User interface changes

The user interface update that we started in the previous version has been continued in 2018.1. In this EAP build we redesigned:

Besides, the updated UI features completely reworked build line presentation.

Inherited build steps configuration improvements

Ability to redefine inherited build step settings

In the current TeamCity version, if a build step is defined in a template, it is shown as read only in a build configuration inheriting this build step. If some customization is required, a then parameter reference m has to be defined for some settings in the template and specific value should be set for this parameter in the build configuration. However, this workaround works for text fields only.

In this EAP it is finally possible to customize an inherited build step, i.e. it is possible to change every setting of the inherited build step without the need to introduce parameters.

Ability to have pre- and post- steps in a template

When there is a need to define a common build step in a template, such a step should be executed either before all build configuration steps or after them. In this EAP build, for a given template it is possible to define steps and then define their placement with respect to build configuration steps. All build configuration steps are represented as a placeholder in reorder steps dialog. Template steps can be placed before or after this placeholder.

Note: you still can have a completely custom order of steps in a build configuration inherited from a template. 

Powershell Core support

This year Microsoft released a new edition of cross-platform Powershell: Powershell Core.

Starting with this EAP build, TeamCity supports this version.

Docker plugin improvements

Ability to re-run build

Shared resources in composite builds

Other changes