HTTP ClientFeature WI-43351 Implement quick documentation for @no-redirect doc tag
Exception WI-43981 Exception when invoke quick documentation on http response processing script
Exception WI-42641 HTTP Client doesn't save responses if large
PHP InspectionsFeature WI-9524 Warn if parameters count doesn't match placeholders count in sprintf call
PHP InterpretersBug WI-41060 Update vagrant interpreter presentation in command line
PHP LangBug WI-43985 Support of sprintf doesn't work inside namespace
Bug WI-41948 Deadlock on com.jetbrains.php.lang.psi.elements.impl.PhpClassAliasImpl.getOriginalClass
Bug WI-43071 Structurally search work incorrect when use regexp.
Bug WI-43906 Broken autocomplete for classes with both PhpDoc and methods
Bug WI-43965 Structural Search - $indirect function calls are always matched
PHP RefactoringBug WI-43979 Disabled search in global scope leads to broken rename of protected field/methods in child classes
Performance WI-18925 private member name refactoring does search accross all project
Performance WI-43960 Don't search across whole project while renaming alias
PS SpecificFeature WI-2096 Highlight variable and placeholder in sprintf()
No subsystemFeature IDEA-177345 Find in Path: make "Show filter popup" hotkey customizible in Keymap
Code NavigationFeature IDEA-200584 Goto symbol should allow to navigate to method overrides
DatabaseCosmetics IDEA-200581 Hide "Scroll from Editor" button on Database tool window toolbar when autoscroll from editor enabled
DebuggerBug IDEA-201227 Unclear error reporting for sa-jdwp
Bug IDEA-201267 Color icon is not correct for JBColor objects
Usability IDEA-200865 [Regression] No indication that PHPStorm is connected to XDebug in Debug Tool Window
Cosmetics IDEA-184429 Evaluate dialog: Evaluate button takes focus when code fragment is expanded to multi-line mode
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-198767 Caret returns to wrong position at the end of the block in java code
IDE ConfigurationUsability IDEA-198415 Option to turn off EAP channel updates entirely for stable releases
Internal build scriptsBug IDEA-200994 Building distribution of IntelliJ-based IDEs fails on Windows because of incorrectly extracted JRE
Bug IDEA-200988 Building PHP plugin on Windows fails with "The filename or extension is too long" error
KubernetesException IDEA-199970 Helm. java.lang.Throwable by calling "Helm template"/ "Helm Dependency update" via keyboard shortcut
Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-201027 Small UI issue in Installer
Usability IDEA-198858 Batch Mode for IDE updates: It will be usefull to mention which is wrong when there is wrong jar file in chain.
Platform APITask IDEA-191331 Migrate to ASM 6.2
Project ConfigurationBug IDEA-199667 Maven lib versions updated daily
Run | Debug configurationBug IDEA-197466 JDK 11 doesn't have jaxb causing JShell not to load
Task ManagementBug IDEA-168220 IDEA freeze up to 1 minute after open "open task" dialog
Bug IDEA-185092 Commit message is generated from active changelist not task
TerminalBug IDEA-200839 Can no longer open specific directory in Terminal
Bug IDEA-200880 Terminal: resize mouse pointer when hovering over "New session" button
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-200845 Editor color scheme is not applied when switching between custom themes
Bug IDEA-200591 White editor for Darcula scheme by default
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-201051 New SE: Use "Tab" key for command autocomplete
Bug IDEA-201308 New SE: Actions descriptions is not shown in status bar
Performance IDEA-200920 Goto File is slow
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-192771 Git commit partially causes change CRLF to LF.
Bug IDEA-200864 Update Project doesn't fetch submodules
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-7234 Unknown system variable 'storage_engine' when trying to connect to MySQL 5.7
Bug DBE-7201 Uninformative "Project Data Sources: re-sync required"
DB RefactoringBug DBE-7205 Default SQL value wrongfully becomes string in "modify table" dialog
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-5940 don't suggest aliases for table names
Bug DBE-2852 Setting to select table order in ON-clause
Usability DBE-7032 Improve completion for joins
SQL Format and StyleFeature DBE-6798 Egypt style for INSERT and subqueries
Bug DBE-7236 MSSQL: Query hint formatting
Bug DBE-7167 SQL code style format - Comment
SQL GeneralBug DBE-6314 limit 1 is not recognized as valid sytax in PL/PgSQL
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-3109 Please add an inspection for unused field of subquery
SQL RefactoringFeature DBE-636 SQL Intention: Introduce/inline table alias
No subsystemFeature WEB-31391 Go to Angular component's HTML template from usage
Bug WEB-32711 Prettier: support .prettierignore
Bug WEB-35425 "ActionScript/Flex" diagram is suggested for TypeScript file
Bug WEB-35363 ClassCastException when opening and setting focus to some js files
Exception WEB-35460 IndexNotReadyException when trying to get qualified name while indexing
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-31789 Coffeescript highlight OR= operator error
DebuggerBug WEB-35449 Debugger stops on first line in a file when debug with js.debugger.use.node.options turned on
Bug WEB-34890 IDE can't connect to Chrome - 'Waiting for connection to localhost'
Bug WEB-35084 @angular/cli: duplicated AppComponent in variables | local | this
Bug WEB-35448 JS debug is broken (183.3975.9)
File WatchersBug WEB-35498 Prettier file watcher: opening and closing file chooser changes Program path
JSONFeature WEB-35463 Add a checkbox to prefer remote JSON schemas over bundled schemas
Bug WEB-35493 JSON schema validation validates itself
JavaScriptBug WEB-35390 2018.3 EAP6 crash
Bug WEB-35468 Support at least explicit substitutions for Flow generics in class constructors
Exception WEB-35416 IllegalStateException: Calling invokeAndWait from read-action leads to possible deadlock
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-35501 No indent on a new line after if after line without semicolon
Bug WEB-35220 Wrong alignment of html attributes when [] are used
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-35435 Improve handling of Angular entities
Feature WEB-32549 Highlight unresolved references in JSX
Bug WEB-31647 Angular: no completion/resolving for custom directive bindings
Bug WEB-34857 Angular: support type evaluation of template references which bind to directives
Bug WEB-35317 Space is removed before some attributes in Angular template
Bug WEB-23647 React: provide autocomplete for standard methods
Exception WEB-35485 Throwable: Invalid file name 'package.json' - unsupported extension: json
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-35399 Incorrect inspection "Consecutive commas in array literal" in destructuring assignment
Bug WEB-35426 < > are escaped in Flow when apply inspection
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-35503 Typescript arrow function signature refactor loose types
Node.jsFeature WEB-35143 Allow to use @types/node for Node.js coding assistance
Bug WEB-35496 Cannot enable Node.js coding assistance with IPv6 enabled
Bug WEB-35462 Folder node_modules is not marked as library root if Data Source configured
Bug WEB-34413 Detect all node_modules as libraries on startup
Bug WEB-35528 Can't run vue-cli-service scripts from @vue/cli project
Bug WEB-35412 Can't resolve app.use in express project
TypeScriptBug WEB-34663 Typescript: convert parameters to use object initializer - removes the optionals
Bug WEB-35474 StackOverflowError on types resolving
Bug WEB-35400 Incorrect behaviour of "pull member up" refactoring on a method with a decorator
Bug WEB-30796 path completion in import doesn't work when using path mappings
Bug WEB-35410 "Make private/protected" intention should not be available for the parameters in the arrow functions
Bug WEB-31543 vue-mixin-decorator doesn't work in Vue files with TypeScript
Bug WEB-35459 Typescript exports not resolved for imports completion
Bug WEB-35446 JSX Generics are not parsed when tag name is namespaced
Performance WEB-34174 IDE gets frozen on switching to another app and back
Usability WEB-34564 Parameter hints: not clear how to configure for TypeScript
Unit TestsBug WEB-35512 Running Jest tests broken with Jest 24 alpha
Bug WEB-35484 Navigate to source at failure fails on 'test'