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PhpStorm EAP 144.3168 Release Notes

PHP CompletionFeatureWI-8809Autocomplete in PhpDoc after @see tag
BugWI-29703'namespace' keyword is suggested inside a function
BugWI-29939Don't insert double colon after static, parent, self in PHPDoc for @method tag
BugWI-21805List of completion after break/continue contains all types of elements that are not applicable
UsabilityWI-29573Insert additional space after completion of tag inside one line PHPDoc
PHP debugBugWI-29947Rest Client: debugging doesn't work for request with cookies
PHP langFeatureWI-18194phpdoc @method does not recognise same conventions as other Type annotations
BugWI-20988Expected: DOC_COMMENT_END when PHPDoc is perfectly valid around sequential closing braces
BugWI-25391Variable variable for field property is colored as usual variable
PerformanceWI-303381-2 seconds freezing while typing when Breadcrumbs and/or Structure is visible with lots of functions
DockerBugIDEA-145814Dockerfile synthax errors
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-150208Text selection is shifted / wrong text selection
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-68160Find & Replace: preserve case bug
UsabilityIDEA-80778Folding - provide an option to NOT automatically unfold when user performs Find.
User InterfaceBugIDEA-150547some labels are not accessible by mouse
UsabilityIDEA-149852White spaces shown in Editor are hardly noticible on HiDPI monitor
CosmeticsIDEA-149918Find Action shows strange "New Group (1)" action group
Version Control. LogPerformanceIDEA-118190VCS Log: Select All in a large repository freezes the UI forever
XMLBugIDEA-150458Xml: invalid regular expression error
Build toolsUsabilityWEB-19862Ability to collapse all gulp file nodes in the gulp tool window
CSSBugWEB-19831suppress syntax error when generating CSS in HTML template
JavaScriptBugWEB-19023ES6/Typescript auto-imported names should be inserted after "use strict" statement if presented
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-19890tsconfig, eslintrc: do not show used properties in code completion
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-19830Add code completion for eslintrc file
BugWEB-19836JSHint 1.8.0 not loaded
Node.jsBugWEB-19812Better warning when a deployment configuration corresponding to a remote interpreter is removed
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-19616Add new intentions for abstract classes
FeatureWEB-19850TypeScript 1.8: Support comments in tsconfig.json
BugWEB-2344TypeScript: provide completion for 'public' and 'private' keywords inside constructor parameters signature
BugWEB-19868Invalid import organisation in TypeScript
BugWEB-19794extract method doesnt work with tsx code
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