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IDEA-149147 (Usability Problem)

Generate | equals & hashcode: Don't propose to use Guava's implementation if current module doesn't depend on Guava

IDEA-148942 (Usability Problem)

Presence of 'public' modifier in default getter/setter template is confusing

IDEA-150169 (Bug)

IDE blocked on save due to AntConfigurationBase

IDEA-133613 (Bug)

IDEA forces me to use diamond operators in a weird way, when it should not even require me to do so

IDEA-140824 (Bug)

Search Everywhere popup doesn't display relevant class name if jar name is too long

WEB-19705 (Bug)

Disable startup tasks in Default preferences

WEB-19341 (Bug)

Align assignments does not work in case of inline comment

IDEA-149055 (Bug)

The "Update copyright" command does not work in specific project.

IDEA-120967 (Exception)

Settings->Menu and Toolbar not expanding



IDEA-150156 (Bug)

Ant Pre and Post Compile Tasks hang for a long time (AntConfigurationBase initialization issue)

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-75733 (Feature)

"Concurrency annotation issues": support JSR 305 javax.annotation.concurrent



IDEA-149004 (Bug)

coldfusion 11: syntax inspection: cfscript tag syntax.



DBE-103 (Feature)

Interface to easily connect to localdb instances



DBE-2079 (Bug)

Oracle: impossible to edit "on delete actions" for foreign keys



WEB-19591 (Bug)

Dart Test not inside group misses context menu actions



IDEA-148616 (Bug)

Database Tool, casing, keys, PostgreSQL

IDEA-145073 (Bug)

DB2: Rename not working for constraints and indexes



IDEA-136502 (Usability Problem)

Improve usability of Smart Step Into for stepping into anonymous classes

IDEA-149786 (Bug)

Watches editor is broken

IDEA-149686 (Bug)

Eval outer variables does not work for anonymous classes

IDEA-149570 (Bug)

Java debugger "Treads" view does not display frames, stalling on "Collecting data..."



IDEA-137936 (Usability Problem)

New diff shows less code than before

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-103995 (Feature)

Auto import methods on the fly

IDEA-149632 (Usability Problem)

Display editor notification for library class sources that don't match bytecode

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-134217 (Bug)

expanding/replacing wildcarded lambda results in broken code

IDEA-149787 (Bug)

Cast to '?'



IDEA-149802 (Bug)

In Gradle project, $MODULE_DIR$ points unexpected directory such as ".idea/modules".



WEB-19451 (Bug)

Nested <dl> not validating

WEB-14615 (Bug)

Rename prevents using proper angular directive name

IDE Configuration


IDEA-149673 (Usability Problem)

"Update channel switched to Early Access Program" notification is shown even on the first start-up

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-38166 (Bug)

Do not suggest classes for the second implementing

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-150166 (Bug)

Irrelevant error messages for unreported exception in Java 8 lambda

IDEA-146135 (Bug)

Undetected error: D is not abstract and does not override abstract method foo(java.lang.String) in A

IDEA-149670 (Bug)

Lambda argument combined with diamond operator are not being properly resolved

IDEA-149975 (Bug)

Unexpected "cannot be applied to" red line while working with OW2 ASM

IDEA-149289 (Bug)

Not able to identify ambiguous method definition error

IDEA-140490 (Bug)

Missing error: class C inherits unrelated defaults for foo(java.lang.String) from types A and A

IDEA-149488 (Bug)

Lambda warning with derived class, but not abstract base class

IDEA-150124 (Bug)

Good code red: Cannot cast capture<?> to java.lang.Object[]

IDEA-147335 (Bug)

Error parsing multiple interface inheritance from abstract class

IDEA-149709 (Bug)

Good code red on generic

IDEA-149688 (Bug)

No error reported on invalid usage of method reference from captured type

IDEA-149224 (Bug)

Good Code Marked Bad

IDEA-149774 (Bug)

Good code is red

IDEA-146070 (Bug)

False error: C inherits abstract and default for foo() from types B and A

IDEA-67838 (Bug)

Error 'methods foo(T) from C<Integer> and foo(Integer) from C<Integer> are inherited with the same signature' is not detected

IDEA-149807 (Bug)

Working code using generic wildcards highlighted red in IDEA 16

IDEA-146056 (Bug)

Class must override non-default interface method

IDEA-132606 (Bug)

Classes missing from JAR External Libraries view in Project window

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-150168 (Bug)

Wrong intention of removing explicit type arguments in lambda

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-149824 (Feature)

"Move Inner to Upper Level" Dialog accepts invalid Java package names

IDEA-149639 (Bug)

Inline super class incorrectly substitute switch statement

IDEA-149489 (Bug)

Java code refactoring fails to suggest add add'l param to static method called from constructor

IDEA-149120 (Bug)

Trailing comment in selection confuses Extract Variable action

IDEA-57404 (Bug)

'Introduce variable' refactoring should select a component of an intersection type based on further member selection

IDEA-149788 (Bug)

"Pull members up" (Java refactoring): "Make abstract" checkbox is sometimes confusing (or default value is unexpected)

IDEA-149230 (Bug)

IDEA is unable to inline super class in method with generic restriction

IDEA-149247 (Bug)

Refactor -> Extract -> Interface does not correctly insert spaces between multiple class-level generic parameters

IDEA-150176 (Bug)

Safe Delete on type parameter: probably irrelevant question about method hierarchy

IDEA-149121 (Bug)

Make inline editor for Extract Variable show interfaces



IDEA-149740 (Bug)

Lambda Type Inference Bug

IDEA-149649 (Bug)

"Private member access" inspection should not warn on inlined constants.

IDEA-134160 (Bug)

Inspection "Explicit type arguments can be inferred" needs update for Java 8

IDEA-149822 (Bug)

"Conditional Expression with identical or similar branches" works incorrectly in case of different types of branches

IDEA-121659 (Bug)

Java 1.8: "Replace with forEach" quick fix is not suggested unless forEach argument can be a method reference



IDEA-119288 (Bug)

Wrong automatic context root for exploded WAR



IDEA-146945 (Bug)

Connection with Weblogic randomly not established

IDEA-149369 (Bug)

Weblogic 12.x.x: specify deployment name for Auto-deploy method

IDEA-147963 (Bug)

Poor responsiveness possibly due to excessive memory usage



IDEA-139866 (Bug)

Slow deployment of EJB 3.0 EJBs to WebSphere 8



IDEA-149759 (Bug)

JavaFX: warnings in FXML files when using Scala Controllers



WEB-16165 (Bug)

Returned expression type Array is not assignable to type fixme

WEB-19660 (Bug)

Red code in example section of JSDoc comments in uncompressed angular 1.5

WEB-18974 (Bug)

Cannot resolve symbol error if multiple implementation match the ES6 import path

WEB-19656 (Bug)

Incorrect recognition of function call as expression statement

WEB-19655 (Bug)

IllegalArgumentException when use backticks in require statements

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-16727 (Feature)

Add formatting for TypeScript/ES6 module import syntax

WEB-19281 (Feature)

Code Style for typescript should allow configuring spaces using in es6 import syntax

WEB-13129 (Bug)

ES6 Wrong Chaining Indentation

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-18237 (Feature)

Angular 2: inspection "Event handler can't be empty"

WEB-18652 (Feature)

Angular 2: Refactor - Rename for component names



IDEA-116406 (Bug)

Maven dependencies with scope import aren't resolved locally



WEB-19652 (Bug)

Node remote interpreter: do not reconnect to all hosts on Settings/RC opening

WEB-19639 (Bug)

Node remote interpreter: Heap snapshot cannot be saved



IDEA-120116 (Bug)

Could not copy file with special characters



DBE-1860 (Bug)

Statement ALTER TABLE table_name ADD CONSTRAINT FOREIGN KEY is not highlighted as erroneous

DBE-2085 (Bug)

Sybase dialect doesn't recognize special variables (starting with @@)



IDEA-98126 (Feature)

Spring 3.1 ActiveProfiles. Support resolving property references in the active profile(s). Currently references are marked as errors.

IDEA-149942 (Usability Problem)

Spring Configuration Check: hide balloon after applying "Create Default Context" if there is only one module with errors

IDEA-149749 (Bug)

ChangeActiveSpringProfiles: when ChangeProfiles... action is invoked for fileset in Spring toolwindow, the selected context should be used

IDEA-80734 (Bug)

Spring 3.1: beans defined in xml config imported by library @Configuration-annotated class are not recognized

IDEA-149758 (Bug)

If the Spring facets exist but the unmapped configuration files are found the Spring Configuration Check notification text is misleading

IDEA-149745 (Exception)

INRE at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.a



WEB-17369 (Feature)

TypeScript optimize imports does nothing

WEB-17458 (Feature)

Merge autoimport generated statements in TypeScript

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-148273 (Bug)

JUnit configuration creation in scala for IDEA 15

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-149594 (Bug)

TestNG with ITest implementation reports the progress incorrectly in TestRunner GUI

User Interface


IDEA-149818 (Bug)

Smart Step Into (Shift+F7) context menu focus does not between windows

Version Control


IDEA-149782 (Feature)

Files Merged with Conflicts dialog should sort files by click to the table headers

IDEA-149784 (Bug)

Files Merged with Conflicts dialog does not allow type-to-search in table

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-149870 (Bug)

NPE when clicking Refresh in Repository tab of Version Control panel when using Perforce server

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