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  • TeamCity 2017.1.2 (build 46812) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2017.1 Release Notes

TeamCity 2017.1.1 (build 46654) Release Notes

Fixed issues in the tracker


  • TW-46594 - Detect and warn administrator on incorrect proxying server configuration
  • TW-48536 - Display global server errors/warnings only to server administrators

Usability Problem

  • TW-46066 - [Flaky Test Detector] Test analysis has some strange "Show Type Id" option
  • TW-48693 - Assign Roles dialog does not support hierarchy of projects with hidden parents.
  • TW-49189 - Cloud profiles. <Project pool> is displayed in Agents tab though it is hidden in the Pools.
  • TW-49820 - Rework project pool presentation on the Agent pools list: make it less standing out
  • TW-49830 - Use filtering drop-downs in the cloud image profile settings
  • TW-50000 - Broken "Disk usage" data in a popup with cleanup rules on Disk Usage table


  • TW-11579 - "Loading" icon is displayed in the wrong place for issue tracker test connection
  • TW-39206 - Build user %system.teamcity.auth.userId% is unable to cancel own build
  • TW-39301 - Excessive logging in the server vcs log: Failed to add task to executor because of the error: java.util.concurrent.RejectedExecutionException: Executor queue has reached its maximum capacity
  • TW-40743 - With wrong server plugin, checkout directory can appear without files for server-side checkout (incremental patch is used after clean checkout)
  • TW-42827 - Confusing "Previous build might have not finished successfully" logging on
  • TW-47486 - Vmware cloud instance stuck in "Initializing..." state
  • TW-48460 - User with Project Administrator role should have access to actions related to his project only in Administration->Audit.
  • TW-48463 - Automatic merge fails when two pull requests are merged the same time
  • TW-49004 - Error adding image to vSphere cloud, "A specified parameter was not correct: spec.location.pool"
  • TW-49061 - Popups over build points on statistics charts stop appearing after Ctrl+F usage in Chrome
  • TW-49281 - Old revision was checked out in one of repositories
  • TW-49346 - Cloud profiles. The cloud profile images are run in default pool if containing them pool is deleted.
  • TW-49511 - Minor UI improvements in "Change cloud integration status" action (button width, button caption)
  • TW-49516 - QA Role can launch build with required parameters without specifying them
  • TW-49575 - S3 Artifact Storage: Torrent plugin doesn't work with external artifacts.
  • TW-49581 - Downloading artifacts: "If-Modified-Since" header is not supported (has no effect for majority of artifacts): milliseconds precision case
  • TW-49727 - Coverage Report tab doesnt show
  • TW-49729 - Make sure CSRF check does not break login form submission even if the proxy is configured incorrectly
  • TW-49789 - Step NuGet Installer fails after update to TeamCity Enterprise 2017.1 (build 46533)
  • TW-49817 - Click on the current entity title in the breadcrumbs should open default tab of the current entity
  • TW-49864 - Branch selector is missing on Statistics and Pending changes tabs for build configuration home
  • TW-49882 - External artifacts aren't removed after a build configuration is deleted
  • TW-49885 - Fix styles for Copy build configuration link (maximum build configurations count is archived)
  • TW-49891 - Maven settings are not copied when project is copied
  • TW-49905 - Artifact tree can show out-of-date artifact list on the web because of caching
  • TW-49906 - Several masters
  • TW-49907 - Wrong wait reason can be shown for a queued build with unfinished dependencies
  • TW-49916 - Project explicitly marked as visible may become hidden from Overview page after dismissing add new projects
  • TW-49918 - Collapse/expand doesnt work on ' Build problem investigations' section of investigations page
  • TW-49924 - BuildTypeNotFoundException error on /favoriteBuilds.html
  • TW-49926 - Run custom build dialog cannot load due to JS exception
  • TW-49928 - Cannot delete a build: "You do not have enough permissions to access build type with id: <unrelated build configuration>"
  • TW-49934 - REST: No compatible agents are listed for a queued build when the build configuration has no compatible agents, but the build does
  • TW-49942 - NPE in SwabraUtil.unifyPath
  • TW-49945 - Project administrator cannot edit meta-runner: "You do not have enough permissions to edit project with id: _Root"
  • TW-49946 - Overridden artifact dependencies on same-project configurations are not preserved on project copy
  • TW-49948 - Versioned settings disabled health report doesn't go away due to error writing into file
  • TW-49964 - Builds Schedule displays Edit link leading to template rather than build type for overridden inherited Schedule triggers
  • TW-49971 - JavaScript error on attempt to view chart on build statistic values page
  • TW-49981 - SSH keys are not copied when project is copied
  • TW-50008 - Build time report does not work if user is a project admin in some projects only
  • TW-50009 - Disk usage report shows cleanup settings to user who only has view project permissions in this project
  • TW-50010 - Project admin of a single project can see too many groups
  • TW-50012 - Edit user profiles pages should be shown in read only mode or not shown at all if current user can manage roles but can't edit profile of the user
  • TW-50029 - Projects are hidden on overview when a new user creates a project
  • TW-50030 - Stacktrace in logs on the invalid Pin build request
  • TW-50038 - Search link "View results on a dedicated page (Shift-Enter)" doesn't work
  • TW-50048 - Missing namespace from downloaded kotlin-dsl
  • TW-50053 - Generated Kotlin settings can have unnecessary scrambling of the "credentialsJSON:..." value
  • TW-50067 - In the "Investigations" tab, the "Filter by investigator" has extra/missing entries
  • TW-50068 - Commit Status Publisher does not report build status to Bitbucket Cloud correctly when a build is stopped
  • TW-50076 - MoveCloudPermissionsToProjectLevel adds special role to user when this is not necessary
  • TW-50084 - Artifact with jsp file cannot be collected from agent
  • TW-50092 - Connected profile link in Hub creates new user in TeamCity
  • TW-50096 - Powershell arguments in windows aren't logged in the build log
  • TW-50097 - Wrong server-side checkout with submodules and checkout rules
  • TW-50103 - Vmware plugin might not work on macOS when latest vmware tools used
  • TW-50105 - Commit Status Publisher does not use JVM proxy settings
  • TW-50111 - AccessDeniedException: you do not have enough permissions to access VCS modification with id
  • TW-50113 - Create project from URL does not work for URLs, unless URL ends with .git
  • TW-50130 - TFS java mode: restart out of process app on settings changes
  • TW-50148 - Kotlin DSL BuildTypeSettings delegate properties don't have the same value after being added to project
  • TW-50150 - Duplicated 'project-graphs' feature id after upgrading from 9.1.7
  • TW-50164 - Second statistics series not rendered for a particular pattern
  • TW-50182 - After upgrade to 2017.1.1, projects are unable to build due to a TFS DB server connection error
  • TW-50192 - Spaces masked with asterisks (*******)
  • TW-50195 - Password values replacement can spoil TeamCity service messages for trivial passwords like "teamcity"
  • TW-50214 - JS error on Flaky Tests page
  • TW-50217 - Unable to list VMs if there are two with the same name in vCenter
  • TW-50218 - Authentication exception when storing configuration files in SVN server with NTLM

Performance Problem

  • TW-49958 - Slow background calculation of "Similar VCS root usages" server health item
  • TW-49974 - Limit the number of processed equivalent build promotions
  • TW-50045 - Disk usage can greatly slow down cleanup: waits on lock in DiskUsageSListener.buildFilesCleaned
  • TW-50114 - DiskUsage internal WeakHashMap occupies too much memory and retains SecuredBuildType instances

Security Problem

  • TW-50043 - Repository configuration poisoning via filter bypass
  • TW-50060 - Add clickjacking protection for TeamCity administration pages (/admin/)
  • TW-50065 - Qalys PCI scanner finds two vulnerabilities (XSS on change details page)


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