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  • TeamCity 10.0.1 (build 42078) Release Notes
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TeamCity 10.0 Release Notes

Fixed issues in tracker


TW-41363 — '' does not work for settings user's email and displayName
TW-43672 — File Content Replacer: Add support for AssemblyCompany, AssemblyProduct and AssemblyCopyright in VB.NET
TW-46506 — REST: Allow to filter out history builds
TW-46518 — REST: Allow to filter projects by association with an agent pool
TW-46530 — Inspections (.NET) - allow to choose .NET Framework 4.6.2 as a Target Framework

Usability Problem

TW-43163 — Improve File Content Replacement logging
TW-46274 — Improve "compilation errors" message for versioned settings: make it friendly for new user
TW-46322 — Lost download icon on Diagnostics -> Server Logs page
TW-46368 — Add a link to Licenses "Builds won't run" licensing message
TW-46490 — Improve "Enable non-trusted SSL certificate" Subversion VCS root wording to make it clear it is about verifying https cerver certificates


TW-17150 — Properties from dependency builds appear before build own properties in property completion
TW-20111 — '%' in password may not work right
TW-26694 — Warn on large svn checkouts. Was: Space utilization of <TC Install>/etc/tomcat-teamcity/temp increased rapidly (many large svnkit.NNN.spool files)
TW-29864 — Excessive agent logging about NuGet under non-Windows
TW-40998 — Slow agents disconnected status determining (single thread pinging agent and agent communication timeout case)
TW-41593 — NUnit3.0 exits with 0 code when there are errors and failures in assemblies processing.
TW-43020 — Upgrade fails if MySQL is run in GTID consistency mode
TW-44061 — Schedule trigger can occasionally skip queuing a build
TW-44516 — Old version of Commit status publisher plugin can be loaded instead of bundled one: wrong date format in plugin descriptor
TW-44563 — "Start" button should be disabled in Agents Cloud if no agents can be started due to lack of free license.
TW-44940 — The projects tree is displayed incorrectly when empty projects are exported.
TW-45203 — Message "Indexing NuGet package" can be duplicated.
TW-45810 — Run Custom Build dialog disabled
TW-45941 — Agent Pools are replicated when the request limit is exceeded.
TW-46091 — Gradle plugin does not pass to gradle process
TW-46176 — Include rule after exclude does not work when target directory is specified
TW-46246 — Do not save teamcity-flaky-tests.log by default
TW-46292 — TeamCity should not move exclude rules in client specification above include rules
TW-46323 — Project exports are included into "supplementary data" backup
TW-46333 — REST: attempt to change project feature parameter can result in 500 error (UnsupportedOperationException)
TW-46336 — Error collecting changes for TFS repository - From version x is greater then current version y
TW-46353 — VCS root id used in build configuration parameter references may not be renamed
TW-46357 — GitHub integration uses incorrect callback URL (if HTTP proxy is installed in front of TeamCity)
TW-46372 — Project administrator cannot re-define inherited parameter in own project
TW-46381 — Authentication errors became unclear in TeamCity 10
TW-46384 — Bitbucket Cloud Integration does not list accessible repositories (only owned)
TW-46385 — Cannot start TeamCity 10 after upgrade from 8.0: Can't take exclusive lock when db lock is not held
TW-46387 — TeamCity may fail when accessing SVN externals on another server but with same login/password
TW-46388 — Spot instance checkbox is lost on editing EC2 image
TW-46391 — Git agent side checkout can fail with "git: 'credential-' is not a git command. See 'git –help'." error
TW-46392 — REST: 404 response on setting default value to buildType setting
TW-46394 — TeamCity 10 Cloud Profiles fail to fetch Data from AWS GovCloud
TW-46406 — Maven Snapshot trigger failure displayed for not relevant configurations
TW-46409 — REST: app/rest/agents/XXX/incompatibleBuildTypes can return 204 response instead of 403 when user has not enough permissions
TW-46410 — Fails updating externals on first agent checkout of SVN repository
TW-46421 — Typed parameter of checkbox type is not working properly
TW-46439 — Agent requirement value popup does not show backslashes in matching section
TW-46450 — Update IDEA JPS package (missing gson.jar case)
TW-46452 — Tools installed in TCDataDirectory/plugins/.tools reported as teamcity.tool.generic.NAME instead of teamcity.tool.NAME
TW-46454 — TeamCity 10 stops automatically distribute updated content of tools installed as a directory to /plugins/.tools foder in data directory
TW-46475 — Huge amount of "OSProcessHandler pooled thread" threads on the server
TW-46484 — After upgrade 10.0 (from 9.1.7) TFS connection stops working
TW-46489 — After upgrade to TeamCity 10, svn+ssh subversion connections are broken: svn: E215003: Host key ... can not be verified.
TW-46497 — Terminate tfs java web runner when teamcity process is terminated
TW-46502 — Dependency parameters clutter Configuration Parameters section of Build Parameters Tab view
TW-46514 — teamcity.ui.settings.readOnly parameter set to true in a build type through the admin UI is not persisted
TW-46519 — REST: locators with experimental "not" condition are processed incorrectly: rest part is ignored
TW-46523 — Validation for uploaded nuget.exe package is case sensitive
TW-46529 — Wrong .net framework requirement is generated for build steps with dotCover
TW-46544 — 'Uncategorized problem' since TeamCity update
TW-46549 — Maven server process can misbehave: load CPU, consume a lot of memory, do not stop after server process crash
TW-46550 — Compilation error problem shows wrong position
TW-46556 — NUnit 2 runs tests as 32 bit process when an user specifies .NET Runtime Platform like auto (MSIL) on 64 bit OS
TW-46575 — Add variable MSBuildEmitSolution=1 for MSBuild to generate temporary projects in-memory, from the .sln file
TW-46582 — Flaky Test Detector Logging: Extension ... attempted to overwrite value of the model parameter "testRuns", new value ignored

Performance Problem

TW-46340 — Slow 'hg log' commands during changes collecting


TW-46008 — Unaligned charts on diagnostics page


TW-46173 — Ensure that second node is started against the same data directory but not its copy
TW-46318 — Investigate problems with clone method and polymer
TW-46367 — Improve the message on corrupted TeamCity installation when files form previous version are found
TW-46375 — Update Polymer in rest project popup dependencies
TW-46513 — Make sure TeamCity works well with .NET Framework 4.6.2

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