Builds Sequence Improvements

Now a build that depends on a failed build will always fail with appropriate text in the build status

Run build if one of its dependencies failed

A new option has been added to run the build or just skip it if any of its dependencies has failed.

For example, if you configure your builds as one doing compilation and other running tests you will probably want to skip the testing build if compilation has failed. Alternatively, if a build performs some post-build action, like publishing build results on some resource, it should be run after both failed and successful builds.

Configurable build reuse policy

Now you can configure whether to use already finished/running builds as source of the build dependencies or trigger a new build each time a build with dependencies is triggered. The build can be reused in dependencies only if it suits by all other parameters (it used the necessary revisions and had no custom parameters set).

The option available is whether to take as dependency only successful builds or any suitable one.

You can also trigger a build enforcing all dependencies to be rebuilt via Run Custom Build dialog.

Option to preserve dependency builds from cleanup

We have also added an option in cleanup rules to turn off preserving dependency builds from cleanup. Now for each build configuration you can configure whether you want to preserve or not the artifacts of the builds that this configuration depends on.

Enforce dependencies rebuilding in custom build dialog

If custom build dialog is opened for a build with source dependencies then it is now possible to request rebuilding of the full build graph (i.e. to override build reuse option).

Artifact dependencies

Patterns now support Ant-like wildcards.
Please note that if you relied on "*" pattern to match directory names, you will need to adjust your pattern to use "**/*" instead of single "*".
Also, if you relied on the "*" pattern to download only the files without extension, please update your pattern to use "*." for that.

In artifact dependencies you can now specify individual files from zip-archived artifact in the dependency rules. The full archive will be downloaded to the agent, but only the specified files will be put in the destination directory.

Eclipse plugin

Now you can select remote run comment from the history of previously entered comments.
Also, after failed personal build a notification will be displayed about the failure.

Version Control Integration Improvements



VCS trigger:

Other Improvements