NuGet Feed Improvements

We had a number of requests related to using TeamCity as a NuGet server and this EAP version addresses some of them. Starting from this EAP, you can configure multiple NuGet feeds a project in TeamCity. 
Responding to our customers feedback, we provided support for NuGet Server API v3 which is more performant than API v2 in the built-in TeamCity NuGet feed. Now all available protocols are supported.

Support for NuGet Server API v3 enables you to use authenticated NuGet v3 feeds in .NET CLI/NuGet build steps via the bundled NuGet Credentials provider.

Show Kotlin DSL for Build Configurations

We introduced a new option in the TeamCity aiming to address the needs of our users who work with projects and build configurations using DSL based on the Kotlin language.  When viewing your build configuration in the UI, you can, for example, see the DSL representation of some of its settings (e.g. build steps, triggers, dependencies): just click Show DSL in the lower right corner and you will see the DSL representation of the current setting. When you change the setting, you can see how its Kotlin DSL changes.

Clicking Show all will display the DSL script for the whole build configuration. You can also view it on clicking the View Settings in Kotlin format option available from the Actions menu for a build configuration:


In this EAP we have added experimental support for various operations with multiple builds via the TeamCity REST API.

Other Improvements