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Script Editor

Dialect sensitive editor for SQL and for  Procedural-SQL script files (.sql, .plsql) providing advanced editing capabilities.
 - Language highlighting (configurable in the "Colors & Fonts" section)
 - Code formatting, folding and bracket matching
 - Two configurable levels of code completion, sortable code completion lists
 - Error highlighting for incomplete statements or invalid references to database entities
 - Basic structure projection in the "Structure" tool window
 - Statement execution triggers on editor gutter
 - Useful editor intentions

Note: Only language highlighting is supported by the PL/SQL editor for now.

Connection Manager

Flexible database connectivity management.
 - Connections configurable in scope of project or module
 - Persistent mapping between connection/schema and sql scripts for providing code completion, navigation and statement execution capabilities.
 - Connection pooling for concurrent database access and dedicated connectivity (managed internally)
 - Silent connectivity restoring in case of database linkage breaks (e.g. idle session timeouts, administrative session kills)
 - Virtual connections for deciding the .sql dialect of the mapped file (no real database behind)

Object Browser

Tool window displaying available connections and the database objects.
 - Tree-wise visualization of database connections and hierarchical objects structure
 - Linkage to the script editor (providing navigation from resolved identifiers in the editor)
 - Contextual popup menu with supported operations on each database object (e.g. compile, execute, refresh lists)
 - Several embedded navigation capabilities in contextual popup menu (e.g. from column to its constraints, from synonym to underlying object)
 - Trigger for database object editor and method execution 
 - Navigation history, speed search capabilities
 - Invalid objects highlighting and triggers for bulk-compile operation (identify invalid objects and fire compilation operation on them ) **
 - DDL file extraction to editor or to clipboard (deprecated feature - see ddl file creation in code-editor section) **

Note: Refreshing objects feature is still in testing phase and not available yet (because of critical system instability hazard)

Execution Engine

Statement and database-method execution, compile engine for database programs (e.g. functions, procedures)
 - Execution of sql statements can be fired directly from the editor gutter
 - Sticky linkage between editor and execution (navigation from the editor to the result and backwards is ensured even if the file is being edited)
 - Sortable query results in tabular form
 - Export of query results to file or clipboard in several formats (sql insert statements, .xls, .csv)
 - Message window for failed statement executions
 - Executed statement preview window (useful when the underlying statement has been changed in editor)

Note: Configuration of execution processes is still pending.

Code Editor

Highlighted code editor for program-objects (e.g. functions) and views
 - Editor for database functions, procedures, packages, types and triggers
 - Database-view editor with advanced editing capabilities (code completion, folding, navigation, error highlighting)
 - Show changes facility (diff visualization for local changes and changes against database)
 - Basic team coding support to prevent blind overwriting on concurrent editing (if object was changed by a third party since it was last saved, user will be prompted for merging the versions) 
 - Support for creation of DDL files for database objects
 - DDL file mapping - locating and aggregating project .ddl with the database objects being edited (ddl files are automatically updated when object is edited)
 - Firing compile operation after updating changes to database **
 - Compiler error messages in the execution console providing qualified navigation to code (row and column number) **

Data Editor

----** Oracle feature

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