This page lists and categorizes the MPS-related screen-casts published at the MPS channel of JetBrains TV.

Customer stories

Who and how uses MPS. Watch the MPS customers presenting their use of MPS.

First steps

Two videos giving you the initial insight into how MPS works

Introduction to MPS

Watch this series of short introductory videos to get a bird's-eye-view of how languages get defined in MPS. After watching the whole series you'll know the steps necessary to define a language and you'll better understand the whole picture. (TODO)

Commanding the MPS IDE

These screen-casts should help you become fluent with the projectional MPS editor and various IDE aspects of MPS.

MPS basics

Videos covering the core principles of building DSLs with MPS

MPS basics - screen-casts covering the bundled sample projects


MPS doesn't live in vacuum. It can be used standalone as well as integrated into other development environments. Check out these screen-casts for the details.

Language Extension

Extending languages is one of the fundamental advantages of MPS. Watch these screen-casts and learn how to improve, customize and build upon existing languages.

Advanced aspects of language definition

These screen-casts dive deeper into the waters of MPS language definition.


These videos accompany the introductory Calculator Language tutorial.