smodel query scopes improvments

SModel queries that are useful in migrations scripts and in console plugin now behave differently towards scope they operate on. Read-only models are no longer filtered out from scope specified as a query parameter. If scope is declared as a parameter for specific query, query is executed on the whole scope including read-only models. But if scope is not specified, default scope still contains only writeable models.


Show reflective editor for the subtree

The reflective editor could be shown for a whole subtree.

For that select the node and choose "Show reflective editors for subtree" or press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+[



Showing the reflective editor just for the node is still available as from the context menu, as by Cmd/Ctrl+[ or from the context menu.

To show the normal, regular editor, select the node with the reflective editor an press Cmd/Ctrl+], Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+] or right-click the option “Show regular editor for the Subtree”.