Browser Integration

Tokaj will include plugins for Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox that will allow you to organize Web pages without leaving the browser.

Currently only the Mozilla Firefox plugin is available. To install it, please open Mozilla or Firefox, click on File | Open File..., browse to the Omea installation directory and double-click on omeaconnector.xpi.

The plugin currently provides the following features:

NNTP Plugin

Tokaj includes a rewritten NNTP plugin with the following new features:

Outlook Plugin Features

RSS Plugin Features

New Message List/Tree Control

Tokaj includes a rewritten control for displaying lists and trees of resources. It is currently used in the following places:

The control currently provides the following improvements:

Search, Rules and Views Improvements

Contact Management Improvements

General Improvements

The Tokaj release includes many other improvements in different areas of the product. A more complete list of improvements will be provided later.