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RubyMine 2017.2.1 EAP (build 172.3544.29) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-19869RubyMine freeze on paste
No subsystemBugIDEA-173669IOException from get / put / append should set corrupted state for PersistentHashMap
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-27882React: propTypes completion doesn't work for material-ui components
IDE GeneralBugDBE-31572016.3 EAP uses .DataGrip2016.2 folder as default place for Project Folder

RubyMine 2017.2.1 EAP (build 172.3544.13) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-19709RVM gemset is being lost on project reopening
IDEBugRUBY-19775Ruby by default is Ruby 2.4.0 instead 2.4.1
Remote InterpretersBugRUBY-19815Port setting is ignored when running docker-compose app in debug mode
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-19806wrong indent of comments in private def methods
No subsystemBugIDEA-175429Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.WindowManagerImpl.allocateFrame
BugIDEA-1761282017.2 Can't load project with character "|" in its name
UsabilityIDEA-173487New "Find in Path" dialog loses "File mask" dropdown history
DockerBugIDEA-175822Wrong autocompletion for extra_hosts
BugIDEA-171581Certificates folder does not exist at ~/.docker
BugIDEA-175675Docker. The connection to docker-machine hangs in case of pointing tcp instead of https in API Url
BugIDEA-175930Cannot Use Docker Plugin in Offline Environment
BugIDEA-175412DockerCompose: IllegalArgumentException at clicking on the yml option names, which has additional spaces before it
BugIDEA-175065Docker: changing port bindings for the running container leads to the container deleting
BugIDEA-175355Docker: [windows] docker-compose deployment fails without COMPOSE_CONVERT_WINDOWS_PATHS
BugIDEA-171286Docker: DockerView: Delete Attach(Websocket) item from the context menu
BugIDEA-174913Docker Settings: F1 navigates to "Clouds", should navigate to "Docker" help page
UsabilityIDEA-171357Docker: Provide possibility to register a new Docker ‘account’ from DockerView
UsabilityIDEA-171124Docker: Connect. Error message should be visible completely on the right part of the view
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-175202Permanent header component + virtual space enabled = first line is hidden by the header
PerformanceIDEA-175031Can't Change Editor Font
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-174644Save as Live Template does nothing if block has leading space or tab
CosmeticsIDEA-167417SQL Dialect Settings: change the text
IndicesBugIDEA-176004erroneous "Nested different indices processing" detection
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-174384Unloading Modules: after all modules are unloaded it is impossible to load them back
User InterfaceBugIDEA-173369Tabs limited to 2 when 1 is set
BugIDEA-173740Too small font in search textbox
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-174332"Couldn't unstash" notification is incomplete
DebuggerBugWEB-27507Can't debug TypeScript with webpack-dev-server in a big project
BugWEB-27649Breakpoints in Web Workers don't work
UsabilityWEB-27608Start a new instance of Chrome when running react-native
ExceptionWEB-25131Throwable when debug karma in angular-cli app
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-18172Closure Compiler goog.module() support
BugWEB-26878Class name is incorrectly marked as unused in class expression
BugWEB-12847'Inline local variable' JS refactoring highlights too much
BugWEB-27759Color syntax error in React reducer
BugWEB-27743Do not auto import from .d.ts files from libraries in JavaScript files
BugWEB-25040Make className string attribute selection behave like class attribute
BugWEB-27732Pasting an expression in a template string adds unnecessary backslash
BugWEB-278372017.2 - Go to Declaration, Go to Implementation is broken
BugWEB-24910Auto importing a flow type does not add "type" after "import"
BugWEB-27658JavaScript auto import should respect webpack aliases
BugWEB-26013React Props do not get resolved when doing a direct named re-export
BugWEB-27666Flow: union optional type used as arrow function return type is not parsed correctly
PerformanceWEB-27562Indexing of Javascript files takes 30+minutes, hangs Intellij on exit
TaskWEB-27627JS Stub/Tree mismatch after "Negate" intention invocation on a garbage code
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-27689ES2015: Reformat Code produces incorrect indent with JSDOC + computed property
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-18545React: support import/export as syntax
BugWEB-19028IDE suggests make 'Render' method static
BugWEB-21735Coding assistance for props in React is not working when props are defined in separate file.
BugWEB-27671Closure Compiler goog.provide/require support
BugWEB-23999IDEA parameter suggestion doesn't properly detect React component properties depending on code structure
BugWEB-27629Closure Compiler. Strings should highlights separately
PerformanceWEB-27766Slowdown when working on large php / vuejs projects
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-14957No usages not marked
BugWEB-20525JSCS: remove outdated rules from completion
BugWEB-26180Invalid 'Unused assignment' in JS catch()
BugWEB-6099Parameter is not highlighted as unused if its name is present in a string literal
BugWEB-27625magic number - false interpretation
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-25380Cannot rename in ES6 binding
BugWEB-27599JavaScript consecutive refactoring on "Replace with template string " does unwanted escaping
BugWEB-27656JavaScript "Create method" refactoring doesn't add 'static' method qualifier when class is defined in another file
LintersBugWEB-27868ESLint: linting is not enabled in .vue files
BugWEB-27734JSHint: update bundled version to 2.9.5
BugWEB-27253TSLint: errors are not highlighted in editor if the project directory is a junction
Node.jsBugWEB-27523Notification about successful downloading is too big
SASSBugWEB-27321Generated source files should not be edited
TypeScriptBugWEB-27677JSX/TSX editing auto-complete and existing imports broken (flashing)
BugWEB-27513Typescript. Auto-importing with TS's path mapping leads to circular dependency
BugWEB-27737Typescript auto import should use closest path from tsconfig
User InterfaceBugDBE-4824Modify Table dialog doesn't show context

RubyMine 2017.2 RC (build 172.3317.60) Release Notes

No subsystemFeatureRUBY-19447Implement quick-fixes for rubocop auto-correction
BugRUBY-19213I want to `Attach to Local Process` into Docker
HAMLBugRUBY-16839HAML has problem with charset attribute when using HTML attribute syntax (but not with ruby hash syntax)
PuppetBugRUBY-19710Return type is not supported for puppet-language functions
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-19724Incorrect enter handling on typing enter in method arguments
No subsystemBugIDEA-175646Performance issue while typing
DockerBugIDEA-175307Docker: DockerClientException `Failed to parse dockerCfgFile` on pulling of any image
No subsystemBugWEB-27710Webpack aliases are sometimes not recognized
ExceptionWEB-27712Can't create ruleset from text: &-state[data-state=left top]
DebuggerBugWEB-27559Breakpoints don't work with the Chromium Remote debugger and Node 8
JavaScriptBugWEB-27637webpack: support webpack.config.babel.js
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-27657webpack: do not show Missing module dependency warning for aliased paths to node module

RubyMine 2017.2 EAP7 (build 172.3317.23) Release Notes

No subsystemBugIDEA-170612"Top hit" action is disabled
PerformanceIDEA-175217Do not send statistics on closing IDE
UsabilityIDEA-173487New "Find in Path" dialog loses "File mask" dropdown history
UsabilityIDEA-138744Cannot drag & drop bookmarks
DebuggerBugIDEA-175232Tab in the debugger tool window can be moved outside of visible area
DockerBugIDEA-175204Dockerfile: show RUN gutter icon for the first build stage only
BugIDEA-174213Security option seems to be ignored from JSON and no other way to configure it
UsabilityIDEA-171357Docker: Provide possibility to register a new Docker ‘account’ from DockerView
UsabilityIDEA-175303Docker: move filter buttons down on the toolbar
UsabilityIDEA-171355Docker: Make Docker items in Settings more convenient to access
UsabilityIDEA-174997Docker: make different button images for filters on the DockerView toolbar
UsabilityIDEA-172706Docker. Display always "Docker View" after plugin installation.
UsabilityIDEA-174210Docker documentation link broken
TaskIDEA-174526Docker: migrate to docker-java v3.0.10
Editor. Editing TextPerformanceIDEA-175031Can't Change Editor Font
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-150928The regex search dosent work sometimes.
BugIDEA-175302FindInPath: all usages in the same line are not highlighted in the preview
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-174782"Useless null checks": highlight always-(not-)null arguments to assertNull/assertNotNull
JavaEE.ServerViewCosmeticsIDEA-175272Servers Tool Window : allow top toolbar in addition to left one
Project ConfigurationUsabilityIDEA-175099Show project-relative paths in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Template Data Languages
Task ManagementBugIDEA-175318Task management: Pivotal Tracker not works
User InterfaceUsabilityIDEA-175047External System: import modules dialog
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-173636Reword commit from Git Log: commit message-related options available for Commit dialog should affect Reword dialog
BugIDEA-172845Importing non-root folder into git creates wrong VCS mappings
BugIDEA-175002"Reword" throws error if subject ends with spaces
BugIDEA-175136NPE on rename current branch before initial commit
BugIDEA-174407Git Revert action should revert commits in reverse order
BugIDEA-175270The author of the reverting commit shouldn't inherit the authorship of the original commit
BugIDEA-174650Throwable on Pressing Delete Branch1 second time
Version Control. SubversionUsabilityIDEA-17182Directories not sorted alphabetically in "Checkout from Subversion"
ExceptionIDEA-128112IAE at com.intellij.lifecycle.PeriodicalTasksCloser.safeGetComponent
No subsystemBugWEB-27538JSON Schema: quick documentation improvements
Build toolsBugWEB-27477Grunt tasks don't load when ts-node is present
CSSBugWEB-27379CSS modules: import via require does not work
DebuggerFeatureWEB-27323Debug React Native process in headless Chrome instead of node
BugWEB-27607ProcessNotCreatedException when debug react-native
ExceptionWEB-27381InvalidPathException when debugging app produced with @angular/cli 1.1.2
ExceptionWEB-21285Throwable at com.jetbrains.javascript.debugger.scripts.DirectoryInfoKt.addEntry
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-18172Closure Compiler goog.module() support
FeatureWEB-27489Add option to simplify module names in generated ES6 import statements from `module/index` to `module`.
BugWEB-27398require() paths broken after Refactor > Rename file if its parent directory is marked as resource root
BugWEB-27415Intellisense does not work with ES6 anonymous class instances passed as a function parameter
BugWEB-27111Flow Single Argument with no parenthesis syntax causes Parse Error
BugWEB-26986When editing JSX, there are no import suggestions
BugWEB-26672Incorrect handling of optional arguments in function types
BugWEB-26291flow: import {type A} from ... syntax shorthand not supported
BugWEB-27487Flow parser with JSX and template literals
BugWEB-27485Duplicates in completion list for classes which should be imported
BugWEB-27484Wrong import statement is generated when export includes new
UsabilityWEB-27317Autocomplete label keeps blinking with Flow enabled
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-27455Don't write WebPackConfiguration to misc.xml when webpack is not used in a project
BugWEB-27347IDEA Webpack support: After adding "fake" webpack configuration, IDEA can't resolve "path"
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-27281False "Possible iteration over unexpected (custom/inherited) members" inspection errors when using ''
BugWEB-26254ESLint: error notification is not updated on linter version update
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-27227Introduce parameter from 'or' expression throws when 'optional' is enabled
LintersFeatureWEB-27500ESLint: Improvements for the ESLint code styles import
BugWEB-27418TSLint shows error message when opening new project with tslint.json and ? no installed TSLint?
BugWEB-27540ESLint: update config schema with overrides
Node.jsBugWEB-27545Do not show suggestion to run npm install on creating Angular CLI project
TypeScriptBugWEB-17944TypeScript: Incorrect type inference for chain calls
BugWEB-18905Typescript auto generated documentation return type is wrong

RubyMine 2017.2 EAP6 (build 172.3198.8) Release Notes

No subsystemFeatureRUBY-19512Implement linting with rubocop using stdout instead of files
BugRUBY-19667soft-wrap toggle missing in rails console
BugRUBY-19689Creating a new project hangs for ever in indexing
PerformanceRUBY-19431RubyMine 2017.1 performance drastically decreased compared with previous version
InspectionsFeatureRUBY-19137Add RuboCop inspection to scratch files
Plugin ReportsUsabilityRUBY-19679Rename tab Gems in Plugin settings
Ruby Version ManagersBugRUBY-19677New gemset created for new rails application not detected for plain Ruby app
RubyGemsBugRUBY-19138"external libraries" looks for vendor cached git gems in the wrong location
No subsystemPerformanceIDEA-172762ProjectRootManagerComponent$1.fileTypesChanged on AWT causes 30-60s freeze
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-174368Go prev/next problem key shortcuts do not work in Inspection results
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-174775Can't change indent for "other file types" for "Project" scheme
UsabilityIDEA-173905Code Style settings doesn't apply integer field value when pressing Enter
Code NavigationBugIDEA-173471Goto File can display everything "INVALID" if indexing happens in the middle
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-174127Diff: in the Unifed Viewer mode the inspections tooltips show incorrect text
Editor. Editing TextUsabilityIDEA-94381Turning off the lightbulb
File - java.lang.ClassCastException in idea.log
Find, Replace, Find UsagesPerformanceIDEA-174426Find in Path long line performance
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-174394Unloading Modules: Load/Unload actions are enabled for module group but don't work
BugIDEA-174387Load/Unload modules: Load all/Unload all buttons work incorrectly
BugIDEA-174388Load/Unload modules: Error loading module if it has been unloaded before saving(before module has been created by idea)
UsabilityIDEA-174404Modules Unloading: confusing navigation to unloaded module via FindUsages
User InterfaceBugIDEA-174367Font settings: Can't set non-monospace fallback font
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-172015Update Project notification: mention the number of files matching filters
UsabilityIDEA-172375Project update summary in one line
UsabilityIDEA-174459Do not ask about removing empty changelist after a successful cherry-pick
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-174648Log is not refreshed after undo Reword action and it produces Throwable exception if try to reword commit once more
BugIDEA-172234Git Branches Popup Menu does not pop up at all
BugIDEA-173634Reword commit from log: Undo reword commit may lead to commit(s) lost
ExceptionIDEA-174661In VCS Log - on any revision selecting
Version Control. LogExceptionIDEA-174129.ProcessNotCreatedException at com.intellij.execution.configurations.GeneralCommandLine.createProcess
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-138876List of commits to push is not populated (hg outgoing not run)
PerformanceIDEA-174155IDEA Community hangs and doesn't respond with broccoli tmp (marked as excluded)
No subsystemBugWEB-27433/bin/sh: adb: command not found
DebuggerBugWEB-27312Child process debugging doesn't work when using Node 8 'inspect-brk'
JavaScriptBugWEB-25713Optimize Imports (ES6) splits one import into two
BugWEB-25653Fix for updating method return incorrect for Promise
BugWEB-13212Wrong error and highlight with JavaScript ternary operator
BugWEB-25192Optimize imports should respect code style settings
PerformanceWEB-27283PyCharm Frezzes or work very slowly during writing code
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-27411'Set from' option doesn't copy all settings from the chosen language
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-15524Extra inspection 'The value assigned is never used' inside 'if' section
LESSBugWEB-26642LESS & operator not resolved in `not` expression
LintersBugWEB-27331ESLint: TypeScript linting doesn't work unless the typescript plugin is explicitly redeclared in child .eslintrc
Node.jsBugWEB-27397Incorrect mark of excluded directories
BugWEB-27393Package.json notifications: false positive notification for packages with dist-tag
BugWEB-27392Package.json notification: no notification for new packages
BugWEB-27410Annoying "package.json" notification when opening IDEA project
BugWEB-27384Node interpreter: can't change value in drop-downs via arrow keys
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-19686TypeScript: Improve a way to show type inference information (auto declaration) for variables and expressions
BugWEB-25160Some types are ignored when using arguments destructuring in Typescript
BugWEB-27296Error with TypeScriptLibraryIndexableSetContributor#getAdditionalRootsToIndex()
BugWEB-23742Types from module imported from index.ts not resolved if imported file name matches directory name
BugWEB-20192Wrong parsing of keywords in semicolon-free classes
BugWEB-26988JavaScript & TypeScript: Inline Method broken with object literals using property shorthand
BugWEB-22532Paramater Info (Ctrl+P) fails to suggest parameters when using TypeScript import alias
BugWEB-26616Typings aren't recognized correctly when using "ng" namespace with TypeScript service disabled
BugWEB-22817JSDoc: param's types are missing in auto-generated JSDoc
BugWEB-27249Typescript service doesn't start with TypeScript 2.4.0-dev
BugWEB-26789Typescript - rxJS issue with type inference for argument of onNext function in observable subscription
Unit TestsBugWEB-23966Failed unit test results diff shortcut key (cmd+d) does not work
CosmeticsWEB-27307Mocha + nyc: Change warning's text

RubyMine 2017.2 EAP5 (build 172.2953.21) Release Notes

Remote InterpretersFeatureRUBY-18379Debug an app inside of a docker-compose service
Code Analysis. DependenciesExceptionIDEA-174088'Group by leaf expression' always fail with IDEA error
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-174009Diff highlighting level "Syntax" shows "Duplicated Code" inspection highlights
DockerBugIDEA-174134Docker plugin fails on every deploy after upgrading Docker for Mac to 17.06.0-rc
BugIDEA-174134Docker plugin fails on every deploy after upgrading Docker for Mac to 17.06.0-rc
Unit Testing. JUnitCosmeticsIDEA-174002JUnit test status icons colors do not align with severity
User InterfaceCosmeticsIDEA-170096Settings|Code Style: "Set from" should be above the separator
Version Control. GitUsabilityIDEA-174227New git status bar popup: Multiple repos: Can no longer easiliy see all current branches
No subsystemBugWEB-27230'Module is not installed' is not shown for references inside module
CSSFeatureWEB-17218Support for CSS modules
DebuggerBugWEB-18191Debugging Node.js is slow (~2 seconds to step over one line and see variables update)
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-27251Provide completion for webpack aliases
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-26353Incorrect detection of unused ES6 import
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-26852quick fix changes "declare var" to "let"
LintersBugWEB-27220Linters: hide notification about invalid path to Node.js when Node.js is updated for the project
Node.jsBugWEB-26220Update highlighting after invoked "Add module to package.json dependencies"
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-26678provide support for tslint-language-service TypeScript Language Server Plugin
BugWEB-26895Since latest update double click on TypeScript file in Project tree expands the node to show the .js and .map files
BugWEB-23698Typescript for ... of variable type not inferred by the IDE
BugWEB-27200TypeScript: unexpected auto import for the export default import
BugWEB-26874'Constructor' keyword is shown twice in completion
BugWEB-27209TypeScript. Wrong code inserted when autocompleting object's property
BugWEB-27208Adding async after await. TS error is still there.
BugWEB-27236TypeScript: improve member access completion
BugWEB-19279Scratch files: errors are shown in a correct code

RubyMine 2017.2 EAP4 (build 172.2827.23) Release Notes

TestsBugRUBY-19057"Copy relative path" copied a path relative to /path/to/project/spec instead of /path/to/project for RSpec files
No subsystemBugIDEA-173613IDEA blocked while showing progress window after 'Generate JavaDoc...'
ExceptionIDEA-173666NPE at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.ToolWindowManagerImpl.a
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-173502Applying "Use inherited Attributes" on one item will auto-select inherited attributes option on other items
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-173906Diff on item in shelf is not syntax highlighted
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-172677MacOS: idea community: incorrect idea installer window opens on .dmg
Plugin Support. APIFeatureIDEA-173600Provide public API to get changed document lines
User InterfaceBugIDEA-173836After upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 integrated menus do not work
BugIDEA-173135Error: 'It's prohibited to access index during event dispatching' during breadcrumbs update
CosmeticsIDEA-173706IntelliJ theme: progress bar looks bad
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-168078Option to Reset Branches widget size to auto-size.
BugIDEA-168834Do not expand hidden branches on resizing in the case the expanded list exceeds widget size
UsabilityIDEA-168355Remote branches status bar popup: UI has gotten worse
UsabilityIDEA-171718Not possible make current (checked out) branch favorite
UsabilityIDEA-168024Pre-select of previous branch works only when switching to/from master and the branch is not hidden
Version Control. GitUsabilityIDEA-173585Reword and Undo Commit actions are sometimes enabled even for commit pushed to a protected branch
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-170468git show history for a file is missing commits
ExceptionIDEA-173990A lot of Throwable after opening IDEA project
XMLPerformanceIDEA-157959XML Breadcrumbs hold strong references to AST
No subsystemFeatureWEB-17977Feature: Configure Patterns for Automatic Nesting of Transpiled Files
BugWEB-27176show method separators doesn't work with shorthand methods
Build toolsFeatureWEB-13409Support ability to navigate webpack's enhanced requires
BugWEB-14876Grunt: delayed visibility of file change when using jit-grunt for loading tasks
BugWEB-27119Grunt: VFS is not refreshed on running `watch` task when using Grunt 1.0.1
CSSBugWEB-27116CSS modules values: provide resolve for reference after 'from' in import
BugWEB-27117Provide resolve for files in CSS @value declaration
DebuggerBugWEB-27123Node 8: Can't debug npm script
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-7386Add breadcrumb for JavaScript
FeatureWEB-24344WebStorm keeps autosaving files, related option is unchecked
FeatureWEB-18844[FEATURE_REQUEST]Folding anonymous function to arrow function like Android Studio folds Callables
BugWEB-26872Flow: Global error pane shows the wrong line numbers
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-27105JSX tags are not correctly indented when using ternary operator
BugWEB-27149JavaScript punctuation code style options are not respected when formatting code embedded in Vue template
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-21692Element X doesn't have required attribute Y
BugWEB-26235Auto import doesn't work for functional React components
BugWEB-23118Guessing wrong React props - based on name, not actual file
ExceptionWEB-27194ClassCastException when open a project
LintersBugWEB-27100ESLint inspection inexplicably shows an error on ignored file
UsabilityWEB-26971ESLint: Code/Inspect Code reports errors for each ignored file of the .eslintignore
SASSBugWEB-12958SASS 3.3: provide completion/navigation for selector created using &_suffix
BugWEB-5879SASS: Resolving nested selectors in html
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-23990TypeScript: provide a 'Create class' quickfix for 'unresolved type' error
BugWEB-21623React/Typescript: Functional components are not being recognized
Unit TestsBugWEB-27144Can't debug Jest test with node 8.0.0

RubyMine 2017.2 EAP3 (build 172.2656.16) Release Notes

No subsystemExceptionRUBY-19621'sqlite3-ruby' gem missing exception
EditingBugRUBY-19625RubyMine can't open some files
IDEBugRUBY-19615Implement breadcrumbs for ruby
No subsystemBugIDEA-173347PSI invalidated outside transaction
BugIDEA-173342Some non-URL paths in IDEA settings are stored with system-dependent separator
BugIDEA-171238Keymap of Export Test Results does not function
UsabilityIDEA-173487New "Find in Path" dialog loses "File mask" dropdown history
TaskIDEA-173294Enable by default Win10 LookAndFeel
Meta IssueIDEA-173344System-independent and system-dependent paths are often intermixed in IDEA code
DockerFeatureIDEA-172226Support docker stages synthax
FeatureIDEA-170246Docker: Support HEALTHCHECK and SHELL instructions in the Dockerfile
BugIDEA-173387Unable to install or update to docker plugin 2.5.5
ExceptionIDEA-173553AssertionError on COPY --from
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-173263"Auto-Indent Lines" does not move to the next line when caret is inside a string with injected language
UsabilityIDEA-173273Renaming a parameter with a hint looks weird
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-166464Be able to merge usage from the same line in the "find in path" preview pane dialog
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-173324Some Code Style settings are applied on Cancel
PerformanceIDEA-173601File synchronization makes the UI freeze for half a minute
IndicesBugIDEA-173382EDT is blocked on start
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-173177Inspection: Comparing 'compareTo()` or '' result with 1 / -1
BugIDEA-173522"Java | Java 9 | Java module naming conventions" inspection has wrong name
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-127753Ability to exclude files from indexing in a path by their names (full paths) or by pattern
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-173350Temporary configurations disappears from compound
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-170170Kotlin compiler cannot find its libraries after the Idea application directory is changed
User InterfaceBugIDEA-173445IntelliJ L&F: in rename dialog default suggestion should be shown
BugIDEA-172066Toolwindow activates in another project
BugIDEA-167760"Reset" button do nothing while trying to undo "Reset" action for default IDE scheme
CosmeticsIDEA-165037Move tab close button to the left on MacOS
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-173312NPE on switching theme to Darcula at first time
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-146930Provide 'Change Commit Message' action for committed but not pushed commits
No subsystemBugWEB-26269Missing escaping quotes when insert in string variable
CSSBugWEB-27071Reporting invalid parameter in -webkit-column-span: all; even though "all" is a cs supported parameter
DebuggerBugWEB-26960Node 7, 8:Debugger can't detach when debug unit tests
BugWEB-26567console.log() cause bug about file and line info when output has newlines
JavaScriptBugWEB-27041Don't report 'red' errors based on JSDoc
BugWEB-26885Edit Live Templates Predefined Functions: JavaScript predefined functions don't appear unless all JS subelements are selected
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-22783Add options to control blank lines
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-21570React: provide path completion/validation for <img>, etc. tags in JSX components
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-27023'Refactor | Rename' skips functions call (import via module.exports)
BugWEB-27074'Refactor | Rename' skips functions call (import via module.exports)
TypeScriptBugWEB-27028Typescript: StackOverflowError on recursive generic types

RubyMine 2017.2 EAP2 (build 172.2465.15) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-19611'Has missing gems' inspection may lead to deadlock
CucumberPerformanceRUBY-19603High CPU while working with Cucumber
DocumentationBugRUBY-19600Help topic for Ruby Run Console
Remote InterpretersExceptionRUBY-19599Closing project with Docker SDK throw an exception
RubyGemsFeatureRUBY-18018Local Gem not recognized When The Path is a Variable
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-60161Automatically "inherit" quick javadoc for getters/setters from field
BugIDEA-173017JavaFX WebView not HiDPI rendering on Windows 10
PerformanceIDEA-172762ProjectRootManagerComponent$1.fileTypesChanged on AWT causes 30-60s freeze
PerformanceIDEA-167733High CPU usage due to Component.setCursor
Code Analysis. InspectionPerformanceIDEA-172904Slowness viewing inspection result
UsabilityIDEA-173023Inspection settings: parent elements do not become "changed" after changing inspection severity
CosmeticsIDEA-173147Ugly Suppress combobox in batch inspection results
Code Formatting and Code StyleExceptionIDEA-173144Find action exception
Code NavigationBugIDEA-124800Does not work go to the implementation of the method
DebuggerUsabilityIDEA-172772Action "Resume program" is not available when IDEA is updating indexes
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-173149Next Difference does not work on emptied files
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-172912Garbled characters in quick documentation
PerformanceIDEA-164157Editor lags on typing 'Tab'
Editor. Intention ActionsCosmeticsIDEA-151324Not all actions in Generate menu have description in Status Bar
Find, Replace, Find UsagesUsabilityIDEA-157440No space between line number and code when exporting found occurences to text file
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-172847On restart Intellij keeps clearing my font settings
Java. InspectionsBugIDEA-173021@SuppressWarnings("JavadocHtmlLint") doesn't work
Plugin Support. APIBugIDEA-173198EAP 172.2103.15 causes some tests to deadlock (regression from 172.1909.2)
Project ViewBugIDEA-167323`Copy as Plain Text` in Project Structure doesn't copy anything
User InterfaceUsabilityIDEA-172763Breadcrumbs placement setting
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-156374Create patch to clipboard
FeatureIDEA-166238add "Show file" menu in shelf file list for missing base file.
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-155689Unable to view contents of files on shelf that are moved/removed after update
Version Control. SubversionUsabilityIDEA-170598Subversion: update settings page: use tree instead of tabs, update hint labels
No subsystemBugWEB-26165Unused default export
HTMLExceptionWEB-26738NullPointerException when call Code | Generate | XML Tag
JavaScriptBugWEB-23985folding inline JSDoc issue and adding JSDoc type feature
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-20668Code Style: spaces around ES2015 (ES6) Generator
BugWEB-2226JS: "if" braces always inserted on next line by formatter
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-25562Angular-cli: New Project Name validation
BugWEB-26915VueJS plugin shows unused default export
ExceptionWEB-27026IllegalStateException when stop debugger
JavaScript. InspectionsExceptionWEB-26859PsiInvalidElementAccessException when call 'Remove unused export' in vue files
LESSCosmeticsWEB-27002Typo in Sass/SCSS/Less | Resolved by name only inspection popup
LintersBugWEB-27024Standard Code Style: can't start linter when using "plugins" option
Node.jsBugWEB-26965Excluding directory should disable indexing descendant node_modules/ folders
BugWEB-26490Tslint 5.1.0 errors are not clickable in NPM console
REST ClientBugWEB-24584Test REST Client can't delete pramertes or headers anymore
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-11078TypeScript: allow navigation to javascript when using .d.ts
BugWEB-27008TypeScript file are not pretty formatted

RubyMine 2017.2 EAP1 (build 172.2273.6) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-19368Always indexing after upgrading to RubyMine 2017.1
BugRUBY-195272017.1.2.rc1 broke all run configurations other than rails
BugRUBY-18007Productivity Guide misleading for refactoring features
Code InsightBugRUBY-19535Search Everywhere is not useful when searching methods
IDEBugRUBY-19481New Rails application wizard: Rails version is changed back to the default after changing the project's location
BugRUBY-19572'Install Rails gem' label remains in the field after Rails installation instead of set installed version
MarkdownBugRUBY-19487Markdown: Custom CSS is not applied
BugRUBY-19489Markdown preview scaling on HiDPI Linux (+win) is lost
BugRUBY-19494NPE disabling Markdown "Apply CSS from URI" setting
ExceptionRUBY-19488MaliciousURLOpenedException when clicking on the link inside document
ParsingBugRUBY-19348Division operator is interpreted as beginning of regular expression
Plugin ReportsBugRUBY-18558Ruby plugin doesn't recognise quoted symbols as keys. Rubymine works fine
PuppetBugRUBY-19197Puppet related gems installation link is never expired
BugRUBY-19327Variables names are partially highlighted in the Find Usages results
BugRUBY-19280Puppet Plugin: Incorrect format with empty curly braces
BugRUBY-19486Puppet Plugin missing withpath for notify
UsabilityRUBY-19228No hot keys for Puppet settings in the Puppet new module dialog
CosmeticsRUBY-19276Suggestion for module and user names doesn't fit in create new project dialog
CosmeticsRUBY-19203Make dialog for add new Puppet module wider
RailsBugRUBY-19555Support form_with
BugRUBY-19556remove warning "This version is not fully supported" for Rails 5.1
BugRUBY-19566Allow to choose webpack libraries in Rails new
UsabilityRUBY-19070Don't show reload generators/rake tasks warnings in RM
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-19471align multiline list items failure
BugRUBY-19468wrong indent for private def method_name (when indent relative to expression start is on)
BugRUBY-19058Code block indentation relative to the method chain
BugRUBY-17584Comment confuses "align right parts of assignment" setting for ruby formatter
BugRUBY-19354bad indent for chained ternary expressions
RubyGemsBugRUBY-17116Gems referenced via git_source don't appear in External Libraries
SlimBugRUBY-17443New hash syntax doesn't work in Slim
No subsystemBugIDEA-171543RtfTransferableData: mark/reset not supported
BugIDEA-1721075+ minutes synchronize after remove of 11k files
BugIDEA-171900Find in path popup isn't descriptive enough (poor feedback on search progress/status)
BugIDEA-1724032017.2 EAP does not save changes to default font
BugIDEA-171717java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'fontFamily' of ... must not be null
BugIDEA-172247Plugins: NPE at PluginManagerConfigurable.apply() on restart after installing a plugin
BugIDEA-172559Quick-search does not work in "Register new file type association" dialog
BugIDEA-172558Progress popup is small by default
BugIDEA-140901Tip of the Day is not working nicely with HiDPI under Linux
BugIDEA-172705Big files marked as read-only can't be deleted
BugIDEA-170221Download Sources not working after 2017.1 update
BugIDEA-172231Incorrect rendering of text with combining marks
BugIDEA-147100Default File Header template causes pointless javadocs in projects
BugIDEA-85304Icon for Use Soft Wraps doesn't show in the toolbar
CosmeticsIDEA-96168PhpStorm window is not restored in proper maximized state on Windows OS
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-130443Inspection settings: tree node does not turn to "modified" state on changing scope set
BugIDEA-169227Inspection settings: Restore Defaults does not remove option added to disabled inspection
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-162418Enhanced go to file formats
BugIDEA-171098Class/Symbol Navigation behavior change
BugIDEA-171460Navigation Bar (View -> Navigation Bar) stops updating
UsabilityIDEA-172282Disprefer start-matching variants in Goto popups when the input starts with *
DebuggerBugIDEA-170670Top-level tabs are losing a state when session restarted
BugIDEA-170677Top-levels tabs in the "Debug" tool window is merged after the IDE restarted
BugIDEA-172505Gradle mulitmodule project debug jumps to wrong module for breakpoint
UsabilityIDEA-172133"Add to Watches" action does not "follow" editor selection
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-170174Implement "Mirror to left/right" from FTP compare on local compare
BugIDEA-127612Optimize imports action available in diff
BugIDEA-171674First tab is very short in the left Diff pane
DockerFeatureIDEA-170246Docker: Support HEALTHCHECK and SHELL instructions in the Dockerfile
BugIDEA-172233Dockerfile: treat variables declared in ARG instructions
CosmeticsIDEA-169257Docker: Find Usages called from Dockerfile. Correct the title and review buttons.
Editor. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-171779Make default size of code completion popup configurable
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-171695Intention bulb blocks cursor placement
BugIDEA-170997Multi-caret: A character is deleted despite empty selection
BugIDEA-170583"Reformat Code" leads to weird scrolling in the editor window
BugIDEA-167611Default printer font size is big on HiDPI display
BugIDEA-172026No cursor when switching to another window.
BugIDEA-172241Uncomment of multiple blocks in properties file does removes too many characters
UsabilityIDEA-171904Parameter hints exclude dialog should remember the selected language
UsabilityIDEA-127845Select logical line rather than visual line if an action which requres selection is invoked
CosmeticsIDEA-170592Choose Content to Paste Dialog (Ctrl+Shift+V) only highlights the first match per line
ExceptionIDEA-172324IndexOutOfBoundsException in SegmentArrayWithData
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-171606Show VCS change marks in the search results preview editor gutter
BugIDEA-172370Find in path "Searching..." when nothing found
BugIDEA-170963Mnemonics shortcuts in new Find in path dialog is a mess
BugIDEA-169849Can't undo in Find in Path
BugIDEA-170038Find in Path dialog does not close automatically when clicking the code area
UsabilityIDEA-172283'Select All Occurrences' not available in replace mode
CosmeticsIDEA-172116Module dropdown in find window is too narrow, not resizable or scrollable
ExceptionIDEA-171668NPE at com.intellij.usages.impl.UsageViewImpl.doAppendUsage(
GWTBugIDEA-170329IDEA 2017.1 NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/javascript/debugger/sourcemap/SourceMapHelperKt$createResolver$1$1$1$1 when debugging GWT
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-171540Template Explorer like in Resharper
BugIDEA-153597Settings > Appearance > "Override default fonts" should display current font when unchecked
IndicesUsabilityIDEA-170114"Indexing paused during Power Save mode" shows forever and IntelliSense issues on Power Save mode
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-170892Inspection: Suspicious Arrays.fill() call
FeatureIDEA-172417Dataflow analysis: track that loop is visited if and only if array/collection is non-empty
FeatureIDEA-167318MethodHandle/VarHandle signatures inspection
FeatureIDEA-165108Objects.requireNonNull with argument of primitive type should be reported as warning
FeatureIDEA-171813Inspection to verify parameters of MethodHandle.invoke method
FeatureIDEA-172358Inspection to verify parameters of VarHandle.get(), VarHandle.set(), and similar methods
BugIDEA-172636"Inspect Code" results are closed immediately for "HTML problems in Javadoc"
BugIDEA-172529False positive: "Variable can have 'final' modifier" on code which will be final in byte code
Local HistoryBugIDEA-172561Local history diff is not properly rendered unless dialog is resized
BugIDEA-171946local history revert a dot is inserted in first char of file
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-170328Command-line launcher does not work on Python 3
Plugin Support. ArchitectureTaskIDEA-171552Allow using methods with Kotlin interfaces in signatures from plugins with their own version of kotlin-runtime library
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-171776Default settings for copyright not copied into a new project
Project ViewBugIDEA-170381Hide empty middle packages bug
BugIDEA-171965Module group nodes with errors aren't marked in Packages View
RefactoringUsabilityIDEA-171755duplicate folder issue
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-168849Cannot stop build with keyboard or menu
BugIDEA-171990Run/Debug configuration - Logs broken
BugIDEA-169025Preserve run configurations order
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-170795Intellij freezes completely everytime on startup
Structural Search and ReplaceBugIDEA-172620Structural search and replace is not properly using captured variables in replacement.
BugIDEA-171214Structural Search and Replace doesn't correctly find expression statement evaluating to specified ExpressionType
BugIDEA-172046Replacing/removing a modifier removes all other modifiers
TerminalBugIDEA-172594Terminal session takes long time to initialize in EAP 2017.2
BugIDEA-169111Fish user functions not loaded
Unit Testing. JUnitBugIDEA-172258JUnit5M4: @BeforeAll outputs at the end of @ParametrizedTest
User InterfaceBugIDEA-171254IDEA freezes when I click on encoding panel for big file
BugIDEA-172571IntelliJ IDEA won't start on Mac OS Sierra
BugIDEA-170099let Swing text components dynamically scale HTML text on user scale factor change
BugIDEA-171299IDE is closed even I canceled exit
BugIDEA-172166[linux] editor font size in Settings may decrease after restart
BugIDEA-171750Code lens "turn off" option not working
BugIDEA-170910Diagram printing prints empty
BugIDEA-171927Event Log background not work properly.
BugIDEA-172322Wrong line spacing for files opened on project start
BugIDEA-172136Search text area has an improper height
BugIDEA-170239Hyperlink click is handled despite mouse clicking outside of it
BugIDEA-171395Problem focusing particular line in "Open file" / "Open class" window
BugIDEA-146563[regression] Middle-click on editor tabs, only closes one editor, the following middle-clicks are not registered
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-168229Tooltips can intercept click events, can overlap with click targets, and can appear under the mouse arrow
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-169296Allow adding bookmarks from Commit dialog
BugIDEA-63884Inactive changelist is deleted without prompt after commit
BugIDEA-171478Spelling is not checked on first commit dialog invocation
BugIDEA-171325VCS GIT Branches popup collapses
BugIDEA-168838Preview diff not refreshed after manually resolved conflict
UsabilityIDEA-172470Prev/Next occurrences in line status popup are not visible anymore
UsabilityIDEA-171836Don't focus the Update Info tab after executing Update Project
CosmeticsIDEA-172391"Change list" spelling inconsistency
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-57707Git Log: revert selected commit
BugIDEA-159506Empty .git folder in a directory considered as a Git root
BugIDEA-172787Bad wording in the dialog "Parent directory"
BugIDEA-87375Git cherry-pick is committed with the original comment suggested by IDEA, without my changes to it
ExceptionIDEA-170463Throwable on authentication failure in case both login and password asked
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-170411hg4idea always tries to load too much data sometimes completely filling Java heap
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-172380IDEA got totally frozen after renaming directory with many files
Version Control. SubversionFeatureIDEA-138320SvnDiffProvider#getLatestCommittedRevision not implemented
UsabilityIDEA-140862Do not reset selection / scroll position when removing a filter in the Repository view
No subsystemBugWEB-26720Doctype breaks HTML language auto-injection in JS template literals / strings
BugWEB-24820React: creating react application as a submodule of existing IDEA project fails
BugWEB-26528Webstorm does not recognise awaited async-function as parameter for JSDoc
BugWEB-26787Can't download d.ts file for paper
CSSFeatureWEB-24273PostCSS: support postcss-modules-values plugin
BugWEB-25121Stylelint: .stylelintignore file is not respected
BugWEB-26826When formatting CSS with braces set to "on next line", if there are parentheses for a mixin, the brace style is not honored
ExceptionWEB-26721'Extract inline CSS | Current file' causes PsiInvalidElementAccessException
DebuggerBugWEB-26794Can't debug node 8 nightlies
BugWEB-26732Attempt to debug Nashorn project fails if the javascript language version is set to Nashorn js
HTMLBugWEB-26853Wrong redutant notification
UsabilityWEB-23578HTML tag "hgroup" marked as not recognized (both in HTML and CSS): change to deprecated
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-26560Improve function callback completion
FeatureWEB-25039Autocomplete inactive when typing an import statement
FeatureWEB-25905Flow: provide a way to restart Flow service
FeatureWEB-20944Single step import for ES6 classes at new keyword
BugWEB-26101Type detection fails on "await"-ed promise that returns an array (works for simple values)
BugWEB-26408Flow object type spread is not supported
BugWEB-13673Moving JavaScript always skips function() block
BugWEB-26881Option to disable auto imports in JavaScript
BugWEB-25258Can't find .flowconfig on Javascript project with Flow static type checked enabled
BugWEB-3381JavaScript: Move Statement Up/Down moves additional line with code because it treats end-of-line comment as a comment for the next line
BugWEB-19688Move statement - screw up if statements with comments (JS)
BugWEB-24080Star-imported es6 module intellisense broken
BugWEB-26526replace with template string adds extra space
BugWEB-20791Move Statement Down action breaks code
ExceptionWEB-26736Throwable when call require inside script tag in vue
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-26042Add minimum number of blank lines to Typescript Code Style
BugWEB-17628javascript indentation problem
BugWEB-23348Formatting empty class breaks the line when "simple blocks in one line" is enabled
BugWEB-26559Code Style: JavaScript/TypeScript: improve Arrangement
BugWEB-26763Wrong indent in .vue files with .editorconfig
BugWEB-24527Phpstorm does bad auto formatting in functions with jsdoc inside arrays
BugWEB-18509WS 11 EAP: Assigment syntax dependent indentation issue
BugWEB-26522wrong reformat of es6+react
BugWEB-24513Reformat code action doesn't retain indent for ES6 shorthand arrow function
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-12115"Mark Directory as Resource Root" from Webstorm doesn't work in Rubymine
BugWEB-26418Resolve types from React 'prop-types'
BugWEB-23268No docs for React component props
BugWEB-26324Menu element showing as deprecated in JSX
BugWEB-23154JSConstructorReturnsPrimitive and React stateless functional component
BugWEB-26258JSX components are incorrectly marked as deprecated HTML tags
BugWEB-26833Formatting: Code Styles: JS/TS: "Keep Maximum Blank Lines" option saves only 2 blank lines
CosmeticsWEB-26821Vue files don't properly highlight es6 imports
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-9059JavaScript: "remove redundant else" option is not consistent.
UsabilityWEB-24566Linters auto detection: log information about turning on linters into events log
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-24775Incorrect shorthand object literal refactoring
LintersBugWEB-24814Enable TSLint by default for Angular CLI projects
BugWEB-26756ESLint: warning about new line character is now shown
BugWEB-26393can not get result of ESlint annotation
BugWEB-26653Standard Code Style: wrong highlighting in the Editor
Node.jsBugWEB-26569process.nextTick() in node.js
BugWEB-26508NodeJS support cannot be enabled for Node 8
BugWEB-26576runConfiguration npm type - first argument override
StylusBugWEB-21360Wrong indentation in Stylus files
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-19047TypeScript move statement action moves line, not statement
FeatureWEB-17292Javascript/Typescript move symbol refactoring
FeatureWEB-26431Support auto-imports for modules provided by module augmentation
BugWEB-26641TypeScript service doesn't work with typescript@2.3.0-dev.20170420
BugWEB-13153TypeScript - Find usages of constructor doesn't work
BugWEB-26585TypeScript: "Missing augmentation import": do not suggest module itself
BugWEB-26584TypeScript: "Missing augmentation import": provide suppression for the exported type
BugWEB-26284Use relative path not directory import when auto-importing module under same directory
BugWEB-26434TypeScript: Nested array in generic argument causes '] expected' error
Unit TestsBugWEB-26643add support to setuptests.js when running tests in webstorme #2016
Data ViewsBugDBE-4211Table editor row number misplaced when horizontal scroll bar is present and scrolled to the bottom

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