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  • Indore 2017.1.1 (build 46654) Release Notes
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See also: TeamCity 2017.1 Release Notes

Fixed issues in tracker


  • TW-45124 - Some git operations (e.g. ls-remote) are repeated for both git mirror and checkout directory, while the result can be reused
  • TW-49696 - Update bundled dot net tools (inspections and dupFinder) to 2017.1
  • TW-49810 - Server API: fetching all unregistered agents, including the unauthorized ones

Usability Problem

  • TW-46067 - Expand/Collapse control not visible in Test analysis blocks
  • TW-48236 - No clear reason provided in case invalid credentials are specified in VMWare cloud profile
  • TW-48330 - Clicking on Show full build log can result in browser crash (huge build log)
  • TW-48417 - Confusing logging when there are several artifact paths publishing single files
  • TW-48420 - Cloud profiles. The cloud profiles counter is not refreshed after project containing profile was deleted.
  • TW-48544 - 'Show in build log' doesn't work with a partial build log
  • TW-49216 - Redundant click in add snapshot dependency dialog
  • TW-49552 - Mute Usability problem - unexpected project scope change (set project scope parent from current project and project with existing mutes)
  • TW-49602 - Timeouts connecting to BitBucket in AWS
  • TW-49638 - Version settings enabled/disabled state after upgrade can be confusing
  • TW-49671 - Distinct view of prompted params when "Allow builds in the default branch" is unchecked
  • TW-49746 - Do not repeat the current directory in the build log on Git checkout commands logging
  • TW-49748 - Show cloud profiles from subprojects
  • TW-49778 - "Show investigated tests" checkbox should affect fixed tests, too
  • TW-49779 - Flaky Test Detector: The tool bar of the "Flaky Tests" tab should be consistent with that of the "Current Problems" tab


  • TW-17938 - Incorrect password locks AD domain account after first attempt ("Microsoft Windows domain" auth under Linux)
  • TW-21983 - Filter for Adding Priority Classes Requires Escaping
  • TW-27786 - User can see "Parameters" link in the build popup, while be not able to access Parameters tab
  • TW-39208 - Project administrator sees configurations of parent project in Administration list, but gets "You do not have enough permissions to modify project with id" on click on them
  • TW-39480 - Cannot remove last build configuration from priority class
  • TW-41157 - Priority class has build configurations in order of build configuration names instead of fully qualified names
  • TW-41601 - "Reset" action for a modified parameter in custom run build dialog might not work (many parameters case)
  • TW-45856 - VCS roots table is completely hidden on no entries after "Show VCS roots from sub-projects" option change
  • TW-45892 - Agent push on Windows fails via https when custom SSL Certificate is used.
  • TW-48103 - Agent-side git checkout from TFS/git locks domain accounts
  • TW-48117 - Incorrect logging when switch for server-side checkout
  • TW-48122 - perforce login failure when launched at boot (p4tickets cannot be used as passwords)
  • TW-48442 - Cloud profiles. Provide ability to disable cloud integration per project.
  • TW-48554 - Display correct path to the project enforced settings are inherited from.
  • TW-48653 - Scope of an investigation cannot be changed in the Investigate dialog after topmost project is selected in the dropdown
  • TW-48692 - Perforce agent checkout: Cannot remove workspace xxx: Client xxx deleted
  • TW-48864 - Test Connection for BitBucket (Stash) is false success
  • TW-48919 - Highly misleading repeating "Marking checkout directory as 'dirty'" logging in agent log: brush up related logging
  • TW-49001 - SSH Exec results in the error "Cannot find ssh key"
  • TW-49019 - Build Types added to project via REST API Disappear a short time later
  • TW-49097 - NPE when incorrect protocol is used in vCenter SDK URL in Cloud profile.
  • TW-49235 - Enforced settings. Disable enforced properties when build configuration is extracted or associated with template.
  • TW-49378 - "Parameter preferences" button doesn't work when creating new VCS root
  • TW-49415 - Wrong "The selected settings format disables editing via UI. Do you want to continue?" on attempt to save versioned settings for the project without changes
  • TW-49441 - Align validation error on User Profile page
  • TW-49457 - Scrolling does not work in polymer branch selector in FF
  • TW-49462 - Notification rule is being affected by subsequent rule while should not
  • TW-49472 - External Storage Artifacts plugin does not perform cleanup
  • TW-49473 - Branch selector popup on Overview page should be closed when projects are expanded.
  • TW-49506 - "Versioned settings are globally disabled" can be shown to the users who cannot edit the affected projects
  • TW-49508 - Tests tab of a build does not refresh while the build is running.
  • TW-49517 - JavaScript error on User Profile page (Microsoft Edge)
  • TW-49518 - "The changes are not yet saved" yellow bar appears when cloud profile is opened.
  • TW-49525 - Cloud profiles. Suggest to terminate running when cloud profiles are disabled.
  • TW-49557 - Do not show edit external artifact storage link for user without admin rights
  • TW-49560 - S3 Artifact Storage: JavaScript error in console when opening "Show usages" dialog
  • TW-49561 - Artifacts Publishing: Misleading logging for build if no user artifacts are published
  • TW-49563 - External Artifacts Storage: remove misleading hint about S3 Artifacts from Artifacts tab for builds without published artifacts
  • TW-49570 - Confusing multiple "Retrieve settings, revision" blocks in the build log
  • TW-49586 - rdp_icon@2x.gif not found on Agent page
  • TW-49588 - minus16@2.png not found on "Agents / Matrix" page
  • TW-49591 - Polymer based selector is not collapsed in IExplorer 11 when configuration is selected in Add Artifact dependency dialog.
  • TW-49597 - No error on UI when general settings cannot be saved due to disk is out of space
  • TW-49598 - " There is not enough space on the disk " can be shown as server error
  • TW-49609 - JS error on Testing connection in Cross-Server Projects Popup in IExplorer11.
  • TW-49611 - JS error on "Using Caсhed Data" pressing in Projects Popup in IExplorer 11.
  • TW-49612 - TFS plugin in java mode sometime fails with "Unable to connect to TFS server: java.sql.SQLException: Table not found"
  • TW-49614 - Impossible to edit multiple snapshot dependencies.
  • TW-49616 - Editing cloud profile stops builds on all agents from that profile
  • TW-49630 - Empty space for Default branch doesn't help, if I want to click it
  • TW-49632 - Custom maven selection does not work if no maven tool is installed
  • TW-49634 - nuget url issue with decoding "+" sign: changed behavior in 2017.1
  • TW-49637 - External Artifact Storage: make built-in artifacts storage active when current active configuration is deleted
  • TW-49641 - Excessive logging for guest user access in the auth log
  • TW-49649 - Upgrade fails with MoveCloudProfilesToRootProject exception
  • TW-49662 - Error "bean messagesAvailable not found within scope" on loading possibly corrupted build log
  • TW-49665 - File Content Replacer: Agent-side ConcurrentModificationException if there're unchanged files
  • TW-49666 - Broken links to the build configuration in breadcrumb's popup (incorrectly constructed server's host)
  • TW-49673 - Changing agent pool filter back to 'Any' on 'Build Time' page has no effect
  • TW-49678 - IDEA runner 'check/reparse project' does not understand Java 9 usages in Run Configurations
  • TW-49679 - Plugins which implement the pre-10.0 version of BuildMessagesTranslator may render agents unusable
  • TW-49681 - IllegalStateException in VMWareEditProfileController.doPost()
  • TW-49682 - Branch selector is shown where filtering by branch was never supported
  • TW-49688 - "Failed to collect changes, error: Builds in default branch are disabled in build configuration" when "Allow builds in default branch" is uncheked and default branch was changed
  • TW-49702 - Artifact plugins should properly handle all kind of target paths
  • TW-49717 - NuGet Dependency trigger is not working when TeamCity server running on non-windows machine wihout mono installed
  • TW-49719 - Test reordering parameters are not recognized as present when used in referecnes
  • TW-49724 - Can't download package with '+' in version string from TeamCity
  • TW-49729 - Make sure CSRF check does not break login form submission even if the proxy is configured incorrectly
  • TW-49730 - Improve exception reporting in tfs java out of process app
  • TW-49731 - 'Disable custom order' button layout is broken in Firefox
  • TW-49734 - Build chain view might not allow to scroll to the first build after browser window resize
  • TW-49740 - To add ability to disable progress of git operations on the agent
  • TW-49741 - Server configure command may corrupt installation on trying to change context to the same
  • TW-49745 - Unable to create cloud profile with empty terminate instance idle time
  • TW-49753 - Server does not start with " Failed to load TeamCity configuration. Build configuration with internal id "btXXX" does not exist anymore" on loading queue
  • TW-49767 - Investigation counter not updated once investigation problem disappear
  • TW-49768 - Build Log "All messages" (also other tabs) view can show internal messages after an ajax update or block expand
  • TW-49772 - teamcity.dont.delete.temp.files = false still keeps temp files
  • TW-49774 - Invalidate local TFS workspace cache while agent checkout
  • TW-49776 - OSX Agent isn't starting after os reboot
  • TW-49777 - Confusing TFS agent-side checkout error: "Failed to create workspace: The path... is already mapped in workspace ..."
  • TW-49782 - Removing submodule after last editing of project settings leads to error in builds.
  • TW-49783 - Project vcs roots page shows VCS roots and their usages from projects where current user has view project permission only
  • TW-49784 - Async trigger errors are logged repeatedly, while the message suggests only the first occurrence should be logged
  • TW-49786 - Git plugin attempts to use sparse checkout and fails
  • TW-49790 - "Delete User Account" does not work: Uncaught TypeError: this.formElement is not a function
  • TW-49795 - Azure Artifacts Storage: custom report tab doesn't work
  • TW-49800 - Nodes configuration page shows total number of running builds instead of a number of builds assigned to the second node
  • TW-49811 - Mercurial plugin runs agent-side checkout and fails when 2 roots are in the same dir
  • TW-49825 - No validation error is displayed on Registration page for invalid email
  • TW-49837 - Project popup doesn't show build configurations hidden on Overview page
  • TW-49843 - Adding a build configuration to priority class doesn't remove it from old class
  • TW-49846 - TFS agent checkout in custom directory may recycle workspaces in each run
  • TW-49857 - Branch filter is not applied when changing build history filters
  • TW-49864 - Branch selector is missing on Statistics and Pending changes tabs for build configuration home
  • TW-49873 - Make sure CSRF check does not break secondary login forms submission even if the proxy is configured incorrectly


  • TW-48226 - MalformedURLException exception in teamcity-clouds.log when vcenter url has no protocol

Performance Problem

  • TW-49485 - Slow investigation dialog opening: slow committers calcuation
  • TW-49860 - Delays with processing of build messages in case when the same problem is reported many times for the same build


  • TW-48385 - Add note in the UI about supported suffixes when 'bytes' units are used in fail on metric change failure conditon
  • TW-49098 - Incorrect link to vCenter SDK URL help topic.
  • TW-49464 - Provide alphabetical order in IAM Profile selector.
  • TW-49606 - Update Working with Windows Tray Notifier section in the documentation.
  • TW-49644 - Duplicate error message when replacement cannot be applied


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