Privacy Policy

Please find our Privacy Policy located on our website

Third Party Services 

JetBrains has a single Privacy Policy covering all products and services offered, including but not limited to our downloadable tools (IDE's and .NET Tools, TeamCity, YouTrack), Cloud Services, Web Site, Surveys and Marketing Campaigns. 

Some of the services we provide, such as Marketing Campaigns, our Web Site, E-Shop, etc. make use of Third-Party Services outlined below. 

None of the services above are integrated with any of our tools such as our IDE's or Team-ware tools. Some of our products such as our IDE's built on the IntelliJ platform as well as TeamCity, have plugin support, meaning third-party people and vendors can provide additional functionality on these products. Per our privacy policy, we are not responsible nor control the services with which these plugins might interact. 

Reaching out

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by contacting