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  • TeamCity 9.1.4 (build 37293) Release Notes
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TeamCity 9.1 Release Notes

TeamCity 9.1.1 (build 37059) Release Notes

TeamCity 9.1.2 (build 37168) Release Notes

TeamCity 9.1.2 (build 37168) Release Note


  • TW-10849 - Support spot priced instances (in manual mode) for Amazon EC2
  • TW-16611 - Use EC2 tags to mark instances and let user get instance launch information from them
  • TW-40352 - Support .NET 4.6 as target framework in .NET Inspections runner
  • TW-42274 - Show actual URL used to fetch sources from Subversion
  • TW-42399 - NUnit 3 integration - assembly.config file problem
  • TW-42645 - Report .NET framework target packs (AKA Reference Assemblies) installed on agent
  • TW-42976 - Pass agent environmental variable to the git process in case of agent-side checkout
  • TW-43022 - Support the change of the name for NUnit console

    Usability Problem

  • TW-32572 - IntelliJ IDEA runners set %env.JDK_16% by default
  • TW-42272 - Branch Filter missing in Finish Build Trigger UI
  • TW-42411 - Unclear "Build Changes" section in Schedule trigger
  • TW-42725 - Server log is flooded with "Found build log file without related build in database" messages


  • TW-23593 - Support Mono 4.5 profile
  • TW-28076 - build config can't start executing if referecing P4CLIENT variable in a command line runner's script body
  • TW-33508 - NUnitLauncher fails with exit code 255
  • TW-35934 - Unnecessary merge commit with 0 files is displayed in a build configuration with checkout rules after merging a branch which has trunk merged in
  • TW-37458 - Maven relative artifact repository from settings.xml gets wrong location on agent
  • TW-38947 - Error accessing server on trying to save modified external ID for imported build configuration.
  • TW-39185 - Projects import should not fail with exception if imported project config files contain invalid data
  • TW-39718 - Promotion action can trigger a build based on wrong dependency (promoting an old build case)
  • TW-39974 - Fixed error Versioned settings can be shown in server warning if other errors were introduced
  • TW-40422 - Sorting agents with new simple names
  • TW-40554 - Nuget Feeds Credentials build feature doesn't work if %teamcity.nuget.feed.auth.server% is used
  • TW-40967 - Meta Runner does not get removed if file was deleted in versioned settings
  • TW-41281 - Changes lost in TeamCity when project settings are stored using git
  • TW-41320 - Visual Studio Online Work Items plugin error fetching issue
  • TW-41337 - Corlib not in sync with this runtime
  • TW-41456 - Error during checkout causes a clean checkout on subsequent run
  • TW-41552 - ID change through versioned settings are not detected correctly
  • TW-41663 - Defined order of build configurations is not applied to some pages
  • TW-41684 - VMs aren't always deleted
  • TW-41823 - Assign/Unassign roles for multiple users dialog does not work properly
  • TW-41958 - Support .NET 4.5.2 as target framework in .NET Inspections runner
  • TW-42222 - Teamcity 9.1.1 fails to start maven build with maven 3.3.x
  • TW-42263 - Flush queue thread is often waiting for Perforce.getServerCheckoutProperties
  • TW-42345 - Synchronization to SVN doesn't detect changes in repository
  • TW-42388 - Azure Plugin needs to support network customization
  • TW-42406 - Agent didn't come for the command in a 30 seconds.
  • TW-42432 - Cannot use file links for backup directory: "Attempted to place Backup Archive file outside of the default Backup directory" is reported
  • TW-42445 - Not enough details in project import error message/logging
  • TW-42468 - VCS triggers (doesn't work correctly when multiple attributes are used)
  • TW-42482 - Support all the current instance types (e.g. m4.*)
  • TW-42483 - Changes in user email field not used for 'verify' action until the whole account was not saved
  • TW-42489 - "VCS root with id ... does not exist" error on server restart: VCS root might be not saved to disk on template copy
  • TW-42518 - PublishedPropertiesLoader - Unexpected exception during properties load: java.lang.StackOverflowError
  • TW-42548 - Project Import may fail if 'backup/config/projects' contains non-TeamCity files
  • TW-42551 - Git remote tracking branch is not configured
  • TW-42554 - Empty lines on filtering projects in Assign roles dialog
  • TW-42556 - Deadlock during ordered builds update
  • TW-42559 - Missing files after update - case with different order of VCS Roots attached to configurations
  • TW-42560 - Can't start Projects Import if backup archive contians invalid '.xml' file
  • TW-42569 - Stalled UI: deadlock in BuildTypeOrderedBuildsImpl.resetCache + BuildPromotionImpl.getParameters
  • TW-42575 - Git plugin - git branch --set-upstream-to=refs/remotes/origin/master' command failed
  • TW-42581 - Show some icon near verified emails
  • TW-42584 - Improve verification email text
  • TW-42585 - Email verification - don't generate new token every time user clicks 'Verify', reuse existing one
  • TW-42586 - Email verification - support all valid emails
  • TW-42590 - Nuget Feed Credentials not working correct behind reverse proxy
  • TW-42611 - Incorrect agent`s operation system is displayed for agents on Windows 10
  • TW-42615 - Can't delete project that was restored from vcs settings
  • TW-42616 - Wrong versioned setting applied for project restored from vcs settings
  • TW-42623 - Exception on trying to run one of MPS builds
  • TW-42627 - Maven embedder ignores temp local repo requests
  • TW-42633 - Exception thrown from the extension TimedBuildParametersProvider during build parameters calculation: jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.auth.AccessDeniedException
  • TW-42641 - Build Agent Unmet Requirement Windows 10 .NET 4.5
  • TW-42651 - BuildTypeNotFoundException in TriggeredByParser
  • TW-42657 - java.lang.StackOverflowError if roles-config.xml contains cyclic inclusion of roles
  • TW-42671 - Non-ASCII characters in user names dissapear
  • TW-42672 - SBT runner: Default value for JDK should be "Default" (now it's custom Java 1.6)
  • TW-42679 - Agent referencing invalid workspace root on restart
  • TW-42684 - Incorrect parameters resolving in JaCoCo classpath
  • TW-42687 - Jacoco report builder applies rules at their order without caring of rule strictness
  • TW-42697 - NUnit 3 tests are reported without assembly name as suite
  • TW-42700 - MSBuild Test Runner broken on Xamarin.Mac
  • TW-42711 - NullPointerException on trying to import projects from backup
  • TW-42721 - Wrong navigation from erro link in build log of IDEA's Team City plugin
  • TW-42724 - Artifact patterns with ** do not match expected path.
  • TW-42733 - Wrong size is shown by disk usage for IDEA Installers builds
  • TW-42737 - Git plugin deletes wrong files during commit
  • TW-42738 - Build queue optimizer can replace already started chain with another one having failed to start builds
  • TW-42758 - JavaScript injection via queue pause comment
  • TW-42761 - EC2 EBS instance is showing as "Not started by Teamcity", if it cannot be tagged after start
  • TW-42762 - Defined order of build configurations is not applied to some pages
  • TW-42801 - TeamCity deletes project when configs of the project with duplicate UUID are removed
  • TW-42810 - Hyperlinks in build log do not handle special characters
  • TW-42812 - Versioned settings: error when moving the project through a commit (empty repository, Git)
  • TW-42813 - Wrong versioned settings status for the project
  • TW-42816 - Meta runner: when you add a build step, based on meta runner with a parameter - build step is duplicated
  • TW-42818 - Perforce VCS roots report login errors after login expires, does not try to log back in.
  • TW-42848 - NUnit 3 beta 5 incompatibility
  • TW-42849 - IDEA plugin incorrectly displays branches with "<" and ">" symbols in branchname
  • TW-42867 - Cannot verify email after changing just verified email: "Failed to verify email, verification token is not found."
  • TW-42870 - Unable to disable versioned settings during slow settings commit
  • TW-42889 - Idea integration with TeamCity plugin don't display projects
  • TW-42929 - Exception after delete configuration
  • TW-42931 - Unable to compile class for JSP message when opening file diff
  • TW-42963 - Invalid warning - The following build configurations have the same checkout directory but different VCS settings, this may lead to unnecessary clean checkout on agent:
  • TW-42974 - .svg build status icons require authentication
  • TW-42978 - TeamCity plugin project generated by Maven archetype does not build (broken TeamCity 9.0.3-SNAPSHOT version dependency)
  • TW-42992 - ApiKey on Nuget Publish is marked as required, when it is not
  • TW-43010 - Too large "git version" command timeout: 1 hour
  • TW-43011 - Execute mstest in temp build temp directory by default
  • TW-43046 - EBS instance is not authorized automatically if it cannot be tagged after start
  • TW-43057 - Uninformative "Using WC format from VCS root" logging in teamcity-vcs.log on agent
  • TW-43078 - System properties for EC2 agents disappeared after upgrade from TC8 to TC9
  • TW-43080 - Cancel build by rest api documentation
  • TW-43100 - Cannot proceed from TeamCity First Start page after server installation in Internet Explorer 8
  • TW-43101 - Problem with Finish Build Trigger - Argument must not be null.
  • TW-43108 - Personal build does not perform "Clean checkout"
  • TW-43120 - XML report import stopped working after 9.1.3 upgrade
  • TW-43156 - Symbol server responses with 404 if requested file name case differs from indexed one
  • TW-43158 - Argument for @NotNull parameter 'currentRemote' must not be null


  • TW-42481 - NPE in AgentPollingProtocolController

    Performance Problem

  • TW-42845 - Very slow build triggering if there are lots of Git related changes and trigger rules are configured
  • TW-42877 - Slow web pages on a build reporting many long build problems
  • TW-43064 - Slow assignment of a build type investigation

    Security Problem


  • TW-27945 - Visual artifacts from checkboxes on Builds Schedule tab
  • TW-42605 - Fix capitalization in 'Remove Pending Personal Build From Queue'
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