No subsystemTaskCPP-13239Bundle CMake 3.11.3
DebuggerBugCPP-13014Attach to process throws exceptions together with error message
Debugger: GDBBugCPP-11902Run to cursor doesn't work with WSL
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-12992clangd: Clang-tidy generated red code (performance-unnecessary-value-param check)
BugCPP-12993Clang-tidy: Rerun inspection doesn't apply new configuration
BugCPP-13004clangd: Some clang-tidy warnings are absent on Windows
Code: Intention actionsBugCPP-12205Unable to suppress certain errors/warnings
Code: ParsingBugCPP-12736Parser prediction is broken during parsing of macro call arguments
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-12744CLion can't resolve converting constructor
 BugCPP-13023Qualified classes loose template parameters
Project ModelFeatureCPP-13052CompDB: Automatically resolve language type based on compiler options
BugCPP-12936Gradle support: C++ headers are red on Windows for VS toolchain
BugCPP-13232Compiler information detection fails with GCC on `-Wno-error=unknown` option with `no option -Wunknown` error
RunningBugCPP-13192Exception when starting debug of a gradle target
ToolchainsFeatureCPP-13016Add support for WSL background processes
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-152160Add options to "Save as" for scratch files
BugIDEA-192777Builder methods return hints duplication in the editor.
BugIDEA-192919Custom file type: incorrect Expand selection if word is between backslashes (tested with in C files)
BugIDEA-190665Caret is not repainted correctly
BugIDEA-192970Jump outside closing bracket/quote: doesn't work if if/while/switch statements were completed
Find, Replace, Find UsagesExceptionIDEA-189500Search does not work
IndicesBugIDEA-193172Deadlock while typing after auto completion
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-193023completion.factors.user.xml should not be synchronized by Settings Repository
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-163208Add support for MacBook Touch Bar (Magic Toolbar)
BugIDEA-193169badly rendered SVG icons in Customize dialog
BugIDEA-190948Dropdown button for elements content in Artifacts panel is not very good looking
BugIDEA-133900Can't type @ in Find/Replace dialog
BugIDEA-192168Touch bar for CLion doesn't have build action
UsabilityIDEA-190216Hard to resize quick doc popup
CosmeticsIDEA-169819"New Window" button in open project dialog has extra space
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-193058Update commit legend UI
BugIDEA-192877Git: CheckOut Tag Or Revision: on the first invocation some tags are not available in completion
BugIDEA-193195Compare Before with Local should support file move
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-186342Cherry-pick with auto-commit uses full hash in the suffix, while cherry-pick showing the dialog uses short hash
BugIDEA-193141Git: on saving file after Reword Commit performing i often get the File Caches Conflict dialog
BugIDEA-191992Files Merged with conflicts shows only one branch name
UsabilityIDEA-192982Multiple Github Accounts: if default account is selected and you are logged in, use this account for sharing and skip not authenticated ones
UsabilityIDEA-163630"Cherry-picked from" suffix should be optional
ExceptionIDEA-193107IllegalArgumentException trying to open Branches menu in the detached HEAD state
ExceptionIDEA-192978kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException at org.jetbrains.plugins.github.GithubShareAction$Companion$shareProjectOnGithub$1.onSuccess
Code InsightBugPY-30071pytest.mark.parametrize can receive parameter names in tuple instead of a string
ExceptionPY-30072"Empty PSI elements must not be passed to createDescriptor" exception for "pytest.mark.parametrize"
EditingBugPY-29158Extended completion for packages and modules doesn't insert their fully qualified names in string literals
Test RunnerFeaturePY-30248Support completion for parametrized names