'no default branch in switch statement' is not displayed
Bug WEB-31084 Node Module exporting a symbol named Promise breaks native symbol resolution
Bug WEB-34384 JavaScript Redundant Local Variable inspection false positives on compound assignment
Bug WEB-35750 Typescript - inspection "Remove braces around arrow function body" forces returning a value
Bug WEB-30327 "Remove braces around arrow function" inspection is doubled when its severity is "Error"
Bug WEB-35399 Incorrect inspection "Consecutive commas in array literal" in destructuring assignment
Bug WEB-33833 False warning about type coercion with `!=` and `typeof`
Cosmetics WEB-34829 Missing module inspection: show npm install quick fix first
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-36724 Add intention to convert between indexed and dotted object notations
Feature WEB-26313 ES6 refactorings: convert promises to async/await
Feature WEB-33090 Move symbol from files without import/export
Feature WEB-34162 Add an intention action to quote/unquote object literal properties
Feature WEB-35341 'Convert to named function' intention should work for arrow functions assigned to class fields
Feature WEB-22569 ES6 convert var to let/const inspection/intention: support destructuring operator
Feature WEB-12768 Convert function to method(variable holding function expression or arrow function) and vice versa
Feature WEB-33422 Destructuring should be used where possible ('Convert parameters to object')
Bug WEB-34717 'Inline local variable' when invoked as fix shouldn't show confirmation dialog
Bug WEB-16853 Incorrect brace insertion
Bug WEB-35503 Typescript arrow function signature refactor loose types
Bug WEB-36358 Split OR'ed if produces corrupt output
Bug WEB-34720 Refactoring "Inline function" should be aware of context when inlining async function
Bug WEB-36136 "Extract variable" refactoring may produce incorrect code if spread operator is used
Bug WEB-36088 On Refactoring - multiple imports are added
Bug WEB-35909 Inline Function: (Typescript) nested "return" statement of inner anonymous function is lost
Bug WEB-34653 Click in conflicts view in 'Move module member' refactoring navigates to moved member, should navigate to usage
Bug WEB-35940 Don't suggest to rename file when renaming fields
Bug WEB-29572 JavaScript "Convert to named function" intentions drops JSDoc comment
Bug WEB-35600 'Convert to class component' should produce propTypes, defaultProps as field declarations if code template contains them
Bug WEB-36633 Webstorm goes unresponsive when trying to extract a variable using ` cmd + option + v `
Bug WEB-36238 'Change signature' fails with TS arrow functions
Bug WEB-35543 Decorators changes their order after refactoring its method
Bug WEB-36814 'Split into declaration and initialization' produces incorrect code
Bug WEB-35149 'Convert function to variable holding arrow/ function expression' should check and declare 'const' var if possible
Bug WEB-36630 Typescript extract parameter in arrow function doesn't affect call site.
Bug WEB-35588 'Convert to field holding arrow function' removes decorators from class
Bug WEB-33350 Fix focus in 'Change signature' dialog when shown from quick fix
Bug WEB-36499 Wrong for...of intention
Bug WEB-32734 Rename for class and file together should always search for the file references
Bug WEB-33986 'Replace ?: with if-else' intention should not be shown for const values
Bug WEB-34145 Field prefix is placed after renaming an interface member
Usability WEB-34440 inline constant refactoring should default to removing the constant
Usability WEB-34109 [Javascript] Move refactoring triggered is not triggered when caret is at start or end of element
Exception WEB-34218 Changing signature of method in agular templates produces the exception
LESSFeature WEB-31443 Support less 3.0 features
Bug WEB-5649 LESS CSS: variables with variable name are not correctly resolved
Bug WEB-34549 Less function each
Bug WEB-35947 Tilda-escaped import is shown as error in Less
Bug WEB-36397 Char is missing when renaming variable variable in less
Bug WEB-24644 less-file report an error on using the literal sign '~'
LintersFeature WEB-29829 Add ability to use ESLint in TypeScript files without eslint-plugin-typescript
Feature WEB-25014 Feature: TSLint: provide appropriate suppress actions
Feature WEB-25697 ESLint / TSLint does not respect Editor Inspection severity level color formatting
Feature WEB-35990 ESLint: Use the runtime config(cliEngine.getConfigForFile) to detect which file types should be linted
Bug WEB-34634 JSHint: update the bundled version to 2.9.6
Bug WEB-35954 Stylelint does not follow ignoreFiles configuration on Windows
Bug WEB-31134 ESLint: eslint-disable-next-line generated in wrong positions
Bug WEB-34387 When using Prettier, $FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$ is never the correct file
Bug WEB-26709 ESLint/Standard: JSX content is not suppressed correctly
Bug WEB-35856 'Fix current file with ESLint' doesn't replace line endings when linebreak-style configured in .eslintrc
Bug WEB-36127 Some TSLint rules are not imported if config extends 'tslint:latest'
Bug WEB-34689 Bundled tslint-schema.json has to be updated
Bug WEB-30174 Standard code style suppression comments the line
Bug WEB-29400 ESLint: do not import rules from the ESLint config in case the Standard linter is defined in the project
Bug WEB-31449 Stylelint error when file is in .stylelintignore
Bug WEB-36164 'Fix all TSLint problems' should be available in context menu
Bug WEB-32103 'Suppress' action for ESLint inspection sometimes generates invalid comments
Bug WEB-22548 ESLint: use the severity specified in .eslintrc for offline inspections
Bug WEB-33619 ESLint: 'Suppress for file' action is shown twice
Bug WEB-35917 Some TSLint rules are not imported from tslint.json
Task WEB-35989 Update condition for running ESLint on .vue files
Task WEB-34986 Update JavaScript Standard Code Style rules according to Standard 12
Exception WEB-36681 NullPointerException when open file in create-react template project
Live EditBug WEB-32345 Live Edit not working when <noscript> <header> <footer> tags combination is present
Bug WEB-22518 LiveEdit ignores some changes in html
Bug WEB-34876 New content is shown only after moving to the new line after the tag
Bug WEB-35736 'Elements' tab is empty when debug HTML
Bug WEB-34789 Live edit ignores changes in .html
Performance WEB-36060 LiveEdit plugin causes freezes on debug
Node.jsFeature WEB-35143 Allow to use @types/node for Node.js coding assistance
Feature WEB-36167 [NodeJS] missing field in packageJsonSchema.json
Feature WEB-34226 Use NODE_OPTIONS for Node.js debugging
Feature WEB-33571 Add node_modules/.bin folder to PATH in Terminal for current project
Feature WEB-35204 TypeScript: enable "navigate to source" for node core libraries
Feature WEB-29975 Feature: completion for previous versions of npm packages in package.json
Bug WEB-35413 Stepping resumes execution after pause on first breakpoint
Bug WEB-36082 Having // in package json refreshes indices forever
Bug WEB-36819 Open in browser is suggested for 'url' and 'repository' keys in package.json
Bug WEB-35640 Problems with accelerators/shortcut keys in Run/Debug Configurations
Bug WEB-22911 Node Remote Interpreter: Docker: "Stop" button should be in sync with remote server
Bug WEB-35836 Coding assistance for Node.js requires re-enabling after upgrade to 2018.3
Bug WEB-30960 Change alignment in 'Package manager' field
Bug WEB-36645 Use 'bin' property from package.json to run npm/yarn
Bug WEB-34602 @Vue package is not resolved in the node.js package list
Bug WEB-34814 Detect npm package for Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions from the official repo
Bug WEB-35496 Cannot enable Node.js coding assistance with IPv6 enabled
Bug WEB-35773 Relative import resolution inside a symlinked dir resolves to realpath
Bug WEB-34413 Detect all node_modules as libraries on startup
Bug WEB-35412 Can't resolve app.use in express project
Bug WEB-36753 'yarn install' from package.json quickfix / not installed dependencies notification should refresh parent directories
Bug WEB-35528 Can't run vue-cli-service scripts from @vue/cli project
Bug WEB-36650 Go to definition for package name in package.json doesn't open module in project view
Bug WEB-36048 Autocompletion for "import { writeFileSy... }" imports from "node" instead of "fs"
Bug WEB-34791 'install and add to devDependencies' quick fix adds library to 'dependencies' (yarn specific)
Bug WEB-35594 Can't enable Code assistance for Node.js if there mappings for in /etc/hosts
Bug WEB-33257 WSL: can't create create-react-app
Bug WEB-35462 Folder node_modules is not marked as library root if Data Source configured
Bug WEB-36178 Cannot auto-detect installed and hoisted package declared in a sub-project package.json
Performance WEB-34416 Do not index symlinks inside node_modules targeting files inside project
Usability WEB-35568 WSL: ExecutionException when try to debug with incorrect interpreter
Usability WEB-35680 node_modules folder is marked as library root after unexcluding
Usability WEB-35031 Do not auto-exclude `dist` within node module folder if there are `module` or `esnext` keys referencing files from `dist`
Exception WEB-35643 java.lang.Throwable: Directory index is already disposed for Project (Disposed)
Product DocumentationBug WEB-33168 Move module members has no help
Pug (ex-Jade)Feature WEB-7901 JADE: add breadcrumbs bar showcasing the nested elements like HTML & HAML have
Feature WEB-15349 Allow multi-line property lists to be indented
Bug WEB-19320 Highlighting breaks for ES6/2015 tagged strings
Bug WEB-32306 Arrow functions are not supported in the script tag in Pug
Bug WEB-22432 Support ES2015 syntax in Jade/Pug unbuffered code
Bug WEB-35735 Pug: no tags completion in block section
Bug WEB-19541 Jade string formatting incorrect if /n is present
Bug WEB-14174 Jade: Completion: replace obsolete value '5' with actual 'html'
Bug WEB-22802 Pug: support ES6 template strings
SASSFeature WEB-34910 Sort CSS properties (aka Rearrange) in SCSS files
Feature WEB-6006 Would like formatting options for SCSS
Feature WEB-6015 Add color preview box in the left gutter for variable (containing some color value) reference (as it done at its definition)
Feature WEB-20279 Better code style for .scss .sass files
Bug WEB-34131 Good code red: animation-timing-function inside SASS nested property
Bug WEB-35182 File Watchers: update default sass command
TypeScriptFeature WEB-35377 Support non-unit types in union discriminants (TS 3.2)
Feature WEB-35849 TypeScript: add explicit action to restart service
Feature WEB-34802 Support TS 3.2 BigInt type
Feature WEB-36444 Support TypeScript 3.3 merged signatures
Feature WEB-34476 Merge multiple gutter icons for implementations into one
Feature WEB-32271 Inspection for tsconfig.json
Feature WEB-21926 Provide 'Extract TypeScript interface' refactoring for object literals
Feature WEB-36292 Use capitalised variable name as placeholder for the extracted type or interface name
Feature WEB-34455 Support TS 3.1 mapped type changes
Feature WEB-26429 Generate -> Delegate Methods for ES6/TypeScript
Feature WEB-34456 Support TS 3.1 property assignments in JS-like style
Feature WEB-35052 Support TS 3.2 callable/bindable functions
Feature WEB-35522 Support TS configuration inheritance via packages (TS 3.2)
Feature WEB-33130 Vue.js: use ts service for vue files
Feature WEB-34144 Update bundled TypeScript version to 3.0
Feature WEB-35664 Support TS 3.2 generic rest and spread
Feature WEB-36291 Make Extract TypeScript interface available for a variable holding the object
Feature WEB-35004 Can 'Compile' action on .ts file trigger compilation on nearest config?
Bug WEB-34100 False positive JSMismatchedCollectionQueryUpdate for object literal
Bug WEB-30796 path completion in import doesn't work when using path mappings
Bug WEB-33572 Support ES2018 regexp features in TypeScript
Bug WEB-33645 Incorrect conversion of generic type to interface
Bug WEB-35810 Incorrect expected type evaluation for rest params
Bug WEB-35181 Unneeded 'Invalid instanceof check' warning when strictNullChecks enabled
Bug WEB-35202 TypeScript: No auto-import and completion of exported variables from js files
Bug WEB-34912 "Complete Current Statement" on "for .. of" loop breaks code
Bug WEB-35125 StackOverflowError at JSTypeEvaluator.addTypeFromElementResolveResult()
Bug WEB-35400 Incorrect behaviour of "pull member up" refactoring on a method with a decorator
Bug WEB-35523 Cannot generate props when contextually typed by an object literal.
Bug WEB-35850 Type does not behave correctly in template
Bug WEB-34516 Autocomplete reporting incorrect type with mapped types
Bug WEB-29799 tsconfig.json paths don't work with Vue .vue single file components
Bug WEB-29618 Support partial matching of union signatures
Bug WEB-35549 Typescript formatter fails on object construction with cast
Bug WEB-36771 Incorrect result of type assignability check in TypeScript
Bug WEB-35881 TypeScript: do not import elements several times
Bug WEB-35329 Improve suggestion Typescript Extract, Exclude types
Bug WEB-36726 "Introduce destructuring variable" intention should have better availability
Bug WEB-35030 Wrong Redundant typeof check for nullable variables
Bug WEB-35982 'public' is added to implemented object literal methods when explicit 'public' is on
Bug WEB-35862 'Extract interface' refactoring should better handle implicitly referenced generics
Bug WEB-35446 JSX Generics are not parsed when tag name is namespaced
Bug WEB-25990 TypeScript: Contents of collection are updated but never queried (destructuring case)
Bug WEB-34945 Typescript: Invalid guard result for Map.
Bug WEB-36587 Cannot parse parenthesized object literal with union type inside function return type annotation
Bug WEB-35551 Import are marked as error when overriding baseUrl in child config
Bug WEB-35410 "Make private/protected" intention should not be available for the parameters in the arrow functions
Bug WEB-32021 Spell Checking Bug in object property names
Bug WEB-36019 Do not add .ts file extension for filename.tsx when using New TypeScript file
Bug WEB-34587 False positive "Abstract class constructor can be made protected"
Bug WEB-35853 TypeScript: False error for assignability to indexer type
Bug WEB-35906 Cannot properly evaluate parameter type if contextual type is not obviously an object type
Bug WEB-36346 Incorrect type derived for a union of literals one of which is with indexer
Bug WEB-34554 Wrong tsx syntax inspection when comment has tag
Bug WEB-36464 Destructuring intention actions should better handle 'const' variables
Bug WEB-35240 Add Import statement: missing "from" keyword when import path is already there
Bug WEB-36373 HTML errors in angular application
Bug WEB-35803 Error while import date-fns functions in vue-component
Bug WEB-34463 "Cannot read property 'CommandTypes' of undefined" when starting angular service with non-bundled typescript 3.0.1
Bug WEB-35847 Parameter info for generic arguments doesn't work for functions and generic type usages
Bug WEB-33906 Intellij doesn't see $any() as existing method in Angular template
Bug WEB-36334 No type keyword completion in extended class generic arguments
Bug WEB-36317 'Specify type explicitly' doesn't work for function/lambda expressions and also doesn't properly derive union return types
Bug WEB-33585 Remove "Make can be static" inspection for angular classes if they are used in html template
Bug WEB-34311 TypeScript: comment inside the React tag breaks highlighting
Bug WEB-35254 Code completion for overrides should properly handle access modifiers
Bug WEB-35459 Typescript exports not resolved for imports completion
Bug WEB-36439 Use our tooltips instead of TS service tooltips on 'this'-expressions
Bug WEB-35474 StackOverflowError on types resolving
Bug WEB-34229 TypeScript autocomplete is broken in PhpStorm 2018.2 (lacks results)
Bug WEB-36159 TypeScript: updated bundled compiler 3.2
Bug WEB-35937 TypeScript: typeof works incorrectly with overloads
Bug WEB-35263 Typescript. Go to declaration broken for the field of union type.
Bug WEB-35277 Private methods should not be in the completion list for inherited classes
Bug WEB-35596 Generics in JSX and whitespace
Bug WEB-36619 Typescript class implementing an interface method as a lambda incorrectly reports method as unused/can't find usages
Bug WEB-35760 Wrong find usages for method override
Bug WEB-34511 Import All in Webstorm 2018.2.2 doesn't import everything
Bug WEB-34622 TypeScript interface field renaming refactoring is ignored with object literals in anonymous functions
Bug WEB-35935 TypeScript: null types affect resolve if strictNullChecks == false
Bug WEB-34392 Completion for readonly modifier after other modifiers in constructor
Bug WEB-35505 Typescript "arrow to named function" prepend "public" modifier inside module
Bug WEB-36177 `constructor` not detected as used when only used with `this`
Bug WEB-31543 vue-mixin-decorator doesn't work in Vue files with TypeScript
Bug WEB-36195 Incorrect Typescript intention: "make private" on lambda
Bug WEB-35345 TypeScript getter and setter generation should honor the "Use 'public' modifier" setting
Bug WEB-36511 Variables with construct signatures from libraries not shown in completion after `new` in case of multiple libs with same interface
Bug WEB-35938 TypeScript: inferred generics are not applied for default generic parameters
Bug WEB-34878 Red icon is shown on the TypeScript tool window name when there's no errors
Bug WEB-36169 typescript lost setting after edit field
Bug WEB-33285 Spread of 'any'/'unknown' should result in 'any'/'unknown'
Bug WEB-34124 Wrong type specifying for unique symbol
Bug WEB-35278 Convert to field holding arrow function generates redundant access modifier
Bug WEB-33550 Auto-Import doesn't work for re-exports of default exports
Bug WEB-34261 Typescript - WebStorm includes private methods and properties when using keyof
Bug WEB-36226 Bundled Typescript causes errors in HTML (Angular Language Service related?)
Bug WEB-36412 Autocomplete not work with dynamicaly evaluated types
Bug WEB-35761 Typescript: "Create method" incorrectly computes insertion anchor for aliased type literals
Bug WEB-36244 Typescript method is unresolved when used in lambda property
Bug WEB-34098 Monorepo import isn't respected during copy-paste
Bug WEB-34663 Typescript: convert parameters to use object initializer - removes the optionals
Bug WEB-34127 TypeScript: incorrect import suggestion for @types/mocha@5.2.3
Bug WEB-36262 typescript enum member didn't show jsdoc desc
Bug WEB-35078 Wrong typeof check if the original type of value is 'any'
Bug WEB-35936 TypeScript: intersection with never type processes incorrect type
Bug WEB-33907 Intellij highlights variable that has same name as other method as unused even when it was used in Angular template
Bug WEB-36731 "Introduce destructuring variable" intention. Read/write usages
Bug WEB-35178 Typescript: generate constructor omits optional parameter specifier when used with React
Bug WEB-34924 [VUEJS] tsconfig.json ignores by IDE
Bug WEB-36554 Angular directive input setter type not recognized in template
Bug WEB-35743 Typescript - Implement constructor dialog does not respond to ALT+N (Select none)
Bug WEB-35252 Code completion for overrides shouldn't insert 'super.' when base type is an interface
Performance WEB-34580 TypeScript: performance problem with mobx-state-tree package
Performance WEB-34174 IDE gets frozen on switching to another app and back
Performance WEB-35723 Slow, constantly hanging when adding file, deleting files
Usability WEB-34564 Parameter hints: not clear how to configure for TypeScript
Usability WEB-30634 Extends/implements is not shown in completion for class expressions
Task WEB-36269 TypeScript: overload support for tag functions
Task WEB-35080 Update bundled TypeScript to 3.1
Task WEB-35105 TypeScript: check limit for completion result (for avoiding processing extra-elements)
Task WEB-36160 TypeScript: optimize TypeScriptGeneratedFilesStartupActivity#addFileToExclude
Task WEB-34800 Check that new TypeScript 3.1 error UX is compatible with our presentation
Exception WEB-35567 Exception while disposing TypeScript service
Unit TestsFeature WEB-33201 Rerun failed protractor tests
Feature WEB-22516 Support cucumber step definition in TypeScript way
Feature WEB-34691 Upload and display Jest coverage report in the IDE
Feature WEB-34119 Navigate to source at failure for failed tests (Karma, Jest, Mocha)
Feature WEB-34826 Support running Jest with angular-cli
Feature WEB-29620 Karma plugin should support CLI args
Feature WEB-29665 Missing navigation support for latest CucumberJs and for TypeScript files
Feature WEB-30241 Support Cucumber.js version: 3.0.0+
Feature WEB-35177 Single suite / test run with Protractor
Feature WEB-35142 Single test file run with Protractor
Feature WEB-36578 Show test status in the gutter for both compiled and original file
Feature WEB-24245 Ability to specify suite name when running protractor tests
Bug WEB-36376 Karma: the browser is not captured automatically
Bug WEB-35284 Run tool window shown incorrect amount of failed re-run tests
Bug WEB-35698 'No tests found in <test_file>' when run karma test
Bug WEB-34651 Karma: re-run failed tests runs passed tests also
Bug WEB-33601 Show jest.config.file in the Jest RC when running tests
Bug WEB-36101 Jest: load setup test framework file when running in watch mode
Bug WEB-36728 Cucumber.js: TypeScript steps: correctly process And and But steps
Bug WEB-34422 Jest terminates with unknown error (ReactJS, Jest, Jasmine, Typescript)
Bug WEB-36810 Angular workspace: WebStorm is starting Karma tests for Protractor specs
Bug WEB-36456 Cucumber.js 5.x: not colored output in the Console
Bug WEB-36362 Cucumber3+. Escape quotes in the Feature/scenario/step/file name
Bug WEB-29323 'Undefined' tests shown in tree if running cucumber.js tests with defined hooks
Bug WEB-34583 Cannot run karma tests from WebStorm because of invalid concatenation of paths to intellij.conf.js
Bug WEB-31143 Jest package is set incorrectly if there are two node_modules folders in a project
Bug WEB-35919 CucumberJS output is blank - if you are not using scroll
Bug WEB-34181 Karma: make it possible to run test file with multiple top level suites
Bug WEB-34073 Mark tests in 'e2e' folder as protractor tests
Bug WEB-35553 Jest RC: set working directory to the closest directory with jest.config.js or package.json
Bug WEB-34734 Cannot run Jest unit tests with @vue/cli-service
Bug WEB-34029 Unable to run unit test cases for single spec.ts files with karma and jasmine and the output is empty test suite. But it is working for whole project.
Bug WEB-35242 running tests assumes Jest supports --runTestsByPath
Bug WEB-35484 Navigate to source at failure fails on 'test'
Bug WEB-36486 Running Jest unit tests in left gutter always fails
Bug WEB-34142 Not running jest tests
Bug WEB-34908 Jump to source for failed tests does NOT take me to the failure line
Bug WEB-35482 Incorrect amount of re-run tests when use @angular-builders/jest
Bug WEB-34303 Karma no longer works with Angular project
Bug WEB-35083 @angular/cli: Karma tests are wrongly run by jest
Bug WEB-33787 Cucumber.js 4.x: wrong binary is used
Bug WEB-34118 Karma: some links are not clickable
Bug WEB-35512 Running Jest tests broken with Jest 24 alpha
Usability WEB-34429 Jest test ran as file should be invoked directly
Usability WEB-28401 Add --env=jsdom to Jest configuration in apps created with create-react-app
Usability WEB-36272 Add gutter icon for 'jest' in package.json
Usability WEB-28498 "Mocha package" field does not persist for my shared Run Configurations
Usability WEB-35642 IntelliJ adds `--require ts-node/register` when running Mocha + Typescript tests causing failure
Usability WEB-35273 When changing run configuration for Jest tests, don't clear out file choice
Exception WEB-30618 ParseException when run cucumber 2 examples
Exception WEB-36729 Cucumber.js: TypeScript steps: correctly process asterisk step
spy-jsBug WEB-33832 Spy-js for Node.js cannot be started on Node 9.11.0+
Bug WEB-34527 "Next call" not recognized as disabled until I arrow-down over them, toggling "filter disabled" won't make them disappear