PHP CompletionBugWI-39431PHP casting operators are suggested in require statement
UsabilityWI-31361Allow HEREDOC/NOWDOC to be closed when reusing identifier *before* existing usages
PHP FormatterExceptionWI-39423HTML tags are deleted on reformat/paste in .php file
PHP LangBugWI-39485Smart enter shouldn't add double quotes when completing NOWDOC
UsabilityWI-39427New Class: Save previously selected template
UsabilityWI-39436By-Ref Syntax Highlighting shouldn't shown a long variable name in case the variable name matches a long parameter name
User InterfaceBugIDEA-149061Tool Window docking issue
TypeScriptBugWEB-30484Cannot parse TypeScript generic async arrow function
PerformanceWEB-30474Typescript inspections hanging