PHP DebugException WI-43622 PHPStorm XDebug Errors out: remoteFileUrl is listed as null in xDebug.onBreak
PHP IntentionsFeature WI-43784 New intention: change class member visibility
Feature WI-43815 New intention to inline aliases (reverse of Replace with Alias intention)
Bug WI-43853 "Change visibility" does't warn about fields visibility conflicts
Bug WI-43849 Change visibility intention doesn't change visibility of constant with default visibility
Bug WI-43854 Change visibility: does't add "public" keyword to methods with default visibility
Bug WI-43838 "Change visibility" intention changes overridden methods without warning
Bug WI-43889 Inline alias: doesn't check name conflict in declarations
Bug WI-43868 Change visibility: Intention doesn't warn about usage of field
Cosmetics WI-43850 "Change visibility" intention description misses a/an articles
PHP RefactoringBug WI-32648 "Move Class" on Trait breaks Use Statements
Bug WI-43859 Change visibility: don't show intention for constants for PHP < 7.1
Usability WI-30775 "Change signature" refactoring removes @throws tag
PHPDocUsability WI-38997 Auto generated annotation for nullable type is inconsistent
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Usability WI-43801 Failed uploading on a server inside group with closed File Transfer tab is hard to detect
Usability WI-43892 Servers from group are duplicated with the same name when duplicate group
Cosmetics WI-43804 Rewrite Server Removal dialog wording
No subsystemBug IDEA-200840 Exception appears for opened comment after TODO
Bug IDEA-200822 Opening any Markdown file freezes recent IntelliJ Ultimate EAP 183.3795.13
Bug IDEA-200619 Maximized window state is not preserved
Code CoverageException IDEA-199696 Code coverage not working in IntelliJ 2018 running on JDK11
Code NavigationBug IDEA-200312 UI freeze during Search Everywhere
DebuggerBug IDEA-198388 Dragging breakpoint clones it instead of moving
Usability IDEA-121159 Pause Program improvement
DockerBug IDEA-188077 DockerCompose: Stop doesn't work if node contains any container not from the deployed compose file
Bug IDEA-178932 Docker: "dockerfile detection" description in event log/balloon: the link doesn't work
Bug IDEA-200116 Docker: it should be possible to run compose after "down" all the conflict apps with the same names.
Bug IDEA-200684 Docker: "Path to compose file required" at running services without established docker connection.
Bug IDEA-200763 DockerCompose: "Run" by click on service gutter doesn't work if there is no "docker" server
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBug IDEA-199986 Find/Replace in Path closes immediately
Usability IDEA-180366 Find in Path from VCS | Local Changes shall pre-select the selected change list or directory
Usability IDEA-167955 Find: `Ctrl+F` on selected word doesn't pre-select text in search field if Find bar is open
KubernetesBug IDEA-200606 Web view: useless "Kubernetes" item in the context menu
Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-182484 IntelliJ IDEA restart fails on Windows because of company restrictions
Bug IDEA-200274 Silent installation: installation to the wrong folder
Bug IDEA-200776 Remove dependency from 'extensions' module to 'XStream' library
Bug IDEA-200369 Silent Installation: mode=user: if you have no permission to install in the specified folder, installation is finished in the different folder
Bug IDEA-200342 Silent installation: There is no checking if the current version was already installed
Bug IDEA-200843 PATH can not be updated. The size is very big.
Usability IDEA-200235 No option to disable "Open Folder as <IDE> Project" context menu.
Usability IDEA-182601 Silent install could provide some error feedback
Cosmetics IDEA-200363 Silent Installation: It is better to mention in log what was wrong in installation by specific words
Task IDEA-200752 Remove dependency from java.psi.impl to java.resources.en
Password SafeFeature IDEA-200611 Protect master key file using PGP key
Bug IDEA-200849 Password Safe: incorrect reaction on custom location setting for the (not existing) KeePass database
Bug IDEA-200401 Auth error on open DB file with [...] button
Bug IDEA-187790 Passwords Inaccessible (in Settings->Appearance&Behavior->System Settings-> Passwords )
Bug IDEA-164296 Unable to load library 'secret-1'
Bug IDEA-200188 Password Safe: Set/ChangeMasterPassword actions cause significant delays on Ubuntu
Bug IDEA-200375 Idea doesn't save password in KeePass database
Bug IDEA-200735 Password Safe: IDE freezes on opening Settings dialog on Ubuntu
Bug IDEA-174581 KeePass storage is wiped if password token does not match.
Bug IDEA-200404 Idea change Password Safe option silently on "cancel" in case selected DB is unaccessible
Platform APITask IDEA-158421 Document requirements for mac-builder agent
Task IDEA-191331 Migrate to ASM 6.2
Project ConfigurationBug IDEA-192893 Project file encoding settings: the 'BOM for new UTF-8 files' option settings are not preserved on project reopening
Bug IDEA-200525 ProjectRootManagerComponent does not react properly on roots update
User InterfaceBug IDEA-197106 DesktopLayout ConcurrentModificationException on startup
Bug IDEA-200654 Search Everywhere not opening file on Linux
Exception IDEA-200919 ClassCastException: java.base/jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe cannot be cast to jdk.unsupported/sun.misc.Unsafe
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-200462 New SE: Add statistics
Version ControlUsability IDEA-199656 Changelists should be expanded by default, and should retain the state
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-199761 File names with trailing spaces break git diff
Bug IDEA-198271 Git: Native SSH: if password authentication is used, the password can't be remembered
Usability IDEA-199926 Scanning for Git roots in a project should skip known third-party libs locations
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-193814 com.intellij.openapi.vcs.VcsException: Index: 1, Size: 1
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-2854 Automatic alias
Feature DBE-6989 Customisable aliases for tables when auto-completing SQL queries
Bug DBE-5981 suggested alias should not have hash sign for temp tables on sql server
Bug DBE-2852 Setting to select table order in ON-clause
Bug DBE-4656 Bad completion for window functions
Configuration Problem DBE-5511 Can't disable MySQL JOIN alias autocomplete
SQL GenerationBug DBE-7195 In "Database Changes" window, right-clicking on a single function/view and clicking on "revert" reverts all changed objects!
SQL RefactoringBug DBE-7178 Alias renaming in a view source editor fails to apply changes to all references
No subsystemFeature WEB-29005 Add support of -webkit-image-set in CSS
Bug WEB-35223 Deadlock on indexing
DartBug WEB-35068 Dart completion prevents from typing a number literal
Usability WEB-28503 Possibility to specify Dart Dev Server port for a Web app to facilitate using local storage such as indexeddb
DebuggerBug WEB-34990 Debugger doesn't update breakpoints positions
HTMLFeature WEB-34944 Add inspection: an HTML element has no title attribute
JSONFeature WEB-35323 Add "Surround with > quotes / array literal" for JSON
Feature WEB-35148 Add comma when pasting lines into JSON
Bug WEB-35318 JSON pointers do not follow proper URL encoding
Bug WEB-35358 JSON: "Surround with > quotes / array literal" doesn't surround several items inside array
Usability WEB-35385 JSON: merge the user whitespace with whitespace auto-inserted by typed handler
JavaScriptFeature WEB-35419 Support 'Copy qualified name' for tags in Flow & React projects
Bug WEB-35356 JavaScript: enable base "navigate to source" for global @types libraries
Bug WEB-34315 Error in Javascript inspection and code completion
Bug WEB-32933 Can't resolve sortBy import from lodash
Bug WEB-35384 Flow: class generic arguments are not supported properly
Bug WEB-35327 Invalid code check warning (false positive): Type boolean is not assignable to type boolean
Bug WEB-34702 "Contents of collection are queried, but never updated" when using ternary operator
Usability WEB-33854 Generate 'switch' cases action improvements
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-32886 Vuetify 1.1 typescript components not resolved
Bug WEB-35361 vue and blade conflict
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-35341 'Convert to named function' intention should work for arrow functions assigned to class fields
Bug WEB-32734 Rename for class and file together should always search for the file references
Node.jsBug WEB-35413 Stepping resumes execution after pause on first breakpoint
TypeScriptBug WEB-35329 Improve suggestion Typescript Extract, Exclude types
Bug WEB-25990 TypeScript: Contents of collection are updated but never queried (destructuring case)
Bug WEB-35278 Convert to field holding arrow function generates redundant access modifier
Bug WEB-35345 TypeScript getter and setter generation should honor the "Use 'public' modifier" setting
Bug WEB-34100 False positive JSMismatchedCollectionQueryUpdate for object literal
Bug WEB-34587 False positive "Abstract class constructor can be made protected"