PHP InspectionsBug WI-41940 Can't import class from php short echo tags
Usability WI-44103 Import class doesn't insert new line after use statement
PHP RefactoringBug WI-44119 Extract method: insert parameter type for anonymous class
Bug WI-15860 Extract method: PHP: Extract Method Refactoring: add parameter's type if variable's type is known
Usability WI-44118 Extract method: class parameter type is not inserted for PHP 5.6
Plugin: DQLBug WI-44023 DQL parser error in IDENTITY function call
No subsystemBug IDEA-202080 UI components are not shown in some RC
Usability IDEA-179037 Last Edit Location List: edits performed in the diff window are not appended to the list
Code NavigationBug IDEA-200980 Navigate / Last Edit Location opens Editor Pane in wrong IDEA instance window
Bug IDEA-200567 Recent edited files popup shows files from another project
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-171789 "Last edit location" does not honor changes been made on "Commit changes" window
Bug IDEA-198595 Last edit location does not remember changes made in Find in Path
IDE ConfigurationBug IDEA-200848 SDK: Don't add the same SDK some times
Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-202018 Old plugin dialog is shown when click on the notification popup
Bug IDEA-202017 Can't install plugin if it contains necessary dependence on another plugin
Quick DocumentationFeature IDEA-199882 Support JDK 11 external javadoc folders structure
Bug IDEA-200711 View | External Documentation doesn't work for Java11 classes if documentation url is provided
TerminalBug IDEA-155071 TERM variable should not be set for windows (cmd) terminals
User InterfaceUsability IDEA-197044 Run configuration doesn't fit the screen
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-201273 Problem with User Agreement Accessibility
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-201937 Search Everywhere shortcuts: Ctrl/Shift+Tab shortcuts set for tabs switching do not work if Tab shortcut is set for "Select item" action
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-201054 Git: native SSH: confusing dialog on attempt to connect to (yet) unknown host
DB ConsoleBug DBE-7298 IndexOutOfBoundsException occurs on opening "Parameters" dialog if there are no parameters in query
SQL Format and StyleFeature DBE-6678 Align JOIN under FROM
Feature DBE-6801 Allow to specify elements place separately for each clause in query
DebuggerBug WEB-35613 Can't run Node debug session if there mappings for in /etc/hosts
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-35716 Fix Vuetify 1.3.4 components
Bug WEB-35670 @vue/cli project creation can't be finished
Live EditBug WEB-35736 'Elements' tab is empty when debug HTML