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  • Indore 2017.2 EAP3 (build 49972) Release Notes
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Server Auto Upgrade

Upgrading a TeamCity server is much simpler now. When a new version of TeamCity is detected, the server displays the corresponding health item for system administrators. This health item points to a new Update page in the server administration area, where all the upgrade options are listed. On this page there are notes about licenses compatibility, the new version description and controls to perform auto-upgrade.


If you’re running the previous TeamCity EAP, check the Administration -> Update page. Upgrade to the new EAP build should be as easy as a click on an Update button.


Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 20.16.43.png


Current limitations (some of them will be addressed in future releases):

  • auto-upgrade is disabled if the server is deployed from a .war or runs under the official TeamCity docker container

  • the Windows uninstaller is not updated during the upgrade, so after several updates, during the uninstallation it may not delete all of the files

  • the bundled java is not updated

  • with several nodes installation, only the main TeamCity server can be auto-updated, the Running Builds node needs to be updated manually

Perforce Stream Depth Support

Previously the Perforce VCS Roots in TeamCity only supported streams stored one level below the depot name, i.e. the default stream depth of 1: //myStreamDepot/myStream1). Starting from this EAP, TeamCity supports deeper directory structure within the root depot: depots with a depth of //DEPOTNAME/1/2/n can be specified in the Perforce "Stream" field.
See the related request in our tracker.

Docker Support Improvements

  • Now TeamCity reports the Docker server host operating system via the docker.server.version and docker.server.osType configuration parameters on all platforms including Windows.
  • You can now opt to perform the "docker pull" command before starting a build step with the Docker Wrapper.

Cloud Agents

  • Manual termination: when using cloud agents, you can now choose to stop the instance after current build using the corresponding new option on the agent page - the agent will terminate gracefully. It is also possible to force instance termination if required.
  • Now in a number of places in the UI TeamCity provides human readable agent name instead of the image name

Other Improvements

  • The Command Line Runner can now log stderr output as error messages. We’ve added the Format stderr output as option with warnings/errors selector (warnings is the default value, as before)
  • REST API now allows tests and problems mutes management via .../app/rest/mutes endpoint
  • All fixed issues
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