{note}Until June 10, 2015 you might experience *delayed response times*. We will still try to reply regarding urgent issues within 24 hours, but might delay with replies to not urgent ones. In case of  critical outages, [call us|#phone].{note}
This section details our support services, contact information, and best practices for contacting JetBrains for TeamCity support and sending your feedback on the product.

Check if the answer is already available in:

Contact us about:

Make sure to provide all necessary information by reviewing the Reporting Issues guidelines.

Make sure you use a recent TeamCity version. Generally, we do not provide regular support for non-current major versions / more than  one-year-old versions.

Licensed Users Support

You can contact us via the online support form or email if you own a TeamCity Enterprise server license with the not elapsed maintenance period and need the error report not to be publicly available. Only two latest major TeamCity releases and their bugfix updates are covered by our support.
We would still prefer if you could post your question in the forums as this way other users can share their experience. If, for some reason, there is a delay in responding to the question in the forum, feel free to ping us via email noting the forum post you have created.

We prefer to keep our support efforts as close to the development team as possible and you will often get answers from the actual developer of the related TeamCity feature.
We are pleased to offer technical support services in the English language during the business hours of 10:00 - 18:00 CET/CEST (Germany, GMT+1/GMT+2 timezone).

Our usual response time is 24 hours excluding public holidays in Germany/Bavaria and/or Russian Federation. If you experience an urgent issue, please indicate this in the subject of the email message and detail the nature of the urgency.
If you own more than 30 agent licenses and have an urgent issue affecting your TeamCity installation (like production server outage without a workaround), you can use the "teamcity-support-urgent" mailbox at the "jetbrains.com" domain - we process these messages before others, if possible. For the same effect you can also mark issue as production outage when using online form.
If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, please check your spam filter and feel free to repeat the message referencing the previous one. 

Phone Support

We do not provide regular phone support as technical issues are often better resolved over email where you can send logs, screenshots, etc.
As an experiment to better handle urgent cases, we have a direct access phone line +49 89 255-596-587 (usual availability times within working days are 11:00 - 18:00 CET/CEST (Germany, GMT+1/GMT+2 timezone). While we do not guarantee there will be somebody to answer at all times, chances you will get an answer are pretty high. Please send us a detailed email message with the issue description prior to calling.

Please note that our support is restricted to TeamCity-specific issues and does not cover issues related to third-party TeamCity plugins, inappropriate environment configuration for a server application, etc.

Data Security

We encourage making your postings publicly available so that other users can both comment based on their experience and benefit from the answers.
All JetBrains community forum data is public. The JetBrains issue tracker issue details are public too.

If you need to share data with us that is not meant to be publicly available, you can use the following ways:

All data received with a note on its non-public nature is used only for the related issue investigation and is discarded afterwards.
While in transfer and while stored, the data can be kept on third-party servers like mail servers, Amazon AWS servers, ZenDesk support system, etc.
More on JetBrains Privacy Policy.

Thank you for providing feedback on TeamCity!